Burnout – Depression: Curse or blessing

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I would have to argue that they are not. In some cases, smartphones are extremely valuable to the world of work and organisational productivity. With the new right to request flexible work legislation that was introduced at the end of June, having email contact when away from the office if you have to work at home, or have a more mobile office means that the organisation, the employee and the customer can benefit and productivity can be maintained.

Technology can help a range of individuals, including those who have chronic conditions or illnesses which make it more difficult for them to work in an office environment, or those who are phasing their return to work after a period of long-term sick leave. And for people who are asked to work on-call, or may have to work across different time zones, smartphone technology has made working a lot easier.

Burnout - Depression - Curse or Blessing - The book of Gerhard Huber

However, it is true that using smartphones can lead to some unhealthy behaviours as reported in the article, including the obsessive checking and sending of emails out-of-hours. This is where I think that organisations and managers at all levels need to set out clearly what they expect from their employees.

If there is the expectation that any employee with a smartphone can be contacted at all times and, crucially, are expected to respond, then this form of technology becomes unhealthy. Such policies mean people feel pressured to work after hours, reducing their work-life balance and increasing their stress.

Even outside my family, I have always gravitated to the role. I wanted kids from an early age and threw myself headfirst into motherhood. We natural caretakers feel the feelings of everyone around us. We recognize deeply when someone needs help — often before others do — and we feel a deep need to go in and fix things for them. You see, there is dark side to being a natural caretaker.

Smartphones: A blessing or a curse?

Natural caretakers want to jump in and cure everyone and everything, which is actually impossible. Back in , I had a bit of breakdown, and it had to do with my role as a caretaker. I cared deeply about each mother I helped; their challenges and pain often kept me up at night. I care deeply about my kids, and they too of course!

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Their problems were my problems. Suddenly, for the first time in my life, I was pissed the eff off at all the people who seemed to demand my endless love, care, and attention. I did a little research and it turned out there was actually a condition to describe what I was feeling. And holy moly, I had all the symptoms : irritability, anger, emotional and physical exhaustion, withdrawal from family and friends, and depression.

Joint Family System Curse Or Blessing - Nargis Zahra

It shows the phase where I still could of taken countermeasures myself, if I had just known about the symptoms and had taken them seriously. It also tells about the time where I was dependent on doctors and medication up to the point of my greatest despair - where anything seemed possible, even the worst of scenarios.

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