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After Ethan and Max receive invitations to a ball from the ancient sorcerer Sir Roland, Danielle and Nadia can't wait to attend. What could possibly go wrong? At the beginning of each chapter is a food-related excerpt from The Fateful Trilogy and at the end is an excerpt from the story of Max and Nadia. These excerpts do contain some spoilers. The best way to support your favourite authors, aside from buying the books, is to leave a review on Amazon. Reviews help Amazon show our books to other readers, improves our ratings in the charts, and helps new readers decide whether the book is for them.

The Fateful Vampire Trilogy. I've met a real-life 'Mr. Like we're fated Note: This is the original Fateful Vampire Trilogy with a new title. The Fateful Vampire Sequels. The Fateful Vampire Novellas. Fateful: The Original. Like we're fated. Fractured: The Original. What happens when Ethan and Danielle discover the cure to vampirism? Forever: The Original. This is Danielle and Ethan's 'happily forever after? A Fateful Encounter. An American girl with a black belt. A Victorian gentleman with fangs. Fractured Bliss. The Order of Curse-Bound Knights. Max keeps breaking just about everything he touches.

Yeah, right. I'm the only one left. He's too sweet for that. Plus, he's American, so he's probably not the brightest to begin with. Why else would he be strolling the forests of England in the middle of the night? There's a Constable missing from town and you were in the middle of a ritual incantation to find him. It's good against evil as the 'little witch' must face the wolves at her door in this epic paranormal romance! A Vampire Wedding.

A poisoned wedding cake A healing witch may use one or more modalities. They include hands-on healing, Reiki, Quantum healing, spell work, visualization, or sigils. Hearth witches take as their representative, the goddess, Hestia Greek , also known as Vesta Roman. Hearth witches celebrate everything about domestic living: cooking, gardening, cleaning, bringing up children.

Anyone whose mother embraces hearth witchery is a lucky one indeed. Hearth witches might call on the help of Brownies and Hobs to aid them in their daily lives. One unhelpful house spirit is, of course, the Sock Monster. A hedge witch is an individual; a solitary practitioner who follows her own path. Her tradition comes from the times when a hedge was the boundary where forest met pasture.

A hedge witch is a herbalist, mixing up potions and brews in their kitchen. They work with the forces of nature and the cycles of the moon. Hellenic or Hellenistic paganism is based upon the pantheon of Greek gods and goddesses. Many witches feel a kinship with the mythology of the ancient Greeks because their stories have such relevance to life today. Or to place a statue of Aphrodite on their altar.

Should you be unsure of your new path, take a look at the ancient Greeks; they have a lot to offer. Much less common than some folk would have you believe, hereditary witchcraft is handed down from parent or grandparent to child through the generations.

The problem is that mass migration, two world wars, and the advance of science disrupted the cycle. Many families dissociated themselves from their pagan pasts in pursuit of the American dream. Hereditary witchcraft is more prevalent in Europe and Africa. This was an organization devoted to the study of the occult.

In fact the Golden Dawn was the first of three orders in a hierarchy through which students progressed. The second was usually abbreviated to the Rosy Cross and the third was called the Secret Chiefs. Many of the rituals and practices of the Golden Dawn were incorporated into Wicca. It also shares certain commonalities with Freemasonry, as all three founding members were Freemasons. One very important distinction was that women were welcomed as members from the start.

The Golden Dawn was plagued by internal politics and disputes, and although two off-shoot temples survived until the s, it had more or less disbanded by the mid 20th century. However several forms of the order have been revived and have an online presence. Kitchen witchery shares many practices with the hearth witch, the hedge witch, and the green witch.

As you can guess, a kitchen witch bases their magickal work and practice around their home. Additionally, they also incorporate their witch-love and magic into their cooking. These days the kitchen witch makes use of all modern tools available to her. This is a new breed of witch who bases their beliefs on the now ubiquitous Law of Attraction.

In fact, all witchcraft was and is based on this concept. From the sympathetic magic worked by the Cornish pellar to the Wiccan three-fold law, it all comes down to LoA.

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There is a lot of confusion about the LHP. Many think that taking a left-hand path, magickally speaking, is about black magick or devil worship. This is not true. The left-hand path is much more about the rejection of convention and the breaking of taboos. LHP followers may well work with entities that many would categorize as demonic, but they might also work with angels.

A witch who restricts their witchcraft to the home, and often used as a disparaging term, yet no one who works in this way should care what others think. Some people can only practice witchcraft by themselves and at home for various reasons, including the fear they may offend loved ones, or because they are housebound. To all the lounge witches out there, you are no less a witch for working this way. Luciferians are avid supporters of the arts, science, and the natural world. With her husband, she went on to develop a magickal system which they delivered via a correspondence course.

A Lunar witch bases her workings around the lunar cycles. Not only that, she takes the phases of the moon into account when making any major decisions and organizing her life. She may well create her magickal ingredients and potions according to the moon, as well as when planting seeds and seedlings.

She is always aware of where the moon is in its monthly and Like the art witch, the musical witch expresses her pagan feelings and ideas through her music. Witchcraft of the Norse tradition has a complex history based on a vast ocean of mythology. It was primarily associated with two main Nordic deities: Odin and Freya. Satanic witchcraft came into being as a reaction to historical accusations of witches cohorting with the Devil.

Its roots are in America, but with the advent of the internet, the movement has spread worldwide. Satanic witchcraft is a cult of defiance against the constructs of a dictatorial society. If you are for something, your average satanic witch will be against it. They hold that no person can have authority over another without their consent. Each of the above tenets is a guiding principal designed to inspire nobility and honor. Fair enough.

Witchcraft is big in Scandinavia. Scandinavian witches are very diverse and they keep their practice secret. She also estimates that one in every four witches is a man. Scandinavian witchcraft takes elements from many other traditions, including, of course, the Norse tradition. Sea witches are usually to be found living near the coast, surprise, surprise. They make use of their surroundings, often working their magick late at night in a secluded cove.

They are always in tune with the tides and moon cycles. They closely aligned with water witches; those who practice near rivers, streams, and lakes. Originally, sea witches were portrayed as magickal beings who appeared on ships or as humans with the ability to control the sea and weather conditions. Sailors went to great pains to avoid offending them. Secular witchcraft is an interesting animal. It refers to a witch who does not call upon, work with, or worship deities in her witchcraft practice. Yet a secular witch does make use of energy, and energy is the force that binds the universe together.

Me too. Shaman is a term for a magician who works magick by deliberately entering an altered state of consciousness. Shamans and shamanism are found all over the world in the ethnic religions of many peoples. The word is a western construct. Each tribe or society will have a different name for their personal shaman. Ah… this is me, or part of my witchcraft practice at least. I have a fascination with words and their influence. I also love the magical power of sigils. And as a lazy eclectic, sigils are perfect for my modus operandi.

A word witch weaves his or her magick into words. We know that merely writing things down can cause changes in ourselves and in the universe. We can bring our desired outcome merely by writing it down, putting some energy into it and then assuming, without doubt, that it will happen. Thus we are very, very careful how we craft our magickal words.

A solitary witch is one who works alone. They may keep their witchiness a secret. They believe they can raise more power and do more good relying on their own ability to channel energy. A solitary may also be any of the witch types described on this page. So a Kitchen witch may be solitary. A Wiccan might be a solitary. After which, they may morph into a green witch and, on the way home, find themselves communing with a bush, thus transforming into a hedge witch.

Let's hope they have a good friend who can provide them with a hangover remedy in the morning. It is still sold in huge numbers and really, every witch should have a copy on her bookshelf or on her Kindle device. This book is a foundational practice for many a Wiccan, the world over. Seek wisdom in books, rare manuscripts, and cryptic poems if you will, but seek it out also in simple stones, and fragile herbs, and in the cries of wild birds.

Listen to the whisperings of the wind and the roar of water if you would discover magic, for it is here that the old secrets are preserved. Stregheria, or Strega, is an Italian form of witchcraft. It has a lot in common with Wicca. In recent years, Strega has been given prominence by the writer, Raven Grimassi. However, not all practitioners agree on its format, and there seems to be a lot of rivalry between various factions. Acceptance of all seems paramount to me. Stregheria was first brought to the attention of modern pagans in the s by Italian-American Leo Martello.

A tech witch is one who makes the most of all the technology available today. They think nothing of working a spell on their phone, tablet, or laptop. They also work with others using such tools as Skype and Whatsapp. They may keep their grimoire or Book of Shadows in digital form. Love is the law, love under will. Crowley is much derided, but modern Wicca owes a lot to his work, and he was a fascinating character. The neo-pagan religion, Wicca, developed from a tradition created by the retired English civil servant, Gerald Gardner in the s. Many people believe that Wicca is ancient, but it is far from it.

In some ways, Wicca is lovely because you can construct your own version and make it be exactly as you wish. Wiccans can be as dogmatic as any religious sect. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. I am Christian but I have been drawn to witchcraft. Is that possible? Is there any advice you could give me? There are many people who call themselves Christian witches.

I've heard people call Jesus the greatest witch ever. If you're on Facebook see if you can find a Christian witchcraft group. I love all the different meanings I've found for various flowers to use in ritual or just in a bit of tea. Through all this I'm still not sure of two things: does the fact that I do these things make me a witch? And if so what kind of witch am I? I would say you are an eclectic witch.

However, the great thing about this way of life is that you don't have to label or classify yourself as anything if you don't want to. Having a label makes no difference to who you are or what you do.

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I have a strong belief that I am a witch. I'm an empath and have known it all my life, before I knew the definition of the word. I was already using it to self-identify. I'm having the same feeling about being a witch. I don't know if it is possible to be both, but I read on another website that it is. I just wanted to know if there was something I could do myself to find out if I am a witch? Of course, it is possible to be an empath and a witch.

Witches are almost always empathic to some degree. If they aren't when they start, it's a quality they develop over time. Having a psychic gift does not make you a witch. Witchcraft is a path you choose. And anyone can choose it. If it's something that calls to you, then give it a try. Many people feel as though they have 'come home' when they embark on the study of the craft.

So You're Becoming a Witch

If you are studying witchcraft and choose to study tarot cards, can you use the cards? Since you are technically not a witch yet, would you even be able to? Can you be a witch if you don't follow any religion? Witchcraft does not have to be religious. Some traditions obviously are, of course, but you can create your own witch life based on your own individual beliefs and preferences.

I believe I am a witch. I adore crystals and rocks and have an entire collection. I also love water and the moon. I am more of a night person than a day person. I always have strange dreams that sometimes come true.

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I also absorb information easily but occasionally forget it. I wanted to know if there is a specific witch that does all this, or am I even a witch? You are only a witch if you do witchcraft. What you describe shows that you are the sort of person who might take to witchcraft easily, however, you have to work at it. I am drawn to spirituality and healing. And I have this intuition that I just started to pay attention to.

How would I know? You are only a witch when you decide to practice witchcraft. No-one is automatically a witch--it's a lifestyle choice. Feeling drawn towards spiritual topics makes you very likely to choose to become one. However, it's not compulsory. Having a well-developed intuition is very useful in witchcraft, as is being open to all kinds of possibilities.

Alternatively, someone with such gifts, might choose to work on those only and leave the witchcraft to one side. How could I get in touch with the practicing side of my family without meeting them? I would suggest social media. Or write directly to one of your relatives. If you are asking if you can contact them psychically, well, I can't really help with that.

You could try a spell, but phoning, messaging, or a letter would be much faster. I'm an agnostic though I believe in all religions at the same time. I'm drawn to witchcraft yet I don't know what to do and what to trust. I love cooking and baking, as well as astronomy, astrology, healing, and home remedies. But I don't know what I am. Can I get help? I have practiced witchcraft since I was little, I feel in my heart that it is a part of me and calls out to me.

I feel unwanted and unliked by the world. I am a person that thinks that human and animals are all the same and that people are both good and bad. I believe in karma. I have a crystal amulet I never take off because I feel she gives me answers and keeps me safe. Can you please tell me what kind of witch I am? To be honest I don't believe things I can't see. Do you have proof that witches are not mythological creatures? People around me believe in witches. I don't, but something in me keeps searching to know the truth.

What can I do to stop this thinking? Saying you don't believe in witches is like saying you don't believe in tomatoes. We exist. Witches aren't magical beings like fairies.

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We are humans that choose to follow a certain path. And that's the truth, so search no more. I'm feeling connected to a lot of the witch traditions, but I can't find the one meant for me. Why is it so hard to locate the right kind of witchcraft for me? It's not hard because you don't have to choose one. At the beginning you might just explore and play around.

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There is no rule that says you must pick one path and stick with it. How does one figure out which kind of witch they are? Would it come from the desire to fall under a catagory based on its description or would it be a feeling that draws you to the elements of that type? I guess it depends on the individual.

Someone might read a description of a certain tradition and have their intellectual interest piqued. Or another might feel an overwhelming desire to be a healer or whatever and, in that sense, not have much control over their path. I am trying to define my version of witchery, one that centers on focusing my intention and using it to improve myself and help others. I have tried meditation for this, but didn't find it satisfying. I want to use the ritualistic nature of spellcasting to accomplish this, but I don't want to be appropriating any traditions or cause offense. Is this ok?

What you do in the privacy of your own home can't cause offense to anyone. Personally, I find writing lists the best way to develop my focus and intentions. You are probably going to develop a unique, eclectic path, and that's perfectly acceptable. While some traditions can be fairly dogmatic, you, as an individual, can do as you please, even if that includes appropriating material, knowledge, and practices.

I always feel energy in my house or anywhere I go. Could I possibly be a witch? If you practice witchcraft, you are a witch. If you have psychic dreams and premonitions, you are psychic. You can be both, of course, but you can't be a witch without doing the witch stuff and living the life. I'm a descendent down my maternal line of the Pendle witches of I'm a solitary witch, a white witch, yet I seem to have the abilities of all witches, especially those linked to spirits and not religion.

I seem to have the ability to visualise instead of gathering components of recipes. I'm also an empath and a healer. Is there a broader term for the type of witch that I am? You don't have to have a label of any kind if you feel you don't fit into, or follow, any of the traditions. It seems to me that your gifts lie more in the realm of spirituality than practical witchcraft, so perhaps you are more of a spiritual healer than a witch?

I feel like I could be a witch but not sure what kind? I thought I was an empath for a while. My sister worships the earth but she doesn't claim she's a witch. My mother is drawn to crystals. I can pick up people's "vibes" or moods and I'm drawn to water. Am I a witch? And if so what kind? I am a Hindu. I relate to divine energies as well as witchy energies. I have always been a Christian, and my birthday is October 28th. For a long time, I have always been very excited about Halloween my favorite holiday , Day of the Dead, and in magic or witchcraft.

I watch movies involving witchcraft such as The Craft and of course the Disney Movies, such as Halloweentown and Twitches. Is it possible that I could be a witch? If so, what kind? I am a male and consider myself a Witch. In all the descriptions, witchcraft is referred to as female. If you read through the article again you will see that men are mentioned frequently, and sometimes by name. I use 'she' in some of my descriptions because I am female and it's more natural for me to do so. So you forge your own brand of witchcraft that is unique to you.

Go read 23 again. There are more eclectics than any that stick to one tradition. You are a witch if you choose to practice witchcraft. If you don't then you are still a 'potential witch'. Try social media. There are lots of witchy, pagan and Wiccan groups on Facebook. The site, Witchvox, may also be helpful. I know that anyone can become a witch, but I was wondering if the certain traits I have lead me down this path?

All too often my dreams become a reality. Does this mean anything? People are always asking me 'what does this mean? Becoming a witch does not entail someone else saying, 'You are now a witch'. It does entail, study and practice. It's your decision whether to follow the path, or not.

I read this entire article about 10 times and I think I might be a healer, crystal, elemental, solitary, eclectic witch. Is that a thing? And if so, do you know of anything that could help me even more with this? That's fine. Many people find themselves drawn to multiple interests and practices in witchcraft.

My advice is to pick one, study it for a couple of weeks, then move on to the next. Keep a journal of your observations, thoughts and feelings. Get yourself a good book on each aspect and simply enjoy the journey. I can see things before they happen, and I feel when something bad is going to happen.

People say it's your gut, but it's more than that. I believe my ex-boyfriend was possessed, because the person I fell in love with would visit me in my dreams and tell me what he was planning. He was very evil, but I was always a step ahead, and in the end, I helped him. I was just wondering what exact kind of witch you would call me? I wouldn't call you any kind of witch. You may be psychic, but unless you deliberately practice witchcraft, you aren't a witch. Generally speaking, people choose which tradition to follow. What kind of witch would you like to be?

I am having a hard time figuring out what kind of witch I am. I always felt a connection to energies and drawn to witchcraft in general. I am a Christian but I want to also become a witch if possible. I like using tarot cards, spirit guides, astrology, meditation, herb mixtures, I feel especially drawn to water, etc.

Any thoughts? Could I be a combination? You could be an 'eclectic' witch. Someone who takes elements from other traditions and incorporates them into their own unique path. I'm in India. Witchcraft is still practiced in some places of the country, mainly the east while I happen to live in the west. I always have loved the idea of engaging with the 'elements'. Witchcraft is like a calling but I don't know where to begin.

Can you please help me start? I don't know what witch I am, because I have a lot of personality. What kind of witch do you think I am? I can't answer your question because the path you follow is your choice. You don't categorize yourself based on your personality. It doesn't work like that. It's up to you whether you are attracted to a certain tradition, a mix, or no tradition at all. Maybe you'd like to explore a particular path for a while and then try another. Perhaps you'll be drawn to divination or herbalism? Or you could look into your family origins and choose Celtic or Native American or whatever.

Of course. See 'Eclectic'. You don't have to tie yourself into any one tradition. Forge your own path. I've grown up in a Christian household. Recently, I've been rebelling against the belief, and found from another article that I am a witch. However, I need to remain solitary until I can leave my house.

I even had to take communion at my church. Could it be affecting my ability to perform spells and make charms? If you are still learning and that other question was from you, I strongly advise you to refrain from working with energy until you understand how careful you should be. What do I do to focus more on the type of witchcraft I would like to achieve, and where do I begin?

I can't tell you where to begin, only your own feelings can do that. If it's Wicca, then start right there. There's a ton of information available. You can change your mind at any time, nothing is cast in stone. Can you help me help him? Your friend doesn't have to be any particular kind of witch when he's just starting out. Just tell him to read up as much as he can, learn about the important witch dates, become familiar with the moon cycles and the seasons.

Gradually he'll discover what he likes best and then can choose his path. I have read about the Dianic witchcraft and it was very different from what I have read here. Where did you find the information? Check out the writings of Zsuzsanna Budapest -- her brand of Dianic witchcraft is the most well-known. So, I feel like I am a witch and I have been reading many books and articles about magick and witchcraft, but I don't know what's accurate. I have no mentor and I don't know of any covens in my area either.

I am honestly a little scared, because I feel like I would need to work in a group or have a leader. What should I do? My mother was a healer and we always had herbs and tonics growing up. My mom passed away a few years ago. How I can carry on my family tradition? If there aren't any written records of your family traditions, or if there's no one left who can guide you, then you will have to revive it by yourself.

Is there something called a stormwitch? Because I feel very connected to storms and I have been wondering if that is a path I should follow? There's no specific tradition known as 'stormwitch' as far as I know. You could always start your own. However, remember that storms are relatively infrequent, depending on where you live, of course. Whereas basing your practice on a more reliable structure, such as moon phases, and then incorporating storms, might make more sense. I've recently become very interested in witchcraft.

I would like to become a witch but not sure what my parents would think. Do you think I should become a witch? There are several reasons why you should not become a witch yet. Firstly, witches need to have a certain amount of life experience. The word 'witch' is thought to come from a derivation of 'wise. Secondly, if your parents might not approve, then you really can't do anything until you grow up and leave home. Used by a time traveler motivated by greed, the almanac can be the key to fame and immense fortune, but also creates a dark alternate timeline. Grays had been publishing sports almanacs since , the volume was the first to alter reality.

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It is interesting to see how kids grow up to form opinions and how people can only keep them to themselves so much. Sometimes it is too painful not to be kind! If you like this book, you should read The Red Scarf Girl too. It deals with similar issues for a girl coming of age in communist China who is torn between the values of her family and the values she is learning in school and society. This book also reminded me of Skellig in a way because I kept thinking that Max was like the weird, magical man who the kids found in the shed.

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