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At the beginning of this distribution, the Haitian police were the only form of law enforcement.

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The people were getting in fights and climbing on the fence. One UN truck was called in which helped for a little while, but it got even more hectic in a little while so we locked the gate and shut down distribution for 10 minutes while waiting for another UN truck to arrive. One person equated this craziness to something like Black Friday, but worse.

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Thanks for praying that Dr. Bill and Jason would have safe travels. They both made it back to the states safely! Since the earthquake the airport in PaP has changed a lot.

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Jason and Dr. Stuart Bexon, a friend, was considering ways to raise money and contacted Katie as he thought she'd want to be involved.

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She normally composes jazz music only so found it unusual having to write the lyrics for this song. But it was her children who are to thank for the inspiration behind the words, following a brainstorming session with them and a bunch of friends.

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The song can be heard on Katie's website and downloaded for a donation to the appeal. Search term:. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.

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