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Ack R Banham. Dignity and Respect At Work. Acronym mnemonic for workplace culture, attitude, behaviour, values, etc. Ack M Andrews. Dedication, Responsibility, Education, Attitude, Motivation. Carroll asked if he could use them in the motivational talks he gave at schools and camps. But it wasn't until that the fashion statement took on some meaning.. Don't Read If Busy. Only the email generation could have developed the need for such an acronym. Define, Review, Identify, Verify, Execute. For checking or auditing a control process, especially for vehicles and maintenance systems thanks J Hadler.

In detail: Documents - check documentation is correct; Records - check procedures are recorded; Interviews - check staff understand and are committed to the system; Visuals - visually double-check that the system has not missed anything records and interviews do not guarantee everything is covered ; Evaluation - has the system worked properly?

Digital Rights Management. DRM might seem one of the most boring abbreviations in this list, but Digital Rights Management is a hugely far-reaching issue. Digital Rights Management is basically the means by which intellectual property IP is protected and its usage is controlled. This particularly applies to intellectual property of the digital age: music, film, news, and arguably more significantly: information, software, and technology.

The implications of Digital Rights Management extend ultimately to the way that knowledge and created works of all sorts are spread and made available around the world, the process of which of course contributes to the development of human civilisation. The 'web 2. The internet offers unprecedented opportunities for sharing knowledge and extending access to created works of all sorts, whereas many IP owners and exploiters have an entirely different priority, namely profit.

The transference of knowledge and technology among people around the world, and from one generation to the next, is what determines human progress. And yet typical corporate interpretations of DRM essentially seek to frustrate this process. Where DRM is restrictive and greedy, so knowledge and human advancement are suppressed. Where DRM is open and giving, so knowledge and advancement are expansive. The begs certain questions of IP owners and also of those who might challenge their behaviour and motives.

For example, to what extent can people and organisations who have already made vast fortunes from their intellectual property be a little more willing to share for free? Could multi-billionaires start helping the world earlier, before accumulating such an incomprehensible level of personal wealth? Does accumulating money and power and corporate success make people mean and greedy, or are they mean and greedy to start with, and that's what makes them so effective at protecting and exploiting what they create?

What is most important: making a ton of money, or making the most of what you can offer the world? These and other unfathomable questions will not be answered here and now, but in the way future generations look back on it all. And anyway, will anyone actually want to pay money for Cliff Richard's music in 80 years time?.. Dead Right There. ODSA Doctors and nurses shorthand acronym for a patient found dead at the scene. This outrageous acronym is an example of the human species' tendency to use humour when dealing with horrific trauma.

Extended version of DRT used by certain US police and fire-rescue personnel in incidents involving catastrophic injuries. Danger To Shipping. Another healthcare coded shorthand term for particularly obese patients, very transferable and equally insulting to anyone who ate all the pies.

Use with great care, in fact best not use it at all. Seasonal acronym explaining why most business comes to a grinding stop for two whole weeks at the end of the year. Ear To Ear Grin. Errors and Omissions Excepted. Shorthand disclaimer notice, used as a rider at the bottom of invoices and other documents with potentially legal and contractual implications. Effectively means that no liability is accepted for mistakes and omissions.

Ack N Whiteley. Error Between Chair and Desk. ITC helpdesk shorthand, but of course not necessarily restricted to IT applications. Even the great noughties Credit Crunch and the beginning of the end of the free market economy as we once knew it can ultimately be distilled to a single simple common EBCAD error, albeit replicated across the most significant executive offices of the financial and regulatory world.

One of a series of esoteric 'EB' Earnings Before.. Earnings are profits from operating and non-operating activities. Lovers code from way back. Explain, Demonstrate, Imitate, Practice. This is such a brilliant simple teaching and learning model. It's applicable just about everywhere else too. Retail acronym thanks L Starkey. Modern point of sale systems allow payment by electronic credit or debit method via connection to a central banking agency.

It is now frighteningly easy to buy things, and this ease progressively increases. In fact the efficiency of the technology will inevitably and literally with the replacement of PIN codes by iris recognition turn the moment of purchase into a mere blink of the eye. Ack R Tickner. Electronic Point Of Sale. The retail industry term for auto-readers - normally of bar-codes - at store checkout tills. EPOS caused a retail revolution, enabling massive advantages for retailers and sellers, including automated stock control and re-ordering, sales tracking, market research, staff de-skilling, customer service, customer spending profiling and loyalty card systems.

Sometimes referred to as EPS. A technical medical acronym. Emotional Reaction Impedes Control. Acronym version of the rule of 'counting to ten' to avert feelings of rage or distress. It is certainly true and generally forgotten in the heat of an argument or other stressful situation, that becoming overly emotional is rarely helpful, and usually damaging to all concerned.

Thanks George Chamberlain, who in all likelihood originated this excellent mnemonic and aid to self-improvement around Incidentally the cartoon is from that time, and was drawn for George by Colin Howard. Equipment Superior to Operator. Coded acronym written on a work-order by a technician that means 'There's nothing wrong with this equipment - the problem is the owner.

Everything To Attract Men. It was suggested to me a while ago that this is the origin of the ladies fashionwear chain name. It isn't, but it's an amusing acronym all the same. Flip If I Know. The mysterious 'F Eleven K' code has been appearing on technical query reports for many years. Features, Advantages, Benefits. A widely used selling techniques acronym within the traditional selling process and related sales training. People are more interested in what improvements a product or service will bring rather than a description of what is being sold.

While modern sales methods have eclipsed the significance of the FAB principle, the fact remains: it's more important to focus on what a proposition will do for the listener, beyond merely what the proposition is. Fecal Air Rectally Transmitted. The word fart in fact is derived from Old High German 'ferzan' pronounced fertsan from older Germanic roots 'fertan', both of which are clearly onomatopoeic sounds like what it is , as is the modern-day word, unchanged in English since the s.

Words and language might change over time, but the sound of a fart is one of life's more enduring features. Fat And Stupid. Healthcare coded patient notes acronym. Use with caution, although safely describes those 4 inch thick system manuals, written by experts, which don't actually explain anything about how to use the system. Thanks S Fox. Face, Arms, Speech, Time. The acronym FAST also cleverly emphasizes the need for urgency in checking the signs and reacting.

Final Acceptance Testing. Marketing or product development technical term, ack. Crucial stage often overlooked by egocentric owner-managers and corporate chieftains, expensive designers and advertising agencies, politicians and government project commissioners, etc. Failing Better Offer. A caviat for many occasions - business negotiating, social diaries, time management and planning, quality management, percentage management - a great alternative to simply saying maybe or perhaps, or yes, when you really mean FBO.

Ben Ball. Fur Coat No Knickers. Ack M Price. Fall Down Go Boom. Hospital accident and emergency notes acronym often referring to a patient's injuries caused by alcohol abuse. Forget Everything And Run. The acronym explains what happens when the fear response takes over, and the primative brain switches to auto-pilot.

Great for presentations training and 'training the trainer', to emphasise why nobody ever does anything really well under extreme stress except shut down. There are fruitier interpretations of the word Forget of course. Find 'em, Feel 'em, Fondle'em, and Forget 'em. This expression is in this listing for historical reference only and is not recommended for use anywhere. In its day the expression was of course gender specific but now in this age of gender equality is not necessarily so.

Ack G Day. Forget It and Drive On. An acronym made popular by motivational writer and speaker Zig Ziglar. Dwelling on past disappointments or seeking revenge is self-destructive. It's far better to concentrate effort on the next challenge. Fart In A Trance. Every organization has a person who seems to be perpetually in FIAT mode. Most of us experience being in this state at least a couple of times a week, especially Mondays after heavy weekend, or while captive in corporate presentations or boring training sessions.

Alternative to MEGO. Ack Tony Lomas. First In First Out.

Originally an accounting term, to provide a convention for writing down the balance sheet value of assets of the same type. Applies to any situation where the oldest go first and the newest stay longest, but a perilous policy in terms of staff. First In Last Out. Again originally an accounting term for depreciation practice, whereby the oldest assets are the last to be written off. The term has wider applications, particularly rock festival car parks, overcrowded tube trains and airport buses.

Before handover of Hong-Kong by the UK to China in , this acronym sardonically reflected the treatment by certain multi-national employers of under-performing or out-of-favour staff. Superb acronym, with Australian origins apparently, for show-offs and big-heads everywhere. Ideal code for referring to person or behaviour when someone holds a very high opinion of themselves, through self-delusion, arrogance, or because they happen to be held in unreasonably high esteem by a superior.

French, Italian, German, Spanish. Shorthand used by some in considering or targeting the traditional four main languages of the European market and the demographics and communications variations required to address it. Fanatical, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional. Alternative ironic acronym response thanks D Jenkins to the universal question, "How are you?.. People commonly respond to the question, "How are you? Find Inform Restrict Extinguish. One of those wonderful acronyms in which the new word actually relates to the subject; this one for student fire-fighters, and anybody else for that matter, since it represents the essential rules and process of dealing with fires.

Ack JH. Forget It, Stuff Happens. I'm Staying Here , the polite version of a ruder Royal Navy expression, and no doubt said elsewhere too at times of pressure or threat thanks P Burns. Army infantry acronym for urban warfare. First In Stays There. Financial and stock-holding term, describing the practice of not rotating the stock, so that the first pieces of stock stay in stock and 'on the books' for ever.

Ack J Taylor. Fecked In The Head. Marginally more polite version than the common form. One of many no-nonsense nurses' acronyms to describe a patient's condition in terms that fall some way short of being politically correct. Ack Charli. Four Letter Acronym. Arguable contradiction in terms, and companion acronym for TLA. Funny Looking Kid.

Used by medical and healthcare folk to describe an infant or newborn whose looks are unlikely to provide a passport to fame and fortune. Perhaps aside from dark humour at work this is a manifestation of some sort of envy, given that 'funny looking kids' often grow to be some of the loveliest people you could ever wish to meet. Where we fear and ridicule funny looking people, deep down perhaps we see in them a strength and resolve that normal looking folk don't possess, because we've never had to. Ever read Mary Shelly's Frankenstein? See above. Ack S Pennington. Answers on a postcard please Flotus is very close to the word 'Flatus', which refers to the gas passed in flatulence Fat Little Ugly Fellow.

Normally the word 'fellow' would be substituted. For a short boss with Napoleonic syndrome. Ack D Harrison. Fast Moving Consumer Goods. An acronym that lots of people have heard and don't know what it means. FMCG typically describes products and the entire industry behind these products that supermarkets and other big stores, and increasingly online retailers, sell in big volumes, at relatively low profit margins, to domestic consumers. FMCG traditionally referred to foods and groceries, household consumables, small electricals, inexpensive toys and games, but the abbreviation extends more recently in this worryingly increasingly disposable age to clothes, books, kitchenware, fabrics and textiles, even furniture, and before long no doubt, to phones, TVs, computers, and all sorts of other products which people buy and consume, or discard very quickly, often because the product has broken or become obsolete, or is no longer compatible.

Flipping Nearly Died. Polite version of healthcare term, transferrable to descriptions of any traumatic aftermath, eg, sales conferences involving overnight stays and obliging night porters; excessive outward bound courses; car journeys with the firm's worst driver, etc. A Carr. Flipping New Guy. Increasingly common acronym for the new recruit, especially in certain institutional environments armed forces, police, etc where new people stick out more prominently than the seasoned staff.

Less relevant in organisations with a quicker staff turnover where the majority of the workforce can be FNG's. First Of A Kind. An acronym to illustrate the development or attainment of uniqueness, relevant to developing sales and business propositions, USP's and value-added offerings. The FOB expression originates from the meaning that the buyer is free of liability up to the point that the goods are loaded on board the ship.

When language doesn't make obvious sense people are apt to change it. If you use or hear the term used in a shipping context it's sensible to clarify precise meaning. More explanation about FOB in the financial terms section. Frequently Outwitted By Inanimate Objects. Ideal for anyone struggling with one of those ridiculous picnic tables, flat-pack self-assembly furniture, crisis situations caused by errant cars, computers, mobile phones, and the ultimate FOBIO challenge - removing the cellophane from a new CD.

Training and presentations acronym to emphasise that vision is essential for creating unique solutions and development. Ack PL. Feck Off and Find Out. Regrettably there is no easy polite alternative to the F Off term. One of the great training and management acronyms, it emphasises the opportunity or requirement for people to find answers themselves rather than be spoon-fed, which achieves little. Generally the process of development is much strengthened using FOFO principles wherever possible. FOFO: Ack. Neal Stothard. Fall On Out-Stretched Hand. Medical acronym describing cause of injury to hand, wrist, etc.

Thanks B Villona. Focus On Reducing Costs Everywhere. From USA industry. An acronym that can be applied anywhere. Perhaps not the most progressive strategy ever invented, but sometimes necessary and helpful, provided the cost-cutting does not prevent activities that would otherwise bring good and fast returns on investment, and also provided that the long-term well-being of operations and people are not sacrificed.

Ack P Lock. Found On Roadside, Dead. A quick explanation for not pursuing the non-viable. An excellent reminder of the need to invest one's time productively. Ack T Day. Fornicates Regularly And Chain Smokes. ODSA The polite version is arguably better than the rude one. Nurses and doctors acronym for covert patients notes. Ack L Speden. Flipping Ridiculous Electronic Device. An increasingly popular acronym that many people now use to describe a computer or other gadget causing frustration or technical difficulty for the user. Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition.

Polie version. Ack E Thomas and the many others. Fouled Up Beyond Belief. An old acronym that is just as useful today as when first devised. Probably originated in the 2nd World War. Apparently this was initially a Royal Navy acronym bacronym to describe 'elbow grease' and a reminder that physical effort generally produces the best results of all, irrespective of modern technology. The meaning behind this wonderful acronym is supported by the following story thanks N Spargo : Apparently just before the Second World War, the British armed forces adopted new webbing, the belt and harness to carry ammunition, water bottle, bayonet, etc.

The new webbing was made of heavy canvas khaki for the Army, blue-grey for the Air Force, white for the Navy , with numerous brass buckles and strap tabs. Of course the webbing had to be kept clean and bright, for which sailors were issued Blanco whitening and Brasso brass polish. Early examples of the new webbing were particularly difficult to clean, whereupon official instruction from the old Chief Petty Officers was to use plenty of 'elbow grease', given that this was the 'Finest Universal Cleaner Known'.

The sailors soon recognised the significance of the initials and developed a typical piece of folk wisdom: "If Blanco don't whiten it and Brasso don't brighten it then FUCK it.. Failed Under Continuous Testing. In other words, broken. One of the all-time great acronyms, and nothing rude about it at all, surely.

Used especially by technical people in the entertainment industry and deserves usage and recognition on a global scale. Arguably both are reverse acronyms, however you can't argue with them being very funny and elegantly succinct. In addition to the acronym itself, a particularly amusing example of usage was sent to me thanks P Giles : 'F U C T U P' written one letter each across the six broken channels of a lighting control desk.

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Acronym from the marketing world, in which propositions leveraged by FUD create additional motivation for the target audience to buy or act - for example Y2K computer scare stories, various types of insurance, extended warranties and guarantees, security and surveillance offerings; typically most preventative products and services.

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Thanks M Adamson. FUGAZI is potentially transferable to other disasters resulting from poor preparation and over-confidence, eg. FUGAZI was a Marillion album title they knew what it meant apparently, and is also a band who didn't know what it meant - apparently. Feck You Jack I'm Alright. Marginally polite version. A fruity old acronym that's not a precise abbreviation, instead partly a clever phonetic structure in which the 'IYAM' element equates to the words I am, or 'I'm.

The expression is from the rank and file soldiers of the 2nd World War, notably and almost certainly originating in the Pacific war zones.

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Interestingly this acronym also provided the origin of the more recent expression and humourous boast, at the expense of a lumbered mate: 'I'm alright Jack', which of course means the same as the full orignal FUJIYAMA version. Now this one looks like it's going to be packed full of swear words, but strangely it's not. A motto for self-reliance and taking personal responsibility. The quest for empowered people in organisations cuts both ways - the organisation needs to give people more freedom, and people need to take responsibility for finding their own answers and solutions.

It's a reminder that we all need to seek our own answers rather than rely on 'received wisdom' or someone else's solution that might well be overdue for improvement. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. To non-accountants this may seem a contradiction in terms. Generally Accepted Auditing Standards. Perhaps only marginally less contradictory than GAAP, but they do exist, honestly.

Amusing if slightly insulting and ironically, envious reference to the modern generation of young people who need and can effectively absorb information, learning, entertainment, advertising, etc. Previous generations X, Y, Baby-boomers for example were brought up reading whole books, writing memos, and attending meetings, so their brains tend to be less well-tuned to the dramatically abbreviated communications and speed of life which characterise the blackberryfacespace age. GADD people even have their own language - largely free of vowels, punctuation, capital letters, etc - which older people criticise, but this is exactly how life and society changes.

Each successive generation becomes quicker and more efficient at sending and receiving information, and this also extends to entertainment and leisure activities. To older people this faster lifstyle seems like laziness or carelessness, but in fact it is more a reflection of the progressive sharpening of human brainpower. Interestingly, genius minds of any generation have very low spans of attention: a sharp mind grasps a concept extremely quickly, becomes bored very quickly, and naturally seeks alternative stimulus if the present issue starts to drag. Despite what we might read about the worsening standards of education, young people are very sharp indeed.

Civilisation advances proportionately to knowledge transfer and human collaboration. Quick brains facilitate this, therefore so-called 'attention deficit disorder' among youngsters is a healthy indication that civilisation continues to progress, which is gr8. Reference to a person or group exhibiting encouraging signs of understanding and capability, and then failing to act or respond due to some sort of serious and usually permanent malfunction.

God Alone Knows. Originally British First World War doctor's shorthand on a traumatised soldier's medical report for shell-shock or other nervous disorder this prior to any official recognition of nervous condition resulting from months or years active service under fire and bombardment. Nowadays GAK serves as an incredulous reponse to any unfathomable question. See also NYDN. Group Against Smokers Pollution. Going the Extra Mile. GEM is a very memorable, neat and powerful acronym for all sorts of situations relating to effort, quality, commitment, motivation, development, design, creativity, selling, customer service, leading, inspiring, teaching - in fact any activity, responsibility, project or task which benefits from extra thought, enthusiasm and energy, to produce an effect beyond usual expectations or standards.

GEM appears in themes and promotional messages for a variety of situations because it's an elegant impactful statement underpinned by a very potent concept - that of always striving to do better - to 'over-deliver' and to exceed expectations, in the very correct belief that doing so will produce great outcomes for the giver and receiver; supplier and customer. GEM is especially relevant for beating competition and delighting customers. It's also a wonderful maxim for building self-esteem, integrity, respect, credibility, reputation and positive human relationships.

GEM is actually an attitude for life as a whole: if a job is worth doing then it's worth doing in the best way you can. GEM people are noticed and remembered; they become trusted and valued, and accordingly, GEM, simple though it seems, is a wonderful life-code. Garbage In Garbage Out. Originated as a computer metaphor but deserves a much wider exposure. Use freely for any situation at all that involves effort and output esp. Good Looking Mum.

Healthcare industry shorthand. Less earthy and somewhat more detached than the MILF alternative. Garbage Made Carefully. A wonderful example of industrial warfare by acronym no offence intended. Godt Mitt You. God be with you The only Anglo-German hybrid abbreviation I know, used today as a sign-off in certain naval communications, notably still among Swedish vessels. Some believe its origin dates from the 2nd World War, when the message was sent between British and German enemy submarines operating in surface mode, when traditionally they would not engage, other than to communicate their mutual respect through this expression.

Ack Robert Stael Von Holstein Others possible origins are suggested: That GMY was a greeting between German Wolfpack submarines during WWII who used the mixture of German and English words to confuse the allies; it was a traditional greeting between commercial ships; it stems from old unofficial telegraph code; is was an invention of a Swedish naval officer.

Ack Pieter Kuiper. Greatest Of All Time. An acronym from the sporting commentators' book of superlatives, and transferable to all. Everyone can be GOAT at what they do and who they are. General Body Crumble. ODSA Healthcare acronym to describe an elderly person with no specific diagnosis, but just generally deteriorating. Government Owned, Contractor Operated. An admission by government that they have the expertise to run the country supposedly but not anything as practical as a hot-dog stall.

Genial Old Farts Enjoying Retirement. Super demographics acronym, allegedly originally seen on the back of a caravan touring Australia; now much used at retirement parties. Ack LA. God Only Knows. Such patients not infrequently later had an ERCP. Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden. For chauvinists everywhere. Especially at the golf club. Ack C Judd. Get Out of My Emergency Room. Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Plans, Activities. A simple blueprint and order of thinking for business planning of any sort, even for large complex challenges and entire businesses.

Thanks Chris Starke. Any connection is purely coincidental, as the saying goes.

How to file a Consumer complaints in Hindi - By Moneyland

The acronym seems to have originated in the US military. Thanks M Grasso. Good for Parts Only. Not the most optimistic diagnosis. Also thanks J Fobian used in similar deathly fashion in the automotive industry. Three little letters Graduate s Renting, Employed, No Deposit. Group, Range, Indication, Type of fire. In the military, the acronym teaches and reminds how to give fire control orders, but the key points relate with a little adaptation to all sorts of engagements with a 'target' audience:. Use with care if you must use is at all, and whilst not necessarily recommended, there is a potential application for explaining the more technical aspects of customer profiling.

Goals, Reality, Options, Will. A maxim from the life-coaching industry, which makes a lot of sense, and is relevant to any situation that requires realistic objectives to be established, and then the planning and determination to achieve them. Grotesque, Unbelievable, Bizarre, and Unprecedented. Ack S Doherty. Goes When Ready. As such GWR is a novel way to describe or present a personality or system which cannot be moved or changed without suitable preparation and patience.

GWR people tend to be process and detail oriented. GWR situations tend to be big complex systems or networks large old organizations and institutions with lots of entrenched practices and attitudes. Obvious examples of HAHO misadventures are military interventions in far away territories, government interference in local services education, health, policing, etc , and corporate takeovers motivated for the enrichment of the predators.

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Checklist system popular in private pilot licence training for stall recovery and also used prior to aerobatics. Human Capital Management. Arguably the same as HRM Human Resources Management , although many especially in the HCM field would disagree, pointing to various 'new' HCM components linked to such terms as 'new economy', but which strictly speaking could be covered simply by a modern view of HRM.

If are studying modern HR practices and methods then again you will tend to find such ideas being presented under the HCM heading. But don't be kidded that the label itself changes anything. The use of a new title doesn't automatically ensure a successful initiative or implementation. On a more specific point, you will see the word 'Reporting' commonly appended to the Human Capital term, which indicates the additional emphasis on analysis and accountability that perhaps most distinguishes HCM from the traditional HRM in practice, although there is nothing to prevent well run Human Resources activities enabling and generating just the same reporting needs and outputs.

What these things are called is not the issue - it's what actually goes on that matters. Cynics would say that HCM is not so much a different field, it's more a different way to sell more services, books, training, and the like. The HCM term has arisen in recent years, as new buzzwords and abbreviations tend to, when sufficient people embrace the idea that a new approach is warranted or opportune, in which case a new brand or packaging usually happens.

How long the HCM expression lasts, and the notion that it is very different really from modern Human Resources Management, remains to be seen. As ever, it's not the label, but the precise definition and practice that counts. High Earning Worker. Honesty, Integrity, Plain-dealing. The UK House of Commons i. Diamond didn't know them. Assuming the stated principles are indeed the founding ethos of Barclays Bank established by quaker John Freame and Thomas Gould, in London, then obviously Diamond should have known them.

Incidentally Diamond resigned from his post as CEO the day before appearing in front of the committee. HIPs lasted a few short years before the legislation was put into reverse and information requirements were greatly reduced. This is a term for a product which requires a high amount of thought by the customer before purchase, such as cars, holidays, pension plans, houses, etc. Hair Is Vanishing. Text messaging ain't got nothing on it Twenty years after his Nobel prize, Peter Doherty may be suffering from attention deficit disorder.

When the Famous cross that fine line to Notoriety there is rarely any coming back, something I suspect that Peter Doherty is about to discover in the times ahead. The drop in temperature has ushered in snow and sleet, across swathes of the UK. Northern Ireland was forced to endure one of the coldest April nights on record on Sunday night, as the mercury fell to a wintry -8C.

A total of A normal winter usually delivers just under 50 inches Figure 1! Bean town also tore through other snow records including As for record cold, Boston actually never warmed above 40 degrees for 7 straight weeks from late January through early March! There were also 28 consecutive days with lows below 20 degrees from late January through most of February which kept the record snow pack intact Figure 3. So, with all of this record setting winter weather in Boston, would you believe that NOAA insists that Global Warming is still happening! Yep, all worked for peace.

Fulfilled promises — no!. In , U. President Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize only ninety days after taking office—too short a time for the Nobel selection committee to conduct anything like a thorough investigation of him as a candidate. At this rate US lead peace inituatives could be the major cause of death worldwide! Also in Russian President Vladimir Putin was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize however a little matter of a crisis in the Ukraine put paid to that. Multiyear Arctic ice is effectively gone: expert By David Ljunggren OTTAWA Thu Oct 29, pm EDT Reuters — The multiyear ice covering the Arctic Ocean has effectively vanished, a startling development that will make it easier to open up polar shipping routes, an Arctic expert said on Thursday… Multi-year ice now covers about half of the Arctic Basin… comment by higley7: I checked out how often the north was open to shipping, looking up all the ship passages on record that I could find.

The route was open 72 of the last years, which means that is open more than it is closed. What novices! Bad science and lies are so easy to disprove. The good professor is only joining the historic, long line of disreputable types that have shouted alarm about the weather for many a long year. Even the Bible has many weather references, many of destruction or punishment, some of comfort and stability, showing that within the human conscience lies an old guilt about climate changing. Is our climate changing? The succession of temperate summers and open winters through several years, culminating last winter in the almost total failure of the ice crop throughout the valley of the Hudson, makes the question pertinent.

The older inhabitants tell us that the Winters are not as cold now as when they were young, and we have all observed a marked diminution of the average cold even in this last decade. Ice conditions were exceptional. In fact, so little ice has never been noted. The expedition all but established a record….

Human race will have to fight for its existence against cold. Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers, he declared, all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone… Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, the report continued, while at many points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared.

Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelts, which have never before ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing grounds. They believe that the earth is entering a new cycle of warmer weather.

A series of curious discoveries have been announced in support of this theory. It has been noted that year by year, for the past two decades, the fringe of the Polar icepack has been creeping northward in the Barents Sea. As compared with the year , the total ice surface of this body of water has decreased by twenty per cent. Various expeditions have discovered that warmth-loving species of fish have migrated in great shoals to waters farther north than they had ever been seen before..

Drinks, dinners, junkets and jobs: how the insurance industry courts state commissioners

Our generation is living in a period when remarkable changes are taking place almost everywhere throughout the world. Both Napoleon in and Hitler in were caught by the belief that the winters would be milder. Both armies froze to death in the Russian winter. One of the problems of a belief in the certainty of averages. It only takes one supercold winter to reset the average. Could all the furious industrial production with its massive rise in atmospheric pollution, coupled to the large conflagrations, atmospheric explosions and the almost continuous movement of Naval vessels churning the seas, help this cold spell develop?

Oddly soon after the Allies intensified the conflict in the Far-East and around Japan, the weather turned cold, especially so in China.

Public enemy – how can UK energy companies improve customer service?

No, the subliminal idea of the warmists is that every year should be the same as the previous or heads will roll. In fact most people can recognize decades in their lives when the summers were warmer or the winters colder, so this view that there are no big cycles in the weather is just wrong. The 11 year cycle in Egypt was so well known that they planned for it, replacing the British 1 year dam at Aswan with the Nasser 10 year dam. Egyptians kept records since AD, so they saw it. This in turn relates to variations South of Egypt, in the Rift Valley in the middle of Africa, so Egypt was like a weather device, all measured with the height of a single river.

However in , the UN decided that the sky was suddenly falling and we should all pay.


We have worn the consequences ever since, even though for more than half that time, we have not seen any global warming. You have to wonder that for the homogenizing of temperatures, the world is not actually cooling. Still, you have to say something. Decadic oscillation. Natural cycles. Natural variability. Too bad none of these vague explanations were rolled out in I see your point, well made. I did mention this a couple of years back. Burning oil and tanks motorised vehicles ships and aircraft. I would venture that mans activities undoubtedly issued vast amounts of particlulate into the atmosphere and led to a downtick in the earths temperature.

THe signal is there. And as you probably already know, for the workings of clouds — and therefore a lot of below the tropopause temperature variations — particulates are very important. At the right temperature and humidity particulates often hold the balance as to when and where it will rain. And where it rains is when the temperature changes swiftly; changing from the ground-level right up to the troposphere.

The Russians, however, used winter to their advantage. So why was it killed? If you just imagine what we would do if we rolled out per cent renewable energy by , that is a massive build around the country in solar, in wind, big research efforts around our universities. So you would see a whole massive capacity building on that. Imagine if we had urban metro — these are really exciting propositions and they could be delivered.

Tim is co-founder and managing director of Arkx Investment Management, an investor in leading global-listed clean energy companies. Additionally, Arkx consults in the low carbon finance sector, providing an international perspective into the Australian market. Tim was with Citigroup for 17 years, culminating in his role as Managing Director and Head of Australasian Equity Research for the last six years… Trevor Thomas, EthInvest Trevor joined Ethinvest in having just returned from 6 years in South America working in economic development.

This event has now passed. It pays for government services: Health, Education, Welfare, Transport. The problem with tax is that too few pay enough tax to cover the government services they use. About 50 per cent of Australian income taxpayers do not pay their own way and are subsidised by higher income taxpayers and company taxes. The welfare budget bill amounts to 34 per cent of total budget spending. Former treasurer Peter Costello claims today in the Daily Telegraph that around 70 per cent of Australians are not fully self supporting and are assisted directly or indirectly with subsidies.

The disconnect with reality is a serious problem. No wonder Labor Greens lies are believed by too many voters. Another point regarding tax is what public servants cost the private sector taxpayers. Public servants pay taxes but not really, they return part of their earnings to the governments, not new tax revenue. Therefore the more public servants employed who do not have essential work to do the greater the drain on tax revenue with no impact on the economy apart from the economic stimulus their spending represents, but that is not new money from wealth creation private enterprise.

Yet the public service has a significant impact on private sector businesses adding to their costs and in Australia creating an unfavourable environment for increasing economic prosperity. There is a flaw in your theory, for a government to function you need a public service, you could contract the work out to some employment agency but the government would still pay their wages so no change there. Without a public service how would society function? Would we use volunteers?

Eactly how it does in small societies. Self-organization for specific tasks that are perceived to be worthwhile by enough people to make it happen. People were not forced to buy tickets. Oh ok so when i go to pay my rego the office will either be closed due to lack of manning or run by a bunch of volunteers? What about water in SA, it is a government enterprise so….

Garbage collection in Wellington and the separate recyclable collection, are both performed by private enterprise. I think the same applies in Auckland, and in many other parts of New Zealand. They often sell the old ones at auction, at a profit, because they make good motorised caravans.

Electricity is state owned, in that sense that the Government owns the majority, of the shares, but the companies are run as going concerns, with all of the commercial incentives that you would expect to see in the private sector. Even the meter reading companies are privately owned, which is why they have installed a pseudo mobile phone in each meter box, so they can call it up and get the current reading, whenever they like. Public Services in New Zealand have shrunk to setting policy, monitoring the private providers, and providing services that cannot be outsourced, such as maintaining the National Archives, Defence, Treasury, and other Core Government functions.

Funding occurs by means of billing part-charges for medical callouts except Wellington Free and charitable funding such as donations, bequests and corporate sponsorship to supplement Government funding. In recent years, the government has begun to examine more sustainable funding for ambulance services.

Ok what about a defence force? The ambo info is actually quite good, when i worked in NZ i never knew if i ever needed an ambo i would be relying on a bunch of volunteers thank God i never needed one. Also RW is incorrect re garbage collection in Oz. Garbage collection is sub contracted by councils, councils dont produce a product and rely soley on tax revenue, so once again garbage collection qualifies under the ideas of Dennis. I am quite happy to admit that I erred. That is what happens when you butt into a conversation without reading the whole thread.

Mea culpa, and I apologise. Wikipedia: John Hewson Hewson was elected at the election to the House of Representatives for the affluent Sydney electorate of Wentworth now held by the Minister for Goldman Sachs, Malcolm Turnbull … In his writings he demonstrated an increasing focus on corporate social and environmental responsibility.

Britain spearheaded the idea, with support from other countries in inter-state Green Growth Group meetings that year, before successfully getting a variant of the idea into the final agreement last October. Gas releases about half as much carbon as coal when burned, although over its full lifecycle, this is still 40 times more than wind, according to the IPCC. As a flexible backup to often intermittent renewable energy supplies, analysts say that it may provide a crucial, if short, bridge to a clean energy system.

Other developing countries, such as India, China and Nigeria are likely to follow a similar pattern, the researchers say… And as the world gets warmer and demand for air conditioning increases, the push to produce more affordable units could mean cheaper, leakier machines and even higher emissions, Lunt warns. Lunt, M. If pension funds do not come up to scratch, the NGOs will take them to court. They are working within English law, which the AODP index would suggest gives plenty of targets to choose from. There is a very good new article on no tricks zone about a new paper by Bjorn Stevens ,well worth a read , I inserted the following reply since I have become an acolyte of the mad Stefan!

LOL Stefan Mitich has been saying for a number of years that the Earth has a self regulating system for heat and cold via the Troposphere, his reasoning being that hot particles soar to the highest point to be cooled in the void of space. The Earth is swinging in orbit around the Sun at incredible speed and the lost energy is in its wake. There ,sorted! Tony Abbott may get a taste of International pressure on Australia to curb its carbon emissions when he visits France.

You are right Firey. Watch exactly how much is being used here, as well as how much it is exporting to parasitic champions of renewables in countries roundabout who are surviving on French nuclear. Eighty percent of Chinese people were skeptical in one Gallup International poll. We Chinese think a good number of Westerners have gone stupid with this Climate garbage. Are they bored or something? All the while we laugh behind their backs as we build more coal and nuclear power stations for our needs.

Really, what is Obama, the UN, and the rest of those weirdo environmental people in the West going to do if we ignore their suggestions? How was the climate in Rome today? Especially after recent events in Chile. So, last month when the Chilean volcano Calbuco went on a CO2 bender, I think everyone felt a little let down. I know I did. Follow Jo's Tweets. To report "lost" comments or defamatory and offensive remarks, email the moderators at: support AT joannenova. Comments Posts. JoNova A perfectly good civilization is going to waste….

Recent Posts. Advertising The nerds have the numbers on precious metals investments on the ASX Think it has been debunked? The evidence Australia is seen as a public enemy? Did he pay to attend that junket himself? VN:F [1. April 27, at pm. John F. Random Comment. April 28, at am. It was the best of last chances, it was the worst of last chances… The rest of us just hope it will be the last of last chances. Richard of NZ. Another Graeme. April 28, at pm.

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    Any journalist who wanted to make fun of Mr. Doherty has surely been given a large target. Dave N. Just reinforces the notion that even accomplished academics can be extremely stupid. They have way too much irony in their diet. Questions now answered! Questions are still the same but are now asked within a cynical context! Glen Michel. Leonard Lane. King Geo. Adobe claims that we are a closed system, and that Flash is open, but in fact the opposite is true. Let me explain.

    They are only available from Adobe, and Adobe has sole authority as to their future enhancement, pricing, etc. By almost any definition, Flash is a closed system. Apple has many proprietary products too. Though the operating system for the iPhone, iPod and iPad is proprietary, we strongly believe that all standards pertaining to the web should be open.

    HTML5, the new web standard that has been adopted by Apple, Google and many others, lets web developers create advanced graphics, typography, animations and transitions without relying on third party browser plug-ins like Flash. HTML5 is completely open and controlled by a standards committee, of which Apple is a member. Apple even creates open standards for the web. For example, Apple began with a small open source project and created WebKit, a complete open-source HTML5 rendering engine that is the heart of the Safari web browser used in all our products.

    WebKit has been widely adopted. By making its WebKit technology open, Apple has set the standard for mobile web browsers. Another Adobe claim is that Apple devices cannot play Flash games. This is true. Fortunately, there are over 50, games and entertainment titles on the App Store, and many of them are free. Symantec recently highlighted Flash for having one of the worst security records in We also know first hand that Flash is the number one reason Macs crash.

    We have been working with Adobe to fix these problems, but they have persisted for several years now.