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The Wind River Range rises from the river itself, fall shifting into winter as my truck reaches the outskirts of the town of Dubois. I stop for a coffee at the Perch, a local coffee house, and make my way out of Dubois. What do you know about the original settlement and your family roots here?

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That year, Grandpa Finley came over then settled and deeded the land. They switched to cattle and sheep fairly quickly.

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One of the other brothers, grand Uncle Tom to me, one of his boys said that grandpa Duncan liked the sheep because of double income but he liked cattle best. My mom married my father, who was from Scottsbluff, Nebraska in They expanded the ranch and then later years, sometime in the mids, he sold a part of the land to Double Diamond Ranch down the road, which gave me a chance to develop my art.

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I fill my remaining time with art. We had all kinds of fun, the biggest playground you can have. That little building you can see there with the green roof, I went to school there for the first few years. There used to be barely anything left, then it was taken apart and the logs were used by a nearby ranch.

So, I came back and helped dad here until he sold that bigger portion of the ranch and did some day riding for other ranches. You see little things pop up.

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I used to watch my dad turn our bathroom into a dark room to work on those photographs. We got that centennial ranch award for Wyoming some twenty years ago or so. How did you learn and what drew you to pursuing a life as an artist? He stops to have coffee at a favorite spot. What would you say is your relationship to the vernacular?

An artist with a starved imagination is a palette with no paints.

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New ideas come from old ideas—the more you fill your palette with existing ideas, the more you can mix and create new ones. CU supports a culture in which people can borrow from the ideas of others. Not to plagiarize from one as a thief, but to borrow and mix from many as an artist Orson Cart Comes Apart Orson Cart arabhiphop.

Disney characters, especially princesses are top targets for fan artists. Wonder Woman is a superhero that comes from the legendary Amazons of Greek Mythology pdf. I moved out of that city long ago and have never regretted it. I'm also a talented and respected art instructor.


I've been an employee at the Ringling College of Art for since I'm your guy If you want art services from a pleasant, easy going, affable and talented individual. I get along with children and adults alike, and that's extremely important in the art world. I also have specific fees for certain types of projects ref. Parse what book you like, it is nothing but meaningless words, which were translated, thereby subject to the error of man.