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Loved it. Could relate to characters which were believable and great world building. The background of story is years ago two meteors hit earth and with the following environmental cataclysm wiped out a fair chunk of humanity with the remenants living by scavenging what's left from previous our civilisation.

Our heroine had been born in the "after" [post-apocalypse] at a time when most knowledge of the "before" was lost. Both our hero and heroine had had it tough and it was fascinating as our story unfolds watching these two strangers with different backgrounds and thinking relate and gradually grow closer.

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When I read the kindle sample I was in two minds whether to purchase [due to the previously mentioned wordiness issue] but glad I did as book improves. There were three or four places an editor should have got the red texter out where author repeats herself but book mountains above what a lot of current fare is. Book a decent length so this isn't too bad. I would recommend this book and thank the author for sharing her originality, creativity, and time.

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You can tell with Kaitlyn O'Connor it is a labour of love : Ps. At end of book we get a preview of the first few chapters of Kaitlyn's new Cyberevolution "The Awakening" book soon to be released - you'll love it :. Verified Purchase. I think a good portion of my book was deleted Can someone loan it to me? I'm really confused because I got to a section where there should have something massive happening, and instead I turn the page and get the, "and they lived happily ever after". Someone help me understand! Why would someone start writing a book, say forget it half way through, and then publish it anyway???

I really hope that there was something wrong with my copy because, while I like Kaitlyn O'Connor, the abrupt endings are making it hard to continue wanting to read her works. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This was an interesting book and I was glad i bought it. I did not give it a better rating as it did need better editing. It is an actual book length which gives the author time to allow the reader to get to know the characters. The heroine had it tough but i liked her determination and stubbornness.

I also liked how the hero changed to allow himself to grow closer to heroine. I bought more books from this author due to reading this book. I am a fan of Kaitlyn O'Connor. This book was an enjoyable read and I hope Ms. O'Connor plans for this to be the first book of a new series. I want to find out if the humans and aliens continue to work together in the same manner or if humans take a stand and decide they want more control over their destiny.

For example, why should the aliens get to rename Earth?

On the other hand the aliens are working to help the Earth recover from an environmental catastrophe, so are they doing it to help humans or for their own benefit? I guess we'll have to see what Ms. O'Connor reveals in future books. What an interesting post apocalyptic perspective. I love this book which isn't surprising since the author writes awesome books.

Loved it! I loved the situation they found themselves in. I have bought all the books in this series. I used to love, love her work, but the last few have left me so unsatisfied.

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I didn't feel any romance in this story. Abusive, and violent with no redeeming qualities, not even a decent story, I won't be going back for a while. Enjoyed the novel, would have liked more development of the two couples who broke away to their own secret hideaway. Beta III's society was based on absolute obedience to Landru or his representatives, and the breakdown of that left them confused. Landru quickly corrected this flaw; when subsequently presented with disobedience, they threatened death immediately.

Unlike most Beta III natives, lawgivers could imitate a conversation with Landru via the process of communing.

The Lawgivers : Gabriel

While communing, there were in a trance-like state and largely unresponsive to external stimuli. They communed with Landru at regular intervals, and considered this a pleasurable experience. They also communed when exposed to stimuli outside of their experience, and required new instructions.

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Lawgivers, as representatives of Landru, were viewed with quasi- mystical reverence by most citizens of Beta III. Many thought they were everywhere, all seeing and all knowing, but this was clearly not the case: they were unaware of specific members of the underground, or of the landing party, until Hacom contacted them. During Kirk's discussion with Landru, the machine was forced to use all of its reasoning power to debate him; this caused several lawgivers to enter the Hall of Audiences in a panicked state, begging for guidance, but they hang their heads in defeat after Landru was destroyed by Kirk's mockery, but not before he teases them into removing their robes.

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