When Cal Went to Juniper Springs

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Fit4U Class - Consists of a series of gentle exercises which focus on improving strength, flexibility, balance, range of motion and cardiovascular fitness in a friendly, supportive social setting. Designed by the Arthritis Foundation, this is a great program for people with arthritis and chronic conditions.

Pilates Mat - D'Anza F. Using the fundamentals of Pilates, flow through a contemporary series of Pilates and Pilates-inspired mat exercises to develop deep pelvic floor and posture-stabilizing muscles. Fit4U Cycle - Samantha M. Fit4U Class - Wide range of structured cycle workouts. Perfect for active, older adults.

Fit4U Class - Improve your daily function through a series of exercise routines emphasizing flexibility, balance and strength. Class focus is on muscle mechanics, core work and body awareness. Coached workout with a series of stations to get your whole body fit. Held in the fitness center, these classes offer something for everyone. Cycle - Natalia M. Fit4U Class - Water provides a safe and effective way to maintain or improve your fitness level without jarring your joints.

Fun, active class with your choice of shallow or deep water. Connect with others and make new friends in this program geared towards those plus. Restorative Flow Yoga - Cinda S. Fit4U Class - Journey back into your yoga practice with baby at your side. Make new connections and build friendships as you transition from pregnancy. Babies are welcome from six weeks to walking.

PiYo Live! This combo mixed with speed delivers a fat-burning, low-impact workout that aims to have your muscles long, lean and defined. Restorative Yoga - Laura D. Fit4U Class - Restorative yoga poses prioritize stillness. This passive practice is done lying and seated, allowing time to go deep into stretches and lengthen tired muscles.

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Pool length change from 25 meters to 50 meters, lap swimming is allowed but the lanes and pool length will be affected. Vinyasa Yoga - Laura D. Water Running - Cherie T. Fit4U Class - A great intro to water running with 15 minutes on-deck introduction. Get fitted with the correct belt and learn how to use, stabilize and integrate your core doing basic drills on deck before the resistance of water is added. P90X Live! Cardio, resistance and strength training, plyometrics, ab work and more!

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Modifications are offered continually. An introduction to Vinyasa Yoga, moving with the breath, this alignment-focused class features a flowing sequence of meditation, breath and traditional Hatha Yoga asanas and aims to increase energy, flexibility and strength. Guided Meditation - Janessa W.

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Juniper Springs, Florida

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Prenatal yoga is an all levels class designed to allow expectant mothers to practice yoga in a safe and supportive environment. This class also welcomes individuals who are assisting these women through their pregnancies and would like to join them in class. Prenatal yoga focuses on stretching, strategic strengthening, breathing and relaxation.

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Bliss Hip Hop - Kelli B. Another great Bliss workout! High energy and music-fueled, this class delivers a fierce cardio-blast while dancing to the best hip hop, funk and club beats. Water Therapy Class - Judi T. Research has shown that therapeutic fitness in the water can make a difference in outcomes. Ideal for those preparing for, or recovering from surgery or an injury.

Turbo Kick Live! Ready to become a total fitness knockout? Masters Swim Deep End - Brandon. Shallow Aqua Zumba - Martha J. Mobility thru Water - Martha J. Saw plenty of dirt bike bikers, a few hikers. Heard the hunters over by the lake but they were not close. Due to forest fire most geocaches on this trail had melted. Great section of the Florida Trail! The trail is blazed very well, and all but one of the wooden walkways are topped with hardware cloth for better traction.

Juniper Springs Group Campground

The walkway without the wire is located near Alexander Springs and it is very slippery with trail runners. A member of our group wore sneakers to hike, they handled the slippery surface perfectly. Backpacked this trail about a year ago. Was a solid trail but lots of sand so prepare to be a little dirty. Boardwalks were pretty cool. I recommend going during the winter. Watch out for the rainbow people! Just finished a three day hike from Clearwater Lake to Hopkins, November No real water sources from Clearwater until you get to Alexander Springs.

From Alexander to Juniper Springs there is one water source at the prairie campground near the lake. From Juniper to Hopkins the only water source would be Hidden Pond. All in all, great hike and lots of hills, ups and downs, not a flat trail by any means. Thanks to the Florida Trail Association volunteers that were out doing trail maintenance on November 3rd. They were getting the trail in great shape for another hiking season.

There are ticks!!!!! This may or may my not be the trail i was on.

When Cal Went to Juniper Springs

Hot summer day. No mosquitoes. Saw some tracks. And just enjoyed a day, well one hour in the woods. This is more is a 12 mike hike. Also, if your going to Alexander Springs, around mile 10 or 11 you will be walking on a rather long wooden foot bridge. After that foot bridge, start looking for the BLUE path to your right. If you keep going on the Orange path, you will really over shoot it. Started at Clearwater Lake and worked my way north. Got a late start 5pm , so only made it about three miles until we set up camp at the flood plains.

Like previous posts stated, around Paisley might not be the best spot to set up camp. LOTS of traffic, dirt bikes, four wheelers, a truck parked itself by my camp with its headlights on I didn't notice the truck but my friend did. Second day we made it to the springs. Great location to relax and snorkel. Stayed the night at the springs and made the 11 mile trip back to clearwater lake the next day. First couple of miles are barren due to recent controlled burns, but once you pass the flood plains and enter the tropical forest it really is beautiful.

Overall a great day hike, but not the best spot to camp at night. Wear bright colors and bring a whistle to make noise every so often to let know your presence and location. What started as a planned two-night backpack hike at a leisurely pace turned into something different. I headed out 3pm Friday and hiked 4. I set up camp to enjoy a nice quiet evening under the stars. Right around 8 pm everything changed.

Convoys Maybe 15 of 4x4 trucks started down the Forestry Services roads. Then between 9pm - 1am the hounds were running all over the park tracking deer. The gun fire was the whipped cream on the cake. This was not an occasional shot, there were semi auto discharges of multiple calibers as late as am. I decided to leave the next day after making it to Alexander springs after finding fresh 45 cal shell casings on the path back to Clearwater Trailhead.

Hunting season was supposed to start the next week, so I am very curious as to what was going on. My advice, do not go camping in this area until Forestry can address this if they address this. Look at when Hunting season is avoid planning your camping trip close to that time. Thankfully my family were not with me. Also, this is not a 9. This is more than 11 miles one way. Starting from Clearwater Lake the first 6 miles are wonderful.

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