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At the Witt Library, photo archive of the Courtauld, I was present while a fellow drawings collector discovered that a drawing she owns probably by Knupfer most certainly is. The artist did some amusing brothel scenes, but she was unaware her drawing was preliminary to a painting in Oldenburg Germany. Unfortunately the Witts days are numbered, once all images are scanned there is no need for them to take up valuable space.

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Il libraio che imbrogliò l'Inghilterra

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Once cooked, stir through a little more salt and serve. We love it with avocado, chilli flakes and coconut yoghurt. Link in Bio! Recipe alert! Delicious and healthy! Place tomatoes, onions, garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper onto baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil. Toss, making sure everything is coated. School Donation Program In Memory of How To Swap Books? Roald Dahl , inogolo - Pronunciation of Roald Dahl : How to pronounce Roald Dahl ; 13 September — 23 November was a British novelist, short story writer, fighter ace and screenwriter.

He rose to prominence in the s with works for both children and adults, and became one of the world's bestselling authors. His short stories are known for their unexpected endings, and his children's books for their unsentimental, often very dark humour. His only compensation is absolute freedom. Each new day demands new ideas and he can never be sure whether he is going to come up with them or not.

No little boy of 8 has ever murdered anyone. It's not possible.


He broke his arm at the elbow when he was 14, and they amputated it. But I doubt very much if you would be entirely happy today if a doctor threw a towel in your face and jumped on you with a knife. All of us were warned against eating them, and the result was that we ate them more than ever. We all perched in rows on wooden benches while teachers sat up on the platform in armchairs, facing us. It was a great comfort. He has to make his own hours and if he doesn't go to his desk at all there is nobody to scold him. He wants a drink. He needs it. For those two hours he has been in a different place with totally different people.

We would set out together after school across the village green. Dahl's father had moved from Sarpsborg in Norway and settled in Cardiff in the s.

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His mother came over to marry his father in Dahl was named after the polar explorer Roald Amundsen, a national hero in Norway at the time. He spoke Norwegian at home with his parents and sisters, Astri, Alfhild, and Else. Dahl and his sisters were christened at the Norwegian Church, Cardiff, where their parents worshipped.

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In , when Dahl was still three years old, his seven-year-old sister, Astri, died from appendicitis. Weeks later, his father died of pneumonia at the age of With the option of returning to Norway to live with relatives, Dahl's mother decided to remain in Wales, because her husband had wished to have their children educated in British schools, which he considered the world's best.

Dahl first attended The Cathedral School, Llandaff. At the age of eight, he and four of his friends one named Thwaites were caned by the headmaster after putting a dead rat in a jar of gobstoppers at the local sweet shop, which was owned by a "mean and loathsome" old woman called Mrs Pratchett. This was known amongst the five boys as the "Great Mouse Plot of ". This was Roald's own idea. Roald's parents had wanted him to be educated at a British public school and, at the time, because of a then regular ferry link across the Bristol Channel, this proved to be the nearest.

His time at Saint Peter's was an unpleasant experience for him. He was very homesick and wrote to his mother every week, but never revealed to her his unhappiness, being under the pressure of school censorship. Only after her death in did he find out that she had saved every single one of his letters, in small bundles held together with green tape. Dahl wrote about his time at St.

Peter's in his autobiography Tales of Childhood. From , he attended Repton School in Derbyshire, where, according to Boy: Tales of Childhood , a friend named Michael was viciously caned by headmaster Geoffrey Fisher, the man who later became the Archbishop of Canterbury and crowned the Queen in However, according to Dahl's biographer Jeremy Treglown, the caning took place in May , a year after Fisher had left Repton.

The headmaster concerned was in fact J. Christie, Fisher's successor. This caused Dahl to "have doubts about religion and even about God". He was never seen as a particularly talented writer in his school years, with one of his English teachers writing in his school report "I have never met anybody who so persistently writes words meaning the exact opposite of what is intended," Dahl was exceptionally tall, reaching in adult life.

He developed an interest in photography. During his years at Repton, Cadbury, the chocolate company, would occasionally send boxes of new chocolates to the school to be tested by the pupils. Dahl apparently used to dream of inventing a new chocolate bar that would win the praise of Mr. Cadbury himself, and this proved the inspiration for him to write his third book for children, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and include references to chocolate in other books for children.

Throughout his childhood and adolescent years, Dahl spent his summer holidays with his mother's family in their native Norway. His childhood and first job selling kerosene in Midsomer Norton and surrounding villages in Somerset are subjects in Boy: Tales of Childhood. The main child character in his book The Witches is British-born but of Norweigan origin; his grandmother is still living in Norway. Along with the only two other Shell employees in the entire territory, he lived in luxury in the Shell House outside Dar-es-Salaam, with a cook and personal servants.

While out on assignments supplying oil to customers across Tanganyika, he encountered black mambas and lions, amongst other wildlife.

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  • Dahl was made an officer in the King's African Rifles, commanding a platoon of Askaris, indigenous troops serving in the colonial army. After a car journey from Dar-es-Salaam to Nairobi, he was accepted for flight training with 16 other men, and was one of only three who survived the war. With seven hours and 40 minutes experience in a De Havilland Tiger Moth, he flew solo; Dahl enjoyed watching the wildlife of Kenya during his flights.

    He was promoted to Leading Aircraftman on 24 August He was assigned to No. Dahl was surprised to find that he would not receive any specialised training in aerial combat, or in flying Gladiators. From there he would fly to 80 Squadron's forward airstrip south of Mersa Matruh.

    On the final leg, he could not find the airstrip and, running low on fuel and with night approaching, he was forced to attempt a landing in the desert. The undercarriage hit a boulder and the aircraft crashed, fracturing his skull, smashing his nose, and temporarily blinding him. He managed to drag himself away from the blazing wreckage and passed out. Later, he wrote about the crash for his first published work. Dahl was rescued and taken to a first-aid post in Mersa Matruh, where he regained consciousness, but not his sight, and was then taken by train to the Royal Navy hospital in Alexandria.

    There he fell in and out of love with a nurse, Mary Welland. Dahl had fallen in love with her voice while he was blind, but once he regained his sight, he decided that he no longer loved her. An RAF inquiry into the crash revealed that the location to which he had been told to fly was completely wrong, and he had mistakenly been sent instead to the no man's land between the Allied and Italian forces.

    In February , Dahl was discharged from hospital and passed fully fit for flying duties. By this time, 80 Squadron had been transferred to the Greek campaign and based at Eleusina, near Athens. The squadron was now equipped with Hawker Hurricanes. Dahl flew a replacement Hurricane across the Mediterranean Sea in April , after seven hours flying Hurricanes.

    Dahl saw his first aerial combat on 15 April , while flying alone over the city of Chalcis. He attacked six Junkers Jus that were bombing ships and shot one down. On 16 April in another air battle, he shot down another Ju Of 12 Hurricanes involved, five were shot down and four of their pilots killed, including Pattle. Greek observers on the ground counted 22 German aircraft downed, but because of the confusion of the aerial engagement, none of the pilots knew which plane they had shot down.

    Dahl described it as " an endless blur of enemy fighters whizzing towards me from every side. Later in the day, the aerodrome was strafed by Bf , but none of them hit any of the Hurricanes, which were then evacuated on 21 April to a small, secret airfield near Megara, a small village, where the pilots hid. Approximately north the Luftwaffe was searching for the remaining Hurricanes.

    The Stukas dive-bombed a tanker in the Bay of Athens, and sank it.

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    • Dahl and his comrades were only away from the incident. Neither the bombers nor the fighters were able to spot the Hurricanes parked in the nearby field. At some time in the afternoon, an Air Commodore arrived at the airfield by car and asked if one of the seven could volunteer to fly and deliver a package to a man named Carter at Elevsis.

      Dahl volunteered. The contents of the package were of vital importance, and Dahl was told that if he was shot down, or captured, he should burn the package immediately, so it would not fall into enemy hands, and once he had handed over the package, he was to fly to Argos, an airfield, with the rest of the seven pilots in the squadron.

      If the Luftwaffe had destroyed the remaining seven planes, Germany would then have gained complete control of the skies in Greece. The pilots discussed that it would take the roughly half an hour to return to base, and then another half hour for the whole enemy squadron to get ready for take-off, and then another half hour for them to reach Argos. Argos had roughly an hour and thirty minutes until it would be strafed by enemy aircraft.

      Instead of having the remaining seven pilots airborne and intercepting the s an hour ahead, the CO ordered them to escort ships evacuating their army in Greece at The seven planes got up into the air, but the formation was quickly disorganised as the radios were not working. Dahl and Coke found themselves separated from the rest of the wing. They could not communicate with them, so they continued flying, looking for the ships to escort.

      Eventually they ran out of fuel and returned to Argos, where they found the entire airfield in smoke and flames, with tents burnt, ammunition destroyed, etc. While Dahl and Coke were taking off, three other aircraft in the wing managed to get away. The sixth pilot who was taking off was strafed by the enemy and killed. The seventh pilot managed to bail out. Everybody else in the camp was hiding in the slit trenches. Immediately after Dahl and Coke figured out what was going on, the squadron was sent to Crete.


      A month later they were evacuated to Egypt. As the Germans were pressing on Athens, Dahl was evacuated to Egypt. His squadron was reassembled in Haifa. From there, Dahl flew sorties every day for a period of four weeks, shooting down a Vichy French Air Force Potez 63 on 8 June and another Ju on 15 June, but he then began to get severe headaches that caused him to black out.

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      He was invalided home to Britain. Dahl began writing in , after he was transferred to Washington, D. Forester had asked Dahl to write down some RAF anecdotes so that he could shape them into a story. After Forester read what Dahl had given him, he decided to publish the story exactly as Dahl had written it. The original title of the article was "A Piece of Cake" but the title was changed to sound more dramatic, despite the fact that he was not actually shot down.

      Dahl was promoted to Flight Lieutenant in August During the war, Forester worked for the British Information Service and was writing propaganda for the Allied cause, mainly for American consumption. This work introduced Dahl to espionage and the activities of the Canadian spymaster William Stephenson, known by the codename "Intrepid". During the war, Dahl supplied intelligence from Washington to Stephenson and his organisation known as British Security Coordination, which was part of MI6. He was revealed in the s to have been serving to help promote Britain's interests and message in the United States and to combat the "America First" movement, working with such other well known agents as Ian Fleming and David Ogilvy.

      Dahl was once sent back to Britain by British Embassy officials, supposedly for misconduct — "I got booted out by the big boys," he said. Stephenson promptly sent him back to Washington Towards the end of the war, Dahl wrote some of the history of the secret organisation and he and Stephenson remained friends for decades after the war.

      Upon the war's conclusion, Dahl held the rank of a temporary Wing Commander substantive Flight Lieutenant. Owing to his accident in having left him with excruciating headaches while flying, in August he was invalided out of the RAF. He left the service with the substantive rank of Squadron Leader.