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Hiring Process - Sheriff - County of Santa Clara

More Videos Florida sheriff's deputy kills family members Deputy Terry Strawn had harmed his family at one home. He harmed another family member at a different location. And he was going to kill himself. A supervisor immediately joined the line to try and calm him down, and three other deputies located Strawn outside a high school in Plant City near Tampa, Sheriff Chad Chronister said Wednesday. Despite efforts to convince him otherwise, the deputy killed himself in front of his colleagues, the sheriff said.

Deputy Sheriff Trainee Hiring Process

The disturbing situation ended with the deaths of the deputy's wife, daughter and granddaughter, the deputy's suicide and the sheriff's call for police everywhere to take issues of mental health more seriously. It's not a sign of weakness to say, 'Listen, I'm having a difficult time, I'm having a hard time, I need some help.

This may be from an ad in the paper, or through job fairs or recruitment. This generally involves a rather complete application and background history, with a request for lots of references. The costs of these are generally picked up by the agency you are applying to.

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This may contain a number of scenarios, where you will asked to demonstrate your skills in different areas. Some may be with a person panel, answering questions they may have. Others may include role players, so that the assessors can watch how you deal with situations and how you interact with others. If a contingent job offer is made, you will be subject to a thorough background check, physical exam and psychological exam.

Deputy Sheriff: Career Guide

Focus on them All it takes is one bad apple to spoil the bunch Again, the process differs depending on who you are hired by and where you go to work. If you are hired, you can plan on attending formal law enforcement training. This might be for a period of 16 weeks to six months, depending on who hired you. In Oregon, for example, anyone hired by a local or county agency must attend the State Academy in Salem. After you attend the academy and return, you will again be assigned an FTO.

This may last another 16 weeks. Field training is also usually required. Deputy sheriffs in North Carolina must also complete mandatory in-service training.

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Sheriff's deputies should possess strong interpersonal skills, common sense, a sound moral character, and knowledge of the geographic area in which they work. Critical thinking skills, decision-making skills, and communication skills are also important for deputies. A prospective deputy sheriff with prior law enforcement experience may have a hiring advantage.

Benefits generally include a retirement pension, and unions in law enforcement are among the strongest. Question : What type of schedule do deputy sheriffs work?

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Answer : Most deputies work hour shifts. They may work either the day or night shift or may be required to work rotating day and night shifts.

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Answer : Deputies should expect to work overtime as necessary and should be prepared to work holidays, nights, and weekends. Answer : A new deputy sheriff's training may include such topics as constitutional law, civil rights, local ordinances, self-defense, first aid, and emergency response.