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The House vote appeared to cast new doubts on the future of the committee. Well placed Administration sources said that President Ford was considering the. The data, the sources said, were discovered as White House aides began searching for information requested by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and were not part of the material gathered by the Rockefeller commission in its investigation of the Central Intelligence Agency. A special grand jury in Westchester County accused Mrs.

Charles J. Hynes, the special state prosecutor for nursing homes, indicated that this was the first of a statewide series of indictments.

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A state surcharge on Federal income taxes in New Jersey was voted down in the State Senate, when 24 Senators opposed it. There were only 15 votes for the proposal, six short of the required majority of 21 votes. Please upgrade your browser. So, the U. The CIA was created by Allen Dulles with the funding of his Wall Street cronies for the purpose of thwarting objectionable government actions.

It serves as the muscle for Wall Street to exploit the entire world. The rape of Greece using nefarious means by Wall Street financiers backed by United States muscle is beyond parallel. Then President Nixon was impeached and forced to resign allowing Ford to ascend to the Presidency. Once in power and out of the blue, Nelson Rockefeller, who embodies the nexus of the corporate and political ruling class is appointed Vice President. The past may be the blueprint for the future. Trump might be in a different faction, his education came from the hands of a mob lawyer, but one who was also in the inner circle of hawks going back to Truman.

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Who could they have preferred to Hillary, she was the proven right neocon stuff through and through, and still good friend of Kissinger? It would also be helpful to know the current extent of Mossad control and influence over the New York Times and Washington Post. Or are they guided by goals common to both the Mossad and the owners of the American media? Article is a day late. All Elections are a circus act. Except when a President crosses Israel agenda. Poor Jimmy Carter got the boot one term. Then after losing to Reagan Bush —dropped rates in weeks.

No accident I suspect that Kissinger-Nixon acolytes are all over Trump. In four years, run Sanders and Warren, or Warren and Sanders on the same Democratic ticket and there will be a landslide away from Republicans. Nobody in the DNC checks it, nobody responds. Use some four letter words. Parry, You article is very thought provoking and very well done. The result was the same. There is a little unpublicized fact that goes underreported. Julian Assange had a job working for Russian state funded TV.

Julian Assange also was instrumental in steering Snowden to Russia. Who wants what in this election. I think Hillary is now out of the picture. Who does Russia want as President? Would a copy of Trumps tax returns and other hacks make him putty in Putins hands.

Do the intelligence people have access to this information? Would they hesitate using it? Would intelligence deliver Trump and then get Pence into the Presidency by way of impeachment? Craig Murray meeting someone in the woods? Thank You for a great article. First of all james comie was pressured by his stuff there is an article showing how his stuff was quiting for not investigating clinton. So to shut up them and the votters after investigation he said is nothing to see here which was obvious political move not to hindrr clinton. Second new ceo of cia has accused john brennan of playing clinton politics with agency and running accusation with no proof.

This is obvioius tgat brennan in last day is playing politics want a role and is a shill and spreading obvious propganda eith ni facts to back it. President Obama has told the American people on several occasions that no one is above the law. Hands up anyone so out of touch with reality as to believe that. John Brennan lied to the senate intelligence? This is just the Economic Hitmen playbook in action, seen throughout the world and now coming to the US. The strategy is to bribe first. If that fails, then try to depose.

If that fails then kill. However, the simple truth is that Russia had a great deal riding on the outcome. Putin openly supported Trump and visa versa. HRC had rubbed Putin the wrong way for a long time — especially when as Secretary of State, she made statements calling into question the legitimacy of the elections in Russia. Hillary openly supported a no-fly zone in Syria — a provocative military move which would openly challenge Russian interests in Syria. In other words, the election of Hillary was potentially an existential threat to Russia.

The most logical explanation for the parade of leaks since Friday about why Russia hacked the Democrats is that the CIA has been avoiding admitting — perhaps even considering — the conclusion that Russia hacked Hillary in retaliation for the covert actions the CIA itself has taken against Russian interests……. The likelihood that Russia targeted the former Secretary of State for a series of covert actions, all impacting key Russian interests …….

Marcie points out several reasons which motivated the Russians to hack the DNC below from her article linked above :. Misleadingly getting the UN to sanction the Libya intervention based off the claim that it was about protecting civilians as opposed to regime change 2. Generating protests targeting Putin in response to parliamentary elections 3. Commenter craigsummers predictably offers a concise recitation of mainstream media propaganda about the DNC hack. So the most logical explanation for the hacking imbroglio is a domestic offensive cyber operation aimed at vilifying Russia.

Putin is pragmatic. He is interested in Russian interests — Ukraine, Syria and enabling a candidate like Trump who promises better relations with Russia possibly ending sanctions.

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  4. He took a big risk — and it might have swung the election. He is going to face additional sanctions under Obama and the Congress, but we will see what Trump decides to do after he takes over. This is awesome stuff. Too bad mainstream America prefers its news more like the its fast food, hot, fast, and tasty.

    The Work Of A Nation. The Center of Intelligence.

    This kind of logic takes more of a sit-down dinner that discusses the recipe and resulting flavor. Sputnik news is reporting that the Ukies have begun advancing simultaneously on seven Lugansk militia positions in the Donbass. The world as we know it could possibly be over before Xmas.

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    The Sputnik is just the long arm of the Russian government and hardly a source to use in a comment section. The Sputnik i. According to the Sputnik :. The road surface was also in perfect condition, while according to the experts it would have been damaged if it were hit by an airstrike……. Analysis of satellite imagery taken after a deadly attack on an aid convoy in northern Syria last month shows that it was an air strike, a UN expert says….. The US believes Russian warplanes bombed the convoy.

    What looks to be really amazing is that nobody seems to notice something totally absurd in all those recent discussions in MSM. That is we do not see do we? Rather than watching a professional discussions we keep seeing endless rows of J.

    Ben Parris

    Bolton or G. Kasparov types who pretty much look like people being on a short PTO from mental help institutions. As if plumbers or carpenters would be discussing brain surgery on all major TV channels for days without having a single brain surgeon present — total insanity gone viral. One would think those inclusive loving diverse DNC would be gushing his praises, grief counselors would normally be swarming the entire city by the dozens….

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    The newspapers would be constantly reminding us of this untimely death…Donna Brasille would be holding media events to catch the killer……or Debbie…. Odd the total silence from the DNC about the assassination of a prominent officer, who many inside the DNC suspected of being the whistleblower of the wikileaks that came out 9 days prior to the murder. To me, the sudden loss of a co-worker followed by such deathly silence from the DNC is the real mystery.

    If I was the detective, I would consider that suspicious. What about a scenario of intelligence services clan war, with FBI trying to shoot down one candidate, and CIA the other? The question is whether the US has descended too far from the rule of law into an imperialist regime for it to be overturned. It is true that the CIA and media first put out this crap prior to the election. They also probably know that, since they potentially have full knowledge of almost everything based on the Snowden disclosures, that the Russians likely have the same capabilities.

    The question is whether Russia released the information or Seth Rich, the murdered possible DNC leaker and somebody else the Podesta stuff, or if his lost phone resulted in his stuff being compromised.

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    There could be real fireworks ahead for the deep state. The link between Brennan and Comey is a compelling centerpiece that explains events. It will be interesting to see what Trump does and how the Intel faction turns up the heat. We are now treated like a foreign country by the elites in charge. Watch for a National Endowment for Democracy office opening up near you very soon.

    In the case of Clinton, I can well imagine the F. This time such a scenario might end in nuclear conflict with Russia. Officers who have to try to explain the strategy and tactics to men on the ground start to get very restless, and even angry. As for the C. The C. Republican or Democrat, they switch their allegiance according to which way the wind blows. The election of Trump threatens to change all that. An alliance between the C. When it comes to the CIA one must wonder if everyone does finally in the end have their day.

    Full text of "William Colby as Director of Central Intelligence "

    I mean once there was John and Yoko, and then there is Bill and Hillary. Hillary is a perfect example of the Peter Principle…through marriage, but basically she is the Peter Principle in motion. Every time Hillary wants to place blame on why she loss to Trump, she should just look in the mirror. Knowing her she would still see Vlad. With little time to legislate a stop Trump movement, would it not seen possible that with little time remaining for Congress to act, could this lead to more drastic measures being required?

    Seriously would it be wise for all of us to worry out loud. Trump just saved his self by alerting the citizens…. Trump,for his sake will need to keep his friends close, and his enemies even closer, and he probably will. Question; where would a four four Supreme Court take us? Could Obama by some weird executive order piece of baloney stay in office, and somehow bring Hillary on board?

    Okay, I think I know the answers to some of these questions, but we are talking about modern day America here, and anything is possible with the crowd we have on the Beltway. As far as we know major cable networks could be writing the first draft of this script, as we sit here reading the comment section. I think Trump will prevail with the Electoral College, and then all hell will break loose between today, and January 20th After that who knows. I just want everybody to slow the hell down.

    Quit making enemies, and start listening to the people of the world. Tom Friedman would love it. My point being, there are others things other than war and destruction. As it seems likely that the top two to receive votes from the Electoral College will be Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, if enough pledged to Trump abandon him to leave neither Trump or Clinton with a majority of the vote of the Electoral College, just who will be the THIRD largest vote getter?

    Let us suppose that 40 electors that are supposed to vote for Trump vote for one or more third candidates, PLUS let us suppose that 50 electors that are supposed to vote for Clinton vote for one or more third candidates. While it appears to me at the moment that those elected by the people as electors could ignore the desires of the people and vote for whoever they chose to be President. State laws may attempt to penalize any elector who did not receive the plurality of the votes in that State, the Federal Constitution would seem to allow electors to vote for whomever they please.

    New Coke was great,it tasted like Pepsi. Every thing I like they take off the market. You do know that the Coke you drink today is nothing like the Coke of the 60s,? They pulled a bait and switch when that controversy over Cokes formula arose in the 80s? Corn syrup. Sathers and Brachs combine;Brachs candy corn sucks,so they keep that instead of Sathers,sheesh. So much more. I guess I have discerning tastes. This is no longer the case. Reaction to the current presidential election outcome shows in their panic.

    Yes, make us all believe we have won the revolution, and then tell the anti-establishment president to start doing establishment things. This could also be the biggest kick off of a new reality tv show ever I might add. I mean most successful shows are viewed by half of an audience who hates them…. People love getting pissed off in America.

    Why hell it has become our national past time. Snarky is in. Yes the corporatocracy is in control, or so it seems. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems. Nedzi, the committee chairman who does not want the job but cannot resign, and six Democrats on the panel who find his leadership unacceptable.

    A number of alternatives short of abolition were being discussed, off the floor today by proponents intent on preserving an intelligence investigation in the House while surmounting the animosity between Mr. Nedzi, whose emotional resignation of his chairmanship was rejected by the House yesterday, and insurgent Democrats who believe that his objectivity has been compromised.

    The alternative solutions, which ranged from revamping the membership of the panel to merging it with the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, were overshadowed, however, by what several House aides described as a growing general disillusion with the internal squabbling that has inhibited the committee's investigation and led to the impasse between Mr. Nedzi and its six other Democrats.

    Doubt About Compromise. An aide to Mr. Nedzi, a Michigan Democrat, said today that he doubted whether any compromise would be acceptable to the chairman.