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Learn more about the water cycle. There are a range of different types of clouds, the main types include stratus, cumulus and cirrus.

Types of Clouds

There are many variations of these 3 main cloud types including stratocumulus, altostratus, altocumulus, cirrostratus and cirrocumulus. Check out this cloud basics video for more.

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Cloud Facts For Kids Check out our fun cloud facts for kids and enjoy a range of interesting information about clouds. A cloud is a large group of tiny water droplets that we can see in the air. Rain, snow, sleet and hail falling from clouds is called precipitation.

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Clouds can contain millions of tons of water. Stratus clouds are flat and featureless, appearing as layered sheets.

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The clearest way to understand this system is to examine the Latin roots of the words. These clouds don't look much like each other, but they all form through the same basic steps.

Clouds pictures

In this article, you'll learn about this process, along with how clouds make rain and why you can see bright blue clouds in some places at twilight. Can China control the weather? How Rainbows Work. What causes the smell after rain? Can it really rain frogs? Clouds are a beautiful and vital part of the planet's weather system, like these floating above Wyoming's Red Desert.