Der Sturz des Mubarak-Regimes: Ägypten unter ökonomischem Druck (German Edition)

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Beyond the Bubble. Beyond the Catch. Beyond the Curse. Sy, Amadou N. It was to secure the crucial southern port city of Aden, to lay claim to the vital island of Socotra in the Gulf of Aden, and to make common cause with the secessionist forces in the south, with a view to splitting Yemen apart into two separate countries, as it was prior to The Emirati drawdown should set alarm bells ringing in Riyadh. Granted, such a step is only a very modest beginning in the effort to put a stop to a savage and complicated war that otherwise will continue with no end in sight.

For the sake of the Yemeni people, let us hope he takes that step — by Bill Law. The UAE built up Yemeni militia instead look at cp1. Nothing really wll change. I do not believe in this hype propaganted by Western media now. Er stellte aber zugleich klar: "Wir werden kein Vakuum hinterlassen. The war-fatigued Emiratis appear to be leaving Riyadh to fend for itself in the fight against Iranian-backed rebels, underlining the necessity of Saudi-Houthi talks. As such, they have begun to deliberately draw down their forces in much of the country, excepting their counterterrorism forces.

Abu Dhabi is unlikely to announce this departure in any official terms given sensitivities with its neighbor and coalition partner Saudi Arabia,. UAE sources claim that Emirati units are almost percent out of Marib, 80 percent out of Hodeida, and beginning to withdraw from Aden, leaving local oversight to the Yemeni forces they have trained i.

Yemeni sources confirm at least part of the Aden drawdown. The drawdown has been occurring quietly for months and is not the result of the recent uptick in Iranian and Houthi-led attacks in the Gulf region. In short, the UAE argues that its drawdown is not just because of war fatigue, but also because its mission is largely complete in the south, and the conflict with the Houthis is now in the hands of UN negotiators rather than coalition military forces.

It has long been apparent that a solution in Yemen is more likely to be attained through a political process than a military one, especially with the U. Congress intensifying pressure in that direction and the UAE drawing down. My comment: Precondition to this is that there really is a larger drawdown by Emirati forces, which still is quite doubtful.

Look at Yemen War Mosaic , cp 6. As part of its regional and international projection, the UAE is keen to maintain its status as a model for Arab youth and preferred country of residence. But Aden is a city divided between strongholds of the legitimate government and the Southern Transition Council STC that maneuvers, with Emirati support, for predominance. Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed, nearly did not happen. The STC security detail helpfully sent to accompany our delegation around the city steered us instead to the STC compound even though we made it clear that we wanted to see the legitimate government first.

One can hardly criticize Yemenis for their efforts to build a decent future for themselves and their families away from a ravaging civil conflict. Indeed, political, economic, and social advancement in Marib, al-Jawf, and Aden is an encouraging reflection of what Yemenis can achieve when given the opportunity. The success of these experiments in local governance reinforces the view that decentralization and enhanced local autonomy are critical components for building a stronger, more secure, and more prosperous Yemen in the future.

But the continued devolution of power and authority poses risks, as well. The more deeply embedded these local structures become in Yemeni life, and the more they become magnets for Yemenis seeking to escape the conflict that is tearing the country apart, the more difficult it will become to rebuild a viable, unified Yemen when the conflict ends — by Amb. Gerald Feierstein. The seminar highlighted the siege of Yemen by the closure of ports and airports and the resulting tragedy of deteriorating health and the spread of disease. Film: Heart and Cancer patients in Yemen suffer from critical health conditions due to lack of medical supplies and medicines.

The Yemeni Ministry of Health announced that more than sixty thousand heart patients are threatened with death, at a time when the Saudi-led aggression damaged most medical centers that treat Heart and Cancer patients. Cardiac catheterization will stop before the end of its life span and require maintenance. According to the Yemeni Ministry of Health, there are more than sixty thousand Heart patients who are threatened with death due to the interruption of these supplies from the central pharmacies due to the siege after they were granted to patients free of charge.

The UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen Lise Grande said on Tuesday that some of the UN humanitarian aid programs might be suspended in the Houthis-held areas due to difficulties the UN aid organizations face in the rebels-controlled areas. A week long training course on psychological support started Wednesday in the temporary capital Ade.

The training course aimed to provide the trainees with necessary theoretical knowledge and practical training on providing psychological support for the traumatized children. Film: Last week monarelief 's team was planning to distribute food aid baskets to families in Manakha area west of Sana'a but we stopped from local authorities as we do have a permission to do so. We are working to get the permission to start our humanitarian work there. My comment: First kill, injure childtren by air raids, then starving and stripping them of medical aid by air raids and blockade, then pay some blood money to help them.

Sana'a announced on June 25 that it is taking measures to combat the spread of cancerous tumors among citizens in the hope of alleviating the suffering of those infected with this malignant disease. Taha Al-Mutawakil, Health Minister in the Salvation Government, announced that 40, cancer cases are reported a year, 20, of whom die each year. Eighty thousand people have died of cancer since the siege began. The number of cancer patients is expected to increase further with the passage of time under the embargo.

The hospital receives almost patients every day from many governorates across the country. WHO support includes the provision of 11 beds for the intensive care unit, central washing machines and litre sterilization machines. But more than four months later, despite multiple meetings between UN humanitarian officials and leaders of the two countries — including a late May visit to Riyadh by UN relief chief Mark Lowcock — the money has still not been disbursed.

My comment: Announcements are made for a good propaganda; really paying the bill is not this much sexy. This is imperative to adress communities' multiple needs and collapse of services and to continue work with multi alternatives photos. With starvation threats looming, Yemenis are trickling back from Sanaa to find a battle-ravaged city. Although battles are still raging in Hodeidah, people displaced from the port city have already begun returning to their homes from Sanaa, as they struggle to feed their families in the Yemeni capital.

WFP suspended aid distribution in Sanaa last month after disputes with the Houthis over the agency's biometric system introduced to prevent the rebel movement from diverting aid. The decision affects , people in the capital Sanaa, including Hodeidah displaced. Staring at the prospect of starvation in the capital, some Yemenis have returned to their war-torn homes where they are more likely to secure their monthly rations.

Boraie never thought that the WFP would stop providing his family with the much-needed food - and was shocked when they did. In fact, Boraie said, anxiety he faced about the fighting last year has been replaced by fears his family will die of starvation instead. Besides, they are working hard to find food," said Mubarak al-Otomi, a year-old resident of the city. He told MEE that many displaced people like him haven't returned home yet, but the suspension meant they could soon head back to Hodeidah.

It is implemented by Yemen Red Crescent Society serving vulnerable communities and local authorities in five governorates. Staff and volunteers are trained in psychological first aid, community-based psychosocial support, self-care and peer support, minimum standards for protection, gender and inclusion, how to plan and implement awareness raising and psycho-education sessions, child friendly spaces and community-led social events. Safety and well-being of Yemen Red Crescent Society staff and volunteers is also promoted as they are themselves directly affected by the conflict in Yemen.

Eighty per cent of the population — In January and February , almost 72, new suspected cases of cholera were reported. An estimated 3. Despite a difficult operating environment, international and national partners continued to work across Yemen in the first two months of to respond to the most acute needs. Nearly two months since the campaign started on 21 April , irregular migrants continue to be impacted by strict immigration policies in Aden governorate.

At the peak of the detention campaign 27 April May , IOM estimates that approximately 5, irregular migrants were held across three sites: two football stadiums in Aden and Abyan governorates and a military camp in Lahj governorate. Despite voluntary humanitarian return VHR flights, which started on 28 May, over 1, migrants remain on site. IOM will be supporting the return to Ethiopia of children and vulnerable cases.

To avoid encouraging a permanent emergency response in the 22nd of May Stadium, IOM will phase out humanitarian response at the site. IOM is cognizant of the fact that its priority must first and foremost be the safety, dignity and wellbeing of migrants and has carefully weighed the decision in order not to encourage policies of detention and deportation.

Scores of families left the northern parts of Yemen's southern province of Dhalea, as fighting heavily intensified between the government forces and the Houthi rebels on Tuesday, a security official said. The fighting escalated following an attack launched by government forces backed by the Saudi-led coalition to recapture key military sites from Houthis' control near Qataba district to the northern part of Dhalea, said the security official, who asked to remain anonymous.

Within two days, fighting forced about 26 families to flee and establish a temporary displacement camp in Al Hussein district to the northeastern part of Dhalea province without adequate food assistance, according to local security source. We demand the United Nations organizations in particular to help us," said Khaled. This exploratory research is the first in a series of reports about children on the move in the Horn of Africa aimed at improving understanding of the complex vulnerabilities and drivers of children on the move. The study draws on qualitative interviews and focus group discussions with children and parents on the move.

Data has been uncovered on problems encountered in transit and how responses can be improved. Interviewees included internally displaced persons, refugees, migrants and returnees. Recent assessments by IOM suggest that that there are close to a million internally displaced persons in Somaliland and it is estimated that approximately , of this number are children. The study found that children and young people are usually facilitated by smugglers in their attempts to move. They are identified through their networks of friends who have either undertaken a journey themselves or know someone who has.

Technology and social networks help provide information to children who want to move. All children on the move in Somaliland, regardless their particular struggles, face significant difficulties. The Yemeni Media Union has called for the forming of an international commission of inquiry to investigate into the aerial attack on the Union president and his f. A UN food agency is suspending work in Yemen after failing to seal a deal on biometrics from locals. The Houthi rebels fear that the data could be used by the Saudi-led coalition for war purposes, a campaigner told RT.

The Houthis accused the agency of politicizing aid while doing the bidding of the Saudi-led coalition, whose members are among the chief funders of the food program. Mohamed Ali al-Houthi, the chairman of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee, has asserted that the Saudi-led invaders originally invoked the so-called Gulf Initiative of as a way to sabotage the democratic process of Yemen.

While the September 21 Revolution in did indeed overthrow the government of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, and established the Supreme Revolutionary Committee as a leading organisation in the new Yemeni government, several sources indicate that there was an extensive campaign of negotiation and rapprochement between various political organisation ongoing by the time the Saudi-led coalition invaded.

What's left of us? First human rights report sheds light on violations against women in al-Houthi prisons. A new Human rights report revealed serious abuses against abducted women and detainees in al-Houthi militia jails. Sam organization said in its report released Wednesday, "" What's left of us? According to the report, Al-Masdar online obtained a copy of it, said that it had monitored sites for the arrest and concealment of women, including abandoned places used for interrogation, psychological torture, homes of citizens forced to leave, and police stations controlled by the Houthi militia.

The report had testimonies of victims, relatives of victims and eyewitnesses who had spoken to the organization, of grave violations against women detained in al-Houthi militia prisons, including police stations and military checkpoints. Tawfiq al-Humaidi, head of the organization, said: "Although women in Yemen have a special status, they, with the al-Houthi group's control over Sana'a, have lost this status, and subjected to grave violations that are contrary to human norms and values, and are in contravention of the Convention on the Rights of women, where they are widely monitored Abusive by Houthi militia for women in Yemen.

The head of the Supreme Political Council for the al Houthi movement, Mahdi al Mashat, announced plans to remove the political immunity of parliamentarians on July 2. Removal of immunity would allow for trials and seizure of property for opposition members within al Houthi-controlled territory.

Military reinforcements of "Southern Transitional council " arrives to Shabwah coming from Aden. Local residents of Jardan district of Shabwah Governorate reported the arrival of military reinforcements from the Southern Transitional Council coming from the interim capital of Aden. The residents confirmed to the correspondent of "Al-Masdar online " that a group of vehicles passed on Wednesday evening, through the mountainous roads to the city of Ataq, the center of the south Eastern province of Shabwah.

Militias kidnapped a photojournalist in Yemen's Mahrah , peaceful sit-in organising committee said Thursday, adding the photojournalist was put in a Saudi jail at Al-Ghaydah airport. The clashes, which began two days ago, have escalated at a sporadic pace after the tribe of Obeida entered the frontline. The reinforcements of the Islah group originally only carried out its campaigns against the Ashraf tribes, who were defending their land. My comment: Islah Party militia are backing the Hadi government, against the separatists.

According to the sources, violent explosions were heard in areas of Sheikh Othman district due to the using of RPG missiles.

  1. Sade - La terreur dans le boudoir (Roman) (French Edition);
  2. Usbekistan.
  3. IPK: Archiv Politik-Nachrichten?
  4. DOK Leipzig Catalogue by VISIONAUTEN - Issuu.

A number of deaths and injuries were confirmed and ambulances were seen rushing to the entrances to Omar al-Mukhtar area. My remark: This is by a pro-Houthi source. The same clashes by a pro-Hadi government source:. Members of the Southern Transitional Council NTC , which demanded secession, stormed the headquarters of the government's Saba Agency recognized in the Tawahi district in the interim capital of Aden, and closed it after they removed Unity flag and raised flag of the south state. According to media sources, supporters of the UAE-backed southern transitional elements stormed the headquarters of the Saba agency in Tawahi, forcing workers to rehabilitate the agency to leave, after they were threatened with death if they continue to work.

The sources added that the supporters of the transition had removed the flag of the Yemeni unity, and raised its place in the Office's mast, the flag of the country known as the Democratic People's Republic of South Yemen, in addition to writing anti-legality and recognized government statements. So, how come they are refugees! My comment: Southern separatists mocking refugees from Northern Yemen and blaming the Hadi government by conspiracy theories. My comment: This separatist propaganda does not fit well to the statement above. And more propaganda:. President Aidarous Al-Zubaidi of the southern transitional council asserted that the south is so close to restore its desired state as its organizations are under construction now.

Al-Zubaidi headed an extensive meeting for local leaderships in Aden. He appreciated the political maturity and organizational performance of local leadership of Aden demanding its leaders to use this momentum in developing their performance to reflect the real bright face of Aden as a pioneer city in political affairs. Al-Shabhi tweeted that "the Islah party wages war against everyone in the North and in the South with the exception of the Houthis. Member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council and assistant secretary-general for the Council, Fadl al-Jaadi confirmed that the STC is the eligible body that will stand up against the forces that proclaimed themselves as custodian for the South and its wealth.

A citizen was killed and three others injured as a result of the ongoing clashes between the militants of the Abu Abbas Brigades and another militant group on Wednesday in Al-Ma'afer, south of Taiz, southwest of Yemen. Local sources told Al-Masdar online that clashes broke out between "Abu al-Abbas" militants and an armed group following a person named "Al-Tahsh" Wednesday morning at the Byrin market in al-Ma'afer district, because of their struggle to collect money from the market.

Aden Oil company employees start strike to demand protection of laws governing work with refineries. The deputy security chief of Marib city, Colonel Mujahid Mabkhout Al-Shareef, was killed Wednesday morning in clashes between a security campaign and security wanted militants in cases of attacks on security personnel and the killing and wounding of several of them. The South will be declared independent soon The well-known Kuwaiti journalist, Ahmed Al-Jarallah revealed that there's a consensus reached among the Gulf countries on the return of the two states in Yemen in conformity with a program adopted by the GCC countries.

Al-Jarallah wrote on his official Twitter account "Well, that's it, it's a matter of time for the South to restore its state and join the Gulf Cooperation Council. My comment: I doubt. The STC pledged to ban any act of sexual violence against any persons, to prohibit the recruitment and use of children below 18 years old and to facilitate the provision of medical care and education to children. In addition, the STC also committed to ban the use of anti-personnel mines in the conflict in Yemen. Geneva Call will work closely with the STC leadership to make sure that this public commitment to strengthen the respect of the rights of the civilian populations is implemented on the ground.

My comment: Which role does the separatist STC ewant to play? They try to act like state actors more and more. Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik said it is imperative that the UN, names the Houthis in no uncertain terms as obstructors of humanitarian aid works. Employees from Yemen Oil Company have called for the laws to be put in place to protect their rights.

Saudi forces stationed in Sayhut district of Mahrah province, eastern Yemen, have started to establish their own military posts near the main sites of fishermen on the beach, sources reported on Tuesday. My comment: What a sham. The Hadi government is integrating militia into the regular army, thus trying to circumvent the rule that for a final peace settlement all militia must be disarmed.

My comment: As claimed by the Hadi government. I am in doubt that in Houthi-held northern Yemen anyone will get anything. Informed sources said that gunmen of the so-called security belt raided the house of the pharmacist Mohammed Essam in Khor Maksar district at dawn and took him to an unknown destination and assaulted his mother with rifle butts during the raid. The sources added that the arrest of Dr. The sources said that the director of Endowments office in Aden, along with Hani Ben Brik, Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council, pushed gunmen loyal to them on military crews to close the mosque in the neighborhood of Al-Qaloua a week ago, after the residents refused attempts to appoint new Imam for the mosque Rather than the former imam who receives support from the people.

A financial document holding the slogan of the so-called Southern Transitional Council has provoked widespread debate on social networking sites. Clashes broke out between private security forces and security wanted elements from al-Amir tribes, killing two soldiers of the security forces. Protesters raised the Yemeni flag and banners condemning the UAE intervention in the island as well as attempts to stir up differences and internal conflicts since In more than four years of war, their communities have suffered so much displacement and death that 71 tribal sheikhs and local dignitaries decided, with support from the European Union, to look for a way out of the fighting.

In a March joint statement they urged the international community to pressure the warring parties to stop the conflict in Serwah. Yes, the Serwah statement is easy enough to brush aside, given that the area is just one of many flashpoints in Yemen. But while agreements in places like Serwah may not end the war as a whole, they can greatly complement the national peace process. Local deals have the potential to bring civilians some respite, advance confidence-building measures that could set a precedent for compromise between the warring parties, and accelerate much-needed reconciliation once the war finally stops.

During the meeting, they discussed the political, humanitarian and economic situation, as well as the efforts of the political process and overcome obstacles hindered by Hadi regime-in-exile and the Saudi regime, following progress in Hodeidah through unilateral redeployment at various ports. The meeting, which was attended by member of the national delegation Abdul Malik al-Ajri and member of the Higher Economic Committee Ahmed al-Shami, touched on the economic escalation carried out by Saudi Arabia and the Hadi regime, as well as the impact on exchange rates and the stability of the market and the lives of Yemeni citizens.

I am grateful for the continued support of Russia for my efforts. Film: A young Yemeni man showed a video of the suffering of Yemenis in the deportation prison in Riyadh , but he paid a high price. Watch the video. Can you tell them to stop their bloody war on our home Yemen?

Can you tell them where is JamalKhashoggi 's body? Minaj sparked a major controversy in the Islamic world after insulting Islam and Muslims in one of her songs. This relationship with Islam has instinctively led many from the Sunni Arab world to look to the kingdom for daily guidance on religious issues. For years, Saudi Arabia has been working toward becoming a regional hegemon in the Middle East, whose claim to power, in recent years, is threatened only by Iran.

It is time the world understood the position of women in Saudi Arabia as it is, and act accordingly. So far, the absolute monarchy in the kingdom has been able to persuade the world that the way women are treated under its rule is a product of local culture and of Islam itself. The United States can help by writing a clear policy on ending Saudi enslavement of women. The Congress, which today has the highest number of women in history, can advocate for that at every opportunity, and allocate funding for indigenous efforts to end this Saudi gender apartheid. Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, is a standard-bearer for many Muslims today.

The emancipation of Saudi women will be the shortest and fastest way to help empower Muslim women around the world. Until women in Saudi Arabia acquire legal personhood, the world must make the Saudi government's life hard by placing the emancipation of women in every policy exchange they have with the Saudis, and by offering fleeing women a safe haven just as Canada did recently — by Ali AlAhmed. A UN expert, who recently concluded a probe into the state-sponsored assassination of Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi, has called for sanctions on surveillance technology sales to Riyadh, amid reports that the regime has been using such spyware to keep track of the dissidents living abroad.

They simply want others to do the dirty work for them — and to die in war, of course. Threatening anyone speaking against the culture and customs of his country. Part of that is probably protocol. Saudi Arabia is hosting the next G summit in late So MBS got some prominent treatment in Osaka.

The message from the G is that as time passes some leaders at least are looking to move on from the Khashoggi affair.

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Aligning himself so closely with Trump may not be a sustainable long-term strategy for the crown prince, either. C hannel 4 News obtains new footage from inside the royal compound in Jeddah where four Saudi princesses say they are being held against their will by their father, the king. The footage comes after Channel 4 News first broadcast claims by their mother, Princess Alanoud Al Fayez, who says her four daughters — Princesses Sahar, Hala, Maha and Jawaher, have been subject to years of abuse and are effectively held under house arrest. Film: Joints will be separated, body cut into pieces: New chilling details from Jamal Khashoggi's murder.

Saudi Arabia has quietly directed tens of millions of dollars a year to American universities from M. Bruce Riedel offers some ideas for how to change the U. I would add a couple other suggestions for what the next administration should do when handling relations with the Saudis.

The first one may seem superficial, but it is very important: stop referring to them as an ally. Call them a partner if you must, but stop pretending that the U. The Saudi government bet heavily on Trump, and they should expect to pay an equally steep price for their many crimes when he is no longer in office to protect them — by Daniel Larison. Obviously Saudi Arabia has never aspired to be a democracy, but previous rulers have sought to build a consensus.

The place to start is optics. No more embarrassing and silly embraces.

Treat him as he is: the murderer of thousands of innocents. Then change the arms relationship. No more weapons, munitions, spare parts, upgrades or technical assistance until the war in Yemen stops. The Saudis will have to abide; contrary to Trump you cannot run an American-supplied military with Russian or Chinese support. If the British join in, the Saudi war machine, which is already not very impressive, will be in grave dysfunction.

Congress has already taken some steps on arms and the impact in the kingdom is palpable. The royal family does not want to break with America however much they complain about us. The change in direction with the Saudis should be part of a broader change in policy to the region and especially with regard to Iran — by Bruce Riedel. These attacks are risking the lives of many and injuring innocent civilians. We call for an immediate end to these violent actions, which only exacerbate the conflict in Yemen and deepen mistrust.

My comment: What a document of hypocrisy. A number of US senators sent a letter to Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo asking him to explain his decision to exclude Saudi Arabia from the list of countries known to recruit children in the Trafficking in Persons Report. The senators said the exclusion came at a time when Saudi Arabia had been blacklisted for countries that failed to address human trafficking and appeared to run counter to what was set out in the Prevention of Child Recruitment Act. The real reckoning in the U. Virtually all Democratic lawmakers, along with several Republican members of Congress and various lobbyists, analysts, and former officials, are shunning the Saudis to the point where a visit to Washington, D.

Yet they acknowledge, or at the very least pay lip service to, their precarious position. Nobody is likely to similarly brand Rep. Abigail Spanberger a peacenik, at least not with any success. Having served for eight years in the Central Intelligence Agency, the congresswoman from Virginia has the kind of foreign policy experience that Democrats were once derided for lacking. Here he comments on Yemen:.

Insofar as the Saudi coalition depends on U. The U. The idea that cutting off U. Supporters of the war have claimed again and again that U. The obstacle to this for the last two and a half years has been the president. Ending U. Diesmal mit dem Iran.

Der iranische Regierungschef Rohani trat heute vor die Presse und sagte unter anderem folgendes :. Rob Macaire was summoned to the ministry on Thursday, hours after reports emerged that the vessel had been boarded by British Royal Marines and impounded. Moussavi said that Iran denounces the seizure as "a destructive step," which contributes to further escalation in regional tensions. Citing a Spanish source, France 24 reported earlier that the tanker had been seized by Britain at the US request with films. Iran has summoned the British ambassador in Tehran to complain about what it says was the illegal seizure of an Iranian oil tanker.

British Royal Marines helped the authorities in Gibraltar seize the ship because of evidence it was heading to Syria in breach of EU sanctions. Spain's acting foreign minister said the seizure of the ship - Grace 1 - was at the US's request. Gibraltar port and law enforcement agencies detained the super tanker and its cargo on Thursday morning with the help of the marines.

The BBC has been told a team of about 30 marines, from 42 Commando, were flown from the UK to Gibraltar to help, at the request of the Gibraltar government. The first marines to board the Panama-flagged ship descended by rope from a helicopter, as others approached in speed boats. No shots were fired. BBC defence correspondent Jonathan Beale said while Britain has been keen to suggest it was an operation led by the Gibraltar government, it appears the intelligence came from the US.

Spain disputes British ownership of Gibraltar. White House national security advisor John Bolton said the seizure was "excellent news", saying the tanker laden with oil bound for Syria was violating EU sanctions. But it looks as if both the US and the UK had been tracking the movements of Grace 1 throughout its curious voyage from the Gulf to the Mediterranean. The Americans were acutely interested because they are determined to prevent Iran profiting from oil sales which breach US sanctions. But when the super-tanker, all metres of it, entered EU waters, specifically Gibraltar waters, the British authorities judged they had no choice but to enforce EU sanctions against Syria which the UK pushed for and strongly supports.

Brussels was not involved in the seizure decision. It is not a matter for EU institutions to enforce customs law. That is a responsibility of member states. Iranian officials have warned Saudi Arabia against holding an oil tanker "hostage," describing it as an "illegal seizure" and a case of "ransom-seeking" aimed at gaining concessions from Iran. On May 2, Saudi Arabia announced its coast guard had rescued a distressed Iranian oil tanker, named Happiness I, with 26 on board off the Red Sea port of Jeddah, after it faced "engine failure and the loss of control.

Tehran has 'closed the path' militarily, leaving Washington to pursue economic war, Revolutionary Guard's chief says. The head of Iran 's elite Revolutionary Guard said the United States is worried about the prospect of war with Iran and has instead pursued an economic conflict. Major-General Hossein Salami on Wednesday said Iran had "completely closed the path for the enemy" in the military sphere, Iran's Fars news agency reported.

At the current crossroads, economic war is the main field for the enemy to confront us," he said. Here is some fakenews from the Guardian which falsely claims that Iran breaks the nuclear deal. Iran today announced that its stockpile of low enriched uranium now exceeds the kilogram of enriched uranium hexafluoride UF6 level set out as a limit in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action pdf.

It is not breaching it.