Keepers at Home:The Love Journey

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At the age of 14, my brother had already repeated a grade and changed schools six times.

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He came home with good grades and high spirits. My family felt at ease that Elliott was receiving an appropriate education. He ran home to show us, beaming with pride.

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Neither my mom nor myself remembered anyone in the house helping him study for this quiz and found ourselves asking how he spelled some of these words without a word bank. After some minor conversation and questioning, we learned that Elliott was given the answers to the quiz.

Keepers At Home - Our Journey Westward

He described being given two versions of the quiz: one that was blank, and one with the answers already filled in. Roth, how much do you honestly expect Elliott to learn?

The stunning reality was that the very person who was responsible for overseeing and implementing everything that Elliott needed in order to receive a free and appropriate public education FAPE under section of The Rehabilitation Act of , did not believe that Elliott was capable of learning. Several lawyers, advocates, therapists, three schools, and two programs later, Elliott graduated high school.

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At the graduation ceremony, each student was given a rose to give to the person who supported them most throughout their life. Elliott asked for two. As the students walked down the aisle and found their loved ones in the audience, Elliott turned first to my mom, then to me.

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What happens when the line between the past and the present begins to blur Though she's known him only twelve weeks, his tender love seems like a miracle of fate after her years alone. A series of uncanny coincidences linked to Tillie Smith follows, setting Rachel on a journey that grows into an obsession: Why did the murder of a poor kitchen maid at the local seminary become a national sensation?

Why were people in town trying to keep her from finding the truth?

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But most disturbing of all, why was Tillie reawakening a past Rachel chose to bury long ago. A past that could threaten her marriage. In the beginning, she is just barely that, as they have just been married. She has a secret and so does he.

The Keepers of Color: A Creative Hero's Journey into the World Within

Instead of starting out this new path with a clean slate the author has decided that they should stumble through things trying to hide who they are and yet create a new life together. There seems to be a theme of new beginnings overshadowed by the darkness of hidden secrets of the past. Rachel, our main character, is drawn to a monument that the entire town seems bent on not talking about.

Set in New Jersey, this small town full of secrets would not be out of place in the Deep South.