El silencio solo espera un instante (Spanish Edition)

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Tormenta de espadas. George R. Isabel Allende. Julia de Burgos is for me the bedrock of Puerto Rican poetry. I am eager to recommend the highly lyrical, turbulent, commemorative, socially conscious poems of this key Spanish-language poet who published only two books in her lifetime, an heir to Walt Whitman, Pablo Neruda she knew his Twenty Love Poems by heart and Alfonsina Storni, who, she said, had the "tragic sense of life. She was painfully well-acquainted with poverty and deeply interested in social and political problems. She also insisted on thinking for herself. La locura de mi alma.

One of my favorite poems of hers, " To Julia de Burgos ," splits herself off into the intimate who writes and the social person who bears her name. It is reminiscent of Borges's marvelous prose piece "Borges and I. Her poetry comes from this inner spirit -- "I belong to nobody. The spirit of freedom and independence flashes through de Burgos's work.

She was destined to build something that cannot be ruined, something of her own that lasts. I'm going to make a seawall. I don't want the sea to know. I don't want the sea to touch. I have run out of dreams,. I don't want the sea to look. My eyelids were auroras. I don't want the sea to cry. All the eyes of the wind.

Silvio Rodríguez - La guitarra del joven soldado lyrics + English translation

I don't want the sea to arrive. No quiero que sepa el mar, que por mi pecho van penas. No quiero que mire el mar luto de azul en mi senda No quiero que llore el mar nuevo aguacero en mi puerta Todos los ojos del viento ya me lloraron por muerta. Curbstone Press.

Biografia - Cronologia. Azul, Moreno, Rojo.

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Llanto grande. Rio Grande de Loiza. Rio Grande de Loiza! Elongate yourself in my spirit. Coil yourself upon my lips and let me drink you,. Dismount for a moment from the loin of the earth,. My wellspring, my river.

The Poet and the Poem

Adolescence arrived. Life surprised me. Were did you take the waters that bathed. Who knows on what remote Mediterranean shore. Who knows in what rainfall of what far land. I shall be spilling to open new furrows;. I shall be freezing in icicles! Blue mirror, fallen piece of blue sky;.

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  8. Man river, but man with the purity of river,. Most sovereign river mine. Man river. The only man. Es la llamada tibia de mi alma que se ha ido a cantar entre sus rimas. El y yo somos uno. Uno mismo y por siempre en las heridas. Uno mismo y por siempre en la conciencia.

    La guitarra del joven soldado

    Y me vi claridad ahuyentando la sombra vaciada en la tierra desde el hombre. Todas en una misma. Las cosas circundantes reconquistan color y forma. Me busco. Sigo siendo mensaje lejos de la palabra. Y me veo claridad ahuyentando la sombra vaciada en la tierra desde el hombre. Ya las gentes murmuran que yo soy tu enemiga porque dicen que en verso doy al mundo tu yo. Mienten, Julia de Burgos. To Julia de Burgos.

    Already the people murmur that I am your enema. They lie, Julia de Burgos. In opposition to the feeling of exile, to the feeling of perpetual longing, stands the poem—promised land—. Every day my poems get shorter: little fires for the one who was lost in a strange land. Within a few lines, I usually find the eyes of someone I know waiting for me; reconciled things, hostile things, things that never cease to provide the unknown; and my perpetual thirst, my hunger, my horror.

    From there the invocation comes, the evocation, the conjuring forth. On the contrary, it allows me to focus on a single poem for a long time. Sometimes, when I delete a word, I imagine another one in its place, but without even knowing its name. And this drawing is like a summoning ritual.

    Ahora que te vas letra Christian Daniel

    I would add that my attraction to silence allows me to unite, in spirit, poetry with painting; in that sense, what others call the auspicious moment, I speak of as auspicious space.