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But their problems mount as they face an army of undead crewmembers, the reanimated corpses of hundreds of failed genetic experiments, the murderous cult, and—worst of all—the rapidly evolving creature in containment room 7. Order as many items as you want for one low delivery fee per order to an address in Australia. Sometimes not all items in your order are available for shipment at the same time, and items may be delivered separately.

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    Containment Room 7

    Neil Jordan and Dr. Caldwell lead a small band of desperate Death and Taxes. The end is coming.

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    Langley, Oklahoma has fallen. The once fortified town was blown to The once fortified town was blown to pieces by the mad General Hess and his R.

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    T army and left abandoned. Not it's free for zombies to roam its deserted streets. Making good Into the Dark: From the Journals of Samantha. At first, the Shellerby Research Facility, built in the late s, seemed no different than At first, the Shellerby Research Facility, built in the late s, seemed no different than the other dozens of research facilities that dot the frigid, barren continent of Antarctica.

    After two suicides and a mysterious plane crash that took the Life is a winding road full of twists and turns, one can never be truly Life is a winding road full of twists and turns, one can never be truly prepared for all the unexpected bumps and bends that loom ahead, or the pitfalls that derail us from our path. Vida Calavera is about to An event can randomly occur when the player enters this variation where a scientist's corpse will fall from the ceiling after SCP ejects him from the Pocket Dimension.

    Some people believe this scientist is Dr. As of v1. If the player walks too close to the center of the sinkhole, they will be dragged into the Pocket Dimension. Therefore, it is advised to go around the outer edge of the sinkhole in order to avoid this. The four ways room looks like the T-shaped rooms, but with a fourth entrance, as well as an unreachable catwalk.

    There is an event where SCP will be standing on the catwalk watching you move. The SCP hallway consists of a regular hallway with two doors on both sides. Upon opening these doors, the player can find a battery, an empty cup, a level 1 key card, and various documents. Please note that when crossing through the doors, eventually the door loops around the room to the opposite side, making it seem like one has crossed into another room.

    It will make the player blink every time they go through the door. The End Room is a room similar to the Gate A but without the elevator. It currently serves no purpose other than to end off a path. When the player enters this room, an alarm sound can be heard. The end room can be found in the light containment and entrance zones. A smaller, much more crude and grimy variant can be only found in the heavy containment zone.

    In the light containment zone end room, a random event can happen, usually at the near start of the game after the breach where a janitor runs from in front of the blast door towards the player and is then abducted by SCP If the player remains inside the endroom for too long, SCP will spawn and follow the player.

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    Behind a keycard-locked door and down a flight of stairs lies SCP's chamber. The first door requires a level 3 keycard. At the bottom of the stairs is a room with a control panel with SCP's document sitting on it. The panel has a button labelled "Hoist", a powered-on computer screen from where the "On Mount Golgotha" score plays, and a label reading "Caution Lights On" with a light above it that flashes red when the lights in the second room are on.

    In the next room is SCP itself, suspended in a container by an automated pulley system. This room is composed of a cube of plexiglass, a control panel with SCP's document and a shelf with a radio. Entering it doesn't require a keycard since the containment door is already opened. The chamber's entrance door is open as well, but the chamber does not have any supplies inside.

    When the room is first entered, a rustling noise can be faintly heard and SCP will start following the player until they die, or save before encountering SCP The room that houses SCP The player will need a level 2 keycard to access SCP's chamber. L's notes. The room is largely empty of anything else. This room can be accessed through an elevator in the Light Containment Zone. It contains many crates and boxes, but most importantly, SCPs. Two of them can be found in this room. There is a severed hand by the elevator shaft that the player can pick up.

    The room is generally very empty. The entrance to SCP's containment chamber is located on the inner side of a C-shaped hallway, which notably contains a security camera on the outermost corner. In addition to SCP itself being inside the chamber, it also contains a desk with 's document. This room can be accessed with a level 3 keycard and opens to a stairwell. Once at the top, there will be Computers sitting in 2 rows near the middle, a door that doesn't open, and the main door which has the Surveillance Room on the inside with lots of monitors, a desk with a level 4 keycard, and a Control Panel in the middle of the room.

    It is advised that once you enter the room, you should quickly lift the Light Containment Zone Lockdown. An alternative, possible method would be to try and hide behind the center table as it walks into the room and hope it does not see you untested by multiple, further testing of theory would be needed or a source to prove the strategy works.

    This room stands as a hub from and to the Heavy Containment Zone. It will instead flash a screen saying to disable the lockdown in the Surveillance Room and how SCP has breached containment. The metal corridors are rooms in the shape of cylinders. There is a variation of this room where the lights can black out and SCP will appear when they come back on. There's also a second variation which has an electricity box and a gas pipe in the center of the room. Lastly, there is a third variation where decontamination gas can randomly start spraying from the ceiling, so it is advised that the player wear a gas mask when encountering this variant.

    The grated hallway is a short hallway with grating going down the length of the floor and ceiling.

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    • Players entering this area should be wary of SCP, who is known to spawn in this room. It will emerge from one wall, then stop in the middle of the hallway as it's crossing to the opposite wall. It will look around, and if it spots the player, it will begin chasing them. The player should take care to stay out of the room and crouch, as SCP will not notice the player and continue on to the opposite wall.

      SCP is known to spawn here often. This chamber is a two-level room with balconies lining either side, along the entrances. Going left leads to a small blast door that is inaccessible. The left leads to a set of metal stairs to the first floor. Right across from those stairs is another set leading up to the second balcony, as well as the entryway to the rest of the lower level. The main room is accessible through a door, and inside, the player will see SCP's document in front of a large, sealed blast door.

      If the player goes over to pick it up, decontamination gas will start spewing from the piping in the room and SCP will speak over the intercom saying, "You are not getting out. It is speculated that behind the blast door is SCP's actual containment chamber, due to the presence of SCP's document and the intervention of SCP upon attempting to reach the door.

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      This however may be disproved as there is no visible escape route from the side the player is. The small server room is one of two locations where SCP can be found. There are two doors leading into this room, which are separated by a locked door in the outside hallway. Four small windows looking into the room line the wall, two on each side of the locked door. There are two areas in the small server room; the main room that houses some equipment as well as two switches, and a small control area with a panel and a third switch.

      Once the hall outside the small server room is entered, the entryways lock and a scene will play in which an enraged SCP brutally kills an unfortunate guard, causing blood to completely block out the windows. Once the scene is finished, the doors open back up, and the player must enter to get around the locked door. Once this room is entered, the doors lock back up, and the player must pull all three switches in the room to unlock them, but caution must be exercised, as SCP is easy to anger. The best way to enter and leave this room safely is to constantly look on the ground until running into a wall.

      Keep looking at it and start to search for the switches.