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Jack shares an intimate closeness with his mother who, because of her own abusive childhood, habitually involves herself with violent and volatile men. When Roy leaves them, Rosemary moves with Jack to Seattle, where she meets Dwight, who seems harmless until Jack moves to Chinook to live with him, where Dwight reveals himself to be cruel and petty. Dwight criticizes and berates Jack for real and imagined flaws, and his rants are constantly at the forefront of Jack's mind. Dwight assigns Jack chores for no reason other than to exhibit his power and control over the household.

Dwight also forces Jack to deliver newspapers and takes the money Jack earns for himself. The only time Dwight expresses a genuine interest in Jack is when he teaches Jack how to fight. Dwight is excited by Jack's display of aggression, especially because it will be directed against Arthur Gayle, a notorious "sissy" who has a short-lived friendship with Jack.

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Jack takes refuge in his unusually vivid, imagination. Dwight's abuse and Jack's own general unhappiness in Chinook only fuel Jack's fantasies. Jack longs to escape from Chinook so that he can recreate himself, but he can only live the life he wants for himself in his own mind. Jack essentially creates his own reality, as is evidenced when he forges ecstatic letters of praise for his application to private boarding schools.

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In school, Jack tends to run with a dangerous crowd, often getting into trouble with the authorities, but in his applications to private schools, Jack writes that he is an A-student, star athlete, and good citizen. Jack is obsessed with the idea of himself as a virtuous and gifted young man, and has no trouble believing his that lies are the truth.

Jack has many dreams of running away, but he never succeeds in actualizing them. Jack's first real attempt at running away involves a plan to flee to Alaska with Arthur. Jack plans to make his getaway after a Boy Scout meeting in another town, but he ends up befriending a group of boys from another troop, distancing himself from Arthur, and being conned out of all of his money. Later, Jack tries to take refuge with his older brother, Geoffrey, at Princeton, but this plan goes awry when Jack is caught forging a bank check.

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Jack finally gets the opportunity to leave Chinook and start anew when he is accepted to the elite Hill School. Howard, an alumnus of Hill, interviews Jack and serves as Jack's mentor. Later, when Mr. Howard and his wife have Jack fitted for a new wardrobe, Jack is warmed by their attention and affection, which he has experienced very little of at home. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser.

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Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview A day in the life of a special cat named Jack. Beautifully rich illustrations bring the story to life.

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Example: Use of adjectives throughout story makes this book a wonderful educational tool for both educators and parents in teaching specific skills. The artwork has been carefully crafted to allow readers to predict. Product Details About the Author.

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Age Range: 3 - 5 Years. About the Author This is Mrs. MacKenzie, Ed. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art.