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I recently began to write commentary as I read Scripture.


I find that it allows me to engage with the text in a complete manner, and read and search with…. Happy July, everyone!

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War, exile, everyday life : cultural perspectives

In the past 4 years I have moved more than I had in the previous This perpetual motion of moving began in when I moved to Costa Rica…. Press enter to begin your search. Featured Posts. She sent her daughter to a Turkish school rather than a Syrian one, she looked for a job, and she waited for her youngest son to join from Lebanon, and help them settle in Antep.

Syrians thus needed visas to enter Turkey, [2] and it was very unlikely that she would be reunited with her son, since visas are almost impossible to obtain. The sisters-in-law were scared to go to the hospital: What if they got arrested in the hospital and sent back to Syria since he had no kimlik?

Umm Khaled and I finally went to the hospital, but the staff refused to treat the three years old, because of the missing document. After the doctor fixed the stitches, and as we explained our previous misadventure to the translator, he revealed that after two days no Syrian would be treated for free without a kimlik even in case of emergency.

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Umm Khaled was strongly shaken by the news as kimliks were no longer issued. What would happen if she could not get a kimlik for herself and she was in need of medical treatment?

Exile and Everyday Life

He argued that this would offer his mother and sister the most certain future. However, despite the growing uncertainty and instability in Turkey, Umm Khaled, who had already lost her husband and a child to the revolution, could not imagine losing yet another child to the sea and strongly refused to embark to Greece on a rubber boat.

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Umm Khaled, akin to many other Syrians, experienced a multi-layered loss that impacted on her every-day and her future. She had two martyrs in her family, she had lost her house, her country and was slowly losing hope in the success of the revolution for which her husband and son sacrificed themselves.

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She had lost her previous life, status and the feeling of relative certainty and safety that came with it. In addition to the losses experienced in Syria, exile brought increased stresses such as- the absence of status, of certainty, and the feeling of having lost her future. It is the story of Umm Khaled and many others like her that should impress upon us the urgency of understanding the important links between loss and displacement so as to work to better the lives of all of those caught in the bind of displacement.

Only European citizens can apply for refugee status in Turkey.


They can also apply for a residence permit Ikamet that is not restricted to Syrians — students, workers, etc. She has conducted ethnographic fieldwork with Syrians in Southern Turkey between June and April , where she looks at revolutionary subjectivity and politics, everyday life in exile, and the creation of novel spatio-temporal horizons.

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