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You know this is one of the most extensive lists I have seen for anyone in the internet business. Really appreciate your hard work here. I really do not think you have missed a site here that is relevant. Being and electrical engineer it was great to see Digikey and Sparkfun on their There are the tools and blogs listed by Steve Blank that include […]. Hi Steve, It was nice to meet you last week in Tallinn. Like Like. We have 4 weeks left till the Demo Day on October 16th. We are here to help you to succeed both on the Business Model side and the technology side.

Most of the teams were assigned to a mentor that will lead them till the Demo day and make sure that you are on the right track in terms of the business model and that you are focused and know what do you want to implement for initial launch. We are going to be very strict and make sure that each of the teams will have live products. Remember that the faster you get live the faster you will get feedback from your customers and pivot if necessary. As a result, we will allow teams with live products only to present to a panel of investors.

There seems to be tremendous response to such startup tools lists, both here and in the lists linked at the top of the page. The reputation of the source recommending the tools obviously has a lot to do with it. Would there be any interest in organizing this in some sort of community curated directory? Tools might make the list based on some entry criteria: e. There is a LOT to select from here, so the community could help make the selection process smoother.

I use Priority Matrix, an app for iOS and Mac that helps you focus on important stuff and get the most out of your little time. While it was a handy reference, it still […].

K. S. Brooks

If your readers doing really basic UX flows or mockups, my application SimpleDiagrams might be helpful! One other new addition is the blog writing service Blogmutt. This is a service for companies with a site and a blog that is always the last thing that gets done, and it ends up being weeks and months between posts. For a low, flat fee Blogmutt uses a crowd of writers to create all-original posts. What a fantastic list of resources! Thanks Steve for taking the time to put all of these tools into one place. This list is filled with amazing goodies and is a real reflection. This shed new light on what they were up against.

He would have loved this too. The link on tenacity is so real and sweet…. We offer a global e-Commerce platform for sellers and affiliates who sell digital goods and services online. Our platform supports several subscription models from different trials to dynamic subscriptions and has all the tools needed to help manage them. If you […]. Thanks a bunch for your impressive list of great resources for entrepreneurs.

Let me recommend an addition to the Web analytics tools:. Give it a try! Great set of startup tools Steve. We provide many of the benefits of Recruiterbox and the Resumator, but we specialise in tech and marketing recruitment only. Added jobpage. Steve- this is great, thanks! Would like to share about 99tests. We help software developers in functionality testing of their applications. Either way, my shame all-but-expunged, I just want to thank you for this is a ridiculously extensive, valuable, and constantly fresh list. What an amazingly broad set of start-up tools and resources!

Analytics StatsMix — easy tracking, charting and sharing of internal application and business metrics. Surveys SurveyGizmo — free basic version, extremely powerful survey creation and data integration tools. Appreciate your mentioning of freshdesk here but besides the typo calling it a zendesk clone sends wrong signal. The content appeared to me of great value for companies willing to put on the market successfull new products. Nevertheless the french translation is very poor and appears offently as coming directly from a translating machine without necessary corrections or interpretations.

This should make the content difficult to digest for non expertised persons. Best regards and congratulations for your expertise. Looking forward to your feedback! Yes, the […]. Wow, Steve! Raising a family — what a delightful way to represent the tenacity and courage it takes to raise a business. I snatched the list the first time well over a year ago and found it in my Evernote collection this afternoon when I went hunting for tools. My eyes popped! This time, I found your timelapse treasure as a special reward for looking carefully. Can you tell me where to buy a copy? By the way, could you include Keynotopia under Wireframing tools?

You can also check out this cool […]. Excellent resources Steve, entrepreneurs will find this very helpful. I also bookmark this one on delicious. I believe that in order to be a successful entrepreneur you will need the right online tools and resources that can help you run your business smoothly and hassle free to progress. With these tools it can help you manage your business effectively and efficiently. You can also check this for more alternative tools that are very useful for entrepreneur to use.

Happily the webby world is here to serve you, starting with loads of open source software. Our next blog will explore angel investors more deeply. Great advice for startups. They provide great email marketing tools and they are very cost effective. His personal website is also full of great […]. I wish i had a teacher like you.. I find it very helpful, and easy to use! Moovia is a free business network for team collaboration and project management.

Let me just throw in a European survey website in just in case any other people are looking for a site that complies with the Data Protection Act rather than a mixture of laws combined. I would suggest another great customer support tool, HappyFox. Its visual appeal, sophisticated design, impressive organizational capabilities and intuitive interface make it a standout tool.

Give it a shot! Again thanks steve. Such a huge list!! Thank for all the resources. Hello Steve, Extremely useful and comprehensive list, it covers almost everything, thanks.. Google Analytics is great for managing your website both when starting your business, and further down the line too. Bing have just launched some amazing new stuff for their analytics though — it kicks Google Analytics into touch. Any IT department would love to […].

The site is a repository of free office templates distributed under Creative Commons. It could be useful for people, especially at the very early stages of getting a holding page up. This site has the works. Everything you ever wanted to know about building an internet business including website setup, SEO tools, CRMs, wireframing tools and so much more!

Great list. Have bookmarked it for future use.

They provide real-time monitoring and management for your cloud servers. Fantastic list. Steve, how can I ask you to add Quote Roller on it? Under E-Store software, one of the more impressive programs is Pinnacle Cart from a feature set standpoint. After immigrating to the US in the early 90s, I became a citizen. Burned out from twenty years in the corporate madhouse, I escaped to Lake Lure, North Carolina where I live with a couple llamas, two spoiled dogs, a brace of cookie-eating goats, numerous chickens, one ferocious cat, and a wonderful wife who thankfully understands my obsessive need to write fiction.

Judi Moore I moved to a leaky old cottage beside the Dorset seaside in Britain in and love it to bits here. Between and I taught Creative Writing poetry, short fiction and life-writing part-time for the Open University, the premier distance-teaching university here in the UK. My first novel, Is death really necessary? As well as reviewing, I am still! He is also a columnist for the Los Angeles Examiner writing articles about parenting and education. Moving from the frigid Northeast to comfy Southern California in , Michael taught elementary and middle school for 28 years until a freak virus left him deafened at the age of He reinvented himself as a writer composing over 80 published articles in print magazines as well as novels for middle grade and high school aged students.

You can learn more about Michael Thal on his website. Michael's books and purchase links:. The Abduction of Joshua Bloom. The Legend of Koolura. Koolura and the Mystery at Camp Saddleback. Goodbye Tchaikovsky. Available from publisher. Sooz With the onslaught of self-publishing and indie authors, Sooz found herself immersed in the world of indie publishing. She devoured indie books and admired the work of self-published authors.

Sooz read as many self-published books as she could, finding great reads. When she was 15 years old and realized how much she hated science and her dream of becoming a doctor was over, she decided to put together the two things she loved most — writing and sports. Japan, financial and economics editor for Nikkei and editor in chief of a daily newspaper in Texas. She reads and provides input to BigAl on some of the books aimed at younger readers. When not reading The Princess enjoys making up stories of her own, playing with her younger siblings, and sending texts to her Grandpa.

Hoppergrass lives somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere, where he or she works somewhere. When not working or sleeping he or she sometimes reads, writes reviews, and spends an inordinate amount of time helping BigAl get his commas in the right place. Corina Corina is a working wife and mother of one, with too many furry-kids and too many interests.

She is a certified English teacher, beginning counselor, reluctant secretary, Reiki Master, professional Tarot and palm reader, non-practicing artist, beginning crocheter and frustrated knitter. When she isn't working or driving, she's fondling fiber or getting lost in a story, whether presented digitally, visually, aurally, or on celluloid. Social networks are driving an increasing percentage of the traffic to news sites, beginning to rival search engines like Google as sources of referrals to news stories.

Facebook reported that the average media site saw referral traffic from Facebook more than double in We saw the percentage of referrals to the Oakland North website from Facebook increase to Some have even speculated that social networks will supplant news websites as the place where people get news. One online news site, Rockville Central in Maryland, decided in early to stop publication of its website and instead publish entirely on a Facebook page. News organizations also need to do more than just post links to stories on Facebook or services like Twitter.

Instead the postings need to be more informal and conversational, provide commentary or analysis on the news and invite people to participate, such as asking them to answer a question or provide suggestions for stories or story angles to pursue. Adding a quality photo to a posting also signficantly increases reader responses, such as likes or comments. Whenever possible, use images to tell a story. We often put photos and charts directly into tweets, and almost everything we post on Facebook has an image….

Really putting a priority on being able to tell a story in a visual way has been one of the biggest shifts for us and the most important shifts in terms of growing our community. Based on studies of the kind of content people are most likely to share with others, stories that are fun or cute or made people happy are most effective, followed by stories that evoke anger or disgust. Least effective would be stories that provoke little emotion. That said, in general line posts seem to work best.

An analysis by Dan Zarrella of posts of news story links to Facebook found that people tend to share articles more on weekends especially Saturdays than during weekdays, and in the mornings and evenings rather than mid day. This is the reverse of traffic patterns at most news web sites, which usually are busiest during weekdays and then experience a huge drop-off in traffic in the evening and on Saturdays and Sundays.

A study by social marketing company Buddy Media of its clients Facebook postings found that Thursday and Friday postings by media companies produced the best engagement with readers. As for time of day, the Buddy Media study reported three peaks in Facebook user engagement — early morning 7 a. We discovered the value of weekend posts at the Richmond Confidential community news site we run at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism when we posted a story and photo slideshow about a high school football game.

The story was published on a Saturday and helped set a new one-day record for traffic to the site, much of it referred by Facebook users who linked to the football story. So using social networks like Facebook to alert people to news articles on Saturdays and Sundays may increase weekend traffic at news websites. Note: A study by Bitly , the URL shortening service, came up with different findings on the best times and days to post on Facebook.

Bitly reported that links posted in the afternoon got the most click throughs on average, while links posted on weekends performed relatively poorly. The social network that emerged as the most popular in the late s is Facebook. Founded in February , Facebook started as a service for college students but then opened its doors to anyone to join. That compared to million in December The median age of a Facebook user also increased from 26 in May to 33 in October , according to a Pew Internet and American Life survey.

By , more than 42 percent of the U. By August-September , 64 percent of U. A news website can have users register at the site using their Facebook accounts and then explore content on the site, comment on it or share links to it with their friends on the Facebook network. Thus a news organization can integrate a social network into its website without having to create one itself and take advantage of the huge audience of an existing social network like Facebook. Huffington Post credits its use of Facebook with driving a significant part of the traffic to its site. Having people use their Facebook profiles to register and then requiring such registration to post comments on stories may also cut down on the number of inapproprite comments people post.

And this Poynter article about more news outlets using Facebook Connect to help with comments. And a very small percentage of people on Facebook use fake names, according to a study by Entrustet. But also check this study by Disqus that concluded people with pseudonyms made higher quality comments than those using their Facebook identities. Also check out NewsCloud , an application media organizations like the Boston Globe and Baristanet are using to create community sites inside Facebook. When a person posts a comment in the box, they also can have that comment appear in their news feed on Facebook.

Publishers can moderate comments, such as deleting inappropriate ones posted in the Facebook comments box. See this MediaShift story explaining the new features of Facebook comments. The social reader apps deliver a feed of stories based in part on what your Facebook friends are reading, and stories you read are automatically shared with your friends. But by late the gloss appeared to be wearing off social reader apps, and several news organizations that developed them were dropping them.

In July Facebook launched Embedded Posts , which makes it easy to embed on a news site a newsworthy post someone made to their Facebook page. Facebook also has a media page on best practices for journalists in using Facebook. LinkedIn is a social network that targets professionals and promotes itself as a way to find business contacts and jobs. It launched in and as of claimed to have 30 million users.

MySpace launched in and initially attracted a lot of young music lovers because of its MySpace Music feature. This let bands post their songs on the site, which other people then could add to their personal profile pages. MySpace quickly evolved into a more general interest social network, mainly for young people. It was purchased by News Corp. But it then fell way behind Facebook as the most popular social network. Some news organizations have used Ning to create social networks for the communities they serve. Ning announced in April that it would be charging for its service. Non-educational organizations that had set up Ning social networks also would have to pay to continue them or move the content to some other service.

You also can follow what someone else is pinning, and integrate your pins into your Facebook page or Twitter postings. There is some data indicating that Pinterest is one of the leading social networks for referring people to news stories. But the experience is ephemeral — the file disappears after a short time how long is set by the user. Vine was purchased by Twitter in lae The video sharing site launched in and then purchased by Google, YouTube was exceeding 4 billion views of its videos per day and 1 billion unique visitors each month by The Bakersfield Californian newspaper developed a home-grown social networking application — Bakotopia — that people use to create their own profiles and personal pages.

Bakotopia started in as a preemptive move against craigslist by providing an online classified ad service. As it evolved other features were added, including social networking. YourHub is a series of local online communities developed by the Denver Newspaper Agency, in which people can create profiles and blogs, and post their events, personal stories and photos. Storyful scours social media postings, uses human editors to evaluate the validity of the postings and then aggregates them into topical news feeds. You also can embed the RebelMouse page on another website, such as a blog.

News organizations also are using RebelMouse to aggregate social media postings by members of the public on particular topics or breaking news stories. When Twitter was publicly released in August there were plenty of skeptics. The idea was to give people an easy way to post very short — characters or less — notes about what they were doing in their daily lives. Postings from people saying they were about to go to lunch or board a plane seemed trivial. The notes can be posted at the Twitter website or from cellphones and other mobile devices.

The notes can be viewed on the website or on a cellphone or other mobile device. They also can be embedded in a personal blog or website. Twitter had 7 million visitors to its website in February , a 1, percent increase over a year earlier, according to Nielsen Online.

By March , Twitter was growing at a 2, percent annual rate, according to Nielsen Online data. The number of people using Twitter to get news remains small. During the presidential primary elections, only 5 percent of people regularly or sometimes got campaign information from Twitter, according to a Pew Research Center survey in February A year later still only 8 percent of of people were using Twitter for news, according to an August-September Pew Research survey. We Asked Over 10, of Them.

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A Nielsen Online study in February reported that the largest age group using Twitter was 35 — 49 years old. Only 22 percent of year olds used Twitter, according to a Participatory Marketing Network study in But more recent Pew surveys found that young adults were significantly more likely to use Twitter than older people. Internet users 18 to 24 year old were the fastest growing group of Twitter users, according to a February Pew survey.

The number for Hispanics was 14 percent. News organizations soon picked up on Twitter, using it to post quick updates on breaking news stories or just provide a more general feed of links to news stories. One example is the New York Times feed on Twitter of links to its news stories. Also read the postings by Knight Digital Media Center journalism fellows about how their news organizations are using Twitter. Twitter feeds on breaking news can be a mix of postings by reporters and by citizen eye-witnesses:. In August Twitter also released a Tweet button that a news website can place next to a news story to make it easier for people to do a Twitter post about the story.

While journalists have embraced Twitter probably more than any other social network, news sites get far more referrals from Facebook and even Instagram. So journalists are to some degree out of synch with the public on the social media platforms of choice. In a paid alternative to Twitter was launched — App. The rationale for App. A widget is a bit of code that can be embedded on a website, blog or a personal page on a social network to display all different types of content drawn from other websites, including a feed of news stories. Widgets can be used to display everything from weather, traffic and stock reports to event calendars and personalized maps.

Many news organizations developed widgets to provide feeds of their news stories and other content that can be embedded on other websites and social networks. For more information on how widgets work, see the wikipedia entry for Web Widgets. See also our tutorial on Creating a Publication Widget. API, which stands for Application Programming Interface, is a way a website or service can allow integration of its content into other websites. The API allows a computer system to interpret and use data created on another system, even if it used a different programming language or structure.

Programmers are needed to create an API, and APIs often have to be customized for different types of websites that want to utilize them, such as different social networks. News organizations can develop APIs so their content can be customized and mashed up with additional information at other web sites.

Blogs, mobile devices, social networks, microblogging and other digital tools have allowed people to publish their own stories and cover their own communities. YouTube, which was purchased by Google, is a wildly popular site where people can post videos. Flickr is a site owned by Yahoo! This proliferation of user generated content UGC represents yet another challenge and opportunity for news organizations. Citizens can bypass mainstream media entirely and produce content and communicate directly with others.

It also can lead to inaccuracies or worse in citizen reporting, such as when members of the Reddit social media new site claimed they had identified suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing case in April , but the men were completely innocent. Reddit apologized and, in fairness, professional media also made egregious mistakes in reporting. See this list of local community news sites and services that draw on citizen journalism, some created by news organizations.

Wiki software was developed to promote collaboration in producing content, relying on the collective wisdom of the masses rather than the specialized knowledge of a limited group of experts. It became hugely popular with the creation of the expansive wikipedia online encyclopedia, which now dwarfs traditional encyclopedias like Britannica in the amount of content it contains. Whether wikipedia is more credible than Britannica remains a subject of continuing analysis and debate. News organization experiments with wikis have been very tentative thus far.

writer, editor, baseball fan, reluctant chef, stand-up comic in a former life

Part of the reason was the disastrous experience the Los Angeles Times had when it set up a wiki in to collectively write editorials. The wiki was inundated with obscene photos and other inappropriate content and shut down. The explosion in cellphone usage during the s and s poses a major challenge and huge opportunity for media companies to get their content distributed to mobile devices.

While home computer ownership has pretty much plateaued in recent years approximately three quarters of U. Cellphone usage also tends to be habitual, with people checking their cellphones continuously during the day and evening.

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A steadily increasing percentage of people regularly get news on their cellphones, according to surveys. In only 10 percent of cellphone owners in the United States said they regularly got news or news headlines on their cell phones and 8 percent sometimes did, according to a Pew Research Center survey released in September In 41 percent of men and 30 percent of women were getting news daily on their cellphones, according to a Pew Research Center survey released in December A national survey by the Reynolds Journalism Institute of users of mobile devices, both cellphones and tablets, reported that 63 percent used one or more of the devices to consume news in the previous 7 days.

And news organizations are reporting an increasing percentage of traffic to their websites comes from mobile devices. Websites developed by news organizations for traditional web browsers often display poorly on mobile devices, requiring new strategies for delivering stories and other content to cellphone users:.

Web usability expert Jakob Nielsen reported that his tests of user experiences found that mobile versions of websites should be created because their usability is significantly better on cellphones. On the question of whether to create a mobile website or a separate mobile apps, Nielsen concluded that while apps currently have the upper hand , in the future it will be mobile websites.

A survey of cellphone users by Yahoo and Ipsos reported that people prefer apps for acquiring information, but prefer mobile browsers for searching for information. Among only smartphone users, news organization websites again were preferred over news applications, according to the RJI survey. Android users preferred news websites over news apps 63 percent to 23 percent, while iPhone users preferred news websites 49 percent to 34 percent.

Cellphones equipped with GPS Global Positioning System technology provide another opportunity for news organizations to deliver stories and information to people based on their location. Thus feeds of information like restaurant reviews or stories on traffic problems could be tailored to where a person is at any given moment. Smartphone users are more likely to access local information like maps, event locations and local services than owners of tablet devices, according to a survey by Keynote. While the iPhone display and touch screen technology made web browsing easier, it still proved unsatisfying for many users.

So content companies developed applications custom tailored for the iPhone to improve usability. For news organizations, these usually mean apps that deliver feeds of news stories. Another Apple device that has exploded in popularity is the iPod. While this portable device is primarily used for downloading music, news organizations also are providing audio podcasts of news stories that can be downloaded onto an iPod or iPhone. Google created the Android operating system for cellphones that has quickly become a major competitor for the iPhone.

News organizations also designed custom applications to deliver news stories to droid cellphones. Google has created an App Inventor software program that allows people without any programming skills to design their own Android applications. The flip side of delivering news to cellphone users is their ability to use photo and video cameras built into many of the devices to create and publish their own content, especially eye-witness accounts of news events.

A classic case was the execution of Sadam Hussein captured on a cellphone video camera.

News organizations can take advantage of this by encouraging people to submit their cellphone photos and videos. Many reporters are using cellphones, especially the iPhone, to take photographs and record video and audio for stories. See this video of a man being hit and kicked by a security guard that was recorded on an iPhone by a UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalsm student while working as an intern at a paper in Iceland.

The video had 50, views within 48 hours. The iPhone now records HD quality video that can rival the quality of video shot on consumer and even lower-end profesional grade video cameras.

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Many accessories and applications also are available to do everything from improving the quality of recorded audio to letting you edit video on the phone. See also this 10, Words story about an earlier UC Berkeley Journalism School class taught by Jeremy Rue on using the iPhone as a multimedia reporting device that includes tips on how to use cellphones for multimedia. Cellphone applications have become popular because they usually provide a better experience than using a cellphone browser.

But only 68 percent of those people actually have used the applications, and apps rank low among the cellphone features people prefer to use. Still, news, sports score and weather apps score relatively high in continued use after 90 days compared with other types of apps such as music or entertainment , and to a lesser degree in frequency of usage, according to a study by Flurry , an application advertising and analysis company. Many companies are developing applications for the iPhone and other cellphones that provide geo-locational information and take advantage of social media.

Read about how the Washington Post and National Geographic created tour-guide-like trips for Gowalla. Nieman Reports has a summary of a research study on what has worked for news organizations using Foursquare. And check out how the Mission Local site embeds the SeeClickFix widget on its home page scroll down and look in the middle column. You can make simple iPhone applications like local guides using free services like Sutro Media. You just enter content into a template and Sutro Media generates a custom iPhone application you set a price for the application and split the revenue with Sutro Media.

See the Museum of London app that overlays historic photos on London landmarks. Yelp also has an augmented reality application for mobile viewing of its business reviews. And read about how the Boston Globe quickly and inexpensively developed an AR application to display animated versions of artwork on display at art events. Read about how 3, people signed up for a Groupon half price offer on cupcakes at a bakery in San Francisco and how other businesses have been overwhelmed by customers after using Groupon.

But another study by a Rice University found some businesses were less satisfied with the customers they got using Groupon. See also this New York Times story that raises questions about the viability of these discount coupon services. ShopSavvy displays product prices at online sites and at other local stores.

People also can update the map with the latest location of the vendors and rate the quality of the tacos. The next generation of mobile devices will be wearable — from eye glasses to wrist watches to…. In Google introduced Google Glass , a pair of eye glasses that you can use to retrieve and display information and perform various electronic tasks like sending emails or sharing photos.

Tasks are performed using voice commands or by tapping or swiping with you finger a tiny sensor on the side of the glasses. You can use Google Glass to do a Google search, send an email, get directions, take a photograph, record a video, and access Facebook and Twitter. Several smart watches were introduced in , and many more are in development. They alert you to incoming emails, texts or calls to your cellphone. You can read messages on the watch screens or answer voice calls. Sensors and other devices that collect data and other information and transmit it via the Internet are proliferating.