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Everything bizarrely comes together in a quick 71 minutes, with numerous fun moments sprinkled throughout. These include Toby going straight from the beach to the airport and stripping to change into her uniform in the back seat of a taxi, providing a pleasant "distraction" to the cab driver GREAT way to start a flick, by the way!

One other note Glad to see a lot of people remember this show! I remember it being on ABC on Sunday mornings at 10 or am like a previous poster said, right after Bullwinkle. Tom Chapin was also a very likable host, and he was truly gifted with his ability to communicate with folks of all ages. The show is definitely the epitome of the 70s, and I concur with previous comments regarding the shaggy, bell-bottom feel of the program.

And now here they are Have a ball Dream a dream Be it all! If you want it, you can get it, But to get it, you've got to want it; Anything you want to try, just let go, fly high OK, our hero doesn't REALLY say that line in this movie, but if you haven't figured it out already, Stuart Getz is mostly known to millions as Charley in that legendary Brady Bunch episode where Marcia gets hit in the nose with the football he was the dorky one with the wallpaper samples.

This was a big drive-in hit in the summer of and is a pretty good time capsule for that era. Guy hopes to impress chicks with tricked-out van, gets challenged to drag-race by rival. Lotsa partying and late-teen hijinks ensue. Feather-light script would probably take at least 24 hours to hit the floor if it were dropped from the ceiling, but it's still a fun albeit hokey remnant from the "drive-in swill" days of the '70s. The Rhino DVD is probably the best version it's not heavily edited like other versions out there ; the only drawbacks are it's full-frame, there are a few imperfections in the print and some of the color didn't age very well, but that doesn't really detract from overall enjoyment of the movie if anything it enhances the "70s feeling".

Fans of "Joe Bob Briggs-type" movies will enjoy! The movie starts off as a cheesecake romp with four lovely college coeds finishing the school year and getting ready for some fun in the sun during their summer break. They have the requisite wild party described by some as an "orgy" but consisting mainly of binge drinking, heavy petting, a strip chess game and the aforementioned sit-up contest then go off on their summer adventures more or less separately, but all at or near Lake Arrowhead.

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They discover a young man camping out on the property and allow him to stay in a shed in exchange for chopping and gathering firewood. Carla Marki Bey works at a local library and catches the fancy of the deputy sheriff not to mention some leering library patrons , Beth Roberta Collins works alongside a waterskiing instructor and pursues a relationship with a married man, and Brea Laurie Rose is a nurse at a summer camp and takes a somewhat sheltered teenage boy under her wing. As mentioned in other reviews, giving each girl her own separate story line was pretty much standard formula at the time for these movies, then once the summer adventures were well underway the film veers sharply and introduces a crazed killer who starts bumping off beautiful women at the lake.

The individual stories continue as the summer goes on, leading to a frenzied climax at a country club gathering. Fans of '70s movies will love the wild clothes and hairstyles, and while the music is rather simplistic and minimal reminiscent of background music from an early 70s diet cola commercial it's still fun.

Throw in some super-cheesy dialogue, a rather dysfunctional family who run a resort hotel, some biker thugs and several lecherous middle-aged men with a preference for jailbait and you've got one far-out, funky flick! The concept here was to take a prefabricated rock group sort of a British take on The Monkees , inject a sci-fi story line and tie everything together with a groovy pop music soundtrack with the requisite soundtrack LP and singles. History has told the story: the "aliens desperately looking for new musical vibes" plot was way out there, the tunes were too lightweight and the resulting film opened and closed quickly then promptly disappeared.

Her interaction with her bandmates is lighthearted and carefree. The music is pretty much by-the-numbers pop bordering on bubblegum perhaps Don Kirshner leaned a little too close to his musical creation The Archies here and it's a bit of a stretch imagining an alien race finding just the thing they're looking for in these tunes. Hugo Montenegro's musical interludes are definitely dated but they're in context with the time and setting, and the special effects are also decent considering the age of the film.

There's also an amusing bit of light farce when a female Alphoid named "Johnson" is summoned "to seduce Vic Cooper"; problem is, Johnson apparently wasn't informed as to which one was Vic Cooper and her crash course in the art of seduction came from viewing a couple of nudie flicks.


I'll concur that while TOOMORROW isn't exactly top-rate, it's worthy entertainment if approached with the mindset of a "midnight movie" and it certainly deserves to be rescued from obscurity. I'm not holding my breath, but if by some miracle "the powers that be" who are keeping TOOMORROW from being officially rereleased have a change of heart, I'd love to see a genuine DVD issue with some cool bonuses to do the film justice especially if Anchor Bay is given that chance. Not to be confused with her variety show on ABC; this was actually a half-hour syndicated music series starring Dolly Parton and featuring guest appearances by many pop and country artists of the day I remember watching this in Chicago on WFLD-TV channel 32 weeknights at 10 or pm and had often wondered if any of the tapes from these episodes were still in existence.

Fortunately for many of Dolly's fans, a DVD offering of six episodes will be available on February 27th. I'm really looking forward to enjoying these performances again and hopefully more DVDs yet to come! However instead of Torgo who watches the house while The Master is away , we have Mr. Greely, proprietor of a small roadside reptile zoo and caverns. His pride and joy is a prehistoric monster he apparently discovered and befriended in the caverns.

He apparently becomes unhinged when a brand new main highway diverts tourists away from his roadside attraction. From there he kidnaps unsuspecting tourists and traps them in his cave, with the goal of ultimately feeding them to his prehistoric creature. Also on hand is a meek, subservient woman named Bella, a vacationing schoolteacher who fell into Greely's trap two years earlier although in a flashback we see her driving the current year's model Chevy Impala She then succumbs to Greely by helping him lure tourists into his trap.

The "prehistoric monster" is a sight to behold green rubbery skin and ping-pong ball eyes , and mercifully its screen time is relatively brief. Although said monster is quite laughable, the movie does have its genuinely creepy moments, mainly coming from Greely terrorizing Bella shortly after her arrival; the extremely low budget feel of the movie actually provides a pretty good chill effect to Greely's deranged actions towards Bella.

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Aside from that though, this is one of those cheesy, corny and hokey flicks that is perfect for a late-night bad movie festival. This mids game show hosted by Geoff Edwards used to make me double over in laughter. The premise revolved around 30 huge, elaborately wrapped gift boxes scattered across the stage, with assorted prizes and several outrageous "clunks" booby prizes hidden within.

Each round would start with a section of the audience who had small gift boxes in their possession. Most of these were empty, except for three boxes with the numerals 1, 2 and 3. These lucky contestants would join Geoff on stage and select from three more boxes, one of which contained a "surprise" either a jack-in-the-box pop up or a bouquet of flowers. This contestant would then have a pick from among the 30 huge gift boxes. Each box also came with an envelope, revealing a cash award that the contestant could keep if they decided not to keep the box. Naturally everyone opts to keep the box, and then the hilarity would ensue.

Geoff Edwards would always take his customary "peek" into the box and give the contestant a look of astonishment before revealing the "prize". I'm not sure what the ratio was for "clunks" to "good prizes", but I'm thinking the clunks FAR outweighed the good prizes! Who could forget that goofy mumbled-boppy music that would play every time a clunk was revealed? Of course there was some trickery every now and then as well I remember seeing several occasions where the contestant won the 25 grand, but most episodes would end with Geoff asking the "bonded security agent" if he in fact placed the grand prize check in one of the 30 boxes.

He married the love of his life, Judy Tholander, on November 22, They began their lives together, and Ken became the director of the band program at Zundy Jr. High School for 10 years. There he helped many young people learn to play instruments and begin their love of music. He continued his professional career at Delphi Systems over a span of 28 years, where he served as the Training Coordinator and worked on the Texas Workforce Development Board. In my latest Poser picture, Angie has been kidnapped, stripped, and left bound and gagged in the bad guy's lair while they figure out what should be done with her.

And that's when Angie decides it's the perfect tine to make a phone call. You can see the excitement right here. Black Summer. I hesitated to watch Black Summer on Netflix at first, because I thought it was just another zombie TV show, and I was getting tired of the whole zombie thing, overall. Taking place in the opening days of a zombie outbreak, Black Summer is a supercharged race for survival just as society starts breaking down around the characters. It's gripping, fast-paced, and unlike other shows doesn't get rid of the zo. The doctor is in. It's quite an intense scene for this series, which usually didn't strip their damsels in distress.

It looks like she was abducted by aliens, but it's actually a secret medical lab run by Lex Luthor. They're studying the rise of "freaks" or people who've developed superpowers after the meteor shower over Smallville during which a certain K. One of my faves. One of my favorite scenes is this extended one from Days of Our Lives, a daytime soap opera.

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Stephanie Cameron stars as a woman who had been abducted from her bed in the middle of the night. The result is that she's barefoot and clad in pajamas the entire time while bound and gagged on a bed there's also a sequence at the end here where she's tied to a chair while fully dressed. She and her captor even find the time to chat amicably for a while. There's also some. Happy Summer! I forgot that the summer solstice has come and gone and here we are in Summer '19! Happy Summer to you. I hope you can get out and enjoy the warm weather.

Royal Blood. I found another graphic novel with barefoot bondage in it. This time it's from the second book of Royal Blood, by Alejandro Jodorowsky who's a renowned filmmaker.

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A princess at least I think it's a princess--I haven't read the book yet is abducted from her bed, tied hand and foot, and hauled over the shoulder of a thug. And the damsel is barefoot, as well. The artwork is superb, and I want to read this just to find out what happens to her. This came out in , but there. Babysitter With a Big Problem. Samantha takes her job as a babysitter very seriously--so much so that when she and her young charge are abducted for ransom, she's beside herself with worry. Until something interesting happens.

Find out what that is right here. Mermaid in trouble. Her bondage is actually quite ingenious; she's left tied with her wrists above her head while seated in a shallow pond.

With her legs submerged in water, they revert to a fish tail. Her bound wrists keep her in the pool, which stops her from climbing out. A suitor tries to rescue her, but she's quickly re-ti. Girl can't catch a break. From Southeast Asia comes this tale of a woman who gets abducted by two other women and is kept bound and gagged in a bedroom. As with most clips from this region, the damsel goes barefoot throughout. She struggles mightily, even at one point trying to cut herself loose by rubbing her bonds on a corner. There are plenty of nice BF shots, as well.

As if this wasn't enough, she gets attacked by what looks like a ghost. There are two other damsels--but they'r. Bettie's at it again. Bettie Page certainly has had her share of adventures, hasn't she? At least I assume this is Bettie Page. Sure looks like her. I found this picture in an old file and thought I should share it with you. Doctor Sleep. I thought Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining, was a fantastic book. So yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing this one. It's also interesting how the sequel film seems to be leaning into more aspects from The Shining film, directed by Stanley Kubrick, which Stephen King famously hates.

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He'd better pay. The heroine of my latest Poser picture finds herself being used as a bargaining chip by a gangster. Her boyfriend owes the gangster a lot of money, and if he doesn't pay up