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Trotter, Emily J. Powell, Joshua D. The author's skills at writing were good, and the historical references to how the Brethren came about were interesting, but I found that a lot of the information was repetitive and later, just not really interesting. Thanks to Random House and NetGalley providing a copy of this book for an honest review. The end felt anticlimactic although there was now her father's fall to contend with. Aug 18, Lynn rated it it was amazing Shelves: autobiography , poetry , cinema , film , history-books , non-fiction , education , biography , travel , memior.

Rebecca Stott's family has been in a religious group named the Extreme Brethren for several generations. In the s, her father kicked out to the family's relief but her father's folly. The book is extremely readable and difficult to put down. I read it in two days. The author uses her father's death as an umbrella event to tell her family's story.

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He has cancer and she is the family member who volunteering to watch over him as he spends time in the hospital and at home slowly dying. The fathe Rebecca Stott's family has been in a religious group named the Extreme Brethren for several generations. The father has spent considerable time in his life trying to write his autobiography and account of growing up in the Brethren which Rebecca refers to as a cult. He asked her to help clean up the book and allow him to dictate to her his life. Rebecca breaks the book into four parts: Reckoning, Before, During, Aftermath.

The reckoning is introducing the readers to the the family, the Brethren and why telling their account is so important to their lives and maybe others. Rebecca researched the cult and how this particular group got started. Her grandparents were swept up in their community which had a number of the Extreme Brethren. The cult provided leadership, clear orders and developed a dialect to relate and connect to each other. The group believed that the rapture was near and that me must be ready with cleanliness and preparedness in order to go.

Men and women had clear roles and required looks and outfits to wear. The history is very interesting. Check it out. Rebecca's father is born into the cult and Rebecca is too. Both are highly intelligent and look to books to open their minds and discover the outside world the cult told them was controlled by Satan and to be tempted was to be left behind when the rapture arrived.

In the 60s, a man became the leader of the cult whose domination forced a much more restrictive, harsher climate. Eventually the father ran afoul of the leader after a terrible scandal and they family was forced out. Life was more satisfying and better for most of the members though they were confused by the outside culture and the linguistic differences. The father unfortunately, had difficulty controlling himself as he had always been controlled. He disappointed his family in many ways and appeared manic in my opinion. But as he lay dying, Rebecca tries to reconcile the tragic loss of her father in death as well as the last few years of his life.

He begs her to help him document the worst years of the cult after he left. He called them the Nazi Years. Cultists were guided with such severe leadership, that people committed suicide, murdered and family breakups as people left the cult and were shunned by their family, never to talk to them again. I found this book affecting and enlightening. Rebecca Stoll is able to describe how people get caught in cults and the psychological fear of leaving, after one has left that doesn't go away.

I highly recommend this book. Mar 20, Debby rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-star-books , non-fiction , memoir. Sometimes the line between a church and a cult can be a thin one. Spiritual abuse can happen in both. I found this book to be very eye-opening and thought provoking, as well as very honestly portraying how cults, The Brethren in particular, operate. We all think we'd be able to spot them from a mile away, well maybe not.

It seems you need to know the truth first in order to be able to discern the false. If the false is believed first, then it seems, the truth becomes harder to grasp or trust. This is a well-written story of growing up in a dysfunctional family--in this case, the Exclusive Brethren, which have congregations all over the world despite being very small. The book reminded me a little of Oranges Are not the Only Fruit, by Jeannette Winterson, except Winterson's book about growing up in a strange English sect was complicated by her being a lesbian and suffering that particular brand of ostracism.

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The cult that the author grew up in in the U. The idea of living in and not even having heard of the Beatles, much less listened to their music, was hard for me to fathom. The sect broke down when the leader was discovered to be an advanced alcoholic who was having sex with a congregant's wife. The crazed, charismatic leader separating his flock from society seems to be peculiar to cults see Koresh, David; Jones, Jim; and any number of others.

The fact of the leader's being a complete reprobate while operating as a messianic figure always baffles me in terms of the many people that get sucked into each scam cult. This story of how she escapes and discovers the rest of the world is by turns tragic and enlightening. The tragic part is her father, who goes from being an elder to being a gambler and going to prison for it.

The enlightening part is her tireless quest to figure out just what life is really about and why the Exclusive Brethren are so weird and world-denying, yet claim to have the true gnosis. A fascinating and intelligent book. I would recommend it to anyone interested in psychology or dysfunctional families and organizations.

Aug 29, Caren rated it liked it Shelves: adult-nonfiction. Moderately interesting. I picked this up at the library. The author, who is British, moved into an old windmill in East Anglia with her father to care for him in his final months as he was dying from cancer. She spent a lot of time recording interviews with him in order to complete the memoir he had begun. The defining time in both of their lives was the years spent in a strict Christian sect, the Brethren. She was just a child and the family left the cult when she was about eleven, but the expe Moderately interesting.

She was just a child and the family left the cult when she was about eleven, but the experience had a searing effect on her. I wonder why so many religions repress women? Even as a child, she wondered why the women, who had to sit with the children in the back rows of the frequent, secretive meetings, had to cover their heads and not speak. She wished they would rise and defiantly stamp their feet. She recalls an incident when a cousin accused her of being responsible for the troubles in the world because "Eve gave Adam the apple". She thought angrily, "he didn't have to take it!

Her father, who was larger than life in both stature and personality, was one of the preachers in the church. After the family left the sect, her parents' marriage fell apart. It sounded as though her mother really raised the kids. The father had a gambling addiction and was a mercurial personality who had another family on the side before the actual divorce.

I had never heard of the Brethren, but honestly, it was kind of depressing to read about life in this cult. I wondered why on earth a woman would ever agree to any arrangement like that. Her family left the cult only after it reached a crisis incident when its lead preacher openly took another man's wife to bed. The cult didn't end though; it just split. As I said: depressing. Feb 03, Liz Mc2 rated it really liked it Shelves: memoir , nonfiction. Eventually, she realized that this was her story too, and wrote it her way, though her father and their relationship are at the heart of the book.

I was surprised therefore to find out that it existed in the U. Roger Stott comes across as a formidable figure, if at times terrifying, who steals the show in the book: Stott herself cannot compete with her Yeats quoting, Bible wielding, whisky glugging father. A terrific memoir and a must for any self-professed cult scholar. Rebecca Stott is from a family belonging to a religious sect called the Exclusive brethren.

Living conditions resembling more like a cult ethos and dictates Rebecca struggles to make sense of life under a sometimes tyrannical father and a family like a cooking pot ready to explode under the constant pressure living upto these religious ideals demanded of them. We see the day to day existence of surviving the insidious and seeming monotony under harsh rules.

The brain washing is intense and is writ Rebecca Stott is from a family belonging to a religious sect called the Exclusive brethren. The brain washing is intense and is written from both the point of view of the author as an adult and also her reflections and confusion as a child of trying to straddle two worlds both inside and outside cult life as they vastly intertwine. Her father as male head of the family features prominently in all her reminiscences and her relationship even more so with him seem conflicted.

All in all a fascinating insiders look at a closed off world and how to deal with breaking away and living a deprogrammed life afterwards. Jul 04, Laurie rated it liked it. Rebecca Stott was born into a cult. So was her father. He was a high ranking official in the church called the Exclusive Brethren.

An End of Times cult, they felt they had to purify themselves so they would be bodily taken up when the Rapture occurred. The rules became more restrictive through the years; not only did they restrict all information sources to the Bible and their own publications, but they limited contact with outsiders to almost nothing.

Women were to be seen and not heard. Then t Rebecca Stott was born into a cult. Some committed suicide. Businesses and jobs were lost. Growing up in this cult, Stott lived a life of fear, which seems to have been common among members. Fear that she could not live up to the strict standards of the cult- which of course she equated with the strict standards of God. But when things got too bad the church leader, J.

Sadly, his education did not save him from folly; he became a chronic gambler and womanizer and left his wife trying to provide for the family. The idea for the book began when her father, Roger, found out he was dying. He wanted help in finishing his autobiography, which he had started years before. Rebecca set out to record their talking sessions, and found that while he could talk about his early life, her father could not get past the years when he, as part of the Brethren, had led interrogations of members.

Something in his mind could never get past what he had done, no matter how he tried to reconcile the person who had done that with the person who had sought to do the right thing. I found myself confused in places. While I feel this book is important to understanding how cults work and how people become coerced and dependent in them, I feel it could have used a lot more editing.

A beautifully written, heart-breaking, infuriating account of the author's childhood growing up in the Brethren, this was so memorable for Stott's portrayal of both the ways in which the strict, highly sheltered environment can affect and inhibit a child's worldview, as well as the impact it had on her family as a whole, with a particular focus on her father. I barely read biographies and am much more of a fiction reader, but this is one I'd recommend to even the most staunch opponents of "real A beautifully written, heart-breaking, infuriating account of the author's childhood growing up in the Brethren, this was so memorable for Stott's portrayal of both the ways in which the strict, highly sheltered environment can affect and inhibit a child's worldview, as well as the impact it had on her family as a whole, with a particular focus on her father.

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