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Individually Made. Piecing It Together. The Future of Door County. Expanding Resources. Living Compass Seminar. Michelle learns that there are infinite shades of gray between black and white, and has to deal with the bundle of contradictory emotions called love. Ultimately, it is up to Michelle to make the split-second, life-altering decision that will either tear them apart forever, or give them another chance. Get A Copy.

Paperback , pages. More Details The Pulse Myths 1. Other Editions 3. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Pulse Of Heroes , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Aug 02, Carly Wallace rated it it was amazing. Hi y'all I have been waiting for a book to come along that has a new paranormal twist to it, and The Pulse Of Heroes is exactly that book. I honestly don't know where to begin, I love the mystery of this book never disclosing exactly who the hero is.

Pulse Of Heroes

The male characters are robust and beautifully described I have a picture perfect image in my mind of each one, from their hair color to height, face shape to quizzical looks they give. Michelle the lovely young woman is so the embodiment of a norma Hi y'all I have been waiting for a book to come along that has a new paranormal twist to it, and The Pulse Of Heroes is exactly that book. Michelle the lovely young woman is so the embodiment of a normal 17 year old testing loves rough waters, by jumping in feet first literally.

The characters in this book draw you in make you feel their elation, trust, love, pain, terror, and above all soul crushing loss. Each character has a story and each story is approached with a novice eye for detail and emotion. The author signed my book "Enjoy the adventure and fall in love a little too". Her words were far short coming of what I experienced.

Mirabolante the Italian word for astonishing, is only cracking the surface of the multitude of words I really want to use. I was taken to a times and places one could only dream of. Georgia Russia , Egypt, Turkey, Transylvania, and so many more. Each place was a new story told with such detail that I could smell the earth the men fought on, feel the heat they described burning flesh from bone. I could hear the screams and feel the pain they felt losing so many they once loved. But in the respect I could feel the love in the spoken memories, the knowledge in their words of thousands of years of walking the earth and loving their individual families.

The Heroine while young in years has stories of her own she just hasn't learned them all yet.

Miracle is Confusing. ヾ(`ヘ´)ノ゙ mk 1: Miracle Pulse+++ - Developer Challenge! 【Fire Emblem Heroes】

Through love and her unwillingness to give up she is thrown into scenarios that would make lesser women cringe and hide, not her she still fights and her mouth ever her curse is still running. Love no matter how it's distorted and twisted will always prevail and this book tells that from point one, and no matter the differences in your meant to be with someone then you will be. This book made me laugh, I wanted to slap characters sometimes, hide or cry out for help, and most of all it made me cry.

Happiness, loss, pain, terror, and true love brought on an arsenal of tears that I couldn't stop no matter how hard I tried. I am absolutely on the edge of my seat for the next installment of this powerful moving series. It has forever earned its place in my heart. Mirabolante is all you need to remember when thinking of this book, a true dark fairy tale that has shook me to the core I am in love with this book and recommend it to anyone who wants to have a book take you away and leave you dizzy for more.

Thank you for allowing me to read this book A. Jacob Sweeny I am in your debt for allowing me to take this journey and I'll never ever in a million years forget The Pulse of Heroes. Aug 17, Katrina rated it it was amazing. The cover is certainly mysterious!!! I Really love the cover those deep blue ocean eyes Believe me the momentum picks up, and I'm sure you wont be able to put it down.

There are Moments where want to sob along with the characters, and me being an emotional reader sniff sniff felt the pain with the characters. But saying thi The cover is certainly mysterious!!! Interesting for sure!!! I liked how Elliot told his stories to Michelle along the way. A great cast of supporting characters, all built along the way, giving the storyline some depth and also creating a memento along the read.

Lovable secondary characters that certainly grow on you, and that you enjoy to read. Villians Im sure you will loathe , each dipicting there own traits along the way! AJ has wonderfully written her descriptions like poetry, as characteristics are explained- detailed - I felt I was there in the book.

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The color of Elliot's eyes, the surrounding, everything that could be explained and defined was done so magically. Even moments where you wanted to just jump in the book and kick some arse. A smooth flowing storyline which only progresses at a rapid rate after the initial introduction , creating that vat that sucks you in and has you reading for days just to find out how it will end Smooth flowing chapters that flow from one till the next and A storyline unique of its own, this alone I found great, so many stories out there at the moment.

The book is told in third person and contains several POVS but this was easily understood and not at all confusing at any time during the read. I really enjoyed the main characters Michelle and Elliot their lives much in a turmoil, emotions created that will have you melting one moment, at those big blue eyes and sobbing the next. Michelle was a caring, soft centered soul, but when the time was right she knew just what to do. Her Strong character traits shone through in this book, she tended to be a very emotional person but this blended well throughout the read.

Elliot was a slightly tortured soul if you may call him that, very confused, yet his caring side surfaced on more than one occasion even with his moods the attraction between the characters was slow and gradual and not instant which I enjoyed. But the romance was sweet, caring and made your heart flutter! Elliot was certainly a character that Im sure you will fall in love with. I know I did!! A read I'm sure you will enjoy from beginning to end and have you eagerly anticipating book 2!!! View 2 comments. What can I say When I saw that this book was in the Romancing your dark side tour, I seriously squealed lol, I've been dying to read this book for so long, with all the amazing reviews I've read.

So many 5 star reviews and now I know why This story well and truly exceeded my expectations, it's so beautifully written, A. Jacob Sweeny has such a unique and refreshing writing style. One that'll seize the reader and have them glued to every page, each Wow! One that'll seize the reader and have them glued to every page, each turn of the page brings something new and exciting. We delve into deep history that has so much depth and magnitism, it will captivate you.

I was blown away by how much detail has gone into this book, I had a clear picture of everything in my mind while reading and it felt like I was there along for the ride. Each character brings their own individual spark to the story.. The secondary characters were so much fun to read, each one had their own adventurous story to tell, we get to experience several different POV's which was something new and exhilarating.

This book has to be in my top 5 best stories I've read in or ever for that matter. If your looking for something new and truly mind blowing, then I recommend you check out this book. Believe me, you won't be disappointed but left with a thirst for more. Feb 21, A. Obviously I am not going to review my own book : I got this from a reader and thought I'd share. It starts with an innocent piece of the all American white bread, but then the courses start coming, one after another and before you know it you've been lured in to a full on carnage.

No vam Obviously I am not going to review my own book : I got this from a reader and thought I'd share. No vampires, wolves, begging to be made into a supernatural being. While I'm a huge fan of the Twilight series, I'm my opinion this blew Twilight away!!! AJ Sweeny is an amazing author! I couldn't put this book down and finished it in about 16 hours.

The amount of history, action, and adventure is astounding. The amount of detail painted amazing pictures of the character and the places described. Elliot and Michelle have this chemistry that while familiar, is also very different. Throughout the book I fell in love with, then hated, then loved Elliot again right along side Michelle. I don't really want to give too much away because unless you read this book there is no way I can explain it and do it justice. Just open this book and you are in for a hell of a ride! View 1 comment.

May 23, Brandi Streeval rated it it was amazing. Jun 16, Bella rated it it was amazing.

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Wow what an amazing ride this book was! The story was just amazing and had me hooked from the start!! I loved all that the author put into this book, the history, suspense and the love just wow!! The story of Michelle and how her world was turned around what an awesome ride to be on! The love for Elliot and his family and just how they all fit right together was a good thing to be a part of.

I really felt like a part of the book and the adventure that was unfolding in front of me! The book was f Wow what an amazing ride this book was! The book was for sure a page turner that I could not put down! If you love to read about amazing guys and like being on a fantastic ride this is the book for you.

Examining Mythology in "The Chronicles of Narnia" by C.S. Lewis

Its not the same old paranormal love store it has history depth and lots of excitement! This is a great book for all ages and for the paranormal reader for sure!! View all 3 comments. Before I began this book, I found myself in a reading slump. I decided to pick this book up because I had heard so many things about it.

I knew before I even opened it that I would need something different and exciting to hold my attention. I got that and so much more. First off, let me just say that I love A. J's writing style. I found it unique and fresh, lyrical even, and I enjoyed that the story was told in third person rather than the very popular first person.

Not that I have a problem with Before I began this book, I found myself in a reading slump. Not that I have a problem with that A. J's descriptions are out of this world. Everytime she described all of the guy's eye color, I found myself sighing and longing to look upon them myself. It was because of these descriptions that I found myself appreciating the cover more.

The blue is a stunning color, after all. I loved the characters. Michelle is sensitive and caring, but she is also incredibly strong and has a definite spark to her. I really enjoyed reading about her and found myself releating to Michelle, especially in the begining of the book. Elliot is the handsome and charming immortal with the tortured and complicated past. He struggles telling Michelle exactly what he is because he has yet to figure that out for himself.

A character like this from any other author might have given me a headache. Like Michelle, we learn a lot of information in this page book. But never once was I confused or lost. I love how all of the guys from the school interact with one another. I loved how the characters did not immediately fall in love with each other. The fact that they slowly fell in love made the book even more magical. I love that there was a mixture of action, adventure, and romance. I loved that the book was emotional. The character's pain was palpable. I felt like crying, sighing, throwing the book across the room, and yelling.

The history laced into the story was another thing that I really enjoyed about the story. You could tell by all the details just how much time and effort went into researching the book. The pacing is perfect, too. The begining starts off slow, but quickly builds and builds until you are at the edge of your seat. By the end, I was satisfied by the ending, but left craving the second installment like crazy!

If you are looking for something that is wonderful, action packed, romantic, full of history, twists and turns, and different from all of the other Paranormal YA books out there, then I suggest that you grab yourself a copy of this book. You won't be disappointed! Jun 15, Kathryn rated it it was amazing Shelves: pnr , favorites , new-adult. I could not put this book down!!! It took my breath away and I enjoyed it sooo much!!

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I have seen some of my friends talking about it and had it on my to read list, and I am angry that I have not started this before now.. I have read a few good books this year and this is definitely one of them that tops my list of favorites! When I saw that is was a little over pages, I was like, uh-oh I savored each page and when I finished and I went and boug I could not put this book down!!! I savored each page and when I finished and I went and bought the next one so I can start on it tonight! Michelle is your typical teenager and there were times when she could irriate me, but she grew so much through this book and I know she will continue to grow I have falen hard for him!!

I highly recommend this book!! View all 5 comments. Loved Loved Loved this book!! Can't wait for the next one!! The characters in this book are amazing and I loved all the history intertwined into the story. Read this book you will not be disappointed!! Oct 15, Nora rated it it was amazing. Pulse of Heroes by A. I have read many vampire books by various authors and you would think that 'I had read it all' and 'how can anyone possibly come up with anything I had not already read or any scenario I hadn't seen played out as 'a typical for a vampire story'.

A lot of area has been covered by a lot of different writers, who created 'Drac Pulse of Heroes by A. A lot of area has been covered by a lot of different writers, who created 'Dracula' and what was to follow from that idea to Bertena Varney's Lure of the Vampire which consisted of in depth research in all aspects of the vampire as was Charles E. Butler's The Romance of Dracula. As to my surprise, I was spellbound with A. Sweeny's book Pulse of Heroes! I found from page one that I could not put this book down, and with it being over pages long, well, let's just say, I didn't get a lot of chores done.

But I am lucky because my life mostly consists of me and my 23 old disabled son. I was swept away into another world with POH, and often felt the emotions and circumstances the characters went through and experienced. It was a much welcomed escape into another world with different people and different problems. It satisfied my need for drama, suspense, romance and mystery. And it didn't lack in any of these areas.

I just kept finding myself wanting more, so I was grateful the book was longer than the ones I usually read. It was a nice surprise when I found the book to be exploring the history of the immortals, transporting the reader backwards through time and across the world. Her imagination and creativity to detail when telling the reader about different places such as Russia and Transylvania which were vivid and as the reader, could actually see them as if I were there.

As far as the characters, Elliot and Michele I found them to be mature and strong in all the situations they went through. Especially what Eliott had to endure in his years past. I feel this molded him into what he was when he met Michelle. I do not want to give a lot of the book away, but wanted to tell enough to wet your appetite. I feel very honored and privileged to have been able to read and review Pulse of Heroes and can't wait to read more! I highly recommend this book to anyone and if I could give it more than five stars I would!

If you love vampires, paranormal, and love stories with drama, heartaches and struggles, this book is for you! I look forward to reading a lot more of A. Jun 15, Alishia rated it it was amazing Shelves: review. When Michelle discovers that the Hekademos Learning Center is moving into her neighborhood she is instantly intrigued and takes it upon herself to investigate the new school.

When a spying incident goes horribly wrong, Michelle finds herself hiding in the compounds of the school, where she witnesses one of the students, Elliot, do something that is not humanly possible. Unable to believe her eyes, Michelle's intrigue in the school deepens, along with her curiosity about Elliot. The more she tries When Michelle discovers that the Hekademos Learning Center is moving into her neighborhood she is instantly intrigued and takes it upon herself to investigate the new school. The more she tries to learn about him, the more confused she gets, one minute he is friendly to her, the next he is rude.

One thing is for certain, Michelle is determined to discover Elliot's secret and when she does, it is unlike anything she ever expected. Wow, this is why I love to read, because of books like this. Pulse of Heroes is rich in history, suspense, action, mystery and romance, which author A.

Jacob Sweeny blends together perfectly, to create an absolutely amazing and unique story. I fell in love with this book. From the very first page, I was intrigued and the book captivated me from beginning to end. I found myself reading into the early hours of the morning because I didn't want to put it down.

The story pulled me in and I was eagerly turning the pages, desperate to find out what would happen next. Elliot and Michelle, the main characters, I absolutely adored. I became emotionally attatched to them and cared about what they were going through. Not only that, I also loved the secondary characters.

Sometimes in a novel, the secondary charcters are not well developed, they are written only to further the main characters stories, but not with Pulse of Heroes. Each character in the novel was beautifully written with their own story to tell. Pulse of Heroes has some amazing twists that I did not see coming and I often found myself thinking about Elliot and Michelle, during the day, wondering what would happen in their story next. When a book has that effect on you, you know it's good. After I finished reading the novel, I felt that, not only had I just read an incredible story one that I will read again and again but that I had also learnt something as Pulse of Heroes is full of history, that you can't help but be intrigued by.

I am eagerly anticipating the release of the next book in the series, and will be purchasing it the very first day it is released. Review originally posted at Treasured Tales for Young Adults. Aug 16, Dawn Hagan rated it it was amazing. But Michelle's mom knew better. She recognized those cries.

Those weer the pangs of the heart, the kind that only a girl could experience. She also knew that somewhere in between the weeping and the gasping a boy's name hung onto every tear. Jacob Sweeny That quote is just one of the reasons I love this book! Move over Edward and Bella, a new power couple has hit the scene!

Michelle and Elliot from Pulse of Heroes by A. Jacob Sweeny will give Stephine Myer's characters a run for their money! I have read so many books, it takes a lot to knock my socks off but A. Jacob Sweeny did just that! With her original storyline and unforgettable characters she has an award winning series in the making. Who needs vampires and werewolves when we have a whole house full of extremely sexy superheroes!

The story is action packed from beginning to end. You will not be bored anytime in this story and that says a lot for a book that is over pages long. It takes one amazing author to connect the reader to the characters in a way that you feel like you are part of the story. But that's just what Sweeny accomplished. I was shocked and awed by this book and I know anyone that reads it will feel the same way!

I can't remember the last time I read a book that held the power to make me cry. It will be a very long time before this story will leave my mind and heart. What I love most about this book is the fact that like in a real relationship Michelle and Elliot's romance is not without it's ups and downs. I was so emotionally connected to the story I felt everything Michelle felt. When she was happy I was happy for her. When she was embarrassed I was red-faced right along with her.

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And when she was heartbroken, I was also heartbroken and teary eyed. It takes an amazing author to accomplish such a feat but that's just what Sweeny did! In conclusion I am so happy I had the chance to read this wonderful book and feel so honored to be know such an amazing author. So keep your eyes peeled because A. Jacob Sweeny is on her way to the very top of the young adult best seller list. But don't take my word for it, read it for your self! I have made it extra easy for you by adding a link to Amazon on my blog for you to purchase her book. So what are you waiting for?

Order your copy tonight! Aug 29, Joella rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Everyone!!!! Shelves: For her first novel, A. Jacob Sweeny truly has produced one of the best paranormal story lines I have read in a long time. She is able to incorporate mystery, adventure, suspense, paranormal, love and historical context all into one story. The characters are very realistic despite the underlying paranormal theme.

Michelle is a typical high school girl just trying to make her way through to becoming an adult, but feeling as if she is falling further and further behind. She meets Elliot and despite her uncertainty in the beginning, she quickly finds herself experiencing the excitement of her first real crush, disappointment, heartbreak, anger, fear and true love. It is not your typical paranormal romance and leaves you on edge wondering what will happen next.

The story just pulls you in and you never want it to end! I could not put it down and actually finished it one day!!! Michelle and Elliot are definitely on their way to becoming the next big couple in the paranormal world!! Jacob Sweeny has now become one of my favorite authors and I cannot wait for her second book to be released!

Jul 12, Sabrina rated it it was amazing. If you want a new twist on Paranormal this book is for you. A new school moves into Michelle's neighborhood and she takes it upon herself to find out if the kids are delinquents but what she finds out is they are not like her at all.