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Journalists in Germany have a positive duty to protect minority rights, and prevent extremes of the left or right from overtaking the public sphere. Not just in their private opinions but in their journalistic work, they are defenders of liberal democracy and the dignity of all human beings. They help secure the achievements of the post-war republic, anchored in Europe.

This I regard as the jewel of German pressthink, but it is increasingly under pressure. Controversy surrounds it, as I will explain later. Journalism and Democracy: Letter to the German Press. Warum sehe ich FAZ.

AMERICAN tries to speak GERMAN at EDEKA!

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Deutsche verlieren wegen Trump Vertrauen in die USA - Deutschlandtrend

Abonnieren Sie unsere FAZ. Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut. Robert Koch-Institut. Activists in Germany are urging the government to make the data sets it releases more useable and join the Open Government Partnership. In a recent joint statement signed by more than groups and persons from the German open data community criticized the government data portal started last year and recommended improvements, such as releasing […].

Variation in the per capita usage of freedom of information laws may depend on public awareness of the laws, according to two Swiss researchers. The research was done primarily on the situations in Switzerland and Germany, where usage is lower than in other countries.

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Or at least it was at the time of the study, […]. Companies owned by the state for 50 percent or more fall under the same transparency regulations as public bodies, a court ruling by the Berlin Administrative Court says. Previously, the freedom of information regulation only held for companies owned by the state for […]. The state parliament of Hamburg in Germany has passed legislation to create a central information register. The planned register will be a repository for all […]. The third annual report on freedom of information for and , indicates that in , 3, applications were made, an increase of percent compared with the 1, requests recorded […].

For […]. The sometimes discordant relationship between traditional advocates of freedom of information and the champions of open data was on display during several sessions Oct. One Canadian open data advocate called reforming FOI laws a low priority. FOI traditionalists, while supported the release of […]. The new data also show that usage of the new law has […]. At the London-based European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the board recently released a proposal to modify its disclosure policies, with comments due April The EBRD included in its announcement a number of new provisions.

First, two new categories of information would be disclosed: General Institutional Information and Accountability and Governance. Second, the EBRD […]. Schaar has emphasized the importance of his new position to the successful implementation of the new law: Timeline: […]. The European Investment Bank has committed to writing a second draft proposal on disclosure policy-expanding and extending its process for consultation and review after the first draft, and the process, came under criticism.

According to a July 21 announcement, "the Bank feels it appropriate to launch a second round of consultation on the basis of […]. Because the concept of freedom of information is evolving from a moral indictment of secrecy to a tool for market regulation, more efficient government, and economic and technological […]. June 8, Freedom House The Freedom in the World report.

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