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Creation and Fall. The goodness of Creation and its brokenness are predominant themes in the movie. God created an amazing creation, a garden paradise which He blessed and called good Gen.

Tarzan of the Apes Themes

He created man in His own image and placed him in the garden to cultivate and keep it Gen. Part of the Imago Dei was to exercise benevolent dominion over the zoological kingdom. The first Adam named the animals which meant he saw deeply into them, knowing their very essence. He gets down on his hands and knees, nuzzling them as long lost friends.

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This scene and the one where he greets the elephants touch hearts deeply, for this is glimpse of Eden. The disruption of the harmony between God and humankind, and then between humans, were in fact earth-shattering cosmic events that made impossible the exercise of that rule to which humankind was appointed.

Creation is now the unwilling subject of human vanity and folly. The ramifications of this war are another central theme of the film. A foreign king pillages a nation with ruthless mercenaries while despoiling the environment and killing the animals. The scenes of the train cargo intercepted by Tarzan capture this fallen state of affairs. Humans once created with nobility in the image of God are enslaved with chains and dehumanized while animals that were originally created to be lovingly cared for are slaughtered for their ivory tusks or simply butchered like the gorillas.

Exile and Return. The condition or state of exile is one of degradation, diminishment, and death Expulsion from Eden, The Prodigal Son, Israel in Egypt , while return brings blessing, life and restoration to original glory. In The Legend of Tarzan this pattern is clearly marked by a change in visual effects. They are thus exiled from their native England with degradation, diminishment, and death becoming their fate.

These scenes are filmed in shades of blue and grey visually communicating the ugliness of exile. For Tarzan and Jane, Greystoke, the family estate in England is actually their exile ; home is Africa. A title, a new name, and an estate cannot prevent the death associated with exile from touching their lives.

These early scenes of England are also done in the subdued shades of blue and grey; while their return to Africa is filmed in vivid warm colors, creating a stark contrast.

Return home from exile is never easy; it is always opposed by forces of evil. He was a savage animal. Now he had to learn to use utensils and act like a human. Once they reached society Tarzan saw black men and drew his bow to kill them. Tarzan replies that he would rather be the killer then be killed. Once they entered the town Tarzan was actually quite timid. He saw many things he had never seen before and he was very worried. These included boats, houses, and massive amounts of people.

The struggle for Tarzan was to get used to society and eventually he was able to cope with it.

Tarzan's Theme (from: Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan Lord of the Apes)

John Clayton and Alice could not live in the jungle because they were born into civilization. On the other hand, Tarzan was born in the jungle, but was able to make the transition to society. Adapting to the jungle proved to be harder then adapting to society.

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Although his parents could not survive in the jungle, Tarzan learned to be a part of the world from which they came. Filed under Uncategorized. Toby—I love the last paragraph of your blog. You gave a great twist to the theme of a struggle to adapt. What a great lesson to be learned—adaptation is not easy but it is definitely a possibility. I enjoyed the blog and all of your insights. Good work!

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