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More recently an argument that the Te Deum is part of an ancient Easter Vigil hymn has been proposed. According to the rubrics it is said every single day , outside of the penitential seasons of Lent and Advent. The Divine Office may be a private prayer — and the Office of Readings may be recited at any hour of the day per the Vatican II rubrics — but for consecrated religious it is generally say in common in the middle of the night. So night owls who visit a monastery or abbey may hear it intoned—beautifully—together. Another peculiar part of the Te Deum—and the entire prayer is reprinted below—is that part of it is repeated verbatim during Holy Mass namely during the Sanctus :.


And the final part of the Te Deum is a nod or better, a kneel to the Credo in that the lines are supposed to be said on your knees:. Strangely, the post-Vatican II version allows for the omission of those final ten lines, though what is possibly gained by that omission is a mystery to me. The whole is a prayer of praise, obviously. The Te Deum is, in essence, a very ancient liturgical poem , and like many poems it has been put to music very effectively by some of the greatest composers, from Mozart and Verdi to Dvorak and Benjamin Britten.

Indeed, one could do worse than pray in these words which are worth reprinting in toto :. The glorious company of apostles praise you. The noble fellowship of prophets praise you. The white-robed army of martyrs praise you. You overcame the sting of death, And opened the kingdom of heaven to all believers.

We believe that you will come and be our judge. Come then, Lord, and help your people, Bought with the price of your own blood, And bring us with your saints to glory everlasting. Save your people, Lord, and bless your inheritance. Govern and uphold them now and always Day by day we bless you. We praise your name forever. Keep us today, Lord, from all sin. Fiat misericordia tua, Domine, super nos: quemadmodum speravimus in te. In te, Domine, speravi: non confundar in aeternum.

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English translation. WE praise thee, O God: we acknowledge thee to be the Lord. All the earth doth worship thee: the Father everlasting. To thee all Angels cry aloud: the Heavens, and all the Powers therein. The glorious company of the Apostles: praise thee. The goodly fellowship of the Prophets: praise thee.

The noble army of Martyrs: praise thee.

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Thou art the King of Glory: O Christ. Thou art the everlasting Son: of the Father. When thou tookest upon thee to deliver man: thou didst not abhor the Virgin's womb. When thou hadst overcome the sharpness of death: thou didst open the Kingdom of Heaven to all believers. Thou sittest at the right hand of God: in the glory of the Father. We believe that thou shalt come: to be our Judge. We therefore pray thee, help thy servants: whom thou hast redeemed with thy precious blood.

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Make them to be numbered with thy Saints: in glory everlasting. O Lord, save thy people: and bless thine heritage. Govern them: and lift them up for ever. Day by day: we magnify thee; And we worship thy Name: ever world without end. Vouchsafe, O Lord: to keep us this day without sin. O Lord, have mercy upon us: have mercy upon us.

O Lord, let thy mercy lighten upon us: as our trust is in thee. O Lord, in thee have I trusted: let me never be confounded. Textual variations in the revisions of the Book of Common Prayer: Tibi Cherubim et Seraphim : To thee Cherubim and Seraphim : continually do cry, Venerandum tuum : Thine adorable , true: and only Son; Tu ad liberandum : When thou tookest upon thee to deliver man: thou didst humble thyself to be born of a Virgin.

Fiat misericordia tua : O Lord, let thy mercy be upon us: as our trust is in thee.

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  4. Italian translation. Noi ti lodiamo, Dio Ti proclamiamo Signore. O Eterno Padre, tutta la terra ti adora.

    A te cantano gli angeli e tutte le potenze dei cieli. Santo, Santo, Santo il Signore Dio dell'universo. I cieli e la terra sono pieni della tua gloria. Ti acclama il coro degli apostoli e la candida schiera dei martiri; Le voci dei profeti si uniscono nella tua lode; la santa Chiesa proclama la tua gloria, adora il tuo unico Figlio, e lo Spirito Santo Paraclito. Vincitore della morte hai aperto ai credenti il regno dei cieli. Tu siedi alla destra di Dio nella gloria del Padre. Verrai a giudicare il mondo alla fine dei tempi.

    Soccorri i tuoi figli, che hai redenti col tuo sangue prezioso. Accoglici nella tua gloria nell'assemblea dei santi. Salva il tuo popolo, Signore, guida e proteggi i tuoi figli. Ogni giorno ti benediciamo, lodiamo il tuo nome per sempre.

    Degnati oggi, Signore, di custodirci senza peccato. Sia sempre con noi la tua misericordia, in te abbiamo sperato. Tu sei la nostra speranza, non saremo confusi in eterno. German text.

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    Herr Gott, dich loben wir, Herr Gott, wir danken dir!