Les Velázquez - Les liens du sang. (French Edition)

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Neuschel, op. Simon Adams. VI, p. Secousse, 6 volumes, Paris, The Hague, , vol. III, p. Whitehead, Coligny, p. Houlier, son secretaire. Secousse , III, p. Baum and E. Cunitz eds. The accession of Charles IX had given hope for settlement but their ambition had provoked civil war, most recently in their pushing the Edict restricting the edict of January at the start of April on the argument that it could not be accepted in Paris.

The only religious points made concern his denial of responsibility for iconoclasm. Kingdon, Geneva and the Coming of the Wars of Religion, p. Baum, E. Reuss, 59 vols. XIX, col. Meylan, op. III, ibid. Thompson, Wars of Religion, p. On Monday 30th he was again at the gates of Paris with 80 horse and was at a bridge held by his men 2 leagues from the city obviously Saint-Cloud until mid day on 1 April. His troops were seen passing between Paris and Chaillot on 31st P. He then sent to Fontainebleau to find the court had left the day before.

Paschal reported him at Palaiseau on the 2nd op. Jouanna, Histoire et dictionnaire, p.

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Delachenal ed. Genet, B. Catherine had not dated them, and so could claim them to be produced out of context. Shimizu uses such letters e. Garrisson, Protestants du Midi, Toulouse, Privat, , p. Other areas were much less affected and one third has been suggested as the figure for Protestant conversion among the nobility of the whole kingdom by J.

Salmon, Society in Crisis, London, Benn, , p. For further indications of proportions see J. Benedict ed. For a more recent overview, see P. Delaborde, Coligny, II, p. Middlemore gave a sober estimate of 34 ensigns of foot c. It need hardly be stressed that the many estimates which survive are corrupted by propaganda claims and wishful thinking. Stuart Carroll in discussion at the Table Ronde. Fowler ed. His figure for noble holding of military office is only 5. Drouot, Mayenne et la Bourgogne, 2 vols. Bruwaert ed. Grummit ed. Buchon ed. See also Throckmorton to Elizabeth 10 Sept.

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