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Creek Destiny power amp - Review [English]

Defining the sound of the Destiny is somewhat difficult because it is really 4 amps in one: the differences between passive and active preamp modes are readily audible, as are the subtler differences in active mode as one switches between 3, 6 and 9 dB of active preamp gain. At their worst, they can produce wraith-like disembodied results with limited dynamic life.

Any gains in fine detail and resolution obtained from bypassing an active gain stage are balanced against the possible result of reduced dynamic drive and energy, particularly in the mid-bass and bass regions. Creek specs a mV input drive to achieve its full watt output amp gain is It is hard not to infer that the Destiny is electrically optimized for CD playback.

Creek Destiny review

Audition of the Destiny would seem to confirm that inference: CD playback given the capabilities of the CD player of course, is simply superb, with a complete lack of harshness, edge, and other grating distortions contributed by the amp. Sound field re-creation is wide, extending beyond the edges of the loudspeakers, and the sound stage is deep, airy and verging on the ethereal. Highly resolved differentiation of consonants and vowels and how they are vocally formed is largely the mechanism behind this personally much-valued ability. Other subtly expressive vocalists, like the great Tim Buckley and Nick Drake, were a revelation to listen to, both sonically and emotionally.

Fortunately, gruffer and more outwardly intense singers like Joe Cocker and Tom Fogarty were equally well served. Delineation of multiple voices is exceptional. High frequency detail was also excellent, permitting easy decoding of complex studio mixes without the common clinical coldness. Bass quality and control, unlike many amps, actually improved when driving low impedance speakers.

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  • Unlike some amplifiers whose sound changes when driving low impedances, the Destiny positively thrives, actually sounding better into tough loads. Benign loads like the Harbeth Monitor 30, Rega R1, and Celestion 3 were the proverbial slice of pastry. The Destiny revealed some sensitivity to the quality of the AC line. - DESTINY CASATO DEI LUPI - OSIRIDE E NUOVE MAPPE

    A degree heat wave that coincided with part of my auditioning time revealed some coarsening and loss of detail as multiple air conditioners running throughout the electric grid degraded the incoming AC. Switching off the house AC while listening made a significant improvement. Similarly, playing the Destiny in a room without grounded AC outlets using a cheater adaptor compromised its authority and drive.

    Passive manner was used by us for most listening; active looked to us a touch brighter, but also quite somewhat less thorough. No big deal. Over and over again, to an almost comical extent, our listeners commented on how well-balanced this amplifier is. They clearly meant this in both clear tonal one greater than one sense and also the subtly different business of balancing instruments and the many voices inside a whole.

    That is an extremely definite plus, but there are other variables; what of dynamics and tempo, tempo, detail and sheer musical involvement? Interestingly, only the last of these actually got a certain reference in any way and that favourably. Otherwise, our listeners' language was somewhat obscure, which we've learned from experience is generally an excellent sign - a sign that they are too interested in the music to wish to write concerning the sound it makes!

    Creek Audio Destiny - power amp

    If you crave the best in pace you may discover this amp but it's also worth saying that performance, if anything, gets a lot more assured at high levels.