The Nauvoo City and High Council Minutes

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The President decided that the defendant should give his note to the plantiff for the money due him with this understanding, between the parties. That he, the plantiff should not oppress or cause him, the defendant, to be opressed, untill he, the defendant, is able, in the Providence of God, to pay the plantiff the sum due him. That if he, the plantiff does oppress or cause to be opressed him, the defendant, to be oppressed contrary to the above decision, he, the plantiff, shall be guilty of unchristian-like conduct, and subject to be tried, for the same, before the High Council.

Which decision was sanctioned by the Council. The Council adjourned one hour. January 26th The Council met again according to adjournment, when the following charges were prefered by Wm Niswanger and B. For unchristian conduct while on the sea for romping and kissing the females and dancing. For sleeping with two females coming up the Lakes and on the road to Dixons ferry.

For not settling with the brethren for what money he recieved of them, and taking the lumber from the boat without leave. Rich 12, Henry G. Sherwood were appointed to speak on the case. The charges were sustained. After which the President decided that he, the defendant, in order to retain his fellowship, should acknowledge, both before the Council, and also, to a publick congregation, that he had acted unwisely, unjustly, imprudently, and unbecoming, and that he had set a bad example before his brethren and sisters as he was coming over from Europe.

The Council sanctioned the President's decision Elder Theodore Turley then made a confession to the satisfaction of the Council, and stated that he would rejoice in the opportunity of making the like confession before the publick. Adjourned Hosea Stout Clerk March the 30th Rich for his Councellors after which he proceeded to ordain them.

A charge was then prefered against Alonson Brown by B. Wilber as follows, "I hereby prefer a charge against Alonson Brown on the former rumor of his having robbed or stolen, unlawfully, from from the same Church or others in the region hereabouts. Nauvoo Ills March 24th Wilber President Marks informed the Council that he should not preside as he was a witness in the case. He then appointed his Councellors to preside without him.

The defendant pled not guilty Nos. Wilson and 4, Alpheus Cutler were appointed to speak on the case, the evidences were then given. The charge was, partially, sustained and after the parties had spoken the Presidents decided that, as he had confessed which he did to Pr. The Council sanctioned them in their decision Adjourned. Rich who had been, previously, chosen one of President Mark's Councellors.

After which appointments of the Conference, at intermission for at 12 o'clock, The High Councils of Nauvoo and Iowa met near the Conference ground in Council, according to the instructions of the conference, to to transact buisness then te necessary to be done. The Council next proceeded to approve or disapprove of certain men who had been objected, as unfit for the offices hereafter named, by the Quorums of the General Conference.

Elder John A. Hicks, President of the Elders quorum of Nauvoo, was first taken up for consideration. Objections were made to him relative to a trial which had been between him and Elder John P. Greene, which trial was had before the High Council of Nauvoo May the 2nd Some were dissatisfied with him thinking that he had not abided the decision of that Council. But however after the matter had been been explained and the subject discussed at some length he was approved by a majority.

Bishop Alonson Riply was next taken into consideration. Objections were made to him for his drinking and immoral habits which necessaryly follows and his abusing his brethren while under the influence of Liquor. His situation and character was discussed at considerable length. After which he was approved by a majority. John E. Page, one of the Twelve, was next taken into consideration. Objections were made to him for having written certain abusive letters, criminating certain individuals, wrongfully After his case had been spoken on, at considerable length, he was unanimously, approved.

Noah Packard, Senior, one of the Councellors for the President of the High Pri[e]st's quorum, was next taken into consideration. Objections were made to him for his rash and ignorant expressions, which was, however, soon reconciled. He was approved. Objections were made to him, for his lack of faith and stability in the gospel; and dishonesty in his temporal deal with his brethren.

He was unanimously disapproved. Newel K. Whitney Bishop was next taken into consideration. He was unanimously approved. Hosea Stout, Clerk. May the 17th Samuel Bent, having returned home from his mission to the East, took his seat in the High Council He then stated that he wished to accertain the present condition of the Council relative to the building of the Stone School House; and come to an understanding of what had been done while he had been absent, and also, make some arrangements to relieve the council from the responsibility of all debts and obligations in which the Council was now involved.

On motion a committee was appointed, to make arrangements, or accertain on what conditions a title could be had to the lot to secure a title to the land on which the Stone School House now stand, who were to make a report of the same at the next Council. On motion Council adjourned untill next Friday the 21st inst at 5 o'clock P. Hosea Stout Clerk May 21st Hosea Stout Clerk. May 28th Sherwood the Report, of the Committee, to accertain on what conditions a title could be had obtained, for the lot of land on which the Stone School House now stands, was called for which was carried unanimous.

Samuel Bent, of the committee reported that a title of the lot could be obtained for one thousand dollars; one hundred of which was to be paid down or in a short time and the remainder to be paid Ebenezer A. Black appeared before the Council and, by permission, stated that as it had been a long time since he had been expelled, by this body, from the Church, that he wished to know if there were any means by which he could be restored and what those means were. There were several remarks made by different ones of the Council on the subject of his trial, after which he was called upon to make his confession which he did to the satisfaction of the Council when he was expelled from the Church; When on motion it was Resolved, that he E.

Black be recieved again into the Church by the waters of baptism. Thomas Grover stated that as he was going on a mission to the South to preach the gospel that he wished a letter of recommendation from the Council which on motion was, unanimously granted. He then informed the Council that he had selected Ronalds Cahoon to fill his seat in the Council, as Councellor pro. Adjourned sine die. July 4th T Comfort against Shermon Gilbert for unchristian like conduct was taken up which charge had been appealed, from the Bishop's court of Mount Hope, by Shermon Gilbert.

President William Marks stated that the charge was too indefinite and required of the plantiff S. Comfort that he should specify the items of his charge, which he did as follows; to wit: 1st For disfellowshipping Peter Wimmer without giving any reason why. Wimmer which he was unable to prove which were of more than two years standing. For taking timber which Peter Wimmer had cut on patten land contrary to his P. Wimmer orders, and; 4th For telling falshnood. Two were then appointed to speak on a side who were 5 David Fulmer 6 Harvey Ormstead pro.

An investigation was then went into. The first item of the charge was sustained after which it was decided by the Presidents and Council that the defendant Sherman Gilbert should acknowledge to the Church at Mount Hope that he had done wrong and acted unwisely in withdrawing the hand of fellowship from Peter Wimmer as he had without bringing a charge against him or bringing him to trial. Adjourned sine die Hosea Stout Clerk Sept the 21st Prs W. After which it was voted that the Council adjourn to meet tomorrow at 3 o'clock at the same place and that the papers of all debts and temporal buisness be brought and laid before the Council to be prepared to transact transfer the same to the First Presidency to be put into the hands of the proper authorities to which they belong.

Harris, having returned home from his mission took his seat in the Council. Alpheus Cutler stated that as he was going to the Pineries the ensuing winter that he had appointed Elias Higbee Councellor pro.

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Hosea Stout Clerk Oct. Adjourned sine die Hosea Stout Clerk January the 18th Harris said he wished to have Br Hyrum Smith inform the Council whether, if the Bishops should refuse to appear before the Council, at their request, they had authority to deal with them for such refusal or not. Hyrum Smith said they had power to do so, that they were subject to the High Council. Smith spoke showing reasons why the Church should have pay for his service. Rich spoke in favor of the same thing, he objected to the practice of the Seventies granting license said President Joseph Young informed him that President Joseph Smith gave him authority to grant license, he was in favor of the teaching which had been advanced.

Knight spoke in favor of the general Conference only giving license. Others spoke on the subject, in favor of license coming from General Conference. Austin Cowles spoke against suing each other, showed the evil resulting from a want of confidence in each other. Adjourned till Friday evening the 21st inst at 6 o'clock at this place Hosea Stout Clerk January the 21st The Presidents of the different quorums were present.

Marks stated the object of the meeting of the Council 2nd Elder Hyrum Smith spoke showing the proper order of things. Spoke, at length, on the word of wisdom, the necessity of obeying it, how it had been trifled with, the temporal danger in not obeying and the blessings in obeying it. Smith spoke about certain difficulties which existed among the rulers of the Stake at Mount Hope.

Hiram Smith was appointed to write said letter. Adjourned till the 4th of Feb. First for refusing to pay his honest debts. Second for suffering one brother to slander another character in a public congregation. Two were appointed to speak on each side viz 9 Joshua Smith pro. After the subject had been discussed it was decided that he should not have an adjournment after which the parties went into trial. After some letters had been read which were written as testimony in favor of the Plantiff it appeared that he had been disfellowshiped some time previous by the Lima Branch whereupon Prest Marks decided that the charge be quashed as he was not a member of the Church; but informed the plantiff that he could appeal from the decision of the Lima Branch to the High Council.

Because he could not fellowship the authorities of the Lima Branch. Question Second. Both parties readily acquiessed with the admonitions of the President and were reconciled. Adjourned till tomorrow eving at 6 O'clock at this place. He produced evidence to testify that he did not teach false doctrine, but was a faithful minister and it appearing that he had been put down by those who had prejudices and hardness against him it was decided that he be restored to his former official standing in the Church.

Adjourned Hosea Stout Clerk March the 11th Council adjourned to the House of Prest. Joseph Smith 1st A charge was prefered against Elder F. Bishop by R. Cahoon First for setting himself up as a prophet and revelator to the Church Second for an improper course of conduct in meetings. He plead not guilty, two were then appointed to speak on each side namely 1 Samuel Bent 2 James Allred 3 L. Wilson 4 and E. Adjourned to meet at Prest Hyrum Smith's office on Thursday the 17th inst.

Plead not guilty. The charges were susta[i]ned the unanimously decided by the Council that the hand of fellowship be withdrawn from him. His license was then demanded which he consented to give up.

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Smith from the decision of the Union Branch and for other improper unchristian like conduct 4th The defendant was not present but it appearing from testimony that he had been legally notified and had neglected to appear the council proceeded to trial. One were appointed to speak on each side namely 9 N. Knight 10 William Huntington. Decided that the hand of fellowship be withdrawn from his.

Viz, L. Adjourned till 25 inst at 2. March 25th Council met according to adjournment at the office of Prst Hyrum Smith. A charge was prefered against Jane Price by Mercy R. Thompson for taking certain articles of property from bolon belonging to her from her house without her consent or knowledge and converting the same to her own use. Two were appointed to speak on each side Viz; 3 L. Wilson 4 E. Higbee 5 D. Fulmer 6 G. The charges were not fully sustained. Decided that she be acquited. Adjourned till the 7th of April next at 4 o'clock at this place. Appealed by I Furgerson Charge prefered against Elihu Allen by Isaac Furgerson chargin him Allen with being a horse thief and that he Furgerson could prove it and that he Furgerson dared him to put him up for it.

Isaac Furgerson was present. Elihu Allen was not present on account of sickness in his family as appeared from testimony the case was was adjourned till the 8th of May proximo at 4 o'clock P. Council met according to adjournment. Charge To the Council of the Seventies. I prefer a charge against Elder Jesse [illegible] Elder Batson called as a witness, his testimony was only circumstancial evidence. Rockwood Clk" Objections were made to the charge coming before the Council that he had not been cut off legally by the Seventies there being only one witness and his testimony circumstantial On motion decided that the case come to trial.

One were appointed to speak on each side, viz; 7 T. Grover 8 A. Johnson 9. There were no evidences given which would give any reason to believe that he had been guilty of the charge. Several of the councillors spoke in favor of his being restored when on motion it was Resolved, that he be restored to his former standing and official capacity in the Church and that the Clerk give him a certificate of the same.

On motion Adjourned till Saturday the 30th inst. Rich be the committee to draft the piece aforesaid. Council met according to adjournment 1. Charged Appealed from the branch at Pleasant Vale. Ebenezer Brown v. Two were appointed to speak on each side namely, 9 N. Knight 10 W. Hintington 1 1 L Soby 12 James Brown pro. Wood was brought before the branch of the Church and was disfellowshiped and appealed to this Council. The charge was not sustained. Marks it was Resolved the That the authorities of the stake at Pleasant Vale be desolved and the stake discontinued and the members of that branch be attached to the Church of Nauvoo.

Rich protem 2 S. Stoddard pro tem 3 L. The circumstances of the former trial was related by the defendant by the request of the Council after which the witnesses were called upon on both sides. The plaintiff failed to prove the charge. On motion of Prst Austin Cowles Resolved. That the defendant be acquited The parties were reconciled to each other and agreed to lay aside all hardness and live to gether in fellowship.

Adjourned till Friday the 20th inst at 4 o'clock at H. Harris 12 Henry G. Sherwood May 20th 1 Two were appointed to speak on each side Viz— 6 George W. The defendant Plead for an adjournment as he was not ready for trial for the want of his evidence. The council decided that his reasons were not sufficient for an adjournment and proceeded to trial. Foster by Nathan F Knight for unchristianlike conduct in not being willing to settle with me honorably for work that my son did for him and for a ten dollar bill that he had of my son which said bill was counterfeit but he refused to give it up and my son was deprived of the privilege of taking it back and exchanging it where he got it.

Sherwood For unlawfully detaining from Harriet Parker, her house and premises, done in her behalf. The defendant did not appear. The charge was fully sustained On motion Resolved That he be disfellowshiped until he make satisfaction to H. Bennett and others The defendant confessed to the charge and give the names of several others who had been guilty of having unlawful intercourse with her stating that they taught the doctrine that it was right to have free intercourse with women and that the heads of the Church also taught and practised it which things caused her to be led away thinking it to be right but becoming convinced that it was not right and learning that the heads of the church did not believe nor practise such things she was willing to confess her sins and did repent before God for what she had done and desired earnestly that the Council would forgive her and covenanted that she would hence forth do so no more.

After which she was restored to fellowship by the unanimous vote of the Council. Plead not guilty Two were appointed to speak on each side Viz. Wilson and 4 Wilford Woodruff The charge was fully sustained. On motion Resolved, That he be disfello[w]shiped untill he made satisfaction to this Council. The defendant plead for an adjournment for the want of evidence On motion Resolved, That this case be adjourned till tomorrow at 1 o'clock at this place 3rd Charge against Joel S.

Miles by George Miller For improper and unvirtuous conduct and for teaching false doctrine. Two were apointed to speak on the case, Viz. Charge was sustain ed The defendant did not apear before the Council but upon being cited to apear before the Council he ordered his name to be struck off of the Church Book as he did not wish to stand a rrinl ii i a i Two were appointed to speak on the case Viz.

Charge was sustained On motion of President Austin Cowles, Resolved, That he the defendant be disfellowshiped 2nd The Charge against Darwin Chace of the 27th inst was taken up according to adjournment. Charg[e] not sustained The President decided that he should be restored to full fellowship which was carried by a majority of 8 to 4. After which the case spoken on by different ones of the Council to show further light on the subject and showing reasons why they did not aceede to the Presidents decisions.

The President again called on the council to sanction his decision which was done unanimously. Miles For unchristian-like conduct. In stating that my wife, Mary K.

Nauvoo Expositor

Miles, has had too frequent intercourse with Joseph McCall, at my house, at different times and other places thereby insinuating that she that is my wife is guilty of adultery with said Joseph McCall. One were appointed to speak on each side namely 11 Leonard Soby 12 Henry G. The defendant plead not guilty of the charge.

Adjourned to Pr H. Smith's office. The charge was investigated in full. The charge was sustained Decided that she was to blame for not taking the gospel proceeding in a lawful manner by taking the gospel rule; but spoke of it to others and that she shoul[d] make this acknowledgement to the Council This confession Sister Smith made. Adjourned till the 18th of June at Hyrum Smith office at 4 'clock. Hosea Stout Clerk June 18th Council met according to adjournment and adjourned till the 25th inst at this place at 4'o'clock Hosea Stout Clerk June 25th Adjourned till tuesday the 5th of July The decision of the Bear Creek Branch was that the charge was sustained and that he be disfellowshiped untill he make satisfaction.

The parties was called on who said they were ready for trial. Wilson 4 Erastus Bingham pro. Decided that he be acquited of the charge and restored to fellowship. Adjourned till Saturday the 16th inst. Adjourned till tomorrow at 6 o'clock at this place. Council met according to adjournment and adjourned till tomorrow evening at 5 o clock at this place Hosea Stout Clerk July 24th Council met according to adjournment, adjourned till the 30th inst at this place Hosea Stout Clerk July 30th Adjourned till Saturday the 5th of August at this place at 2 o'clock P.

Adjourned till 2 o'clock to morrow at this place Hosea Stout Clk August 13th Council met according to appointment Adjourned till the 20th inst H. Stout Clerk August 20th Council met according to adjournment. John Hodson appeared before the Council and made satisfaction according to the decision of the Council and was restored to full fellowship in the Church 2 Resolved that the City of Nauvoo be divided into ten wards, according to the division made by the "Temple Committee" and that there be a Bishop appointed over each ward, and, also that these Bishops be appointed over such districts immediately out of the City and adjoining thereto as shall be considered necessary.

Smith could not take upon him the office of Bishop as appointed on the 20th inst 2. Adjourned till next satterday at 4 o'clock at this place Hosea Stout Ck August 27th Adjourned till 3rd of Sept next at 4 o'clock at this place H. Joshua Smith being absent Elias Higbee was appointed in his place. President A. Cowles spoke by way of address to the council upon the subject.

Allred Alpheus Culter G. Ezra Hayes came before the Council and made some confession was forgiven after which he was ordained an Elder. Lewis Muedze was also ordained an Elder as he desired to return to Germany to preach the gospel. Soby he was ordained Henry G Sherwood, G. Sept 24th Council did not meet because of a general parade of the Nauvoo Legion October 1st Council met acording to adjournment. The committee appointed on the 17th inst to see E.

Robinson made their report that he was ready to deliver up said book at any time that the papers could be arranged which had not been recorded. Robinson in arraing[ing] said papers in order of date and that he be authorized to recieve the record with all the papers pertaining there to. Higbee 2 3 L. Wilson 5 D. Harris 8 A Johnson 10 W. Prayer by D. This report was accepted by the Council. Adjourned one week, to the same time and place. Austin Cowles, President. Elias Higbee pro. James Allred 8 Aaron Johnson 3. Lewis D. Wilson 9 James Sloan pro tem. Wm Felshaw pro tern 1 1 Leonard Soby 6.

Geo W. Harris 12 Shadrack Roundy pro tern. Allen Talley against Benjamin Boydston. For imprudent conduct towards Br. John Turpin's wife 2nd For insulting and abusing and striking Br L. Coons in his own house. For being of a contentious make. For wanting Br D. Gamut to carry a challenge to Br L. Coons, to meet him at his own time or place with sticks, swords, guns, or fist and scull, and if he was not satisfied, there knock it out. Defendant confessed to the charges except the 3rd and 4th said he did not think he was contentious or guilty of misrepresentation or fals[e]hood, and that he was willing to make satisfaction for every thing which he had done amiss.

Both parties expressed an anxiety to to be reconciled and put an end to their difficulties. After talking over the affair before the Council the parties were reconciled together without the council having to act upon it. Adjourned as usual H. Stout Ck. Oct 29th Council met according to adjournment.

Present William Mark Prest 1. John Hammond made a report of Bishop Evans or the 1 1th Ward and informed the Council that himself and Elder Phillip Ballard had been made choice of by Bishop Evans for his Councillors which was accepted. On motion of L. Wilson Shadrick Roundy was appointed to fill the vacancy of Thos Grover during his absence on a mission. John Hammond presented the following petition from a part of the Union Branch or the 1 1th ward which was voted that it be laid over untill Prest Hirum Smith return home "October 18th To the Honorable President Joseph Smith and High Councillors of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at the City of Nauvoo We the undersigned subscribers, members of the aforesaid Church belonging to the Union branch at golden's point, do petition your most honorable body, with President Smith also, to grant unto us the priveledge of organizing a new, or in other words, set us off into a new branch, including all who live in the following boundry, to wit; Beginning at the Mississippi river so as to include J.

Manfest's Br Luce and running East so as to include J. Manfest's place, continuing Easterly so as to include John Egbert and Joseph Curtis, thence South 4 miles thence West to the Mississippi so as to include the brethren at Montabello thence North to the beginning. Stout Clk. Hosea Stout Clerk Get Nov 19th Council met according to adjournment Present. Bent Prayer by David Fulmer. William Marks against Windsor P. I prefer a charge against Windsor P. Two were appointed to speak on the case, viz; 9 Knight and 10 Huntington.

The charge was fully sustained. Adjourned till Saturday the 26th at 2 o'clock P. Hosea Stout Clerk Nov 26th Council met according to adjournment at Hyrum's office Voted that, whereas there is evil practices and persuits among some who profess to be saints of God among us, that Elder Henry G. Sherwood be appointed as an aterney for this Council or in other words that he seek ferret out all such evil disposed persons and bring them before this Council to be dealt with according to the Church rules and regulations.

And also unanimously, Resolved, that this Council will sustain Elder Sherwood in ferreting out such iniquity in righteousness. Voted that Hosea Stout be appointed to ascertain the boundrys of the ten different ward[s] of this City, that the Bishopric may be more perfectly set in order, and make report at the next Council Adjourned till next Wednesday the 30th inst at 2 o'clock at the house of Prest Marks.

Stout, Clerk.

The Nauvoo City and High Council Minutes by John S. Dinger

Adjourned till next Sunday at 1 o'clock at Hyrum's office. Dec 4th Council met according to adjournment The report of the different w boundaries of the different wards were made as follows: "All that part of the City of Nauvoo, lying North of Mulholland street which runs from West to East is divided into five Wards, which Wards are bounded on the West by the Mississippi river and on the East by the City boundry line The First Ward is bounded on the North by the City boundry line and on the South by Brattle Street. Rich which was accepted.

Hosea Stout Clerk Dec 11th Council met according to adjournment Bishop Jonathan H. Hale of the ninth Ward made a very large and elegant report of the situation and standing of his ward which was accepted. Adjourned till next Sabbath at 2 o'clock at this place Hosea Stout Clerk Dec 18th Council met according to adjournment. No buisness. Adjourned till next Sabbath it being Christman day, at 2 o'clock at this place. Hosea Stout Clerk Dec 25th Adjourned till next Sabbath at 2 o'clock at this place.

Adjourned accordingly Hosea Stout Clerk January 15th Present Williams Marks, President. Bent 2 J. Allred 3 Reuben Hadlock pro tern. Cutler 5 D. Harris 7 T. Johnson 9 N. Huntington 1 1 L. Wilson] 12 Elias Higbee pro tem. Prayer by Prest W.

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Marks Charge. Apealed from the Bishop's court of the ninth ward, as follows: Appealed by Jacob Gates. Benjamin Kempton Nauvoo Dec 28th I hereby certify that the above is a true copy of a charge prefered before me and sustained. Nauvoo, Jany 11th Jonathan H. Bishop of the ninth Ward in the City of Nauvoo. Adjourned till next Saturday the 21st at 9 o'clock at this place Hirums office to attend to Special buisness.

Jan 21st Rich, Presidents. Henry H. After which it was decided by President Hyrum Smith and William Marks, that if he feels himself justified and can sustain himself against the laws of the land, that he is clear as far as they were concerned ie the jurisdiction of the High Council and was at liberty to marry again on the aforesaid conditions The following charge was then presented. Nauvoo January 16th Nauvoo January 17th President Hyrum Smith spoke at some length on the subject, and, after giving Cook a very appropriate and severe reprimand for using the rod whipping his wife, he thought Cook had acted as well as could be expected under his circumstances and decided that he should be acquited.

The vote was then put to the council by Prest Mark[s] and carried unanimously The Council adjourned a few minutes and again met, after which the charge against Enoch King and wife was adjourned till next Saturday at 9 o'clock A. The following charge was then read, "Nauvoo January 17th You John Thorp and widow, Sarah Miller, said now to be the wife of John Thorp, are each of you hereby notified to appear before the High Council of this Stake, on Saturday next at 9 o'clock in the morning at Hyrum Smith's office to answer, as far as fellowship is concerned, to a charge prefered against you for living in adultery and unchristian-like conduct.

Done by order of President Marks. Wilson and 4 A Cutler. Upon examination of the case it appeared that Thorp and Sarah Miller had got married on the 6th of Dec last and that Thorp had another living wife now in this City, who was also at the trial, but he did not appear and sent word that he asked the Council no odds, another reason which he had given for not coming was that he was afraid that he would be arrested by the civil law and sent to the penetentiary for Bigamy, which was a proff of his guilt.

As for Sarah Miller, she plead ignorance saying she did not know but she had a right to marry him that Thorp used many arguments to induce her to have him and finely convinced her that it was right and also that Dr. Much was said on the subject and the charge being sustained in the fullest sense it was decided by Prest H.

The following charge was then read. Charge against Thomas Prouse and Charity Thorp, now the wife living with said Prouse, for the crime of adultery and other unchristian-like conduct. President Hyrum Smith spoke at [length] upon the subject showing the iniquity of their conduct that they were living in adultery and that the only way for them to He then decided that they both be disfellowshiped, which was sanctioned by the Council unanimously Council then adjourned till next Saturday at 9 o'clock at this place when the other buisness now before the Council would be taken up.

Hosea Stout, Clerk January 28th High Council met according to adjournment [original minutes on file note some deletions] President. Marks Hirum Smith and C. Defendant plead guilty and was sorry. President W. Charge against John Blazzard and Mrs Pool for living in adultery. Harris speaks in the trial. Evidence said that Mrs Pool had a husband in England Viz Mr Pool that he and she had difficulties, yet not very serious or very uncommon, not on account of any adultery-parties separated— not divorced.

Ann Booth. Said that Mr Pool wished to continue to live with her. Mary Hardman said that Mr Pool did not like to live with his wife; loved and respected her and that she sought occasion to have him speak evil against her, to enable her to quit him, and that they parted with each other affectionately when she left England. Elder D. Wilding says he never gave any advise for her to marry, or to leave her husband, believes she had no right to marry. Blazzard says he asked advise of B. Young who would not give leave to marry, if he married he must be for himself.

Gustavius Hills Evidence said Blazzard asked his opinion respecting marrying her Mrs Pool, he answered it was wrong in the statute Blazzard employed Hills to ask Joseph's advise, Joseph advised was to marry Mrs Pool's letter to Joseph accused her husband Mr Pool of ill usage. Pool was cross and used her roughly whenever she was in a family pregnant he beat her, never beat her only when pregnant until they both joined the Church after which he was more cross but did not beat her. The Council was then called on who sanctioned the same. They were accordingly cut off. Charge against Enock King and Mary Eggleston for adultery as adjourned before— defendants plead for an adjournment which was adjourned for two weeks from this day at 2 o'clock P.

Charge against James Reed and Mary Powell for adultery. Rich Parties present. Thos Evins Evidence says that Mrs Powell's husband lived in pursuit of illicit conduct with females, knew he tried to marry another woman. James Reed, said that Mr Powell was about to get married. Mary Powell said that Mr Powell was endeavouring to get married, denied to have been married to Mrs Powell she got a certificate of the marriage, Powell refused to support her Mrs Powell and that he was living in adultery with another woman.

Parties acquitted and held in fellowship the council agreed to it. The former miunetts took as evidence and both expelled from the Church by the Council Adjourned till next Saturday at one o'clock P. Sherwood Clerk Pro tern. Rich Presiding Councillors present 1 Thomas Carico pro tern. After which it was decided that they be again admitted to fellowship by baptism.

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February 4th Winslow Farr" Two were to speak on a side viz 9 N. Knight 10 G. Adjourned till Saturday at 10 o'clock A. Rich Presiding. Prayer by Thomas Grover. I hereby prefer a charge against Noble Rogers and wife for unchristian- like conduct. First That Nancy and Joseph Gilbert has stolen both wood and corn of them. Feb 6th Nauvoo Truman Gilbert The parties plead not guilty, one wer appointed to speak on a side Viz Hawes and Allred The charge a[g]ainst Noble Rogers was not sustained The charge against his wife was sustained Decided by the President that the hand of fellowship be withdrawn from her untill she make satisfaction which she did without calling for a vote of the Council or the President's decision Council adjourned one hour and convened again acording to adjournment.

David Winding took the place of James Allred during the remainder of this session. They were unanimously acquited by the Council in Council of the whole. Adjourned till next Saturday at 9 o'clock A. Hosea Stout Clerk February 18th Met according to adjournment at the Lodge Room. Smith W. Prayer by President H. Smith Charge against Josiah Ells.

Br Josiah Ells. Charge 3rd For lying about a settlement with James Dunn for some oats and calling him an old lying hy[p]ocrite. Charge 4th For taking Br. Griffith's potatoes contrary to the stipulated agreement, to the injury of the said Griffith. Charge 5th For fraudantly obtainin one hundred and twenty dollars from Br Huddleston. January 23rd The charges were not sustained. Decided by President Hyrum Smith that he be acquited which was sanctioned by the Council.

Adjourned till to morrow at 9 o' clock A. The case of Wilson Law and M C. Nickerson was brought up wherein a charge was prefered against Wilson Law by M. Nickerson and also a charge against Nickerson by Law. There being charges prefered by both parites against each other the Council decided that they should go into an investigation of all their difficulties on both sides of the question, both parties to bring up all matters of grievances against each other which was also according to the wish of the parties.

Nickerson to be plaintiff. One were appointed to speak on a side Viz. There were a great many witnesses on both sides and a very long trial ensued which lasted from 9 o'clock A. The essential grounds of difficulty was concerning the title to some of the islands in the Mississippi River both parties supposing they had a good right to the same island or a part of an island.

The matter was as follows. Neither party knew the situation of the others claim and each party supposed the other to be trespassing on his claim. Moreover there was a Law in the Teritory of Iowa which guarenteed to each actual settler his claim on certain conditions by which law Nickerson had a good title to his claim. President Joseph Smith spoke at length on the subject clearly showing the situation of the affair, and what was the true nature of the titles to the islands. That they did not belong to the "Half Breed tract" and also that the Court of Chancery had no right to sell them.

That taking the situation of the islands into consideration and the nature of their titles he have it as the following decision. William Marks and Charles C. Prayer by President Rich. The following case was then taken into consideration which had been appealled from the Court of Bishop Isaac Higbee by W. Huntsman in [torn, probably "indicated"] the particulars of the difficulty said that sister Parker said she saw a pig killed and took into Br Edward's house which circumstance Br and Sister Edwards denied.

Edwards and wife be acquited; which was sanctioned by the Council unanimously. Council adjourned half an hour and convened accordingly The following case was then taken up which had been appealed from from the Court of Bishop Johnathan H. Sirs I prefer a charge against Charles Shumway, for not paying the first consideration of a note, or what is now due of a note given January or February ; for borrowed money, which was to be paid the Spring following.

Holbrook gave, if he recieved the money first which he agreed to do at that time. And he has received money since but has refused to pay said note. Chandler Holbrook This is to certify that the within charge was tried before the Bishop's Court of the 9th ward of the City of Nauvoo and not sustained February 11th Voted that one speak on a side to wit 1 1 David Evans pro tern 12 Tarlton Lewis pro tern.

Council adjourned till next Saturday at or near this place at 10 oclock A. March 4th Council met according to to adjournment at Law's Store in Nauvoo. William Marks Presiding. I prefer the following charge against Job Green for unchristian-like conduct. For this that he made an attemp[t] to go to bed [with] two young females and acted otherwise very imprudently at the time Thomas Woolsey Plead not guilty one was appointed to speak on a side to wit: 1 Bent 2 Allred.

After the evidence was heard there being but one witness which was went to establish the most important item it was, Decided that the charge was not sustained which was sanctioned by the Council unanimously. Coulcil adjourned a few minutes and met accordingly.

I hereby prefer the following charges against James Durfee to wit: 1st For attemp[t]ting to defraud me out of the land that I now live upon. Edman Durfee" Defendant plead not guilty whereupon two were appointed to speak on a side viz: 3 L. Wilson 4 A. Fulmer 6 and G. President Charles C. Rich took his seat in Council After the evidence was heard on the part of the prosecution, the Council adjourned untill tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock.

March 5th Council met according to adjournment at the Lodge Room. Prayer by Newel Knight. The buisness, before the Council the day before was taken up on the part of the defence. President Marks then decided that Edman Durfee should make satisfaction, for all things which he had said or done, against James Durfee, which was unchristianlike and that he also make satisfaction, or pay, James Durfee, for his portion of the expence which James Durfee has been at in procuring a title to the land and that James Durfee make or secure a right or title to the land to Edman Durfee, or satisfy him for his improvements on or before the 15th day of April next that or the hand of fellowship must be withdrawn from them also if James Durfee has placed the land beyond his control so that he can not make a title or satisfaction, he must be cut off and that Elder Isaac Morley be appointed to inform the Council whether James Durfee complies with the decision or not within the time specified.

The decision was sanctioned by the Council. Edman Durfee then made satisfaction for all that he had said or done amiss and agreed to abide the decision fo the Council after which Jame sDurfee made satisfactory acknowledgements, and also agreed to abide the decision. Council adjourned till next Saturday at 9 o'clock A. Council all present except T. The Beusness before the Council was adjourned till the 19th of this month at 9 o'clock A. Council adjourned till next Saturday at 9 oclock A. March 18th Council met according to adjournment at the Lodge Room. Prayer by James Allred.

All the Council present. The buisness before the Council was adjourned till tomorrow at 1 oclock P. Council adjourned till tomorrow 19th inst at this place at 9 o'clock. March 19th Council met according to adjournment at the Lodge Room. Prayer by L. A complaint was mad[e] against Ezra Hayes by Daniel Avery for preaching false doctrine and other improper conduct in Ohio, where he thought he was doing much injury. Brown for teaching false doctrine and for speaking against the character of Br Shearer while he was on a mission.

The charges were mostly acknowledge by Br. Brown except for speaking against Br Shearer to his injury Two were appointed to speak on a side, Viz: 7 T. The charges was not sustained. President Marks Decided that they should strike hands in friendship, and begin anew, and bury all their former difficulties and and hardness, which decision the parties readily complied with before having to call a vote of the council. Council adjourned till Saturday at 9 o'clock A.

Prest W. Marks Presiding Council present viz: 1 Edmand Fisher pro tern. Wilson against Osmon M. Charge "February the 11th I hereby prefer the following charges against Osmon M. Duel, to wit: 1st For forfeiting his contract with Thomas Grover in Missouri concerning a piece of land. Grover in not telling the whole truth. As there was much matter of difficulty between Br. Duel and Br Grover the Council decided that the whole difficulty be brought up before the Council on both sides that all matter of grieveances might be settled between Br Duel and Br Grover and that Br Wilson remain as plaintiff.

Br Duel said as the whole difficulty was to be brought up on both sides that he was not ready for trial. The trial was then adjourned untill one week from tomorrow 2nd April at 10 o'clock A. Grover then took their seats in the Council Br. Bent also took his seat in the Council. William B. Simmons against Benjamin Hoyt. Simmons, in behalf of the Church against Br. For accusing certain persons of being witches or wizzaards and endeavoring to cure such as he said was bewitched, by art, and meddleing with those things unlawfully.

March 9th William B. Simmons The decision of the court is that Br. Hoyt cease to call certain characters witches or wizzards; and that he cease to work with the rod he calls a divining rod and that he cease to burn a board or boards to heal the sick by art that of heating a board before the fire, to heal the sick by art. March 1 1th 1 David Evans Bishop Defendant plead not guilty two were appointed to speak on the case, to wit, 1 1 L. Soby 12 H. Sherwood President Hyrum Smith took his seat in Council. Council met according to adjournment at the Ladge Room. Rich Presiding: Council all present.

I prefer the folloiwng charges against Jordan P. Hendrixson First, that he married a second woman when his first wife was living, from which he was not released by the laws of God or of man consequently committed adultery. Second, that he told the second woman before he was married to her and also others that he had a bill of divorcement from his wife.

Isaac Allred. Marks decided that as the matter case now presents itself, it was his feelings to continue him in the Church, that if he did not observe the advice of this Council he would do something else to cut him off before long. That he did not feel that Br Hendrixson had done what he had wilfully. The decision was not sustained by the Council There was then remarks made by several remark of the Councellors explain [in] g the reasons that why they did not concur with the Presidents decision.

The vote was put whether there was new light elicited sufficient to warrant a new hearing, which was carried by a majority of one that there was. The Councellors then all spoke on the case, at some length giving their views on the subject.

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When on motion it was voted that he be cut off from the church. Council adjourned till tomorrow at 10 o'clock A. Hosea Stout, Clerk April 2nd Council met according to adjournment at the Lodge Room. C Rich Presiding. Defendant plead not guilty, two were then appointed to speak on a side, to wit: 3 Coultrin 4 Higbee 5 Fulmer and 6 Harris.

Council met according to adjournment at A. Mill's Masonic Hall. Rich presiding. Specification 2nd. Matthews be tried seperate from his wife and that one speak on a side, to wit: 7 Grover and 8 Johnson After the evidence was heard the Council adjd one hour and met accordingly. Charge was sustained in substance Decided by President Marks that Br.

Adjourned till 2 weeks 28 inst from to day at 9 oclock A. Sherwood against Peter Forey. I hereby prefer a charge against Peter Forey as follows, 1st For refusing the reasonable remuneration to my wife my daughter Jane, and family that justice and gratitude require for the labor and attendance on him and his daughter when sick and living in my house AD The defendant plead that as his witnesses were not here he was not ready for trial whereupon the trial was adjourned untill the 12th of May next at 9 oclock.

Council then adjourned untill the same time. Hosea Stout Clerk May 19th Council met according to adjournment at Prest Marks house and adjourned till the 27th instant at 9'clock A. Prayer by Huntington. Jessee Hichcock appeared before the Council and desired to know if there was any way that he could make satisfaction and be restored to the Church.

H Stout Clerk June 2nd Council met at H. Smith's office according to adjt. Marks Presiding. Present 1 Bent 2 Allred 3 Asa Smith pro tern. Wilson pro tern. Prayer by Leonard Soby. The case between Sherwood and Forey was taken up. Two were appointed to speak on a side, to wit: 1 1 Soby, 12 B. The charge was sustained President Marks decided that the hand of fellowship be withdrawn from the defendant, which was voted unanimously be the Council.

Adjd till two weeks from to day at one o'clock P. H Stout Ck June 17th Council met at H Smith's office according to adjt. The entries cover the most mundane dogs were clearly a pressing problem—several ordinances deal with them! In the period predating the formation of the city council, one can easily see the seamless blend of temporal and spiritual in the high council discussions.

As time passes and secular matters move to the other body, the high council turns attention to hearing complaints. These range from the trivial to the many riveting trials of when polygamy began to really be whispered about and people began to claim authority from Joseph Smith due to the influence of John C. The city of Joseph was at times peaceful, at times chaotic, and these minutes demonstrate this dual nature in a way that few contemporary sources can. We hope you will be able to attend this event, which is sure to be insightful and interesting; but if you cannot, you may order a copy which can be signed or personalized and held or shipped to you.

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