The Heartbreak of Conversation and Why Men Should Never Wear Pretty Stockings

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Learn about what makes her proud. Be sure to ask follow-up questions about the work she put in to get there. This question helps you to understand her best traits , while also letting her brag a bit. It opens up plenty of opportunities for you to compliment her too. This question can help both of you to learn about yourselves and each other. In fact, it can help you to overcome them.

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What are her secret talents? Your guy friends are family. When you really need someone to talk to, you can count on your best friends to lend an ear.

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These questions can help you to get to know a new friend a little better. They can also be used to spark a discussion with your tight friends when you just feel like making a connection with someone. Is it something you earn , or should it be given freely? Whether it was a good day at the gym or a hike up a mountain, physical exertion usually comes with an interesting story. We all have our bucket lists. What are his must-dos? Would he rather have a brain full of facts or an inherent knowledge of the world and how to react to it?

What critical standards must be passed down? Would it have to be a friend or family member, or would he do it for a stranger? Culture can be a beautiful thing, but sometimes it may make you cringe.

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Would he implement classes on how to prepare taxes and manage credit cards? Or maybe he would prefer more of the day was spent mastering the recorder? Who is the one person who wields the most power? Is it a political figure? A scientist?

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A multi-billionaire? What fact instantly makes you shudder? These deep questions to ask your girlfriend help you to really understand what makes her tick. Having deep conversations can really improve a relationship. It can strengthen existing bonds and create new ones. Having questions to ask your girlfriend prepared keeps the relationship fun. This question can be difficult. Everyone makes mistakes. Is she willing to talk about them? It may help her to open up if you talk about your past errors first,. We all have our habits and ticks.

Does she have anything that makes her just a little crazy? This is a different way of asking who the people most important to her are. It helps you to understand the value that that person brings to her life. Be inspired by her response, and try to create similar moments that you can share together. That said, it never hurts to be aware of warning signs.

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This conversation is fun and lighthearted, but it also helps you to better understand the person that she is today. These fascinating questions can lead to new ways of viewing the world around you. Philosophy improves your critical thinking skills. It helps you to reason better. Spending some time dwelling on these deep philosophical questions can really help you to unlock your own mind. These deep philosophical questions can give you those light bulb moments when everything just makes sense.

When you really want the conversation to get cooking, nothing beats philosophical questions. This question simultaneously tells you how they feel about humanity and society as a whole. Is there a limit to what should be allowed?

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Do they think being able to say anything is more beneficial or harmful? Are wars necessary for the progression of humanity? Or are they obstacles holding us back? Is our destruction nigh? Or are we going to be the top of the food chain forever? As the world grows increasingly digital , this question is going to become more and more relevant. At what point do you cross that line? Can you think of examples of people who went too far?

If doing harm results in positive net results, is that harm actually good? Do the needs of the many outweigh those of the few? Is the dismay of heartbreak worth the glory of love? Can you find true love twice? Beyond the obvious air, water, shelter, and food, what do we really require to make it in this life? These existential questions can give your brain a serious workout.

Existential questions are powerful. They force us to confront our humanity and who we are at our core. They make us consider the very essence of what it is and what it means to exist. Asking too many of these can lead to the classic existential crisis , so use them sparingly. Why or why not? You may not be able to change the past, but you can still create a positive future. Our atoms will eventually rearrange and form something else — does that mean we exist forever? Can our consciousness be simulated eternally in multiple universes?

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This conversation can get heady. Then think about life as a whole. Then the possibility of other lives in other universes. Keep going bigger until it hurts. Do we go back to where we were before we were born? Another dimension? Are we reincarnated? Do our souls go to heaven or hell?

Do you believe in a creator? Or are we here by pure chance? Do we exist simply because we must in order for the universe to be truly infinite? Are we part of a simulation? What is the origin of the human species? Are we simply incapable of understanding the dimensions around us? And once we figure it out, will we be capable of achieving it? Or are we simply pawns in a game controlled by superior cosmic beings?

People always wonder about what happens after death , but what about before we existed? Were our souls waiting for our turn at bat? Or did they materialize as soon as we were conceived? Is our greater purpose simply to observe the universe? We often view the universe as something outside of us, but an exciting possibility is that the universe is us. I can barely form a cohesive thought, which means working is basically impossible.

The sad truth is, the only way to get over the pain of a breakup is time. A couple of weeks after the breakup, Kate emailed me a link to an article about how being dumped by someone actually does change you, neurologically. The article, which compared brain scans of people recovering from recent breakups to those of people overcoming a cocaine addiction, found that both engage in the same neural circuitry.

In a weird way, knowing this was comforting, because it was so objective. The alternative? We can keep feeding our addiction with texts, breakup sex, and visits to their Facebook page, stoking the craving and signing ourselves up to be dragged along further for an even more painful ride. Instead, I obsess over the stupidest, most seemingly insignificant moments. I miss walking to the crappy deli near her house to get egg wraps, then eating them on her living room couch in our underwear, passing back and forth a bottle of Sriracha.

I miss the gross organic toothpaste in her bathroom that I would always complain about.


I miss her endless array of colorful socks. I understand that romantic relationships are not the be-all and end-all of happiness, and that eventually, with time, I will be over this breakup and feel normal and happy again. One of the hardest things to get over, for me, has been accepting the fact that the breakup was largely my fault. When someone loves you—and especially when you have the upper hand in the relationship, as I did for most of it—it becomes far too easy to take that love for granted.

In the past, some breakups have felt like relief, or even something close to joy. In fact, they might be happier without you, and worse, there might be someone better for them out in the world. All rights reserved. Most Shared. Karley Sciortino. Facebook Pinterest. Facebook Twitter.