Loose Change: The Case Files of a Homeless Investigator

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THE REST of loan money- pay the bank back monthly the same money they gave you, go to work ontime daily, drop checks into — same savings acct. Dont eat expensive restaurants, get loaf bread, peanut butter, can food beans cheaper than fish in the can drink fruit juices. You will live with no rent -because you practically own the lot or acre land -the tent afford is the place to sleep untell you can purchase a camper. I was once on living my dreams. I was a loving father of 4, and I worked the railroad day in and day out. One chilly February day, my step daughter, Jillian, got raped.

I was wrongly accused, and thrown in jail. My buddy Tony helped bail me out, and for a while let me sleep on his floor. I lost my job after I was thrown in jail, and Tony got hit and killed by a drunk driver on June 8th Since then, I have been stealing money from church collection baskets. I frequently wander in parts of southern Louisiana. I hop from bed to bed to get pay as well.

I need some money, a bike, and a nice warm blanket. I am a mother of 4 and we live in middle TN. Safe and a roof over your head. So sorry to hear your situation. Im thinking of you go to welfare they can help get birth certificates for free. Severly years ago they did it for me. I live in Pittsburgh. They may also help you with other issues. Good luck and God bless.

Are you still homeless.

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I can help. If you still need it. But are you willing to move to R. I have a LOT of apartments and a open one where I live. So I can help. If so. Contact me at.. PatrickMurphy gmail. I have 2 girls and been living in a shelter for 2 years. I can not work due to medical issues Any help would be appreciated. I know someone who right now is living in Santa Barbara CA in a home that sold for She looks after the older woman who owns the home but her side of the estate is 3, square feet. I live in Massachusetts. I have a FB page you can check out.

Look for Frasier Management. The woman is amazing and I know that she has property from the cape all the way to Braintree. Good luck and I really hope it helps. Had broke both my ankles 14 breaks.. Julia your story makes me sad. Can you get help or guidance from where you got your emotional support dog?

I will pray for you. Im in a similar situation. Im 56 and have epilepsy and constant pain. Have u found ur way Julia? Ur situation sounds like mine,I wish u were closer. Go to a large spirit filed Christian church and ask them what options you have. The devil is a liar and a thief and he has rule of this world for a short time longer. So find a large church that has the resources to help you now. With God in your heart, no weapon formed against you will prosper. Help me.

I cant keep asking and being turned down. Im in grover beach ca and been living in my car for severalmonths now. I cant take it. Its so hard to hold my job as a dishwasher because my legs hurt so bad from sleeping in a cold car. I got valley fever because im homeless. I have no family. They abandoned me after i gave up my apt and my life to help get my dad on his feet. Its so cold , eveyday i see that train go by and debate on stepping in front of it.

Icant take it. Does anybody care? Not that ive found. Since you gave so much of yourself to help your dad and you need a place to live, you sound like a good candidate for a live-in caregiver job. Try this search to find some of those opportunities. You can believe that I will be praying for you tonight as I lay down in my cramped vehicle and try to fall asleep in below freezing temps. Sue, yes we care.

Holidays are tough for many of us. We all came from some sort of family and have an empty place in our hearts now. Had a great life, lost most everything except hope. Keeps me from all wrong. My daughter and me have been abandoned by her Godfather who said he would take care of us while my boyfriend was getting treatments in Baltimore for a term disease he got from I am confused about getting motel vouchers, the whole first floor here is people homeless that have been here for months.

Please can anyone guide me the right help I so desperately need? The below website directs you to apartment buildings that have project-based housing meaning some of the apts. Justice in the federal government housing programs rights in the state when will the tenants be heard about the horrific lifestyles forced to live in just to be stable and have a place to call home.

I am a Paralegal Student at Roosevelt University here in Chicago who has been the victim of legal thuggery for over four years. The details are at. Please, if you are still in the position to help. Ive been seriously HAD by my x husband. I was a fulltime stay at home mom. My x husband built a very successful hvac business in my name.

He tricked me to sell it to his dad for pennies. He became an employee and fudges his numbers. Not the worst part….. He assured me no one gets the house so i signed the deed, believing he would clean up the finances beforw he left. No… He modified the loan with my name on it bit off of the deed. To date he dates my then best friend, has a very successful business in his dads name and he lives in our k home.

You are saying exactly what I am going through… I lost everything and my ex-to be hid every asset in his friends names.. He has a private biz so he is shielded from the courts.. I am alone and very afraid.. Connie sorry to hear your story. I think I can help. Email me at quandary aol. Please put legal advice in subject line. If I may ask what are the rental rates in your area? Please help me understand what you mean by move from apartment to apartment.

Maybe we can talk about what it would take to make sure you more stable and find a better solution. I am not an attorney but a homeless advocate who learned a wealth of information due to homeless experience due to a house fire that in an instant changed my life from having a stable home to living in my vehicle for 9 months. I know that the drastic living environment change is very difficult. If I had more specifics I would be happy to help you reach a better solution. I completely understand and went through a fire that caused drastic change in lifestyle completely. I have a lot of informative experience and think the first approach would be to make sure you have stability.

You have to look at your rental agreement to get the answer to this question. Most of the time when you pay for a hotel room, you only get to use the room for the amount of time you have paid for up front. This is why hotels make people reserve the room with a credit card number before they can even go into the room. But, again, it just depends on the particular contract that you had with the Moby Dick. Hey, I have a solution depending on how much you make, I am staying at a place called Siegel suites in Las Vegas, these places are through out the country and depending on how much you make might be affordable.

Look up apartments with no credit check and no lease. Good luck. I was wrongfully terminated and NC Sate sided with Duke by committing multiple fraud in denying my unemployment benefits… I tried to survive…Now, I got into a car accident, the hospital not only that discharge me without providing the place to recover but have insulted me…. Finally, an insurance company arranges to fix my car but the rental company ignores the paid rental car because of my status. My car is not fixed, no medical attention and just rotten all around…. I was hit by unlicensed Mexican so their not see much profit….

This is not email. OTR required for privacy and security. On disability with lupus n mental healh. N other issue. Please help me. Contact the Attorney General state and all consumer advocate organizations. We too were in CA. And yes, the real estate rats have cops as friends, and most likely, they did land deals for the cops, and obligated them in that way. The cops WILL defend these people. So much went on, mostly bad. Indy Mac played him. He lost the house in while in bankruptcy. CA is a pro creditor state, and courts generally do side with the lender.

One friend-of-sorts asked me to help him rent an apartment in Glendale, which was in the rapid-rehousing program there. The program was bogus, not genuine. They would put you in a shelter several months, place you in an apartment you could never afford on your own. So we roomed together, and did well, liked by owners and neighbors alike. But then he wanted to go back East to see relatives at Christmas and Thanksgiving in November, so we had to give notice and leave. In I met a homeless person in town and helped him get ID. We made the place cozy, so it hurt to leave, right before Christmas.

Until I leave the state, I will be homeless forever. I did report to the Dept of Real Estate all the info, met the investigator in downtown L. I have a case number now, and if I want justice, I must testify in person. I sleep in hidden places, and clean up where permitted every day. So we have a permanent housing crunch, keeping rents high.

Times and other local papers admit that the TRUE causes of homelessness is the high rents, and corrupt economy, not simply addicts or crazy people-who belong in a hospital, not shelters, jails, or the streets. In a country such as this, homelessness should never be considered normal. If you want to fight those people who robbed you,LLB, I wish you success!! California Real Estate Fraud blogs are also worth looking into.

Sadly, what you describe is too common. Thats how system is set up. Notary public not really the blame, all they do is check if forms filled out properly address ligit- ect and get very little pay -just to sign there signature and stamp- the documents. Now, my blog is frequently visited by the House, Senate, Pentagon, many military domains and law firm sites. I am on the edge of homelessness again, at any given time, because of my refusal or stubbornness to quit the cases.

I have been offered enough bribes to have paid for a home. When I reach the other side of these cases, I hope there is something I can do for the homeless, as they are deeply in my heart. There is nothing here but the threat of the cold empty space of the great beyond. The impersonal encounters by other so called humans that appear inhumane even unto themselves, the endless misery in the streets, the haunted warmth of violated houses and the threat of a further curse one does not even know why one has to possess.

No wonder one can only pursue happiness and never attain it. No wonder we are in such misery and depressed no matter who we are. You would not trade places with me for nothing and I am not so sure I envy your life either really. God is in control you must keep the Faith or your soul will stay in that unhappy place. I have a question and a simple one at that.

I am on the streets of Riverside Ca. I made a conscious choice before I took this drastic measure but I had no idea, not a clue of what was to come. Prior to my quick descent to the wilderness, my so called life was on a downward spiral to hell. Yes I cant deny that I am a sinner and that I am flawed and imperfect and even worse that Jesus died for my sins. This is not a pity party this is the actualization of a new creation that is happening as I am typing these words from someone who used to be afraid of living to the extent of being a cutter as well as a people pleaser.

I would do it all over again for having the priveledge to recieve Gods only Begotten Son my Lord and King as my Saviour and only True Friend, Jesus Christ is all that and more and may God Almighty and Heavenly Father bless all those who believe and bless all who are corrupt in Jesus name. I want you to know God sees all and I want to say I am well pleased that you stood up for the truth. Also keep your faith and God will provide for you like he always has.

I had to run from Southern California due to Domestic Violence I tried it all until everyone around me was in fear. I had to leave the Country I went to Canada I had, had issues of homelessness my whole life even up until the million dollar house I ran from. Here is some advice to the men and women out there. When it gets scary you put your little ones with someone safe and if your in danger you go into a ER and tell them you are suicidal from there they must take up in and then Administration will find you and a place for your children after you come clean with why you came in there and it was to be safe and they know the drill.

Because of this women who have been abused cannot get medical insurance back in the day because this was our safety net our way of letting them cool off and us being safe. You can also take your children into certain hospitals and tell them the truth places like St. Remember safety in numbers and as much as you want to be with your children you have to put them first if you can put them with someone you should it will help you get back on track faster and get out of any metro areas or cities. If you can be around the beaches its best stay in lit area or ride the bus all night I was put out when I was 13 in LA by the beaches.

I married at 21 I got away to Canada at 36 and I am on SSI and doing very well at 46 I have led a difficult life but I never got into trouble or did drugs all of my children are as well as can be expected. I am not sure why I had such a hard road I was a good child and person but its over now and I do know how to stay safe. Didnt know this page exisited good to see someones encouraging those that are sojourners on this earth at least some keep 6up the good work. Shark Girl and Bautista, your stories are incredibly interesting albeit sad. I wish the best of luck to you two. The lengthy and scholarly pages contained within this website about civil rights and the homeless may be legally accurate, but police interactions with the homeless are far different reality.

I have experience working directly with the street homeless as well as years of association with the ACLU. The homeless are among the most vulnerable of our society; they have no power and few personal advocates. While the legalities are interesting, they are not the realities.

Interactions with police are not opportunities for negotiation on the part of the homeless. Instead, the homeless need to cooperate as a matter of self preservation, forfeiting their civil rights in order to not be further victimized in that situation. Educating both the police and the public as to why people are homeless and encouraging compassion and understanding are more effective strategies than quoting laws and legal cases. I know its true. Police is not more different than ISIS. If you seek justice, they will send police to kill you… that what the attorney did when I pursued for fraud in unemployment benefits….

I am mentally challenged and the put me in a rubber room. No phone calls,shower,clothes,medicine,toilet or toilet paper for 3 days. I waved them down when I saw them stopping someone and told them I need help I was wanted to end my life.

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It was the most humiliating thing I have ever went through. Homeless Advocate, I agree with you. It breaks my heart to see the homeless out there on the streets and yet I know some of them are there by choice. I also know a person can shut down all hope and just plain give up. I was one of the blessed ones.

You just get to the point where you shut down. There must be a way to reach into the hearts of these people and give them hope, no matter what their state of mind of is. I agree their is only one way for everyone who can help. But I trust in God and he will make a way out of no way. In jesus name. I am going threw the same things as you I beleave in god and I trust him but the constant harassment and lack of. I also have 3 kids and homeless moving from state to state trying to keep some sort of roof over there heads.

In just currious what you did about schooling for your kids? With having to move around and not having an address to use how can I out them in school and home schools want the same info proof of residency, home address etc. A lack of a street address should not prevent a kid from being able to attend school.

If you want a local advocate to help you get your kids accepted by a school, contact your nearest legal aid office. Please contact me so we can put the stories, experiences, and resources… wandhudson yahoo. People give up because it is exhausting, overwhelming and sometimes futile! I choose to keep my dog. This keeps me from choosing a shelter. I did NOT however choose to be homeless, I just ran out of other choices.

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Can I take their pet away because I think they are rather heartless and lack empathy for others? Rules, rules, rules, rules, comply or die. Basic math. Worth reflecting on. I have a car. But the registration was due last month. Things have just been real bad in all ways.

I am being evicted my court date is less than 2 weeks away. I am applying for jobs. But at this late date I am worried. I live near Houston. Walmart is a place an interview went well. This will sound trivial and does to me too. But my only friend is my dog. Houston is too hot to leave your dog in a car if I am so blessed to get that job or a health care job which is more suited to me, I just hope it cools off here.

I am touched by all of your stories. I googled living in the woods in my area and found you all. I dont have answers yet, but I feel less alone. Keep the faith. Love, Marjorie. Hello I can relate with you one hundred percent. I hope this reaches you in good health and your dog is good too. I live in Baton Rouge,LA. My husband and I are in a one bedroom but we would be willing to help you as long as you are willing to help yourself.

I can see you are. I see where you said you had a car. Do you have a CDL class b if so my honey can get you on with him. He drives a dumb truck. I would like to organise kind of this blog in Poland. There is a lot of homeless people here, but the are no good solutions in polish law. Please, help, and contact me avicoolaria wp. I believe no matter what you will still need to be properly evicted by law. Just in case have a back up plan,cause you just never know.

City hall where I live has assigned people that by appointment, meaning signing in are there to help you keep roof over your head. There is help out there you just have to find it. Its beyond devastating. I have a question about adverse possession. I along with my three dogs, 1 cat are about to loose our home to forclosure. I found a property in my area Near Tucson, Az that has been vacant for about 7 years the owner inherited it from his deceased father I called the owner in RedondoBeach California to ask if he would be willing to sell or rent the property to me.

The house is falling apart, has wood rot, roof issues, lot of broken trees, trash everywhere. It looks likely that there are rats in the house, but I see the potential in this house…I could fix it up. The owner is paying taxes,but it is obvious that he does not want to care for the property. One odd note is that the owner is paying the gas bill, but not the electric So, can I legally take possession of the the property? From what I can understand about Adverse Possession, I think I can take possession and wait and see if the owner wants to evict me? What a sad thing that someone would let a nice house just go to ruin, especially when I could keep it up and it would give me and my rescue pets a home instead of the street.

Any advise on how to proceed would be appreciated. Thank you! Call on Jesus and He will give you the anwer that you seek and yes the proof is in the pudding and chin up. This predicament has seriously delayed my own pro per legal pursuits. ANY resources possibly useful for this can be important. As increasing numbers, and types, of people become displaced and disenfranchised like this, I suspect that true class warfare grows more imminant. Linda, Great job and great idea.

This is a nice way to give back to the community. I will start referencing your website throughout mine when I feel it would be appropriate. Hello, I am homeless out in Sacramento,California. They have this not camping law in the city. Then later on he gives out vouchers for the homeless to stay in a motel for a week.

Cal Expo shelters was closed when they shut down Tent City. The Capital of California is a suck hole for the homeless that want Safe Ground. As I see it, they want something for nothing. I would rather live in a house than a tent. Most of the homeless here get harassed by the police about sleeping on the sidewalks or even sitting on the sidewalks. The court specifically ruled that the city of Los Angeles could not roust derelicts off the streets unless the taxpayers had previously provided a cozy shelter for every conceivable vagrant that drifts in.

In other words, the taxpayers must provide shelter or the homeless have the right, per the Constitution, to involuntarily sit, lie and sleep anywhere they damn well please on city sidewalks. Joseph speaks the truth. The nearby doctor I went to for follow up said since I was single, alone that they would schedule me for a breast biopsy and a uterine biospy and would give me 2 weeks to get my affairs in order but I would not be waking up from one of them.

And thanks for being an organ donor. I rescinded my organ donor status, reported him but he still practices. The first thing this office did was ask me what kind of pain pills I wanted. I wanted to make sure if this erytherma multiformae minor was preventable and what to do to get better. I did not keep any further appts. Went to a church friends doctor, where they prescribed me medicine meant to regulate periods and I was post menopausal.

This was so they could report me as nonstop bleeding. I did not refill but bled for three months straight. It finally stopped, I did not report this doctor because it does no good. The reports go no where, apparently. Is it legal for homeless shelters to make residents homeless simply because they have a personal issue with that person and not from anything they had done to other residents nor themselves? My friend lives in a Georigia shelter and is now back on the street. She had complied to all the requirements and is devistated the director had a personal vendetta.

Thank you for any assistance. I would not hold my breath on legal assistance from anyone over being expelled from a homeless shelter over a personality conflict. I have stayed in a shelter, but it was run by a friend. I knew people who stayed in decent shelters run by Christian organizations, as well. They showed me how sometimes a dishonest person could con the staff and do, or cause things like you describe. Because they have the honest people fooled these honest people are convinced that the scammers and con artists who have been placed in limited authority are on the level and fair.

As regards the director, it is rather like accusing a police officer; the courts assuming they will hear your case at all assume the person in authority is more reliable than the homeless person. I am truly sorry for your friend. That was a really great post. I noticed a guy replying to you who said something totally out of line. My original post in is a 2 or 3 up. Godspeed to you all. Great job and great idea. Great idea — if any of you guys are able to help our event to help homeless women and kids in Australia, we would be eternally grateful.

Our link is above. My relevant legal experiences with homeless life has been from one state of affairs to another beginning with being assigned into a shelter system where clients and staff may have had relations outside the scope of staff and client, my own experience was sexual harassment from a male staff working within the female shelter and who would upon reporting to work would personally search for me or come to my room and insist on me taking a shower while he was on duty whether or not I had just completed one before his arrival, he would state that he had not witnessed me doing so; when this was reported to anyone who would listen was removed from services.

Back in s I became homeless with my three children, back then the system was very supportive and helpful, that took me out on housing visits to pick my new home for not only for me but for my three children, the home I decided on to raise my children, I lived there from thru , when my landlord was report for harassment, it did not matter the I lived in this home all these years without incidents my rent was paid every month by case workers, I became homeless again because my landlord went outside the jurisdiction of my resident and convinced a judge to evict me from my home of eight years without a lawyer, notice or hearing with me my homelessness continued from through I intend one day to write a documentation of such events with names and location for a system profiting on addiction and homelessness and not the circumstance of homelessness.

I live in San Francisco, I have befriended a homeless guy with a cat, they both live in the Transbay Terminal, her in SF, this building is going to be raised and there is no where for this man and all the others who have call this building home for years, Some have been in this building for over ten years. I recently talked with a lawyer friend and was told that the homeless have no rights to this building as squaters, I had hoped that the mear fact that they have been there for so long ,that they might some some legal president, but no,than I thought of getting an injuction to stop the tearing down the building until these foks could be placed in a home of some kind, but just like all other places, the money talks louder than the need for houseing for the poor, helpless.

How can I help these people fight to get in to a better situation, this building is going soon and we have yet to help these people. In some cases, they seem to be using the laws used to remove homeless individuals from the areas set aside for the Occupy movement. Between October 6 and October 20th of , 11 individuals were arrested for disorderly conduct alone. I was wondering if a homeless person if living in a van, is it possible to purchase car insurance without an address so that there are no issues with cops? State auto insurance laws do require you to carry some sort of coverage on your automobile and you generally do have to prove that you are eligible to be insured in that state by providing the insurance company with documentation of your living in and, if applicable, owning a vehicle in that state.

Also, because the insurance company has legal status as your agent in matters connected with that policy it does need to know where and how to contact you. Each state has the flexibility to design its drivers license identification law in ways that accommodate the homeless and long distance truck drivers and others who do not reside in a fixed location. Some states, for example, accept ID verification letters from homeless service providers. Related sources: The Insurance Information Institute has several helpful fact sheets about state financial responsibility laws.

I am researching an article for LJ about the homeless and libraries. The idea is that the library can do positive things to help the homeless and not all homeless are nuisances as commonly stereotyped. For that reason, I wondered if you knew of interesting programs in PA, the midwest, or northeast, that would deal more with families or adults and might address the needs of the homeless in rural and suburban areas.

Hi steve my name is peggy sue,I am homeless,using library to stay warmm Im 49yrs old my life and stories of the road are for a book to help others thepros and cons of the steets bars low housing places abandoned buildings,hitchhiking…I have exspierienced,hell,and priceless times and places,i,m sitiing here hungry and wet from the rain looking up places to help me with food and a coat,mines to thin.. I just got doignoied with lung cancer,and I,m very lonely,just lost mother last year,,hope to talk with you some day,but if you have any pen pals,i sure would like acristmas card from someone..

I,ll have my own in a couple of days. You obviously have never been homeless. Sometimes they are too far away. You have obviously never really been destitute. Conservatives view homelessness as a serious issue and are concerned for the homeless people.

You obviously have no clue as to what you are talking about, there are not adequate places for homeless people to just go and take a bath let alone go and just warm up. Until you live through it first hand please do not open your mouth as to what you think or believe. It truly amazes me with the things that I read, see, hear and live each and everyday. Very nice article, I will constantly visit here to see what suggestions are posted for the homeless and guide others as well to this blog.

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Thanks for providing help to homeless people, there are not a lot of blogs that are doing this great job. I appreciate your efforts and would contribute if required. I hv papers go back 3yrs of 3 ppl trying to evict him. Thank you Great post! I am a 53 yr old woman who is homeless in southern cal. It seems to me that is a law that is for homeless. Anyway, my first ticket given was a notice to appear.

But, this time it is a parking citation. I always clean up after myself before I leave, etc. I moved, and, that same rude cop gave me another ticket for the same thing and told me to leave town…?? This cop is going to keep giving me tickets every time he sees me?? Unless you are in a town where they are not. It is good if you are going, or thinking of going to a Town to check the internet. Most towns have resources, like libraries, work search, and community centers and most of those offer internet.

Phoenix is listed as one of the worst places in the country to be homeless. Just saying. I live in a shelter in santa barbara, cali with my 3 year old daughter and share a room with 2 other single moms. My things were ransacked and gone through while I was gone from their shelter per their policy. Do I have any privacy rights? Can I sue?? I am a homeless advocate in Washington, DC. I was recently the subject of a massive media frenzy due to my use of social media to advocate for the homeless. She is trying to connect with others who serve the homeless and to bring traffic to the site.

If I can help you or someone you know in any way, just let me know.

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  5. It costs you nothing to send me an email. Is it legal for homeless shelters to conduct room searches and order a person to submit to drug testing more than one time in a week? This happened to a friend at a transitional shelter in Texas. He was doing well and was in an advanced phase and looking forward to getting a job. I am on the verge of homelessness in PA. I moved here to get married.

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    I can understand your worries about being kicked out of the apartment. Since you are named on the lease, you are worried about whether you would be responsible for paying the landlord if your ex-boyfriend abandons or trashes the place after you move out. To find out how to remove yourself from the lease obligations, first contact the landlord and ask for instructions. Since you are on the verge of homelessness, you are worried about finding affordable housing. Here is a link to the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency which has several helpful tools for renters including a database that helps you locate affordable apartments with the characteristics you seek and in the community you want.

    There had been no domestic violence or other cause for a legal order against me. Regardless, I was locked out one day without warning and the police not only refused to become involved, they also refused me permission to re-enter the home accompanied by them, to remove my own property. My wife showed them the deeds to the house, with her name on them. They told me that this gave her the right to throw anyone out without warning if she wanted. This is untrue. My wife then promised the police that she would, herself, allow me to enter the home later on.

    She told the police, honestly, that there had been no domestic violence. She then immediately took out an injunction against me claiming domestic violence and preventing me from entering the house. I have been homeless ever since and for 18 months now, and am surviving.

    Just beware of trusting the law, especially if your partner is slick and convincing. It may come down to the court protecting whomever makes the claim of domestic violence first, regardless of the facts. I am doing a huge report on homeless in America and how I believe drug tests should be required at the shelters in America, is there any information you can give me about laws regarding this or any fun facts about rules with drugs in shelters? Testing for drugs is a form of search and seizure typically conducted as a form of law enforcement. So, to understand the reasons for and scope of that authority, you need to read the Fourth Amendment to the U.

    Constitution and some of the decisions from court cases interpreting that Amendment. At Justia. The American Civil Liberties Union fights against abuses of civil rights, such as those protected by the Fourth Amendment. Drug test and then what? What good would it serve to put a drug addict on the streets and go hungry? That is what these places are for, it is the end of the road for most. Have some sympathy, do not judge, there must be other issues you can take up?

    I agree with the previous post. Obviously barney youve never been or have never known anyone with drug issues. They arent all bad people. They have issues and need help. I know by experience.. It just seemed out of control and too much to handle. If you only have a few bucks in your pocket of fifty or sixty bucks they arent gonna make a difference in tomorrow so you try to escape today.

    Nevertheless, you have it all backwards. Help with shelter,hope and direction THEN rehabilitation of the drugs. Not the other way around. With all do respect, i sence you personally have never dealt with disfunctional homelife or personal addictions. I truly suggest if you want to help homeless people you. Well I ned a lawyers help about a year I was convited of posetion of meth I went to jail and was given to choises fist one I do 30days and get release to a recovery home. But im not triing to do more jail for something that wasent bad is thir a way that I can get granted to be able to comute from contrys back and fourth from mex.

    To the usa. And still do like outpatien pograms I need to find a job live is cheap in mexico but is esier to work in the us and live in mexico. I am homeless and living in my car since yesterday.

    Judge rules to permanently shut down faux homeless charity, but hucksters still out in force

    I am 55 years old and in the past three years since the company I worked for closed, I have only been able to find a few occasional temp jobs. I am worried that the authorities may arrest me or take away my cat, who I love dearly. I am in the So Cal desert, near Palm Desert. Please can someone tell me what the laws are regarding my situation? I am currently living in my car. Where can I safely park at night to sleep?

    Your concern about being accused of trespassing on private property makes sense. I hope that readers of this blog have sent you private replies with good suggestions about making arrangements with owners or managers of private lots. Hello Ms. Linda Tashbook Esq I am not homeless I pray for all homeless people and hope are country helps them. I am a person with learning disabilities and I am seeking a lawyer for a matter were I was abused by a nurse in a hospital I was choked by a nurse in a hospital causing me severe pain and suffering and depression and post traumatic stress disorder it has been a tough time for me.

    I am in washington state can you help me to get a attorney to represent me in this matter can you take on a case in the state of washington for contingincy fee. Again I feel we need a different society that can help me and all people that are down on there luck and not getting there needs met in are society. Jessica Simpson I am looking for a probono or contingincy fee attorney to represent me in washington state I am being abused by island county washington in certain matters. Here are two sources to help you find personal injury lawyers, all of whom work on a contingency fee basis: Martindale.

    Both have lawyer search forms on the front page and both will give you a good array of facts about each lawyer. You will probably want to talk with several lawyers before you decide which one to hire. Actually, I am now interested after I read this article. Most importantly, the legislatively passed laws and policies to all property owners to help the homeless. Good details! I dont kno wat is legal an not legal for a homless shelter.

    I herd that there is or used to be a squatter rights law that indicates that a squatter who takes up residency in an abandon building for over a year and can give proof, say showing dated mail for that time period sent to that addres, then they can claim squatter rights and legally take ownersip of that residency. Is that true? If so in what cities and is san jose one of them? Upon further conversation, they said I was not the typical client and they would not guarantee my safety and as a domestic violence victim, I would be made to sign papers that I volunteered for and know the risks.

    Now we can do whatever we want. You are paying us money to steal whatever you bring to the table. My church referred me to local services. Fairweather friends at best. The United States Inter-agency Council on Homelessness has regional field offices available to connect homeless people with services. These folks know about all of the latest funding and programs. Click on this map to find your field representative.

    I became homeless when a insurance company refused to pay my medical bills I was fully insured and was using the car. I moved in with my bf and he went crazy after stopping his antidepressant and him and his mother held me captive and by gun point can I sue the insurance company for fault being if they paideia medical bills I would of not had to move into the crazy house. Please let me know. Ndevinn24 gmail. You have to just do one thing estimate the price of your van.

    • Walking vs Running For Weight Loss- Simple & Easy Tips For Beginners To Help You Lose Weight.
    • Loose Change: The Case Files of a Homeless Investigator by Sean Huxter.
    • The Clever Cat Book Club: Aussie Bites;

    The only difficulty is that people may want to come, see the van and wish for a test drive. My mom who is a single parent , older sister and younger brother. These past two years I moved to six homes it has been very difficult and such a struggle hoping things will get better. I will continue my education for paralegal I would like someones help of my situation gladly appreciate it. Email anything? Kaylee, all the shelters in Dallas are exploiting the homeless. You can help by bringing attention to it to the public. The sad truth is, as a homeless person one has pretty much no rights!

    I got kicked out of my parents place. Do you use Twitter? Thank you for this great blog! I was homeless and know how hard society makes it for people that have no place to go to. Later I worked for a private homeless shelter in Dallas, TX and things are just as bad in the shelters I have seen, be it they are public or private.

    RI is a victory, a beginning and I hope it will continue. Again, thank you for looking out for the ones that need help! I recently started staying at a shelter in GA. I have started working and they are setting me up with a transitional home. This particular home requires that they be allowed to open a bank account for me and recieve my paycheck both to take their cut and restrict my access to the money Is that legal? I assume they require that I sign a power of attorney over to them in order to even be able to do this with the bank.

    I am intrigued by your inquiry, particularly the part about limiting the way you choose to spend your money. Since you have a job, it would seem that you can choose not to accept the transitional housing arranged by the shelter and instead find your own housing arrangements or ask the shelter to help you find something other than this particular transitional housing facility.

    On the other hand, there may be something about your particular circumstances that makes it necessary for you to participate in this transitional situation. While it is generally true that you can agree to and be bound by just about anything in a contract, it is also generally true that you can modify a form contract by scratching out the parts you disagree with and noting that you do not agree to abide by those terms.

    I think you need to talk to Amy Sawyer amy. OK I know this is way you late but since you talked to him about it…and…now what I mean your answer was very Sure and unsure of soo what was the conclusion? Mold is a health problem. Report it to the health department. If possible, include evidence such as photos or stories of residents whose allergies have been affected by the mold. Food poisoning is also a health department issue. You might also want to contact a local investigative reporter. A positive way to deal with these issues might be to pitch-in. Offer to clean the mold with bleach if the shelter will provide you with the bleach.

    Offer to speak at churches, on behalf of the shelter, and let those congregations know that the shelter always welcomes qualified help with meal preparations. You can think of similar positive ways to improve conditions where you live. I live in ca I cancelled my insurance because due to my situation I qualified for low income State insurance, after being approved I found Out 2 years ago my daughter had an accident In my car and there was a small amount of physical and personal liability paid out. Spousal support in California is allocated according to several criteria. Here is a page telling about that.

    If you have not yet investigated the possibility of getting SSI on the basis of your disability, you can read about it and apply for it online. I entered the n. Being homeless with my dog changed my life forever. I started a non-profit for the homeless and their pets. A grassroots organization, based on solution. I know the deal without a doubt. Hello, i live in california where medical marijuana is pretty well accepted. I am homeless, though employed. He was pulled over for speeding. The police searched the car, took ALL our stuff out of the vehicle, and found marijuana.

    I went to jail only on marijuana charges, but because we have a medical marijuana cards they are about to drop the charges. One officer let me have my backpack, but then another took it away and threw this and everything else! Who is responsible? The Police? We wont be found guilty on any charges — we were following all laws and have proven we had only met these folks when they picked us up along the side of the road.

    All the essentials in life have been taken from me — what i feel ought to be inalienable rights! What are my rights?? I heard the Homeless Act of might have something to say about this. Well, since you know the identity of the driver and he has absconded with your possessions, why not file a police report asking that he be charged with theft? Top US court rulings call Bruno case into question. This story has been shared , times. This story has been shared 50, times. This story has been shared 36, times. View author archive email the author Get author RSS feed.

    Name required. Email required. Comment required. Enlarge Image. Both Riley and Walker missed numerous court dates throughout the past year. The scam was strikingly simple, according to Cuomo. Share Selection. Lois Weiss.