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I wish to know about their experiences in the Gulags and hear about the lucky few who managed to survive and become repatriated to Germany. Can anyone please provide a list of books. If somebody wants a challenge and have good English and German — please translate this when you have a spare week or two!!! He is one of the few who made it back to Germany. My mother his daughter says he used to paint portraits in the camp to earn extra rations. No — My father went home from Russian prison camp mines actually in and there was nothing for hime — a small amount of money and clothes from the red cross was all he got.

He eventually got a war pension because he lost use of his hand. I remember reading it as a youth and it made an everlasting impression on me as to what the POWs went through and how they survived. Those switched russian pows or general Vlasov soldiers sent to gulags further they sent to various hard labor camps. Also japanese pows used in various hard labor camps in several Mongolian locations. They were even lined up, after being unloaded from British ships in Murmansk, and shot on the dockside.

There would not have been a war crimes trial after the war if Stalin had had his way….. Look at the Katyn incident that happened early on…over 20, Poles were line up and shot by the Russians and then buried in mass graves…. The neutrality treaty signed by both Stalin and Hitler prior to the war, clearly out-lined what was going to happen to Poland and what part of Poland was going to the Russians and what part would be given to Germany….. Keep in mind that Poland had been recreated at the end of World War I and most of the land that was set aside for the new Poland came from previous German and Russian territory….

Europe was nearly won and as far as he knew the russians werent going to help against Japan. Nor did they. Yeah they did, check your facts. Stalin launched a massive attack on the Japanese in Manchuria which involved a classic double pincer movement. Hremained in the USA after the war. He receives veteren benefits from Germany every month still! He said he worked on a flower farm as a prisoner and was treated so well he wanted to remain here. He was a panzer commander for the SS Totenkopf division but was not a war criminal. He does have the tattoo under his armpit.

He has only returned to germany maybe 2 times. He loves the USA. I served with a man whose father commanded apanzer regt. After all Stalin was a lot longer in power then Hitler and he ended up killing around 20 million of his own people. Johan Baptist Gruneisl was his name. I have been doing alot of research on my other uncle that was in 5 different concentration camps as a political prisoner. And looking for records on my other uncle as well. Kirt Eschmann is his name.

Seattle Mike I think you should e-mail me there are a few things I would like to tell you. Interesting to hear about your father in law ; I am making a book about lost German prisoners in Russia and USA and already found some interesting stories Could you please contact me on my email Adam. I hope the people in high power have knowledge of history.

Thankfully, the bombs made that unnecessary. As my father had prior service, he had enough points to get an early discharge. He was sent west from Czechoslovakia to Cherbourg for his return home in September As he crossed Germany, he noticed railway trains packed with German prisoners also heading west. He asked where they were going, and was told they were being sent to work in France — as slave laborers!

They had not wanted the war. He said it was right to make Germany pay reparations, but it was wrong to turn ordinary Germans into slaves. Yet such was the fate of many prisoners for years after the war, and not only in the East. My dad had met the Russians on the Elbe and later in Czechoslovakia. He told of pulling back from captured villages, then seeing the Russians move in and immediately begin looting or worse. My mother told me one of the first things my father said about the war was that the US quit too soon.

He said the US was the only country with the atomic bomb, and should have told Stalin the war was over and the Russians should go back to their own borders. It has always amazed me that Britain and France declared war only on Hitler. Were they afraid of Stalin? Future historians may well regard the midth Century as a time when civilization went backwards, instead of forwards. It was a return to barbarism. II do wonder how the world would be today if such a stand off would of took place over russian controlled area and US during that time.

Would of been ugly I think. More bombs in eastern europe or hundreds of thousands of troops fighting still after German surrender. OH MAN. All by prior agreement. Stalin and Hitler had agreed which bits of Europe they were interested in and given each other the green light to do as they pleased. The west chose to turn a blind eye to Stalins activities and only declared war on Germany. They supported Stalin after Hitler invaded Russia and quite simply bent over backwards to please him. They turned a blind eye to the millions he had already murdered and continued to.

Not forgetting the many hundreds of thousands of innocent people that the West repatriated to Russia knowing that they were facing extermination. The real suffering for the Germans came after the war. Many Germans were left in Hungary, Czechoslavakia, Yugoslavia, etc. These were Germans that had been living in these countries for hundreds of years yet maintained their culture, etc. These people were then incarcerated and used as slave labour, starved, murdered, etc. I recently read about some Czech writers and film makers that had dared talk about the crimes that had been commited against innocent German people — obviously these people are not popular.

My mother was a German who survived the war. She did not speak of any mistreatment but she had returned to her home town just before the war ended. Yet I do know what you mean about Germans that no ones is interested in hearing about. My uncle was arrested in I believe that was the date so far that is the earliest record I can find of him in a concentration camp. So far I have found records of him being in 5 of them. But what is interesting when you search for these records you find that many times German political prisoners are referred to as criminal prisoners.

Many sights do not even mention them at all. They were vitiams as well but after the war they were hunted down as war criminals and sent to Russian Gulags to die or to serve long hard sentences. My uncle crime was that he did not belong to Hitlers political party. He went to his home town to visit his family the gestopo came to the door and took him for questioning.

It got late so his sister took a coat and some food to the head quarters. She was told to forget she ever knew him,and to never come back or she would disapear as well. His family knew nothing of what happended to him he remained in the camps from While in the camps he was made to be a kapo more then likely because he could speak several langues. He was never tried at any of the war trails after the war as alot of Kapos were.

Yet in for some reason that his family does not know. He went with a woman that no one seems to know into East Germany where a Polish Jew is said to have recognized him from the camps. I have searched many places and have been unable to find any trail yet he was sent to a Russian Gulag for 7 years when he was released he weighed about pounds he was over 6 foot. He had turberculos sp? Totally concur with your father. The fact that the British went to war over Poland but ignored the fact that Stalin occupied one half of the country too.

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I do think this is exaggerated, but i reckon the truth is somewhere in between. The French were particularly vicious in their treatment of German prisoners, and they had much less reason to hate them than the Russians. The slaughter of millions defenceless men, women and children for the reasons of racist ideology cannot possibly be justified for any reason, and that those German generals who claimed that the Einsatzgruppen were a necessary anti-partisan response were lying This is just incredible how some people from Germany are working hard to glorify the shameless fact from own history.

The historical true is that Germany started the WWII and whatever happened during next 6 years after 1-Sep and whatever happened during next 40 years of Soviet domination in Central and Eastern Europe was just a simple a consequence of the ideology born in Germany ruled by democratically elected government.

Most if not all were undernourished and exhausted. There are other references. The two books were heavily contributed to by surviving German , former POWs. It is the only US publisher extant, brave enough to expose Soviet atrocities Americans have never heard of.

Reports by people who visted such battlefields and viewed mile upon mile of Soviet skeletons, were later suppressed by the Marxist European Union. However, they did not stop quikmaneuvers. In the early s the reds began to buildoze those boneyards to literally cover up their crimes against humanity.

Do you know the titles? Thank you very much, Ulrike. It is my firm belief that we should have rearmed the German Army at the end of the war and finished what the Germans started in Russia. The USSR was the biggest joke of the 20th century. And as far as the Japanese go, at the end of the war we should have found out the names of EVERY SINGLE Japanese soldier who had anything to do with guarding our POWS, and they should have been hunted down and shot or thrown into the same environment that they meted out to our helpless, unarmed and wounded soldiers that they had captured.

Like take what they did to the Chinese civilians in Nanking. And as for not taking Emperor Hirihito out into public and shooting him in front of his people was a big mistake.

Good Old Dugout Doug. And what about the Italians? That is something that puzzles me quite a bit. I watch the History Channel and I am really into 20th century history and if you ever notice you will NEVER see anything about how the Italians killed alot of our people. My Grandfather was killed at Anzio by those little Bastards! And I wonder if the German People have ever thanked their lucky stars, The ones who were under our control at the end of the war That the American People are so kind Hearted. They treated me like the Proverbial, Red Headed Stepchild.

All in All I am happy that we tried to befriend the German People at the end of the war because I have German ancestry. You know? Dont forget about all the German propaganda that helped the war machine. Even if Hitler never went nuts, there was still other ways to better Germany than attacking the neighboring countries. My mother was born in Nazi Germany.

I had a uncle in the SS and a Uncle in a concentration camps because he was considered a political prisoner. My father was an American solider that served in Germany. He met my mother there. So it makes me upset when I hear so much misinformation. Such as how kind the U. S was to German POWs.

Better check historical facts on that one. And those of you that think dropping the two bombs on Japan was a good thing should also look into history. The bomb, however politically incorrect it may seem to you through eyes, was the best weapon to end the war and prevent more loss of life against a foe controlled by military leaders determined to fight to the death- no matter the military and civilian casualties. What would you tell the American mother of a son who had landed at normandy, survived through VE day, only to be gunned down on the beaches of Honshu- only to find out later we had a weapon that could have prevented it.

The entire thing sickens and angers me. As do the silly masses, still to this day reciting anti-German war time propaganda as fact over 65 years later when so much of the accusations against them have proven entirely baseless and much of it impossible to have even happened. Nobody learned a damned thing, but everybody sure thinks they have. Also, from the public records it appears Japan had tried to surrender numerous times before hand.

I guess they werent good enough tries? So glad I found this site.

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We the U. Since it happened twice in the same century, this was a great loss for Germany. Thanks for your informative site. The sympathy for Nazi PWs is interesting. My uncle was arrested and sent to Auschwitz as a political prisoner from there he was sent to Buchenwald. After the war in he was arrested again and charged with war crimes because he was a Kapo.

Which means he was forced to be a participant in the mistreatment of other prisoners. There were also Jewish Kapos in the camps. They were not given a option if they refused to be Kapos they were excuted. This man spent a large part of his life in concentration camps his orginal crime was oppossing Hilter. They had no choice, if not they where hung on the next tree as exsample to the others. They too wre in uniform and ended up as POW. My grandfather was a courier for the German air force who was captured by the Russians and spent 3 years as a prisioner in a Russian coal mine at the town of Makeevka, near Stalino.

He wrote a piece for the Georgia Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine in about his experiences there. He and his family escaped to the US in My grandfather may have served with the German army though I figure quite reluctantly but his heart was always filled with American values and ideas. I guess I share this to say that not all German soldiers were fighting for the support of Germany but were forced to serve. Much appreciated that your family made the effort to tell his story, and to have those memories now available to the world….

Seems to me that there are many sides to any story, especially anything concerning European history. My Father was 16 when he was sent to France as a German soldier in the horse artillery. A year later in he was a POW and sent to Colorado. He said bombers flattened his unit of men until there were only 6 left. After the war, where was he to go? So he stayed in England where he met my Mom and married in The entire faith of German prisoners still covered with great confidentiality from both British, Russian Authority!!

It might be 50 years from now where people will find documents that tell the truth about the number of died from German sides in concentration camps of postwar. What a pity! My mother was a 15 year old girl when the Russians came through in what is now Poland. She was in a basement with my grandmother and another German woman. The Russians came into the basement and threatened them. Plus, my grandmother could speak Polish. The Russians thought they were Polish and let them leave. Not so for the German woman who could not speak Polish. My mom did not elaborate what happened to her, but I assume from the talk the German woman was raped and killed.

I remember as a little boy how the Germans hated the Russians and thought them little better than pigs. History has shown that there is no love lost between the two nations. Die Suchmeldungen wurden ununterbrochen herunter gelesen, ich glaube sogar 24 Stunden, monatelang. Damals war ich kaum 10 Jahre alt. Approximate translation by Yahoo! Where do I find a reference to it, on these radio or TV-messages? The search messages were read continuously down, I believed even 24 hours, for months.

At that time I was hardly 10 years old. Who knows me closer over it communicating? I do not have information on the radio that your looking for but I am doing research on German POW is there any information that you have on your father?

Hi Monicka, I am german now living in the US, both sides of my family have suffered beyond amagination. My Grandfather on my fathers side never returned from the war in Russia, last comunication was from Jan from east Prussia. No idea what happened to him. I have 2 postcards that he wrote from there home dated June and Dec. I can not find a POW camp by that name just a museum about a military facility that was closed after the war. Do you have any information???? My mother, at the time 7 or 8 years old and the rest of the family endet up, like so many, on a treck in Feb.

I lese gerade ein Buch eines deutschen maedchens,leider auf englisch,aber in dem Buch spricht sie ueber diese Radio-Sendungen. Du muestest dich warscheinlich beim Deutschen Roten Kreuz erkundigen. Hi Margit, Read with interest your family history. Like your Grandfather my Mother came from Besserabia. She described the nightmare of fleeing before the Red Army as they stormed through Poland and into Germany. My Unlce was captured by the Russians in Courland and was in the Gulag until He was a living skeleton when he returned. He never said a bad word about Russians only about their Godless leaders who cared no more or less for one of their own Russians than a German.

The Russian people were mere pawns to be used. One cannot imagine how heartless Stalin and his ilk were. Wahrend ich bin auf der Suche nach meiner Familie. Wenne ich alle infor. Aber laut allen Dokumentationen brach der Krieg mit Russland erst aus. But according to all documentations the war with Russia broke only off. I do not possess closer data. Es ist schon komisch das der erste Mann deiner Mutter in Russland gefallen sein soll. Man wuerde annehmen das es in Polen war um Ausserdem erscheint mir die Summe von 20 tausend Reichs Mark sehr hoch ald Lebensversicherung.

Das war damals eine menge Geld. Durch meine sehr grosse Recherche fand ich den Namen Lues und die Adresse von damals , gleichzeitig auch die Namen der Trauzeugen. Die Trauung fand am Auf die Angaben der Verwandtschaft ist nicht immer ein Verlass. Jetzt weiss ich auch, dass ich eine unbekannte Stiefschwester mit dem Namen Elisabeth Mechtild, welche auf die Welt kam. Lues fiel am By my very large search, I found the name Lues and the address of the time , at the same time also the names of the witnesses to the marriage.

The ceremony was held at the The Registrar spoke in the name of the Empire, that they are now legally joined couples according to document document. On the details of the relationship is not always a reliable. How I came to this address, is already a history of its own, including phone call to Germany. Now, I also know that I got a unknown stepsister named Elisabeth Mechtild, which on the world.

Hass ohne Grund

Lues fell to the Here, I must search further clarifications. Mein Vater kommt aus einem Familiengeschlecht, welches seit urkundlich belegt ist. Leid dass ich nicht nicht habe, zuruck war sie fruher ich uber das Wochenende. Ich verstehe nicht was Kinderfachabteiung bedeutet. Und ich noch zunachst Ihre Vater und namen und alle anderen informationen die sie remeber konnen. Meine Mutter war zweimal verheiratet. Der erste Ehemann hiess Lues, und fiel, laut verschiedene Briefdokumentatioen bereits in Russland. Die deutsche Wehrmacht bezahlt an meine Mutter 20tausend Reichsmark aus.

Diese Aussage stimmt nur teilweise. In diesem Gebiet liegt ja auch das Warschauer Ghetto, usw. Die Verbrennungsanlagen brannten auch Tag und Nacht. My mother was twice married. The first husband was called Lues, and fell, according to different Briefdokumentatioen already in Russia. The German armed forces pays to my mother 20tausend realm Mark out. This statement is only partly correct. In this area Warsaw ghettos, etc.

The Bloodsland lies is also a new book, and points out the atrocities the Nazi in the east. The second husband, my father, had to prove to the German that the family never was Jewish and was present also no Jew in the family, possibly could this in the homeland municipality be examined, a document is present. The child killings of children with birth breaking of the Nazis, as child specialized divisions one camouflaged. The combustion plants burned also day and night. Tarnbezeichnung in the Second World War as killing places for mental and physically obstructed children were furnished.

Heute ist unser Vereran tag. It ist auch die tag. Ich dachte, die Verfolgung der Blutlinie, die Fuhrt mich zu glauben, dass Sie vielleicht an der Allgemain SS aussehen. Arne Gildenast. Marcel K. Pasvik -.

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