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In those instances, a living trust may not be especially useful. There are downsides to using a living trust.

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For instance, trusts are more complicated to set up, and they tend to be costly than wills. Regardless of whether you choose to create a living trust, remember that everyone needs an estate plan. Even if you get a living trust, make sure to also make a will. A will can direct the fate of any property that does not end up in the trust.

Moreover, a will has some capabilities that a living trust does not, including:. A living trust probably will not have much of a tax impact. Still, you should look into the Illinois estate tax and Illinois inheritance tax when you are thinking about your estate plan. The tax is progressive, and rates range from 0. The federal estate tax could also be relevant.

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A living trust also helps your beneficiaries avoid the expense and delay of probate that is normally associated with wills. This process can last a year or even longer. This one step alone could help save a fortune on life insurance. Last, if you become incapacitated, a living trust allows you to appoint someone else to manage your financial and legal affairs. You can hire an attorney to create a trust for you of course.

If you have a very tricky situation, that might be the way to go.

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But if your situation is straightforward, you should consider making your own living trust online. Of the companies that currently provide this service, I like LegalZoom best. They have a very simple questionnaire that takes less than 15 minutes to complete. They also have live human telephone support — a rare thing these days — in case you have questions. And more important, make sure you move your assets into the trust the right way. I went through some of the questions and help screens.

I have to admit that I got a better explanation from LegalZoom than I usually do from attorneys when I speak to them on behalf of some of my clients. I like the fact that Robert Shapiro is behind this enterprise — a top-notch attorney with a reputation to protect. The laws change all the time and I expect the site to update their trust program regularly. I feel more comfortable knowing that Mr. The biggest issue is how to know if your situation is straightforward or not.

This is very subjective. You do not have to obtain a trust taxpayer ID number.

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You report all trust transactions on your regular income tax returns. When you create a living trust with this book, you can arrange for someone to manage property for a young beneficiary. In most states, you have two options:. With a living trust, the person you named as your successor trustee has total control over how the property is transferred to the beneficiaries you named in the trust document.

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With a will, the executor is technically in charge of the property that passes under the terms of the will, but the probate lawyer usually runs the show. This can include the personal show as well as the silly court show.

How to Create a Living Trust in Illinois

A basic living trust can have some drawbacks. Setting up a living trust requires some paperwork. The first step is to create a trust document, which you must sign in front of a notary public. So far, this is the same amount of work as is required to write a will. There is, however, one more essential step to make your living trust effective.

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You must make sure that ownership of all the property you listed in the trust document is legally transferred to the living trust. Chapter 10 explains this process in detail. Transferring property into your trust is simply a matter of doing the paperwork correctly. Example: Misha and David Feldman put their house in a living trust to avoid probate, but later decide to sell it. Transfers of real estate to revocable living trusts are almost always exempt from transfer taxes usually imposed on real estate transfers.

If there is a tax but it is minor, it may impose no serious burden on creating your trust. Because legal title to trust real estate is held in the name of the trustee of the living trust—not your name—some banks, and especially title companies, may balk if you want to refinance it. Later, after you refinance, you can transfer it back into the living trust. In most situations, there are no massive debts. But if you are concerned about the possibility of large claims, you may want to let your property go through probate instead of a living trust.

If your property goes through probate, creditors have only a set amount of time to file claims against your estate. A creditor who was properly notified of the probate court proceeding cannot file a claim after the period—about six months, in most states—expires. Example: Elaine is a real estate investor with a good-sized portfolio of property. She has many creditors and is involved in a couple of lawsuits.

In most states, there is no formal claim procedure. California has enacted a statutory scheme for creditors to get at property transferred by living trust. Nolo's Estate Planning Bundle. Plan Your Estate. Quicken WillMaker Plus Nolo's Living Trust The Trustee's Legal Companion. Toggle navigation Shopping-cart 0 Toggle search. Search Term. Shop Products By Subject.

Select Your Format Choose an Option Buy Now. Denis Clifford March , 14th Edition. Save your family time, money, and headaches Protect your family and avoid probate with a basic living trust. This book will help you: create an individual or shared living trust, with children's subtrusts in needed transfer assets to your trust retain absolute control over trust property for the rest of your life make a backup will Trying to decide between our estate planning products?

Includes all the legal forms you need! Use this book to: decide whether a living trust is right for your family name beneficiaries to inherit your assets appoint someone to manage trust property inherited by children keep control over trust property while you live appoint someone to manage trust property if needed, and transfer all types of assets to your trust, including real estate, stocks, jewelry, art or business assets.

Good in all states except Louisiana.

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