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Then we explore how individual social styles differ and contribute to the interpersonal dynamics of a team. Often, differences in the way people interact can create misunderstandings and frustration. Fortunately, there are a number of common interpersonal problems that, once understood, can be minimized.

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But even in the best of circumstances, conflict tends to affect both team members and the team atmosphere. Conflict is not always bad. As a matter of fact, the right kind of CQ Press Your definitive resource for politics, policy and people. Remember me? Back Institutional Login Please choose from an option shown below.

5 Tips For Handling Different Work Styles Among Employees - Insperity

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Meeting Mark on his social plane will help build trust and camaraderie with him. Putting them in the right position and giving them an environment where they can succeed is crucial to their success — and yours.

5 tips for handling different work styles among employees

An analytical person may have skills and experience as a salesperson, but it may not be their passion. Finding the right person goes beyond finding someone whose credentials match your job description. Give him projects where he works independently or one-on-one, and where there are defined processes and objectives.

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Managing challenging behaviors — such as steamrolling or overanalyzing — takes planning and communication on your part. When beginning a project, gather the right team members together to talk about objectives and goals.

The New Science of Team Chemistry

Everyone should be on the same page, working toward the same outcome. How the team arrives at the final goal may look different to each person because of their individual work style. A lot of times, the team dynamic gets mired in different work styles or personality misunderstandings.

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If you have different work styles on your team, it means work gets done, it gets done right, and you all might have some fun in the process. For example, if you have all go-getters like John, a lot of stuff will get done, but it may not get done to a particular standard.

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Whereas, if you have all analytical types like Jane, the work will get done right, but it may take forever. And a roomful of social Marks will be a lot of fun, but it may turn into a lot of talking, and not much getting done. Certainly offering a behavior assessment such as DiSC , Myers-Briggs or StrengthsFinder is a great place to start in figuring out what motivates your team. You hired them to do a job — give them the tools and the support they need to do it. If it will make them more successful — and therefore you and your company more successful — give it consideration.

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