The Mermaid in Basement (A Lady Trent Mystery)

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How does this family and their neighbors survive without any of the modern conveniences we take for granted? How widespread is the power outage? What caused it?

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Many of these questions are not answered until later in the four volume series. So, keep reading! Caldwell, Taylor. Dear and Glorious Physician. Doubleday, In her preface to the novel Dear and Glorious Physician, Taylor Caldwell comments at length upon her lifelong fascination with the gospel writer we know as Luke. This allows him to pursue his dream of becoming a physician. The death of a young woman he loves, despite his fervent prayers for her healing, convinces Lucanus that God is a cruel and unjust destroyer who delights in human suffering, and so his resolve to be a physician also becomes a vow to snatch men from the jaws of death and frustrate the malicious designs of God.

Consumed by grief and anger, Lucanus nevertheless misses the spiritual element in his life from when he was younger and believed wholeheartedly in the goodness of the Creator. After his medical training at Alexandria, Lucanus wanders through the world, ministering to suffering men and women and seeking he knows not what.

Highly recommended. Downs, Tim. Westbow Press, Worldwide deaths were estimated at 75 million people…. Outbreaks of the plague have occurred over the years since the 14th century, but never with such deadly results. Fast forward to the present day. FBI agent Nathan Donovan is investigating what seems to be a fairly average murder case until the techs discover the fleas. Now the clues are mounting up and Nathan is in a race against time to stop the destruction of the U.

Downs knows how to write a thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat and the Christianity is no where near as aggressively proselytized as it is in the Left Behind books. Li are by turns funny and poignant without approaching cloying. This novel made me consider themes of forgiveness, selfless love and personal sacrifice while at the same time I wondered if I had enough duct tape at home to seal off the windows and doors in case of a pandemic. Green, Betsy Brannon.

Foul Play. Covenant Communications, The story follows Billie Murphy, a full-time public relations representative with the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. She's put on a job with Blalock Industries to help them find land for their new business. She meets one of the men with the company, and she will never be the same.

Little does Billie know quite how involved she is. I loved this book. It's a great mystery, and kept me on the edge of my seat until the very last page. Hearts in Hiding. This debut novel by Betsy Brannon Green is an excellent read. It is a mystery set in a small Southern town. The FBI gives her a new identity life and another undercover agent to pose as her husband Mark Iverson.

As each assumes a new identity in a new town much like "Mayberry", life unfolds with quirky homespun characters as friends and neighbors. This book is so entertaining: a good mystery and a great love story to boot. The Mormon faith is discussed, but only in a matter of fact way as the main characters clear up some of the misconceptions of their neighbors about their faith.

This adds to the interest level in the novel. If you like this book Above Suspicion, is a sequel.

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A very good read. The last few chapters of the book, I correctly guessed who did it. Aug 29, Milynfer rated it it was amazing. I think this was the first Gilbert Morris novel I ever read and it hooked me right in! Its been a few years since I read it. I think I need to revisit. Dec 31, Jenessa rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance , mystery , christian-romance , mystery-romance , favorites , books-i-own , books-i-need-to-read-twice.

This book was so good! Jun 25, Becky rated it really liked it. Feb 28, Abbie rated it it was ok. Not my favorite of his works. Kind of repetitive dialogue.

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Jul 29, Maddy rated it liked it. I have very mixed feelings about this book.

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I picked it up at random because of the title. The cover description was really catching. A lady detective in Victorian London? How could I not enjoy that? Well, here are my issues.

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Now I like Dylan, or rather I want to like him but he is so one note. He doesn't have an inner conflict or turmoil to give him depth. All of his issues are in the past and though he tells you about them they don't add much flavor and so his lack of depth really bothers me more than his CONSTANT spouting off about god in like every line out of his mouth.

Which does, in fact bother me and leads to issue two I hate pushy religious nuts. For me, that element took me out of the story a lot. From the book: "A wealthy widow of a nobleman, daughter of a famous scientist, and skeptic who only trusts what can be proven. Sounds like a heroine you can really get behind. Well dear lady Trent suffers from the treatment a lot of female characters do. In order to get across the idea that she is strong, independent and smart she is written as an insufferable bitch.

We are told that her father is a brilliant scientist who raised her the same way. They don't believe in imagination I know lots of scientists with active imaginations, its how we get inventions or fanciful things. Because of her marriage she doesn't believe in love, or puppy dogs or butterflies. There's an early scene when she's talking to her maid, who tells her that she's being courted by a man she thinks is about to ask for her hand. Serafina tells her that getting married is akin to putting young girls on the bock at a slave market. When she sees her rant upsets the girl her way of toning it down is to tell her " be careful, Louisa.

Don't expect too much out of married life. Serafina is mean and insufferable and a know it all a lot of the time, but what really bugs me is when Dylan shows up with his preaching she pretty much lets him run the show. She actually gets to a point where she tells him to think for her. Gag me.

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  5. Auguste Dupin E. Poe's original detective character, whom Serafina is supposed to be modeled after never told HIS sidekick to think for him. Holmes never told Watson! I just couldn't really believe that she really did so little in this novel, Dylan did way more detective work than she did. So why did I give it three starts? Because while it got my goat in those areas it was an enjoyable mystery. I still want to like Dylan, I'm hoping in the next book that he'll get some real depth.

    I'm also hoping that the author will, now that he has established them make both Dylan and Serafina more human. So I rated it three stars mostly on hope because I couldn't bring myself to read the second one on anything less. Aug 03, Anne added it Shelves: inspirational , mystery. Forget the stars which I hate using anyway I'm just going to go ahead and give my review. I wasn't sure how I'd like it. First of all, I hate the name Serafina, which I know was a dumb reason for hesitation, but still.

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    Names sometimes throw me off. On the other hand, the cover was gorgeous and the name of the book was intriguing. The latter two won out. And I am sooooo glad that they did. I really enjoyed this book. The main characters were the main reason why. I really liked her. She was a no-nonsense, scientifically minded, black-and-white type of person. She and Dylan are sooooo opposites. Which is why they will make a great couple. Maybe that was what made me like her. She was different. He was amazing! Number one, he's an actor A big no-no in Lady Trent's opinion.

    He is a very fun-loving, happy-go-lucky kind of guy. I adored him. And the accent I pictured in my head just made him cuter. Besides all of that, he was extremely good looking! Many have said, while reviewing, that he was very "preachy. Yes, he did talk of God a lot This is a Christian book, I will remind people.

    The Mermaid in the Basement

    I am a Christian, and I will let you know that I hate fake religion in a book. You know, when people spout out Bible verses that they probably don't even understand at the drop of a hat just to prove that they are a Christian. I'll admit, at times it got to be a little much and by much I mean it was occasionally non-realistic , but he never really pushed the issue onto Serafina. He mostly just threw something about God into the conversation to make Serafina give the issue a little bit of thought. He didn't brow-beat her with it. So, I thought that Morris wrote that fairly well.

    Not perfect, but O. Better than some others I've read. Either way, Dylan was amazing. Nuff said. The Mystery: I'll admit it was an unsavory topic. I'm sorry but the woman was So, obviously, Dylan and Serafina had to check out known lovers in places that weren't so nice as well as look for a woman of unsavory reputation to help clear Serafina's brother's name.

    Happily, I wasn't so focused on the dark side of the story as I was about the mystery being solved. So, that was a very good thing. Oh, and I did have the mystery figured out. It wasn't too difficult. Not completely obvious, but not that hard. Either way, I enjoyed that part as well. In this book, I did. I thought he wrote the story well. One Problem: Lady Trent's husband is dead. You know from Serafina's thoughts that he wasn't a nice guy. But, you don't find out WHY until a single paragraph near the end.

    I wish that I hadn't found out. Not the last thing I want on my mind before I go to bed which was where I read the majority fo the book. Seriously, why couldn't it have been a simple case of spousal abuse or the fact that he constantly cheated on her or something. I hope that it isn't mentioned in the rest of the books because I want to read them.

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    View 2 comments. The title was so intriguing, I couldn't help myself! This is the first book I've read by this author. I'm not certain if I'd like any of his other series, but I do like this one. Lady Trent is no ordinary heroine. Yes, she's plucky and smart and independent. But she's also a scientist in her own right -- she can even perform autopsies! Yes, there is a "secret" that has made her keep her emotions in check, to the point of being icy to everyone but her beloved son, David. She is a rational woman. A The title was so intriguing, I couldn't help myself!

    And she becomes the strength and sense for her family when her younger brother, Clive, is arrested and throw in jail for murdering the actress who publicly humiliated him just the night before. Because the circumstantial evidence is so strong against him, Lady Trent decides to do her own investigating.

    Because her brother's alibi is only drunken memories of being in unsavory places with unsavory people, Lady Trent has to team up not only with someone who can protect her, but who can also navigate the seamier side of London. That man, of course, is very handsome. And an actor. And most surprisingly, a Christian man, who lives and breathes his faith. Will these two people from such different worlds be able to find the evidence needed to prevent Clive from hanging? Will they find friendship or even love along the way?