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Pets 4 All 5.

Denmark, Western Australia 6. Rose Park 7. Larrakeyah Centre 8. New South Wales 9. Strath Creek Library Howson Street. How are you? My desk is dirty. The clock is black. I play the piano. No No Yes Yes No. Order of answers for 1. Yes 9. Yes Durak, Queensland Newcastle, United Kingdom 3. Paris, France 4. Tyne Way, St James 6. O'Connor, left 7. Tuffin, BA 8. Wallis, CEO 9. Norton, JP, Sampson, Member of the Legislative Assembly,. Possible answers include: 1. Nouns: firefighter, cat, house Verb: saved 2.

Nouns: flowers, water, sunlight Verb: need 3. Nouns: toy, mud, backyard Verb: got 4. Nouns: nurse, bandage, cut Verb: put 5. Nouns: Greg, dog, bath Verb: washes 6. Nouns: Tony, water, sister Verb: sprays 7. Nouns: child, car, street Verb: ran 8. Nouns: friends, games, school Verb: played 9. Nouns: Susie, books, holidays Verb: read Nouns: teacher, test, morning Verb: marked. Jamie, Melville State 2. Her, Ms Rice 3. Cindy, Marcia 4. We, Ocean World 5. My, I 6.

My, Kyle 7. Next, Luna Park 8. Our, Butler Road 9. My, Tuesday Mr Turner, Allen. Nouns: girls, park Verb: play 2. Nouns: Jasmine, homework Verb: does 3. Nouns: Sajit, hamburger Verb: eats 4. The dog barked loudly at the man. OR The dog loudly barked at the man. The boy ran quickly up the stairs. OR The boy quickly ran up the stairs. The tiger moved slowly towards its prey. OR The tiger slowly moved toward its prey.

They This exciting six-book blackline master series from R. Publications will help your students apply and extend their grammar skills step b See More. RIC 5. Name of Purchaser: Date of Purchase: ew i ev Pr Teac he r This master may only be reproduced by the original purchaser for use with their class es. Score Students record their score out of 10 in the space provided. Publications Teachers notes Marking Answers are provided for all activities. Diagnosis of problem areas r o e t s Bo r e p ok u S Meeting the needs of individuals ew i ev Pr Teac he r Grammar minutes provides the teacher with immediate feedback of whole-class and individual student understanding.

Things I am good at. Things I need to work on. Complete Incomplete 6. Skate for an hour. Complete Incomplete 7. We had lots of fun too. Complete Incomplete w ww m. The dog had fun at the park. Complete The ice-cream tastes good. My score: Complete Incomplete My time: 10 www. Funny movie was the. Was puppy the lost. My score: My time: 10 2 Gramm ar minu tes minutes. Publications Minute 3 Types of sentences Name: Date: Read each sentence and write the type of sentence it is on the line. There areS seven days in a week. Do you have a pencil? When is your birthday party? My teacher loves green apples.

Our family is going camping. May I make my own lunch today? My score: My time: 10 www. S Is your cat in the tree. Teac he r For Questions 4—6, circle the correct asking sentences. My score: My time: 10 4 Gramm ar minu tes minutes. Publications Minute 5 Name: Beginning a sentence Date: Circle the word in each sentence that should begin with a capital letter and write it correctly on the line. The movie was great u S ew i ev Pr Teac he r 1. May we have popcorn 3. Sit down now 4. Sam and Susie baked biscuits 6. Get that away from me 8. The red fish swam in the bay c.

When does your party start My score: My time: 10 6 Gramm ar minu tes minutes. Brandon likesS to read scary books. The girls play in the park. Apples and grapes taste good. Marie and Tina are playing. Tom baked a chocolate cake. The beach is fun during the summer.

Sisters of Lonewood

Chris is looking for his dog. The dog chased the cat. The clouds in thec sky are fluffy. Mr Manson is a new teacher. My score: My time: 10 8 Gramm ar minu tes minutes. Publications Minute 9 Proper nouns names Name: Date: Circle the proper nouns naming words that should begin with capital letters in the sentences below. My dog, charlie, ew i ev Pr Teac he r 1. I asked nick and mitch to help me. We named the rabbit in our class punka. Our class saw timothy the tiger at the zoo. Publications Minute 11 Proper nouns titles of respect Name: Date: For Questions 1—5, circle the proper nouns for people in the sentences.

Uncle Herbert cut down the tree. She is from Denmark, Western Australia. I went to Erskineville Secondary School. The Larrakeyah Centre has lots of shops. New South Wales has the best beaches. My score: My time: 10 12 Gramm ar minu tes minutes. The cute little baby. Why do the clouds look white? How are Tom and Susie doing. Yes No m. Wow, I just won a new bike.

My score: No My time: 10 14 Yes Gramm ar minu tes minutes. The nurse took care of my cut. Principal greene is going with us as well. We will get to see chi, the famous panda bear. Today our class is going to the adelaide Zoo. Mr thomas is my second-grade teacher. The dog barks at the cat. The girl feeds the ducks. The boys play soccer. The mother reads a book to her son. I walked around the park. The snail slides on the ground. Alex and Jess rode their bikes. The birds chirp in the tree. Jia types on the computer. My score: My time: 10 18 Gramm ar minu tes minutes.

Publications Minute 19 Name: Verb tense present and past Date: Circle the correct verb in each sentence. My brother is, was at school camp last week. We jogs, jogged at the park yesterday. The baby cries, cried all last night. My new dog licks, licked me when I have food. I Present tense scratches scratched scratches himself. I yawned scratched all 4. She yawn yawned am sleepy. The dog morning. We write wrote write wrote w ww m. My score: My time: 10 20 Gramm ar minu tes minutes. Publications Minute 21 Linking verbs is, are, am Name: Date: Circle the correct verb is, are, or am in each sentence.

The leaves is, are, am yellow. My name is, are, am Johnny. I is, are, am the star of the play. The dog is, are, am well trained. My mum is, are, am the president of his company. A lion is, are, am a strong animal. I is, are, am afraid of the dark. Our costumes was, were the best ones. The cow was, were on the grass.

The dolphins was, were fun to watch. The cake was, were yummy! My score: My time: 10 22 Gramm ar minu tes minutes. Publications Minute 23 Name: Linking verbs have, has, had Date: Circle the correct verb have, has, or had in each sentence. The teacheru also have, has, had her own computer S ew i ev Pr Teac he r 1. We now have, has, had three computers in our classroom. My cousin have, has, had a cold right now.

We have, has, had pizza for lunch yesterday. Our teacher have, has, had a little dog. The strawberries Sare sweet. The grey puppy licked his paws. There are five birds in the sky. Kim drew a pretty picture of a rainbow. I tasted the sour lemon. The tiny mouse ran into the hole. My father likes green apples. The loud music hurts my ears. The cat was chased by a mean dog. My score: My time: 10 24 Gramm ar minu tes minutes. Publications Minute 25 Adjectives that compare -er, -est Name: Date: Circle the correct adjective in each sentence. John is the smarter, smartest boy in school.

Mike is taller, tallest than Chris. The plate is cleaner, cleanest than the bowl. He dug the deeper, deepest hole he could. Cheetahs are bigger, biggest than house cats. Wendy lives at 43 Combend Road, Durak Queensland. My score: My time: 10 26 Gramm ar minu tes minutes.

I like to read skate and dance. Sasha ate a hot dog, crisps popcorn and an ice-cream. My brother plays hockey, football soccer and baseball. Kevin saw lions tigers, monkeys and snakes at the zoo. The teacher told the class to not run or play in the museum. After the museum tour, the class ate lunch at the park. After lunch, the class rode back to school on the bus. Gramm ar minu tes minutes. Please give this note to your teacher. Present 5. The children are in the swimming pool. Past Present Past w ww m. John and Tim were friends in kindergarten.

For Questions 8—10, circle the correct verb in each sentence. Sherry and Mandy are students. Angela is the 3. The shiny fastest runner on her team. The roses made a beautiful gift for her mother. Tonya put roses in her prettiest vase. A watermelon is much long, longer, longest than a banana. My score: My time: 10 30 Gramm ar minu tes minutes. His address is Jones Way, Roma Queensland. Is the bus picking I, me up for school?

I, Me love to drink chocolate milk. The water splashed on I, me. I, Me play the drums in the band. I, Me visit my grandparents every Sunday. Why do I, me have to go to the doctor? Jamil stands behind I, me in line. My score: My time: 10 32 Gramm ar minu tes minutes. Publications Minute 33 Pronouns she, her, he, him Name: Date: For Questions 1—5, write Yes if the underlined pronoun is used correctly or No if it is not. Dad is getting p her a laptop. Him watches the football game with his dad. Maria likes the colour pink.


Harold has five dollars in the bank. She Her o c. Kelly caught more fish at the lake. My score: she her She Her My time: 10 www. We, Us are going to the pet store. I hope that the hamster likes we, us. We, Us are going to name him Harvey. We, Us stay up late on the weekends. We, Us always brush our teeth after dinner. Sometimes we, us eat cake and ice-cream for dessert. My dad reads we, us a bedtime story every night.

My score: My time: 10 34 o c. Publications Minute 35 Pronouns they, them Name: Date: For Questions 1—5, write the pronoun they or them on the line to take the place of the underlined words in each sentence. The turtles like to eat lettuce. We should invite them to play hide-and-seek.

Them are both my best friends. My sister does not like to wear dresses. The ponies were so fun to ride. I have two best friends, friendes at school. My score: My time: 10 36 Gramm ar minu tes minutes. Publications Minute 37 More on plural nouns Name: Date: For Questions 1—5, circle the plural noun that is spelt correctly in each pair. Nicole dress is pinkp and ok u S is now. The painter lunchbreak ew i ev Pr Teac he r 1.

The baby rattle was on the floor. The clock battery stopped working. The city lights are bright at night. She is very happy ew i ev Pr Teac he r 1. I have not finished my homework. I will buy a pencil at school. I did not finish the maths test. The twins play in the backyard. For Questions 5—10, write Yes if the word is a compound word or No if it is not.

Publications Minute 43 Pronouns review Name: Date: For Questions 1—5, replace the underlined noun or nouns with a pronoun. Dan and Jim went u S 3. Mike gave Mark a birthday card. Karen missed school all week. Bob broke his computer again. Dorothy can speak Japanese very well. For Questions 6—10, circle the correct pronoun in each sentence. He, Him wants to become a doctor. They, Them are having a party next Saturday. My score: My time: 10 44 Gramm ar minu tes minutes. We saw skyscrapers in New York City. We built a snowman after the storm.

My wristwatch stopped working. The sunflowers grew as tall as I am. Jake was scared of the rattlesnake at the zoo. Katie forgot to do her homework. My score: o c. Julie sent me a postcard from her holiday location. Angel dislikes cats. The diamond ring is shiny. The swing went up and 8. My brother is a slow runner, but I am a runner. My score: My time: 10 50 Gramm ar minu tes minutes. The sun, son is shining brightly in the sky. My favourite colour is sky blew, blue. The bug crawled up his leg.

Be careful not to break anything! You should never lie to your parents. Please bow when the Queen walks in. The plant grew very tall. My score: d a knotted ribbon My time: 10 52 b to put something in the ground Gramm ar minu tes minutes. Publications Minute 53 Name: Prefixes Date: For Questions 1—5, add the prefix re- or un- to the beginning of the underlined word in each sentence.

Yesterday Mrs Chen was happy, but today she is Meaning Example reun- again; back not; opposite redo do again unclean not clean it. I write my homework quickly and then I snack if you could eat a healthy one 3. I was really lucky today, butp I was them when 4. Fill the glasses with water and be sure to they get empty. Her birthday gifts are still unwrapped.

Bethany's Bookshelf

Susie rewrapped the gifts after she peeked at them. My score: e draw again My time: 10 www. Suffix Meaning Example r o e t s Bo r e pJohnny is a good ok 1. The teacher said that u S -er -ful singer a person who sings painful full of pain one who; a person who full of. Tonya is the best on their team. The teacher thinks Holly is a 5. Ben is hopeful about his grades. My score: My time: 10 54 Gramm ar minu tes minutes. Publications Minute 55 Alphabetical order Name: Date: For Questions 1—6, write the words in the box in alphabetical order.

Publications Minute 57 Synonyms and antonyms review Name: Date: Write S if the pairs of words are synonyms mean the same thing or A if they are antonyms mean the opposite. That duck quacks all day and night! Our kitchen sink is full of dishes. My score: My time: 10 58 d to go down below Gramm ar minu tes minutes.

Publications Minute 59 Prefixes and suffixes review Name: Date: For Questions 1—5, write P if the underlined word begins with a prefix or S if it ends with a suffix. I am so thankful ew i ev Pr Teac he r 1. The old glue stick was so dry, it was useless. Charlie banged on our door very loudly. Do not unlock the door for a stranger. For Questions 6—10, use a word from the box to complete each sentence. When the video game ends, I beginning.

It is dangerous to be a race car o c. Henry Irving Willett, Jr. The inaugural festivities began on Friday with an inaugural reception, an art exhibit of Miss Barbara Bishop's work, a presenta- tion by the Longwood Players of The King and I, and a post-performance coffee hour at the alumnae house. Farmville hotels filled as delegates representing other in- stitutions arrived to honor the new presi- dent.

On Saturday many Longwood girls shared the excitement of the ceremony, which began with the academic procession. The organ anthem was written and per- formed by Mr. Paul Hesselink. The hon- orable Mills E. Godwin, Jr. After his investiture, Dr. Willett and his guests attended an inaugural luncheon.

A performance by the Concert Choir un- der the direction of Dr. John Molnar ended the two-day program. Pictured with Dr. Willett are Mrs. Willett and their sons, Scott and Rodney, Mr.

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Preston Turner, Dr Willett. Thomas Willett. Two former presidents and a former acting president were in attendance at Dr. Willett's inauguration. Pictured from left to right are Mr. Fred Wygal, Dr. Willett, Dr. Francis Lankford, and Dr. Dabney Lancaster. Governor Mills E. Godwin said in his address that he sensed "something of a transition that had taken place. Willett came to campus. Frances R. Brown, Associate Dean of Students. Jimmy P. Paul, Business Manager and Treasurer. Thomas C. Dalton, Director of Special Services. Harold K. Magnusson, Registrar.

Various Directors Behind the Mr. Leon Henderson, Superintend ent of Buildings and Grounds. Scenes Keep Long wood Operating Mrs. Frances Farrier, Boole Store Manager. Bess Daniels, Postmistress, and Mrs. Mary Franks, Assistant Postmistress. Wells, Mrs. Bottom Row: Mrs. Jones, Mrs.. Fornnafi, Mrs. The paper work for Longwood's administrative offices is handled by the office personnel and secretaries.

Southall, Mr. Johnson Mr. Smith, Mr. Seamster, and Mr. Oertel, Jr. Left to right, standing Mrs. Janice Lemen, Mr. Walte Hathaway, Mrs. Nancy Leitch, Mr. Paul Roulllard, Miss Annie Ross. Frances Hamlett, Mr. Willard Leeper, Mrs. Ruth Taliaferro. Merle Landrum and Mr. Norman Myers. Charles H. Patterson, Jr. Charles DeWItt, Mr. Edwin Vassar, Dr. Charles Patterson, and Mr. Miguel A. SII Electronics Engineer. English Departnnent: Dr. Rosemary Sprague and Mr. Foster Gresham. Helen Savage.

Miss Kate Trent, Dr. Jung Ra, Mr. Cullen Dalton, Mrs. Not pictured: Dr. Janet Binger and Dr. Lee Land. First Row: Dr. Floyd Swertfeger, Mrs. Mary Woodburn, Mrs. Jo Sneller, Miss R. Beatrice Bland. Second Row: Mrs. Helen Page, Mr. George Elliott, Mr. Robert Banton. Linwood Kent. William L. Frank, Chairman. William Mr. Fillmer Beaumont. Frank, Dr. Herbert Blackwell, Mr. Charlotte Hooker, Miss Elinor Douglass. Patton Lockwood, Mr. Dale Melsnes, Mr. Robert Woodburn, Mr. Lewis Rutherford. Patton Lockwood, Chairman. Frances M. Garnjost, Acting Chairman Mrs.

Diana Saunders, Mrs. Frances Garnjost. Wayne Nunn, Mr. Ben Sandidge, Dr. Maria Silveira, Mrs. Marshall Hall, Mr. Joseph Scolnick, Mr. Robert Stauffer, Dr. Elizabeth Etheridge, Mr. Fred- erick Mortimer. Henry Bittinger, Dr. Charles Lane. John McCrimmon, Mr. Pii-Yull Ra, Mrs. Kathleen Cover. Maurice Sneller, Mr. Richard Couture. Earl Rubley. Alexander Berkis, Mr. Thomas Burke. Anthony Cristo. James Crowl, and Dr. James Helms. Nell Griffin, Mrs. Frances Gee, Miss Lora Bernard. Emeric Noone, Mr. Randall Webb. Blanche C. Badger, Chairma Mrs.

Cada Parrish, Mrs. Sandra Bollinger, Mrs. Josephine Magnlflco, Dr. John Molnar, Chairman. Darrell Harbaum, Mr. Paul Hesselink, Mr. James McCombs, Mr. Robert Blasch. John Molnar. Not pictured: Miss Emily Clark. John Hardy, Mr. Robert Lehman, Dr. Elizabeth Jackson, Mr.

James Curley, Mr. Joseph Law. Second Row: Mr. Wayne Meshejian, Dr. Carolyn Wells, Dr. Robert Brumfleld, Dr. Jane tHolman, Dr. David Breil. Not pictured: Mr. John Austin, Dr. Virginia Bass, Mr. Billy Batts, Mr. Alton Harvill, Mr. Richard Heinemann, Dr. Marvin Scott. Shirley O'Neil, Chairman. Emily Landrum, Miss Faye Ripley.

Phyllis Harris, Dr. Mary Heintz. Miss Anne Hutf- Dr. Barbara Smith. Standing: Dr. Shirley O'Neil. Library Becomes Expanding. Center of Research First Row: Mrs. Martha LeStourgeon, Mrs. Florence Richardson, Mrs. Elva Woodyard, Mrs. Martha Scott, Mr. Charles Butler, Librarian. Helen Cunningham, Mr.

Not pictured: Mrs. Anne Jeffers, Mrs. June Sadand. Martha Rock, Mrs. Flo Preas, Mrs. Ercelle Whitt, Mrs. Ruby Jones, second row : Mrs. Naomi Ordogh, Mrs. Nan Orange, Mrs. Mary Smith, Mrs. Antoinette Goodman, and Mrs. Frances Jones, not pictured: Mrs.

Thelma Eaber. Elizabeth Jones, Alumnae Secretary. Bob Stauffer impersonates Drama professors Mr Melsness and Dr Lockwood prefer a billiards game to making actmg debuts Repeated curtain calls assured the faculty that the Follies wer thoroughly enioyed and appreciated by the student body. Traditional skits and projects take an active part in class participation. At Longwood each class is something different and special. Sister classes are cherished by all. With all classes working together, Longwood becomes a united body of students which upholds the stan- dards of the college.

After student teachers returned to campus, the class' first formal duty was senior capping. November was high- lighted by Dr. Willett's inauguration in which the seniors were honored to participate. The remaining winter months were spent in ordering invitations and planning the final program for graduation. Then, after months of hard work, the seniors enter- tained the underclassmen with their skit depicting their four years' experience.

The senior banquet followed as a final activity before exams. Gradua- tion climaxed a memorable year for each member of the senior class. Patty Kingsley and Carol Skelley proudly admire the announcements for graduation exercises. Home Ec. Assoc, V- Pres. Business; Geist, Treas. Elementary Educa- tion; Transfer; Corkettes.

Mathematics: Kappa Delta Pi: Lychno? Elementary Educ tion; Delta Zeta. English; Alpha Gam- ma Delta; B. Elementary Educa- tion. Health and Physical Education; A. Home Economics. Sec, 2; Col leagu'? Giest Festival, Mistress of Ceremonies. Di- rector 3; Panhellenic Del. Elementary Educ tion. Elementary Eouca- tion; Wesley Foundation. Biology; Judicial Board; Y. Social Science. Spanish; A. Spanish Club; Virginian. History: B. Business Education. English; Political Sci- ence Club. Mathematics; S. Social Science; Freshman Commission, Pres. Elementary Educ tlon; Transfer.

Mathematics; Alpha Sigma Alpha. Elementary Educa- tion: Baptist Student Union. Biology: Wesley Foundation, Sec. Elementary Educa- tion; Kappa Delta. Elementary Educa- tion: Westn? Mathematics; Ger- man Club, Treas. Health 8. Physical Education: Athletic As- so. Tech Director 3, V. English; Transfer. English; Colleague; Glamour Contest. Elementary Educa tion; S. Art; Philikalia; Phi Mu. C Treas. Soloist, Chaplain, V-Pres. Home Economics: Transfer; Home Ec. Busi- ness Manager, 2. Formation Committee; Y.

Cabinet, 1,2. Elementary Educa- tion; B. English; Delta Zeta, Pres. Business Education; B. Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha. Chaplain, 1st V-Pres. Spanish; Lambda lota Tau, V-Pres. English; Geist, Sec. English; Beorc El Thorn; Rotunda. Biology; Alpha Sig- ma Tau, Pres. English: B. Elementary Educa- tion; Sophomore Assist- ant: S.

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Elementary Educa- tion; S. Chairman 3. Chairman 4. Elementary Educa- tion; Young Republicans. Elementary Educa- tion; Colleagues; Sigma Kappa. Mathematics; Honors Council; Lychnos; S. Elementary Educa- tion; Transfer; S. S, English; Transfer Young Republicans. English; Alpha Sam- ma Delta, Ed. French; French Club, V-Pres. Elementary Educa- tion: Delta Zeta.

Health and Physical Education. Mathematics; Baptist Student Union; Y. Elementary Educa tion; Concert Choir S. Elementary Educa- tion: Rotunda; S. Biology: Rotunda; Virginian; Young. Repub- licans; Y. French; French Club, Treas. English; Le Cercle Francais; S. Board Chairman; Rotunda, Feature Ed. Elementary Educa- tion; Baptist Student Union.

English, Speech; Longwood Players, Treas. Elementary Educa- tion: S. History; Sing-Out Students, Director. PAWL B. Elementary Edu tlon. Home Economics; Transfer; Home Ec. Club; Rotunda. Spanish; Alpha Lambda Delta: B. English; Sigma Sig- ma Sigma. Art; Gyre, Co-Art Ed. Elementary Educa- tion; Delta Zeta. Art; Activities Com- mittee; Philalcalia, Pres. Spanish; Spanish Club, V-Pres. Club; Treas. Elementary Educ tion; Zeta Tau Alpha. Elementary Educa- tion; Phi Mu, Corres. Sec; Young Republicans. English; Delta Zeta. Home Economics: Transferred : Home Ec. Club; Kappa Omicron Phi; S. Elementary Educa- tion; House Association 2; S.

Elementary Educa- tion; Corkettes; Sopho- more Assistant. Board 2, 3, 4; S. English; German Club; Rotunda; Y. Spanish; House As- sociation, Pres. English; German Club; Virginian. Business Education Zeta Tau Alpha. Elementary Educa- tion; Sigma Sigma Sigma. Mathematics-Physics; Wesley Foundation; Y. English; Gyre. Up With People! English; Colleague; House Assoc; S. What has made this year a dynamic, and stimulating year, full of academic, cul- tural, and entertaining activities? Fall is perhaps the busiest time of the year. Oktoberfest was at its best with skits, booths, and clowns galore.

Sorority rush was anticipated with hushed expectation as rushees chose their favorite group. Seniors were asked to take part in the inauguration of our new president. Willett, Jr. Winter brought numerous Christmas activities and an anxiously awaited vacation. A hectic examination period and those all-important semester grades followed.

The tradi- tional and memorab'e senior activities including Senior Class Night, Senior Banquet, and Commencement were an apt closing to a rich and rewarding school year. The Class of was an active one this year. They began the year by welcoming their sister class, the freshmen, with a Red 'n White sing and a Freshman Serenade. Geist, a concert by the Yale Spizzwinks, and Christmas caroling rounded out the first semester for the juniors. Second semester the class presented a Laugh-in and participated in the annual song contest.

This year "Days of Wine and Roses" was chosen as the theme. The class ended the year by presenting Dr. Willett's portrait to Longwood. Juniors get measured for rings. Nancy Newhard proves no exception. In Sep- tember, the Sophomores helped their sister class present the "Miss Miscellaneous" contest for the green and white skit. During Geist the Sophs presented their booth, "Love makes the world go round.

In December, the class held an auction to which a great many faculty members contributed. Longwood's class of initiated more Red and White spirit on campus through its active participation in all aspects of college life. Looking somewhat bewildered at registration in September, the Freshmen quickly shed their beanies and adjusted to social and aca- demic regulations. The Kennett Rotaract Club is seeking to grow its membership of 18 to 30 year olds interested in community service and fun. Please let all those you know who might be interested in growing their set of service oriented friends about the club and encourage them to attend.

Rotary Readers. Rotary Readers is so successful improving student performance the Kennett School District wants to make it available to all children in grades 1 through 5. The program is being expanded to add math and mentoring to the basic reading program. Volunteers are needed to meet the demand. All you need to do is spend a minimum of 30 minutes per week with the student you are assigned at a time of your choosing. I know I get more from the time I spend with my student than he gets from me.

Himalayan Hope. Hans started this project in shortly after his mother died. Therefore the school is named Gayatri after his mother. While the school educates all children it has a special focus on girls, so the ratio is 6 girls to each boy at the school. Gayarti school started 19 years ago as an elementary school. As it has proven its ability to teach a range of grades it has been allowed to add additional higher grades, so it has recently been expanded to the full K through 12 grades. Its first high school graduation will occur within the year.

Hans hopes to expand Gayatri into college level teaching at some time. The sports club provides a race day that features runs up to a half marathon. This event has grown to attract participants now. To attract highly qualified teachers their stipend includes western style housing on the school campus and support to participate in continuing education. As a further way to ensure the quality of education, Gayarti school uses donated laptop computers to provide access to the Khan Academy, a leader in online education, and the general Internet for research.

They work with the students on their several week long visits to do experiments and provide other assistance, helping to ensure a sound and high quality science, technology engineering and math curriculum. To ensure students are able to attend, Gayarti school provides bus transportation to and from school for students. The overall impact is that Hans has in many ways replicated the American public school system. It is also far less expensive.

To date there are 37 scholarships. All of them are merit based except two which are needs based. Successful applicants must pass a test every year to qualify for their scholarship. New Paul Harris Fellows. Community Needs Assessment Project Development. Now that we have defined the 5 areas we want to focus on, it is time to develop specific project definitions within each. This will be done by committees of Club members. The committee chairpersons for each area of focus are:.

Jeff Cyron. Jeff grew up in Avon Grove as the oldest of five. They are now living all over the US. In all of them he was competent but not a star. The sport he has stayed with is ice hockey, even playing on a club team during his freshman year at the University of South Carolina. That was a truly interesting experience. Ice rinks are not exactly common in South Carolina, so they had long road trips for everything, including just getting to practice.

Games were often scheduled around football game times and locations. Follow the football team, play an ice hockey game in the morning, and make the tailgate parties and game in the afternoon. Ice hockey is part of how Jeff joined Longwood Rotary. He plays in an adult league now with Len Vannicola and Mark Rybaczyk.

They talked Jeff into joining our club. Jeff majored in Accounting and has been a practicing accountant since graduating. He worked for 2 Delaware firms and now has joined his father's firm here. One of Jeff's favorite activities is driving across the US to visit new states. So far he has visited 34, and his goal is to visit all Frequently these trips are done with his younger brother, so they are a great way to stay connected with his far flung siblings.

Jeff finds interacting with the athletes at Special Olympics events especially rewarding. They are incredibly warm and absolutely love their sport. Working as a Habitat for Humanity volunteer Jeff has helped build about a half dozen homes here in Chester County. The reward here comes from the joy of the families moving in to the new homes.

Charlie Carpenter. Charlie started his story with the family history of both his mother and father's families. The family history of his mother was told very succinctly - little is known. His father's family is very aware of its history, which reaches back to when Hans Zimmermann immigrated. Hans was financially successful and bought property from William Penn for a farm and home in Chester County. Apparently William Penn's record keepers preferred to use English and changed "Zimmermann" to "Carpenter" on the land patent. The family name has been Carpenter since.

The Carpenter family expanded across the US to the midwest, which is where Charlie was born and grew up. However, he felt he missed something by marrying early, so encouraged Charlie to take a year off before going to college. Charlie was more than happy to spend the year skiing the Rockies, working as a bartender.

Charlie then worked at a bank for a year. He found the experience boring, so he became an event planner for a restaurant he worked at while skiing. One of the events he planned required him to work with a demanding young woman who called constantly with demands and issues. Charlie grew to hate the sound of her voice when she called. He finally met Tanya at the event.

Both Tanya and Charlie maintained careers until they moved to Cincinnati when Tanya's job required it. At the same time Tanya was pregnant. Charlie's grandfather was concerned that Charlie, as the only Carpenter of his generation, have a son so the name would continue. Luckily Sam was born, meeting the demand, since their second child they is a daughter.

Tanya's job involved almost constant travel so Charlie became his nanny for five years. After his spell as nanny Charlie looked for a new job and ended up managing a farm. This had a certain irony since Charlie's father always wanted to be a farmer. He bought the land but was not knowledgeable enough to operate it, so on a handshake he rented the farm to a local family.

That hand shake deal still persists to this day. Operating the farm for a wealthy family led Charlie to managing family trusts, which is his current career. Polar Plunge. Margaret Egli Returns. Margaret Egli, center in the photo to the left, was inducted by President Tammy Duering , left in the photo. Margaret is a Board member of the Kennett Area Library and has rejoined our club as their representative.

Margaret was sponsored by Karen Ammon , shown to the right in the picture. January Rotarian of the Month. John is always ready to cheerfully help anyone who needs it. Most recently, John completed managing our Holiday Season Longwood Greeter volunteer efforts early January, a major and important club activity.

Milena Oberti-Lanz, Executive Director, explained the overall mission of the Maternal and Child Health Consortium as empowering families to achieve better health. They focus their services on pregnant women, infants and families with young children so their teaching has a long term impact on large numbers. Services are provided from 5 offices spread throughout Chester County, one of which is in Kennett Square.

Because the US child population is more diverse than the overall population, all of the service providers at Maternal and Child Health Care are multi-lingual. Many new parents don't understand how our medical system works. Therefore one of the services provided is Healthy Start. As Cecelia Arce, the Program Director shown left, explained, this program begins during the first trimester of pregnancy and works with the entire family. These screenings occur three times, the first during pregnancy and the other at one and six months after delivery.

They work with the family in their home about once per week to educate the parents in child care and development, ensure they have transportation to get to medical appointments and work, and even help solve housing and employment issues, all done by working with other agencies as needed. Diabetes is more likely among some of our minority populations because of genetic propensity, diet and exercise patterns, the cost of food junk food is usually cheaper , and the huge change in environment they experienced when they moved to the US.

They have gone from growing their own food to buying it from a bewildering array of choices. Last year 4, clients were assisted with insurance applications. Low income clients are assisted applying for SNAP food stamp benefits. These are working poor families impacted by the high cost of housing and poor public transit in Chester County.

For example, fathers are taught how their children learn so they can then teach their kids how to manage their behavior. Screening services for development level are part of the program so its success is continuously measured. Therefore, last year a new program was tested to acclimate these children to the kindergarten environment. The program was designed and operated with the assistance of Kennett School District's Mary D Lang kindergarten center staff.

Class disruptions caused by stressed out kids almost disappeared. With this successful test completed, the program is being scaled up this year. The festivities begin about 9 AM with the crossing scheduled for Our team consists of Bob Curran, Al Iacocca and others. We have been the largest group fundraiser for years so give Happy Dollars generously at our meeting this week to support the Brandywine Red Clay Alliance. All dollars donated will be matched by the Longwood Rotary Club Foundation. Wheelchair Donated. After a quick conversation with Bob Curran , President of our club's foundation, he submitted an application and bought a chair for the couple online at a great price.

They had their new chair within a couple of days. Thank You Oliver Heating and Cooling. Once again Oliver Heating and Cooling is donating a new heating and cooling system to our Gala silent auction. This has been a major funds generator at our auction now for years. Sustainable Community Project Process. Bob Curran , President of the Longwood Rotary Club Foundation, has developed a process to move from the Community Needs Assessment recently completed to the development of needed and sustainable major projects we can support.

These categories identify the areas where the community identified significant needs we can potentially meet. To convert these categories into specific projects we have to decide where we want to focus. To that end, all attending completed a survey in which we ranked these categories by their importance. The results of that prioritization defined the following 5 areas for detailed development into projects, listed in the order of importance we collectively assigned : Education, Transportation, Housing, with Community Development and Job Training essentially tied at number 4.

The goal is to have projects ready for membership approval in March this year. Projects can be of any size. Our critical role is leadership. Responsibilities of Club Directors. Our club is managed by a Board of Directors with many of the Directors having specific roles. Here are those specific director roles:. December Secretary's Report. What counts to your attendance? Each reported event-participation will go towards a missed meeting and will help boost our attendance average in the District.

‎Sisters of Lonewood on Apple Books

Make sure you scan your badge-barcode at our meetings for your Club attendance. Keep forwarding your current attendance information to Leonie at lkolvenbag gmail. Operation Warm. Dick Sanford, Operation Warm's founder, reminded us that Operation Warm was started by the Longwood Rotary Club 20 years ago this year when Dick decided to do something about the children he saw waiting for school buses with no coats during the winter.

The club joined Dick in buying new coats for 58 kids at a local store. The coats will be distributed through 1, events spread through across all 50 states. The sponsors fund and help staff the three hour events where up to kids shop for their new coat. Every sponsor finds this to be one of the most satisfying activities they can do. Often those who work at the event find themselves in tears at the overwhelming joy the kids show in their new coat, possibly the first truly new piece of clothing they ever owned.

The coats are a source of immense pride and confidence for their wearers. Kacie's Cause Update. It gives him a place where he can quietly heal himself by thinking about his loss and how he can help others avoid the pain he has suffered. Rochelle Brittingham.

See a Problem?

After graduation from Avon Grove High School she attended Millersville University, majoring in psychology and sociology. London is still her favorite city. She met her husband, Nick, during her college years, and they married shortly after graduating. Rochelle continued to broaden her travel experiences when she attended the University of North Texas to earn her masters degree in emergency management by traveling to Turkey for a research project.

After completing her masters, Rochelle and family returned to this area so she could earn her Doctor of Philosophy in disaster management at the University of Delaware. The University of Delaware was the first university in the US to focus on research in the disaster management field, therefore it is widely recognized as the top institution for disaster management professionals. Rochelle continues to participate in research efforts at the University, which focuses on policy questions in disaster recovery and management.

Rochelle's field work included studies in Japan after the tsunami destroyed the Fukushima nuclear plant, and following up on the Sandy Hook hurricane clean up in New York City. So work related travel has not always been to exciting places like Sweden and Copenhagen. The Fukushima disaster was caused by the power of a truly major tsunami. They were the people shown on TV scaling a radio antenna on their roof top to safety. Fire is not the primary area of concern in our area though. That is the loss of electricity, especially on a broad basis for an extended period. In addition to her work with the County, Rochelle is an adjunct professor at Millersville University and a lecturer at Wilmington University.

Rochelle's at home hobby is weaving. When asked what most of us never think about in our personal disaster planning, Rochelle said the big forgotten issue is protecting key documents. Going Above and Beyond. Ted Trevorrow , left, was recognized by President Tammy Duering , right, for going well above and beyond leading the community needs assessment effort.

Already several strong major project candidates are being considered. Bob Curran, president of the Foundation Board, gave us a quick update on our Foundation. These investments break out by areas of focus for our foundation as follows:. The bylaws have been reviewed and adjusted as needed to make them consistent with expected future activities. Part of this preparation was instituting the liaison program with those groups we invest in.

This helps us better understand their needs long term, ensures our investment is spent well, and helps us create linkages between groups when appropriate. Habitat for Humanity - Potential Project. Chip Huston, Executive Director of the local Habitat chapter for the past 14 years, noted they have now built homes in Chester County. Finally these new homes often provide a stabilizing influence to neighborhoods that could easily slide into poor condition.

The homeowners are selected through a rigorous process. They are low income, have a history of paying their bills, and must pass tests after taking classes on home maintenance and personal finance. Habitat is getting close to final approval for a new 40 home development in West Grove to be placed on 6.

Like all Habitat for Humanity homes they will be provided to their new owners after they complete training and supply at least hours of volunteer labor for its construction. Like all Habitat homes they are designed to fit into their local neighborhood. In this instance that means building blocks of five townhomes, a first for Habitat locally.

The other first with the West Grove development is using the US Department of Agriculture as a source of funding, possible because of the location. It means the mortgage interest rate is expected to be in the one to two percent range. Building is expected to start in the June time range and take 4 to 6 years to complete.

George Gower has been working with the Anson Nixon Park Board to develop plans for upgrading the current playground we helped install several years ago to provide fixtures suitable for children with handicaps. We would provide a good portion of the labor needed for the installation work. December Rotarian of the Month. Leonie Kolvenbag , right in the picture, was recognized by President Tammy Duering , left in the picture, as our Rotarian of the Month for converting club record keeping to the Club Runner system, her record setting efforts co-managing the Gala, participating in this year's Polio Day in India, and last for hosting the club lady's night.

In Memoriam - Tom Wells. Tom Wells, husband of our former member Donna Wells, was one of our many active, unofficial family members. We just learned Tom passed away in November. Tom and Donna retired and moved to the Carolinas several years ago. December 13, New Member Induction. Tom Simpers , left most, sponsored Jane Donze, to his immediate right, for membership. We have lost count of the number of new members Tom has brought to Rotary. Len Vannicola , center right, sponsored Jeff Cyron.

Please welcome both when you see them at our meetings or around town. Student of the Quarter - Sophia Qureshi. Sophia Qureshhi, to the right of President Tammy Duering , was recognized as our student of the quarter. Sophia has been active in politics for a number of years, with a strong interest in getting people to vote. As a co-founder of the Democrat's club in Unionville High School, Sophia helped lead several get out the vote efforts targeted on everyone, not just Democrats. They conducted a door-to-door campaign talking with everyone to encourage voting.

In the future Sophia sees the two clubs joining to work together again on youth voting and anti-gun violence. Sophia sees much more active youth involvement in politics after the past campaign season based on the growth in activity between and This past summer Sophia accompanied her father, who is a doctor, to some of the unofficial Syrian refugee camps in Jordan. These camps house thousands of people and receive no government services since they are not officially recognized. As a result of that visit, Sophia recognized the huge need for women's health and hygiene assistance in Jordan.

Sophia plans to go into international law for her career. She has yet to decide on her college choice. Issues in Aging. Dementia is a slowly progressing "disease" that heavily impacts all the family members of those afflicted. Billions of hours are invested in providing care, which can be needed all day. Care givers can become isolated and exhausted. Eventually the care giver needs help to meet the needs of the person with dementia. Dementia is associated with the shrinking of our brains as we age.

The shrinking creates space within our skulls that is filled with increasing volumes of the normal fluids surrounding our brains. The hippocampus is also damaged, impairing our ability to create new memories. We don't know what causes dementia, but we do know there is a genetic component. There is no cure, just the ability to manage the symptoms more effectively.

The underlying causal condition can start 15 to 20 years before any symptoms are recognized. Even after symptoms start to appear we are often quite productive, further compounding diagnosis issues. Dementia is often accelerated by accidents such as falls. The body shifts its use of nutrients to support repairing the injury, resulting in a more rapid advance in dementia.

That is one reason for the apparent correlation between balance issues and dementia. Thinking games such as crossword puzzles and sudoku help reduce the advancement of dementia. You really can directly exercise your brain. If you know a worthy student please reach out to Ethel Ann. Since our club pays the participation fee, this is free for the students. News from Saadia Khan. Clearly Saadia is still active even though she is mostly in Chicago this year. She reserved a table for the Gala for herself and friends.

Hands Across the Sea Grant. These funds, matched with our equal donation, will provide library books for 2 schools on St. The books were selected from a list provided by the local teachers so we know they will support their school effectively. Wilmington NC School Support. Mike and Bonnie reported: "The entire area is nowhere near back to normal. All hotel rooms within miles of the city are occupied by local residents who lost their homes to the hurricane.

Streets are lined with the debris and furnishings pulled from flooded homes waiting for pickup and disposal. Many schools are still closed. The city is a long way from recovered or even being cleaned up so reconstruction can start in many neighborhoods. New Member Induction. Daniel Kim , right, was sponsored by President Tammy Duering. Dan may be our first member living in Media. Jen Dresser Found a Rotary Home. Jen sent a note to President Tammy Duering to let us know she has found a Rotary home in Albuquerque. She joined the Rotary Club of Albuquerque, which has over members.

A bit different from us in size but apparently not in spirit. Kennett Consolidated School District is Thriving. Barry Tomassetti, Superintendent of the Kennett Consolidated School District, started by reminding us that the District is ranked in the 96th percentile of districts nationally.

This exceptional performance is achieved by living the District mission every day, which Dr. Tomasetti summarized as: "No matter who comes in, improve their success every day". The program is integrated into classes from kindergarten through twelfth grade. It takes potentially dull information and relates it to the real world by using hands on activities such as building a marshmallow throwing machine in third grade, or building bridges and testing them to the point of collapse a few years later.

Various technical tools are introduced so the students experience some of the tools used by engineers and other professionals. Right now there is even a group of seniors working with Bentley Architects on design projects. An example of the success of this approach can be seen in the internationally recognized robotics team. Parental engagement is a critical success factor in the US approach to education. Parents are brought together with successful students from the same culture to learn what their kids can achieve and the support successful students need. These parents also get assistance to show them how to support early brain development through games, reading and other shared activities with their children.

Parents with older children are involved in the APEX program where they work with volunteer parents from the community to learn how our education system works and they can support it, and the value their children will gain from a solid education. This program is integrated into normal class work for all grades. This allows students to receive special instruction without losing ground in regular courses. The ELD program is successful.

Standard required student testing shows all fourth graders are improving their English language skills. Very few comparable districts can make that claim. Jose is a New Dad! Aiden Manuel Colon was born on November 24th, at p. He was 8 lbs. Congratulations Jose Colon! Posted on Nov 27, Congratulations to Jose Colon and his wife on the birth of their son! New Rotarian baby jose colon. Notes and Ephemera after Thanksgiving. First, please note we have had to change our speaker for this week.

It is now Dr. We were Number 1 out of the 64 Clubs in the District with Today is Giving Tuesday. I am sure you have been receiving reminder emails about this opportunity from the organizations you have been supporting. Please support the local non-profit of your choice, or Rotary, with your gifts. Longwood Gardens Greeting Has Begun.

If you have not signed up yet, please do so for the remaining days. The visitors are always friendly and fun. November 15 New Member Induction. President Tammy Duering , left above, inducted what appears to be a huge number of new members in the above picture. It was really two, one of which is a new corporate member. He, was sponsored by Dave Haradon , second from left.

Arts Holding Hands and Hearts. Arts Holding Hands and Hearts is a non-profit that was started by Jan Michener, its current Executive Director, in to serve the vulnerable youth in Chester County. Its goals is to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations that traps multiple generations in poverty. To accomplish this goal AHHH focuses on the arts, literacy, and mindfulness. The impact of the full AHHH program is being studied now.

The results will tell Jan how successful AHHH is in changing the multi-generation cycle of poverty and provide the information she needs to expand and improve the program. Each box is unique in design and decoration. The design is determined by the volunteer builders, as long as the box meets the size criteria. Artists then take over and paint each box with a unique design. Many of the boxes are being painted by recognized artists, as well as students at the Garage and the Unionville High School arts society.

Jan knows the books are being used. That means 40, books are now in the homes of children where they can practice their reading skills at their own pace. To support this rapidly expanding program, Jan is beginning formal fund raising efforts. One new effort consists of partnering with the Kennett Book Resale shop.

New Camp Dreamcatcher Storage. With President Tammy Duering's leadership that is now past. This past weekend members of all the supporting organizations joined together to move the supplies from the old storage location into the new shed at Camp Dreamcatcher. Pictured to the left the team is emptying the old storage area in record time. The annual movement of materials is now a thing of the past. Ready to Greet Longwood Holiday Guests. The Gardens are just about ready for us to start greeting their guests. The trees are lit and final touches were being placed on decorations this past week.

Are you ready for your shifts? Aileen Kim, Exchange Student. She is a 16 year old from Busan, South Korea, a seaside city known for its beautiful beaches. Her English name is Aileen Kim. Aileen was sponsored by the Busan Hoedong Rotary club for her exchange year. Aileen has long wanted to come to the US. She fell in love with our country through American films. Her favorite is Spiderman. Hopefully she will not be disappointed by our lack of such heroic crime fighters in the Kennett area. As a coastal city, Busan shares the low frigid winter temperatures of the rest of Korea, but escapes the snow much of Korea experiences.

The city has four seasons with beautiful foliage in the fall just as we have here. Her brother has been in a band since he was in high school and continues to play in bands now. Aileen shares her brother's interest in music but expresses it as a singer and dancer.

She performs traditional Korean dances as well as dancing to her favorite musical genre, K-Pop. They sing at many district and other Rotary group meetings. Aileen's dedication to music is strong considering she spends about 2 hours per day practicing. An unexpected story Aileen told us is that Koreans celebrate Halloween.

They celebrate by attending costume parties, but not trick or treating. Clearly Aileen enjoyed our version of Halloween when she reported she collected pieces of chocolate through her trick or treat efforts. Brendan Murphy Classification Talk. After the academy he became a helicopter pilot, which the Navy labels an all-purpose pilot since they can fly fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

He has been retired from the Navy for several years now after rising to a Captaincy during his 25 year naval career. Currently Brendan is a financial adviser. Brendan's wife Tina is an interior designer. They met when they were 15 and have been together, except for one breakup in high school, since. They married shortly after Brendan graduated form the Naval Academy, marrying in the Academy chapel in a traditional Academy ceremony. Emily was a semi-professional ballet dancer through college. She stopped dancing after an injury and is now an occupational therapist.

Andrew followed Brenda into playing lacrosse in school, though he may not have achieved the same level as Brendan, who played on two NCAA championship teams while at the Academy.