Pretty Piece Of Flesh

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One Inch Punch - Pretty Piece of Flesh

Y'know, since I posted the other one earlier today. By the bye; Ego let me know that I'm wearing the top backwards. That's what happens when you don't have boobs, I suppose.

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If you are interested in using an image as a Reference for Original Art, ensure that you contact the photographer and I before proceeding. Thank you for your cooperation. Add a Comment:. Load All Images. You have some really cool photography. Also, to me you really look like Hit Girl from Kick Ass. Blonde hair works really really well on you. Beautiful and intelligent. I'm really enjoying the blonde hair -- been getting mixed reviews on it this is the internet after all, everyone gives their two cents , but I'm enjoying it.

It shall be stickin' around for a while. Thats my opinion, and Im referring to Americans.. A woman with blonde hair that is intelligent.. IM glad its staying around on you Oh god, you have no idea; I was in the mall the other day because I had to run some errands I live two blocks from a big mall when I'm in the city , and I feel terrible when I'm walking, and I see some chicks with exactly the same hair colour as me spewing the "ohmygawd, so I met this guy, and, like, ohmygawd Im glad you knew what I was talking about.

So a guy said it too? Oh, I've definitely heard guys say it.

Testo Pretty Piece Of Flesh

I think I want to blame Jersey Shore, but then, it was popular to be that dumb before then, too I'm still considering the note -- to be completely honest, I don't really know if I have time to shoot it all while my semester's still going. I blame orange county Im in my last semester for my Masters I totally understand being way too busy. I find it hard to find people who I think would be great at the poses, but I understand if you are too busy Thank you! I had a good time.

I'm happy that you enjoy your work as much as you seem to. But best I like her eyes. Striking work. This shot is pure beauty, you can't tell that the tops backwards anyway. That's the good thing about Latex, it's flexible that way. It's actually my same haircut, I just styled it. Ahhh nice.

Well it looks bad ass! And I agree this is one of your better headshots you look gorgeous. I love doing Fetish work; I'm pretty sure this is what I want to do until I'm too old and wrinkly to do it anymore. I was never into it but since I started working at Spencer's it's slowly grew on me. Then as I got into the cybergoth scene more, all the bondage gear and restrictive clothing and gas mask just made it worse.

Testo Pretty Piece Of Flesh

It's really fun stuff for sure. Hope to see more of it. I like the new-wave meets fetishism look of this picture. I also admire your hairdo. I love the hairdo, I wish I was just better at doing it. But if the steel seal representing Montague Lovelorn torn from two sides, singin' at dark skies To the heavens, I'll be seeing worlds collide Chi chi bow stars and bottle rocket fantasies But on the streets.

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