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Tom has been struggling with the death of his wife, Rebecca, and can't seem to connect with his son the way his wife once used to. When Jake begins struggling at school, talking to himself, and claiming to hear whispers in the night Tom is at a loss as to what to do. Then the unthinkable happens This book is going to be a huge success for this author and it will be well deserved. Keep an eye out for this one come August. I promise you won't be disappointed! View all 41 comments. Jun 11, Felicia rated it liked it. Must have Daddy issues and enjoy torturing small children.

It's pretty tame compared to similar books in this genre. I was left wanting more. More darkness, more tension, more backstory. View all 50 comments. Sometimes I start reading a book and everything around me disappears and I am totally engrossed in the story. The Whisper Man by Alex North was one of these books. After the sudden death of his wife Tom and his seven year old son Jake buy a house and make a new start in the village of Featherbank. Everything is difficult from the start as Jake finds it hard to settle down at school and is frightened at home because he hears whispering outside his window.

This book was seriously creepy and I found Sometimes I start reading a book and everything around me disappears and I am totally engrossed in the story. This book was seriously creepy and I found the tension building in the story a little frightening, I just could not put this book down. This is a debut novel and I can't wait for the next book by this author. View all 6 comments.

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Jun 11, Dennis rated it it was amazing Recommended to Dennis by: Jamie. Shelves: pub , crime-fiction , police-procedural , horror , read , mystery , suspense , thriller , detective. Well this was honestly a surprise. It's been a loooooooooong time since I've enjoyed a police-procedural thriller. A very long time indeed. Alex North's debut novel The Whisper Man is one of the best police-procedural novels that I've ever read, ever. Alex North, you have a bright future ahead of you as an author, I'm telling you now. Tom's wife Rebecca died just one year earlier, and they family relocates to a new house to escape the horrors of the matriarch's death.

At the same time, the family's new town is experiencing turmoil that has resurfaced from decades ago. Twenty years ago, serial killer Frank Carter abducted young boys and murdered them in nearby areas. He was nicknamed "The Whisper Man" because he would lure young boys outside their windows by whispering to them and convincing them to trust him. Once caught, Frank has disappeared in the media—until a young boy is kidnapped. Is Frank operating from within the prison walls or is this a new copycat killer? I don't want to divulge more than that blurb provided, because the best part about The Whisper Man is the shock value it provides.

Two of the main characters, Tom and Jake, are both lovable, and slightly offbeat, which is refreshing and intriguing at the same time. I actually really enjoyed every character presented in this book in some aspect whether I loved them or loved to hate them. The mystery behind this serial killer is absolutely bone chilling! There were moments within the story that I was actually scared and had to peek outside the window to make sure nobody was there.

This never happens to me! It's definitely one of the scariest thrillers I've ever read. Alex North, you have a new fan and I cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeve next. View all 3 comments. Book Reviewed on www.

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Ever since Jake had to be carried up the stairs refusing to step where his mother had died. The village of Featherbank might have looked like an ideal place to restart their lives. A small community with a village school J Book Reviewed on www. A small community with a village school Jake could settle into. However, the place has a dark past. Fifteen-years ago five little boys were kidnapped and murdered by serial killer Frank Carter.

Their bodies all found in the same way except one, the last victim Tony Smith, whose body was never discovered. He was also the man to bring the killer to justice. Frank Carter has been in prison for the last fifteen years. He thrives in prison and taunts Pete Willis still all these years later. In the present day, a young six-year-old boy has gone missing.

DI Amanda Beck is in charge of the team trying to find the little boy but two months on and there has been no sight of him. The same method that Frank Carter did to his victims before he abducted them. Could Frank of had an accomplice who was never found, or is this the work of someone coping Franks every move and wanting to strike fear into the residents of Featherbank once again?

The Whisper Man is a creepy, edge of your seat read. Tom and Jake are both going through a hard time trying to deal with their grief. Tom is an author who is struggling to write.

The Whisper Man

Jake is a young boy who feels like a loner. He has no friends except the little girl that no-one else seems to be able to see, but Jake is adamant she is real. He sees a little boy too and also hears a man whispering to him. He puts pressure on himself after he failed to find the body of the last boy murdered by Frank and visits Frank in prison hoping that one day he would slip up and tell him something that would help find Tony. Now the nightmare is starting all over again with another abduction of a little boy.

This is a book that will play with your mind. Can you imagine someone whispering to your children of a night-time, telling them to do things? Someone shimming up the drainpipe and talking to them directly outside their window? There are also some supernatural elements to the story too, including the little girl who may or may not be real but she certainly knows things and sees things and tells them to Jake, she also helps him too.

If you love thrillers then this is one to definitely pick up. It is written in six parts which are all compelling, impressive and will make you feel out of breath as you race through them. View all 4 comments. Tahera Putting this in my TBR list. Wonderful review! I hope you enjoy it too. Tahera wrote: "Putting this in my TBR list. The Whisper Man features a seven-year-old boy and his widowed father who are both grieving the loss of Rebecca, beloved mother and wife.

Jake is an imaginative, solitary child. Tom Kennedy, his father, is a writer who struggles to do the right thing as a single dad. He is concerned that Jake makes few friends at sc The Whisper Man features a seven-year-old boy and his widowed father who are both grieving the loss of Rebecca, beloved mother and wife. He is concerned that Jake makes few friends at school. Tom is also a troubled that Jake would rather draw than spend time talking with him, and that sometimes, although he hates to admit it, he prefers it that way himself.

And he is angry at Rebecca for dying and leaving him alone with their son to raise. The style seemed stilted, almost didactic in the first few pages, but then the story settled into more of a rhythm. There is a rhyme that the girl has told him; it tells of the past.

Does it forebode the future as well? He was a real child murderer serving time in prison. We meet this man, Frank Carter, when the detective who worked the case goes to visit him in an attempt to get information to solve a new case of another missing boy. It still haunts him. Now another child is missing. Amanda Beck is in charge of this case, but Pete is very much involved.

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He is so tormented by his failures, personal and professional, that every night when he goes home to his lonely apartment, he stares at an unopened bottle and orchestrates an inner tug-of-war. The next day, he goes to the gym, then calmly returns to the job to do his best. She seems quite capable and professional. If this turns into a series, I am sure we will.

Jake is superbly conceived and developed. Does he truly have a sixth sense? Or is he one of those extraordinarily sensitive human beings who notices things without necessarily being aware of their significance at the time? He is, after all, just a young boy. His relationship with his dad is warm, funny, sad, and heartwarming, while at the same time, distant. He obviously misses his mom, and at times, I wanted to pull him into a warm hug. Bless him. He wants to be a good father.

Now Tom feels lost. He misses his dear wife. He loves his son and above all else wants to keep him safe, but he is frustrated. Jake is seven!!! He lacks the tools to communicate his feelings. I wanted to alternately nudge and scream — Either go easy on the kid, or get yourself and your son into counseling! The dynamics of this relationship felt very realistic, especially with the outside threat of an unknown bogeyman who was snatching children. The writing is taut with a gloomy cloud hanging over this little duo and over the police force and Featherbank.

Frank Carter reminded me of Hannibal Lecter — he is so evil. He just enjoys watching Pete sweat and squirm as he teases him with non-answers. Who will have the last laugh? There are some marvelous twists in this one, that, once they were revealed, I knew I should have seen coming. One final comment: the cover with the handprint really caught my eye. Upon closer examination, I saw that there are some images there that pick up on some symbol mentioned in the book. This is a wonderful debut novel, and I hope we see more from Alex North.

View all 8 comments. Jun 13, Monika Sadowski rated it it was amazing.

What a page turner till the last paragraph. Just really, really good crime debut. Thank you to NetGalley and Celadon Books for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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If you leave a door half-open. The Whisper Man has it all, extremely beautiful writing, exquisite plotting, a wonderful sense of place and a sinister undertone that may well keep you up at night. Turns out the hype is pretty much right on the money. Darkly delicious. That ending will haunt my dreams. View 2 comments. Jun 28, Betsy rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley.

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A slow burn thriller The Whisper Man is a solid slow burn of a thriller. From the first page, there's a moderate level of creepiness and suspense here. The story was entertaining and well-written, and the short chapters made it easy to read in bite-sized chunks. All in all, Alex North makes a fine debut. The Whisper Man was just somewhat suspenseful. If you think those authors' books are too scary, then The Whisper Man is probably up your alley.

If you're looking for "training wheels" to help you get into vintage King, then try reading this book to get started in the genre. However , if you're a hardcore Harris or King fan, The Whisper Man might not frighten you as much as you'd like. Staci Great review! Betsy Thanks, Staci! It has been described as the best crime novel of the last decade and as having shades of both Stephen King and Thomas Harris, and I would say that both of those statements are pretty spot on. It's a riveting psychological thriller that is one of the creepiest books I have ever had the pleasure of reading and an addictive ominous atmosphere lurks throughout.

It's deliciously dark and suspenseful, and although this premise has been done before I have never seen it better executed. Serial killer Frank Carter known as The Whisper Man due to his whispering at the window of his victims to lure them away in the middle of the night was tried and convicted for his mass murder spree twenty years ago in the small community of Featherbank.

But now horrifyingly a killer with the same modus operandi and penchant for young boys is on the loose and seems to know details that were not released to the public about the original crimes. So is there a copycat killer at work or is it someone Carter has spilled the beans to since like a fan or did he have an elusive partner who was party to everything back then?

The pacing is ideal, the characterisation impressive but what really stands out is the tension that North creates. In this chapter, man is ordered to take refuge in Allah from a big evil that is similar to the evils mentioned in the previous chapter called al-Falaq. However, this evil comes to man in a way that he does not know, that is, through secret powers and sensual desires; therefore, man sometimes acts heedlessly and does not take measures against it; he does a bad deed but he thinks he does a good deed.

In our opinion, the order to take refuge in Allah from this evil in the verse also orders us to be alert in the face of desires, feelings and thoughts that come from an uncertain source or from inside us, and to evaluate them based on the mind, conscience and religious values. As it is also understood from the last verse, there are two kinds of devils that try to deceive people and try to make man deviate them from the right path: The first one is devils of jinn , who try to mislead people by causing delusions in them.

Everybody has a devil that tries to lead him to bad deeds and to show bad deeds as good deeds. As a matter of fact, the Prophet pbuh states that everybody has a jinn devil. They are the people who lost the criteria of reality and value, who are dragged by their sensual desires and who are enslaved by devils in this aspect. They usually approach man by showing themselves as good people and lead man to the deeds that he will regret. That is, they suggest things with such embellished and nice words as if revealing with quick signs that those who look at the embellishments outside are deceived by them and fascinated by their evil.

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