The Divine Spark (The Divine Journey Book 1)

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Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei.

Minecraft - Divine Journey - #1 THE JOURNEY BEGINS

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The Red Book: A Deliciously Unorthodox Approach to Igniting Your Divine Spark

There were times when I was so astonished at the frequency and number of signs, that all I could do was shake my head, smile and laugh. But, truthfully, I was not at all surprised, as I have experienced the miraculous unfoldment of similar synchronistic adventures while creating other purposeful projects in my lifetime, such as SoulfulLiving.

And, as I sit here tonight, writing this letter to you, I have witnessed more Divine signs — positive signposts from the Universe that the words and personal story I am sharing here with you are an important part of the Sessions and of this journey. I say a prayer of gratitude for these signs. Here is what I know for sure: Once you commit wholeheartedly to living and creating your Highest calling and purpose in the world, the Universe will conspire to help manifest your gifts.

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It will give you signs, open doors, lead you on the path to your Highest good. It has been waiting for you to discover and realize your Truths — your beautiful unique expression in the world — the reason you were born.

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The Divine energy is so pleased and giddy with pleasure in seeing you come into your Truth, that it will do everything within its limitless, omnipotent power to see to it that you are able to manifest your beautiful gifts in the world! We are always guided. We just need to have faith and trust that the next step will present itself, and the next step, and the next step… in Divine time. So long as we are living in alignment with our heart and soul — our Truth — our Divine Spark, we can trust and have faith that we will be guided.

That is what I am asking of you. To make your own personal commitment to finding your unique gifts, your Truth, the Divine Spark inside of you — to have faith and trust in the journey and take your first steps. I look forward to working with you to help you discover, manifest and live your life purpose, and I cannot wait to see the beautiful, divine gifts that you manifest. A creative entrepreneur by nature, Valerie is also a writer, designer, photographer, and product developer and enjoys spending her time creating heart-centered, soulful ventures and supporting other entrepreneurs in pursuit of their creative dreams.

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Her business client roster includes best-selling authors, thought leaders, visionaries, spiritual luminaries, life coaches, psychologists, yoga teachers, personal trainers, wellness experts, jewelry designers, artists, and many other creative souls, soulful dreamers and entrepreneurs. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Valerie has been indulging her creative soul through the birthing of a variety of soulful dreams over the last two decades.

These projects have included the development and creation of SoulfulLiving.

The Divine Spark

Over the past 19 years, she has published thousands of articles at Soulful Living, sharing the wisdom of hundreds of best-selling authors and experts in the fields of personal and spiritual growth. The creation of SoulfulLiving. Her more recent soulful ventures have included the Divine Spark Sessions , a life purpose coaching program, and Dream It. Begin It.

Valerie and her website, SoulfulLiving. Remember that your heart—your truth—will never lead you astray. Let the light of your heart guide your way. Have a question? Click the button below.