Der Florida Staatsanwalt (German Edition)

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Consumers expressed a high level of demand for functionality and design, as well as consistent implementation of the sustainability concept. On the other hand, crowd-sourcing enables the target market to be expanded and through the association of the testers and the products an interesting marketing angle is created.

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And the best way to achieve this is for both sides—manufacturer and consumer—to work closely together. You get the opportunity to see behind the scenes, while expressing not only your wishes, but also your criticisms. Participation is key, and not the question whether or not it will be worthwhile.

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Download PDF. Ingredient Brands are drivers of innovation and are leading the pack when it comes to new technologies.

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This is precisely why Open Innovation results in many different and new opportunities. It enabled us to test our latest insulation technology outside the public domain. As a technology driven enterprise, the inclusion of consumers in the product development process is of utmost importance to us to be able to stay competitive long-term. About Us. About ISPO. More About Us Partners Contact. Exhibitor Directory. Event program. Directions, Accomodation, Visas.

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All job offers. Post a job offer. Register now! This field is mandatory. Please choose one option. Media Crisis Is the national media a danger to democracy? Nazi Echo Pinochet Fascism's comeback. The Dark Side of Rev. Moon Rev. Sun Myung Moon and American politics. Contra Crack Contra drug stories uncovered.

Lost History How the American historical record has been tainted by lies and cover-ups. International From free trade to the Kosovo crisis. Other Investigative Stories. Editorials Bush's Conspiracy to Riot. By Robert Parry August 5, M ore than three decades apart, two political riots influenced the outcome of U.

On Nov. Click for Printable Version. But the government reaction to the two events was dramatically different.


Bush lawyers had argued that they were not obligated legally to disclose how they had raised and spent their money. The Bush committee finally reversed itself and filed the records on July Gore's committee submitted its records in line with the original IRS deadlines. To add flexibility to the travel arrangements, a fleet of corporate jets was assembled, including planes owned by Enron Corp.

Only a handful of the Brooks Brothers rioters were publicly identified, some through photographs published in the Washington Post. Half of those individuals received payments from the Bush recount committee, according to the IRS records. Jim DeMint, R-S. A number of miscellaneous expenses, reported by the Bush recount committee, also appear to have gone for party items, such as lighting, sound systems and even costumes.

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  7. At the time, Bush clung to a lead that had dwindled to several hundred votes and Gore was pressing for recounts. The riot in Miami and the prospects of spreading violence were among the arguments later cited by defenders of the 5-to-4 U. Supreme Court ruling on Dec. Gore also won the national popular vote, defeating Bush by more than a half million votes, making Bush the first popular-vote loser in more than a century to be installed in the White House.

    The evidence also is clear that the Bush campaign organized the transportation of Republican activists across state lines into Florida. On the one hand, stood US with its simulacre of ideology that could best be explained as utilitarianism-cum-pragmatism hardly something that would move you , defended by people in boring suits, wearing funny glasses, and living in suburban homes.

    On the other had there was a crumbling edifice of state socialism that has not produced a single new idea since , defended by dreary bureaucrats in fedora hats wearing light grey socks and shoes. Only the Third World offered some hope, novelty or excitement. We know that these things ended mostly badly; but they did not look like in the late s or early s. This stalemate between two decrepit ideologies ended with the victory of liberal capitalism.

    Justice Delivered - Nuremberg Palace of Justice

    And that ushered the most ideologically deadening period of all. Like in Soviet regimes, all contradictions were supposedly solved; once for ever. There were no new questions, and answers to all previous questions were provided. The whole world was just hurrying to become another Denmark where nothing of interest would ever happen. But that stultifying intellectual world was exploded by the crisis, the rise of political Islam, and the rise of China. It exploded because it was i unable to address real issues and contradictions and supplied only ready-made formulaic bromides, and ii it wrongly assumed that people desire to be free of ideological choices.

    In other words, it is not only unlikely that the world will ever become Denmark the Middle East has been in turmoil for the past 4, years and is likely to be so in the next , but the world does not want to live in a society devoid of major ideological choices, cleavages and battles. Now, the exciting times are back again.