Willing Warrior: Unleashing The Secret Power of Kokoro

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More filters. Sort order. Nov 04, James rated it it was amazing Shelves: military-nonfiction , self-help. What an inspirational story.

Willing Warrior, Unleashing The Secret Power of Kokoro

It's a fairly short book with some gems of wisdom. Five Stars Just finished Joe's book for the second time. He demonstrates that anything's possible with a full heart and preparation. JB rated it it was amazing Mar 21, JB rated it it was amazing Sep 14, Spencer Reynolds rated it really liked it Jan 27, David Brock rated it it was amazing Jul 10, Daniel rated it really liked it Nov 23, Mark rated it it was amazing Jun 05, Chris Nye rated it liked it Feb 05, What could be difficult? We worked on it for a year before we found Justin. He brought a priceless perspective and proven process that allowed us to focus our writing in a way that delivered the big ideas and takeaways we wanted to provide.

He kept us on track with specific assignments and detailed feedback that allowed us to meet our goals.

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Best decision and smartest investment we ever made. We essentially had four books in one, and he helped us think through how to structure it in the most effective way possible, bringing discipline to the editorial process. His questions and suggestions helped clarify and refine our message, and his contribution certainly helped produce a better organized and better structured work—and most importantly, a work that was more likely to resonate with the audiences it was targeting.

His contribution is much appreciated. He impressed me with his knowledge of the writing and publishing processes, as well as his communication skills. I hired Justin to edit my first full book — he did not disappoint! Justin demonstrated his knowledge by not only editing the book for errors, but also helped change the structure of the content so that it would be more effective. He is a true professional and I will be working with him again. We worked together from the beginning, and his process is an extremely thoughtful and organized one.

Without hesitation, I would recommend Justin and his services to anyone out there on the cusp of writing a book. I have worked with book editors in the past, but it was really hard to make them understand exactly what I wanted. Justin got it right the first time. This not only saved lot of my time and energy, but I was able to complete the book quickly and exactly the way I wanted. His work greatly enhanced the final product. He was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end.

I will use him again for my next book. He helped me transform my book from a good book to a great book and I look forward to working with him in the future! Justin created the path for me, and then challenged me to bring out a new level of writing along the way. Because of Justin, not only did I write the book of my dreams, but I became a better writer in the process. I had exactly the opposite problem. I could not be happier with the outcome. Justin helped me take what was in my heart and soul and put it into book form.

His talents preparing the book for the final submission to my publisher was critical in the debut time of the book. My co-author and I started this journey as two TV news anchors who wanted to write a book but knew very little about the process. Justin patiently guided us through the process and was spot-on about what publishers wanted in a proposal.

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Any writer would be in great hands working alongside this best-selling author. Is The Stork? Working with you was a dream come true because I had a vision of what was possible but did not know how to get there.

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I sent you my manuscript and you got to work immediately. Every week I could count on you to do what you said you would do. Your editing talent and ability to take my insights and communicate them in a way that was easy to understand and enjoy was pivotal to the success of the book. Justin-thank you from the bottom of my heart for pouring your beautiful heart into my book. Thank you again. He takes the same approach to writing projects as I do with my executive consulting and coaching clients — a collaboration based on mutual respect and an unwavering dedication to achieving the goal.

His style is straightforward, reflective, decisive and precise — exactly the traits a writer seeks in an editor and consultant when reaching for the highest levels of clarity and expression. He has an exceptional ability to explore different modes of working together, and can deftly shift from one to another to maintain momentum. Before I had the pleasure of meeting him, I was struggling to get my manuscript completed to hand over to my publisher. If you want exceptional talent, Justin Spizman is definitely your go-to guy. Getting another to understand and present your unbridled passion is not easy.

Finding Justin was just what the doctor ordered. No ego, totally professional, creative and above all committed. Worth every penny. Is The Stork. His passion for the written word, keen editing eye, and willingness to provide direct feedback were the exact characteristics I needed in an Editor. His process was a perfect match for my personal style, allowing me to stay true to my vernacular, yet challenge my thinking when he disagreed on direction or just to offer up an alternative.

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I can honestly say that Justin Spizman made me a better writer. His collaborative style is patient and strives for Radical results with effortless perfection. Justin mirrors the soul of those that he chooses to work with, enabling their light to shine brighter. He did what I had been trying to do for years.

Willing Warrior: Unleashing The Secret Power of Kokoro [Read] Online

He focused and structured all my creative ideas into a wonderful proposal that fits me perfectly. Doing it on my own was not getting it done. Thank goodness I had the good sense to hire him! He was always very responsive and addressing whatever questions I had, and made sure it was in my voice. I appreciate the work he did and would highly recommend him. That was most definitely the situation I found myself in when I had the good fortune to meet Justin.

I knew I had a good idea and a healthy dose of passion about the subject. The most important thing Justin did was to give me the confidence to find my voice and the author within. He quickly figured out exactly what I needed in terms of structure and support which made the book project less daunting and more doable for me. We kicked off the project the day before Thanksgiving and a little over three months later, with his guidance, I had completed a book that I am so proud of.

Imagine treading water in the middle of the ocean and a fish swims by. Just grab my tail and you will soon leave this watery grave. He definitely told the truth. The one missing element is the honesty of the truth. Justin Spizman is honest. His good character manifests itself with genuine reliability, surrounded by the truth, and processed with clarified instructions. In my overwhelming inadequacy and effort to get a simple 62 page eBook edited and up on Kindle, Justin swam by.

I met many fish along the way who baited me with truth and caught me in their net of personal gain. But it was Justin who said exactly what he would do, when he would complete it and he delivered. There are many attorneys in this world but Justin is one of the few. It was an amazing journey together, and I am thankful for his edits and feedback. He helped me bring a beautiful story to life and share magical moments with the world. Without him, the magic would have just remained in my mind. Fear is telling us what to do next.

BroVance is the environment that asks of you only one thing - make a bigger commitment to being the next highest version of yourself. Best condition of my life now Updated scores worldwide I still have a good chance - I must finish the next three rounds in the top 20 loving this game Hoooyaaa. Did the first 40 Burpees in less then 2 minutes my split tie was I crushed the 75lb snatch and had to do 30 Lb snatches and only got I love that I now know what I need The Snatch is the weakest part of my training and it got exposed today.

Very grateful we have 4 more week to go. You can do anything when you get the mind in control of the body Have you noticed then when you're feeling overwhelmed or trapped it can kill your productivity. My wish for you over time is that you will discover that journaling every time you feel overwhelmed or anytime you feel trapped is the best drug you could ever take for anxiety or depression.

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I am not a doctor so I am not saying get off your meds if you are on them, but more than once I have had periods in my life that got very dark or very anxious. I have sought relief from a therapist or a doctor and more than once they suggested Prozac or Zoloft or Paxil. And because of my journal and my spiritual work, I have been able to be drug free, alcohol free, since September 4, , which is a long time. It was the same year that I began journaling. So as a ritual, when you feel overwhelmed, write it out; when you are feeling trapped, list it out.

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  4. Because experience shows that you will be happier, more content, more productive when you master the skill of learning how to narrow your options when you are feeling overwhelmed, and expand your choices when you are feeling trapped. How The Pro Stays Motivated! The amateur is waiting around for someone to get them motivated to get them inspired to light a fire under their ass.