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The minor role of Ravenna during Renaissance and Baroque periods helped in preserving this heritage as its ancient buildings were not altered to respond to new styles. Only S. The mosaic shows a Madonna between two donors portrayed in a smaller scale at the centre of a procession of virgins. The apse of S.

Giovanni in Laterano too this apse was redesigned in the late XIXth century and the mosaic decorating it is a modern work based on the original. Paolo fuori le Mura , so that the apses of three out of the four main basilicas are decorated with golden mosaics. It is true to say however that these mosaics lose some of their emotional impact because the remaining parts of the basilicas were redesigned in Renaissance, Baroque or Neoclassic style. The mosaics of the apse of S. Clemente are less disturbed by changes in the rest of the church and they immediately attract the attention of the viewer.

Clemente - Details of the mosaic The mosaic celebrates the Triumph of the Cross a reference to the conquest of Jerusalem by the First Crusade in The peculiar aspect of this mosaic is its decorative intent. There are no large and severe images of Christ and the Apostles, but an elaborate series of spirals which nest an array of sacred animals and personages see also the icon at the top of the page. Paolo fuori le mura: left Portraits of the popes modern ; right detail of the XIIIth century mosaic of the apse portraying St.

Andrew The best known mosaics of Rome are the modern portraits of the popes which decorate S. Paolo fuori le mura. The strip starts to the right of the apse with St.

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Peter and his first successors and it goes through the transept, the main nave and the lateral naves. There are six empty spaces after the portrait of Pope Francis, but it is not the case to read this as an apocalyptic message: the minor naves can accommodate many more portraits.

Maria Maggiore - Main nave Vth century frieze The old mosaic frieze which still decorates the main nave of S. Maria Maggiore was so highly appreciated that all the architects who in various periods made changes to the interior of the basilica were asked not to modify it. Pudenziana : IVth century mosaic in the apse S. Pudenziana has the most ancient mosaic decoration in Rome. Unfortunately a late XVIth century redesign of the church led to eliminating two apostles and to halving the bodies of the remaining ones. Notwithstanding these shortcomings the design of the mosaic has harmony and perspective amplitude.

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Maria in Domnica : IXth century mosaic in the apse In Charlemagne defeated the Longobards and put an end to their rule over most of Italy. In the next fifty years the popes with the help of the Frankish emperors strengthened their authority over Rome and the territories which later on constituted the State of the Church.

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The mosaic in the apse of S. Maria in Domnica is a sign of this period of relative growth. Thomas Heatherwick-designed Garden Bridge scrapped.

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