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These four have survived and want readers to understand they will, too: "You will live, you will laugh, and, yes, you will love again! View Full Version of PW. Buy this book. Apple Books. Zeebra Books. Show other formats. Discover what to read next. PW's Summer Reads The resilience, strength, and determination that have gotten you through this difficult time are the same characteristics that will help you craft your wonderful new life.

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Her method, which she has used successfully with thousands of clients, is based on the science of neuroplasticity and focuses on consciously releasing pain in ways that both honor suffering and rewire the brain to change your perception of the world and yourself. Using practical exercises and stories drawn from her own life and those of her clients, Rasmussen guides you through five stages of healing that help you open up to new possibilities.

Recensione "Second Firsts will change the way you think about life after loss. Boyton, president and CEO of The Moore Center L'autore Christina Rasmussen is a coach, crisis-intervention specialist, and speaker on a crusade to change the way we live after loss. Visualizza tutte le applicazioni di lettura Kindle gratuite. Inizia a leggere Second Firsts su Kindle in meno di un minuto.

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Scrivi una recensione cliente. Acquisto verificato. This is not your ordinary "Self Help" book. This is a real book, for real people, who have suffered real loss, and need real solutions. And when I say real, I mean that the author, Christina Rasmussen, didn't have to go out into the world to research the subject of starting over after loss- she lived it. She lost her 35 year old husband to cancer- leaving her to grieve and raise their two small children. She began anew, helping herself while helping others deal with devastating circumstances, using science based techniques and giving ongoing support.

Her background in Grief Therapy, coupled with degrees in Life Coaching and in Business make her extremely qualified to show others how to deal with their loss and pain. Noticeably it is her warm and approachable style that is what seems to reach people the most. She teaches the skills and gives one the strength and support needed to continue long after the book is closed or the session finished.

Simply stated, this book will change lives.

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Christina has the tools and knowledge. What sets this publication, and her, apart is her warm-compassionate heart, and her genuine desire to share her message that you indeed can Live, Laugh, and Love Again. She explains it so well in session and in this book that you feel as if you are sitting down to tea with a dear friend who is giving you the best advice you have ever received. I encourage anyone who has suffered a loss, a death, divorce, loss of job, health or anything that has left you feeling lost, to buy this book.

Glean from it the experience of its author.

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Absorb the compassion with which it was written, and begin to heal. After reading this, you will learn that you truly can Live, Laugh, and Love Again. Interesting book for those who have experienced a recent profound loss from death or divorce. A little wordy and sometimes it seems to slip into a bit of psychobabble, but definitely a great book to have. I lost my wife of 42 years recently and this book was recommended by a friend. The author speaks from first hand experience but she lost of her husband when she was in her thirties and much of the information contained seems to fit her situation.

My difficulty with the book was how to apply the information to a man who is My starting over is a bit different from someone starting over at 35 or even That being said, this book is a nice kick in the rear to get moving after a death and it made me realize that, while I lost my wife and partner, I was still here and very much alive. Highly recommended. A good book that is helpful in moving on to reestablish life after loss. It is pretty much geared toward the younger widow, as there is a lot of time spent on finding a new mate.

DailyOM - Second Firsts: Live, Laugh, and Love Again by Christina Rasmussen

That is not necessarily appropriate or desirable for the older widow, who might not be interested in that but still wants to lead a vital and full life. I would welcome a similar book that emphasizes leading a good life without being married. Christina is a missionary of hope. While validating that loss whether it's through death or divorce is devastating, life-changing and can shatter our confidence, she tells us to persevere and even dare to be happy again. I lost my husband of only three months suddenly and unexpectedly one horrible morning almost two years ago, and have been struggling to find someone who understands the myriad of emotions I've experienced, but found my widows group forgive me too depressing.

Christina's approach appealed to me because it focused on what can be, not what is gone. Through realistic, positive encouragement, Christina shepherds us through the stages of grief, while validating that not only has life changed dramatically, but others around me treat me differently now. But that I can create an exciting new life once I'm done mourning.

One that fits the new me, the me who has been to the depths of despair and made it through. The me who has different priorities now and a keen sense of how precious life is and how important it is to not waste a minute of it grieving for the past.

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And the me who might not have the support and friendship of some people I considered friends or family before my husband's death. And that's ok. Christina's book brought up some very deeply buried childhood pain as well. While that was hard to address, her Grief Cleanse helped me look at those memories, feel that sadness, and then move forward leaving that pain in the past.

Overall, I love Christina's positive voice and her absolute certainty that we will survive and thrive in this new life once we take control of our futures and begin doing what she calls "plug ins" that re-engage us with our new lives. She puts the oneness on us to CREATE a life that we want to live, rather than getting stuck in the Waiting Room of life where we watch everyone go on living around us, while we are stuck in the past.

Of course, she acknowledges that there is a time for mourning, and I don't recommend this book for anyone who has had a very recent loss as it will be too soon. But the minute you start to feel yourself thinking about trying again and remembering who you are and uncovering who you could be, this is the book for you.

As the subtitles says: "Live, Laugh, and Love Again" and that's exactly what I intend to do now that I've read this inspiring book that tells me, yes, I can live again even though my husband died. That he would never want me to stop living. No one who loves me would. Ultimately, there is brain science out there that confirms that we are what we think. Transformation is not only possible, it is inevitable. By following Christina's exercises, you will be able to really get clear on what that is and then implement it.

I know I won't be the same sad widow even six months from now thanks to this book.