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Fruitlessly searching for his family, he falls in love with fellow orphan Elisabeth Liselotte Pulver , but both of them know he must return to the front. That film, dismissed by many critics at the time as a soap opera, is now generally considered a masterpiece of complex storytelling. The success of the film was good for his career, but it did not do well because of Gavin.

Though he was second billed after Lana Turner, his character was ancillary to the main storyline involving two mother-daughter pairs.

The film was extraordinarily successful at the box office and won four Oscars. All of a sudden I was doing leading roles. I knew I was a tyro but they told me to shut up and act. Some of those early roles were unactable. You can rely on me darling. When I got up on my hind legs, no one would believe it.

His father, however, changed the family surname to Gavin.

But there is opposition. Octavio Piccolomini, the emperor's spy, manages to convince almost all the important leaders in Wallenstein's army—especially Butler—to abandon him. Convinced that Wallenstein has thwarted his ambitions, Butler hangs on for the sake of revenge.

Max Piccolomini, for his part, is torn between his loyalty to the emperor, his admiration for Wallenstein, and his love for Thekla. He finally decides to leave Wallenstein, hoping there will be no hard feelings, but for the prince it's the final straw. He then flees with his remaining supporters to Eger; Max Piccolomini throws himself into a doomed battle with the Swedes, which costs him his life. When Thekla learns of this, she secretly sets out for his grave, there to die. Wallenstein also grieves about the loss of Max Piccolomini, but believes that the fates have taken him away in compensation for future good fortune.

In the night, Butler's henchmen, Macdonald and Deveroux, murder Illo and Terzky during a banquet, then kill Wallenstein himself in his bedroom. The drama ends with a final dialogue between Octavio and his chief antagonist, Countess Terzky, who dies of the poison she has taken. Finally, Octavio hears that the emperor, in gratitude, has promoted him to the rank of prince.

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The plays' premieres occurred at the Weimarer Hoftheater now the Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar from to , in productions directed by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe :. Often reduced into a single play that could be played in one evening, the trilogy entered the German classical theatrical repertoire. Among its nationally acclaimed productions were:.

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Dreams of Love, Happiness, Money and Betrayal

The Guardian. Retrieved 26 Sep The Washington Post. Critics questioned his perceived moral integrity and many questioned his credibility. This self-portrait shows Grass as a soldier, in his first manuscript of "Peeling the Onion.

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In it, the narrator communicates with a female rat - blurring the boundaries between dream and reality. Grass noted his impressions of a tour to India with "Show your Tongue. In the drawing she stretches out her tongue while squatting and throws her numerous hands in the air.

Following the publication of "Crabwalk" , Grass enjoyed a creative artistic frenzy. In he published the illustrated book "Last Dance," with its image of an overstretched body moving in time with the music. The title references Grass himself, who was a skilled and passionate dancer. Sexuality was a key theme for Grass.

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In he again visited the subject in a series of lithographs with titles such as "Love in August," "Severe Shock" and "After the Steep Ascent. In his recently published book "Grimm's Words - a Declaration of Love," Grass not only told of the development of the German dictionary and Brothers Grimm, but stories of his own life - inevitable, as an author writes what he knows.

And in homage to the great storyteller Hans Christian Andersen, Grass drew him to mark his th birthday. When Grass received the Nobel Prize for Literature in , 50 years after the publication of The Tin Drum , the jury wrote in its statement that this book represented the rebirth of the German novel in the 20th century. Perhaps there is a note of melancholy in that comment. Among his most important works is the so-called Danzig Trilogy, which includes the novels The Tin Drum and Dog Years as well as the novella Cat and Mouse , which were published between and Grass was a participant of the legendary writers' meetings called "Gruppe 47" and for many years a politically involved, but also controversial intellectual.

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In , he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, with the jury also expressly acknowledging his role as a public figure. We've compiled this list of online links to direct you to the publishers of out must-read books, where you can purchase them. From the literature of the Middle Ages to the influence of foreign cultures: a journey through German literature and its traces in the world.

During his life, the author never avoided controversy. Once more, he boldly dealt with difficult topics in his final book: Aging and mortality. Four months after his death, it is now available in bookstores in German. Now, a re-edited version of his final three autobiographical works has been published. The author's publisher has said the collection will prove valuable for decades.

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His books are known around the world.