The Answer - Improve Your Life By Asking Better Questions

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Your life chart, all in an app! Curiosity about oneself is about discovering who you really are, and not who you say you are. Once you are clearer about how you feel and what you want, the next step is to start questioning your external world. You must now be curious about the problem itself.

Here are some questions to start with : What is this problem really about? What are the cause and effects? When did it start? Has it happened before? Is this a pattern? Who else has experience dealing with it? What do they do about about it? What are the best ways for me to deal with it?

The easiest and most accesible solution for problem solving is to google your questions and problems. Through google, you can find more information about how others are dealing with it, you can read books about the issue and watch videos about it. Reddit threads give great insight! Self help books can help too.

Its good to keep an open mind and be curious about other people's experiences and advice. You may never know what you may stumble upon. For example, you are self-employed and own your own business. Business is not going too well, and you feel stuck in a rut. Reading autobiographies and memoirs of successful entrepreneurs may help you gain perspective, as you will learn all the trials and tribulations they had to endure to reach their goals. You may use their knowledge and experience to strategise your own business goals. Knowing how other people manage their hardships, whatever it may be, is a great start to getting out of your rut.

Alternatively, you can also seek therapy and reach out to your friends. By having enough data on the problem as a whole, only then you can make an informed decision on how to move forward. There is no shame in therapy or seeking professional help! Some people have told me that this method of asking questions may not work for all, that life is not as easy as answering a series of questions and moving forward with the most logical solution.

Most of the time its more complicated than that. Thats true, each challenge we face will need to be dealt with in different ways. However, we have nothing to lose by merely asking questions and gathering information. Staying ignorant will get you nowhere. In this case, the best questions would be : Would you rather stay miserable and be a victim all your life, or would you take control and start seeking ways out of your misery?

Do you really want to improve your life? Or do you want to only whine, complain about it and allow it to happen to you? By the end of the day, it is up to you. The more questions you ask, the closer you will get to reaching whatever state you desire. I've touched on ways to use curiosity in overcoming adversity, but how about being curious in general? How would that benefit us in life? Curiosity lies with awareness.

Awareness of the unknown. If you think you know everything, you will stop asking questions.

5 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Mentor - Dan Martell

The trick is to remember one can never know everything, and there is always something new to learn. Maybe you don't know know what you want in life, you don't know what makes you happy. Be curious about life, start looking around, try new things. You can start with always asking questions that feed your curiosity. Be it asking about yourself, or asking about the world. Every time you have a question, dig deeper into it. How do I manage toxic friends? Google it. Watch a video about it. Take a few hours of your week to learn something new. You might be surprised where your questions can take you.

You may find out something new about yourself too. In certain societies, we can be taught to fear certain questions as it may shake our beliefs and our faith. This not only affects our openness to new ideas and concepts, it also leads us to be more judgmental of others who do not share our views. We make preconceived notions about people, instead of genuinely being curious about who they actually are.

We judge, even before we take the time to understand. We make conclusions, even before we ask questions and get answers. We do not have to agree about everything with everyone, but we must always give a chance to understand another person's point of view. People behave the way they do and have certain beliefs because of their upbringing and environment.

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Try to understand where they come from. For example, a new foreign neighbour moves in next door. You don't understand their culture or customs. There is no doubt, that a strategic and purposeful use of questions can lead to great success, fulfillment, and happiness. A question within itself is not creative in nature, it is rather used as a catalyst that helps stimulate creative thought — further enhancing our abilities to overcome the problems and setbacks that confront our daily realities.

Within this section, we will delve into some simple, yet very effective questioning tactics we can utilize to overcome potential obstacles and challenges. As you go about your daily activities it is important to keep your mind sharp, alert and focused on the solutions that could potentially help you to overcome the problems and pitfalls that life can throw your way. To do this, you must zero-in on a set number of effective questions that will help stimulate creative thought, while expanding your problem-solving skills and abilities.

There are literally dozens of questions that can be utilized here. However, for the purpose of this discussion, here are two very effective questions that will do the job just right:. No matter how grim or dire the circumstances may at first appear to be, this question focuses your mind on the positive outcomes you are seeking to attain. How can I best use this to my advantage? This question focuses your mind on the possible solutions while expanding your awareness of the potential opportunities that could be hiding around the corner.

You are effectively brainstorming methods for turning lemons into lemonade. If you need a little extra leverage to help you overcome the obstacles in your life, then you might find it helpful to utilize the following four-pronged question attack method for overcoming problems:. This question enhances confidence and expands your thinking, focus, and awareness about the potential solutions that could help you overcome this problem.

This question stimulates your creativity and problem-solving ability to help you work through the possible solutions to your predicament. Sometimes we tend to be somewhat reluctant to take the necessary steps that will bring our thoughts and ideas to fruition. By deciding what you will choose to do , instead of what you must do , will help you to draw up a plan of action and possibly avoid the pitfalls of procrastination.

The purpose of this question is twofold. First, it helps you identify and prepare for the possible challenges and setbacks that may lie along your journey. While at the same time, helping to expand the confidence and flexibility-of-thought you will need in order to overcome this challenge successfully. Once you have moved through and answered the mismatch question, you would once again cycle through the four-pronged question attack method until you are happy and confident that you can achieve your outcome.

If after undergoing the above two questioning tactics you are still unable to overcome your problems successfully, then you might like to try questioning your questions. Sometimes we simply cannot find the right answers that will help us move past obstacles because we fail to ask the right questions in the first place. Knowing what questions to ask only takes you halfway. The second half of the process involves knowing how to find the answers that will bring forth effective solutions to your quality questions.

In order to keep ourselves focused and centered throughout our day, it is important to partake in periods of thought and self-reflection every morning and evening. Periods of self-reflection should be utilized to help us ground ourselves, to learn from our experiences, and to focus our minds on the most important and pivotal areas of our lives. Personally, I have utilized these questioning strategies for a number of years now. They help me in the morning to focus and direct my mind on what I want most, and later in the evening, they assist me with the process of personal growth and reinvention.

The following set of questions are only examples that have worked for me.

My Answers to Your Questions: From Business to Life Improvement

Feel free to remove, adjust or add your own as you see fit. Morning questions should be used for planning and thinking ahead. Spend about 5 to 10 minutes in the morning consciously answering these set of questions.

For best results, you should keep the answers to these questions at the forefront of your mind as you go about your daily activities. Again spend about 5 to 10 minutes sometimes more may be required to consciously reflect upon these questions.

Ask better questions

Your goal throughout this process must lead you to a psychological transformation that will help you grow and become a better person tomorrow than you were today. How has the world mirrored my inner patterns of thought and feeling? How have I contributed today to others and the world around me?

What have I done today that has brought me closer towards attaining my goals and objectives? Where does my life appear to be headed based on my current patterns of behavior? How must I now reinvent myself in order to attract what I want most in my life? How we question ourselves, others, circumstances and the world around us, is intrinsically connected to the experiences and emotions we tend to attract into our lives. If we consciously take time to develop the habit of asking resourceful and solution focused questions on a daily basis, then this will enrich our lives in so many unexpected and seemingly unimagined ways.

If on the other hand, we neglect this responsibility and just settle upon a pattern of asking unresourceful problem-centered questions, then our lives will likewise be a reflection of this ineffective thought process. In the end, the choice we make completely rests within our hands. And it is this choice that will determine the level of success, happiness, and fulfillment we experience within our lives.

Did you gain value from this article? Is it important that you know and understand this topic? Would you like to optimize how you think about this topic? Would you like a method for applying these ideas to your life?

The Answer - Improve Your Life By Asking Better Questions

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How is it that seemingly insurmountable problems are suddenly overcome? How is it that one person eases through their problems, while another person experiencing the same challenges cannot seem to make any progress? The Purpose of Strategically Inspired Questions Our questions are far more than just a few words jumbled together with a question mark at the end. Helps Alter Perspective and Life Experience Our questions help alter the perspective of the world around us. This will likewise help you identify a greater array of opportunities that can move your life forward in immeasurable ways.

Helps Alter Emotional State The questions we ask are intrinsically connected to the emotions that we experience on an ongoing basis throughout our day. If you feel as though you have suddenly hit an emotional brick wall, immediately stop yourself and ask a new set of questions that will instantly trigger positive emotions. Helps Alter Physiological State Our emotional states are intrinsically connected to our physiological bodies. The moment you notice your physiology sink into an unresourceful state, immediately ask solution focused questions that will help you to break out of this slump.

Helps Alter What We Consciously Delete By asking a certain type of question, we effectively delete anything within the external environment that is not consistent with the answers we seek. Ask better and more insightful questions that only focus on the solution to this problem. The more attention you give to finding a solution, the greater amount of resources you will draw from yourself and the external world to successfully find the answers you are searching for.

Strengthens Weak Belief Systems Our belief systems are very important in terms of helping us make insightful decisions that lead to decisive action. The Quality of the Questions You Ask is Critical The quality of the questions we consistently ask on a daily basis has an incredibly profound impact on our lives.

Shapes Our Ability and Potential The habitual questions you ask yourself on a daily basis shape your intelligence, creativity , ability to solve problems and reach your full potential as a productive human being. Determines Our Ongoing Happiness Because the questions we ask ourselves can effectively alter our emotional states, it just makes sense that our ongoing happiness is therefore intrinsically intertwined with the habitual questions we choose to ask ourselves on a daily basis.

Determines Our Overall Success Given everything that we have discussed thus far, it makes perfect sense that the quality of questions we persistently ask throughout our lives determines our success in life, love, career , school as well as the level of income we currently have. Strengthening and Weakening Question Types There are essentially two types of questions that we can choose to ask ourselves on a daily basis. Weakening Questions: Why? Why does life always seem to be working against me? Why do I have such rotten luck? Why should I even try? Why am I so inadequate and incapable? Why does this always happen to me?

Why does my life suck so much? Why do I always do dumb things? Why Questions are Loop Questions They are known as loop questions because they tend to wrap us in a cycle of excuses, blame, and problems that never seems to end. Why Questions lead to Problems Why questions are specifically focused on the things that we do not want in our lives. Avoid self-doubt at all costs by minimizing the whys in your life.

Strengthening Questions: How? How Question Examples Here are somehow question examples you can use to help you overcome the obstacles and challenges standing in your way: How can I do this smarter? How can I make this better? How can I successfully overcome this? How can I think outside the box here? How can I make this mine despite the odds?

What Question Examples Here are somewhat question examples you can use to help you overcome the obstacles and challenges standing in your way: What can I do to turn this around? What is the hidden opportunity here that I am not seeing? What is the best solution here? What is it about this that can make me stronger? Help You Focus on Solutions Because of their very nature, how and what questions naturally focus our minds on problem-solving thinking strategies that help to expand the possibilities and find solutions to the challenges that are currently confronting our lives.

Help You Focus on Goals and Objectives Because these questions are focused on solutions, they will, therefore, help you to focus and direct your thoughts towards the goals and objectives you are seeking to obtain. Help You Expand Creativity Creativity comes through the process of asking solution focused questions, that expand our perspective and awareness about a specific problem or challenge that is confronting us.

Help Move You to Action What and how questions help to expand our thinking by focusing us on the outcomes and results we would like to bring forth into our lives. Help Inspire Responsibility for Actions and Results Because how and what questions are solution-based, they tend not to trigger the excuses, blame and doubt that typical why questions tend to do. Help Transform Limiting Habits Our limiting unconscious habits can often sabotage our decisions and actions in unexpected ways.

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Help Expand Opportunities Solution-focused questions naturally help to expand the opportunities that are available to us at any given moment in time. Overcoming Obstacles Using Questions There is no doubt, that a strategic and purposeful use of questions can lead to great success, fulfillment, and happiness. However, for the purpose of this discussion, here are two very effective questions that will do the job just right: What is great about this?

Questioning Your Questions If after undergoing the above two questioning tactics you are still unable to overcome your problems successfully, then you might like to try questioning your questions. If all else fails, work your way through the following set of questions: Am I asking the right questions? Many times these answers will be very obscure and may not immediately be evident at first glance. However, through closer inspection you may realize that the answer is far more obvious then you ever imagined. Hence, the more attention you give to the intricate dynamics of the world around you, the more readily and quickly the answers will come.

If you are persistent and determined to find an answer to the questions you ask, then they will eventually find you. Sometimes answers only come after a long period of patience and deep self-reflection when we learn to consciously let go of the question and direct our minds to other endeavors. And at other times all it takes is a little intuition. Morning and Evening Daily Questions and Reflections In order to keep ourselves focused and centered throughout our day, it is important to partake in periods of thought and self-reflection every morning and evening.

Morning Questions Morning questions should be used for planning and thinking ahead. What do I choose to do today? What do I choose to become today?