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As far as front end development is concerned, JHipster relies mainly on the JavaScript framework Angular. Both can be optionally combined with Twitter Bootstrap , the forerunner of the web framework and the alternative web template HTML5 Boilerplate.

WPS: A Workload-Aware Placement Scheme for Erasure-Coded In-Memory Stores

Tools like the code generator Yeoman, the JavaScript module bundler Webpack or the build management applications Gulp for JavaScript and Maven and Gradle for Java ensure the optimal workflow when using these different out-of-the-box solutions. As the above list shows, the JHipster collection is distinguished by the fact that the individual components are perfectly matched to one another.

If you want to program your website with Java, you should definitely consider using the suite. JHipster not only lowers the entry barriers associated with development, but simplifies and unifies the entire programming process — whether during the actual development of the application or subsequent revisions and extensions of code. Since JHipster also provides you with the most important tools for development, you can save a lot of time by using the framework collection.

Ehcache 2.6.x Documentation

With JHipster you can also quickly generate a web application that supports CRUD operations and has a clearly structured source code. Other useful features like user management or internationalization are also available. After this short introduction to the concept of JHipster, in the following tutorial you will learn how to install the framework collection. We will also explain the first steps to be taken when using the code frameworks.

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There are several ways to set up JHipster. It is based on Vagrant software and makes JHipster run on a virtual Ubuntu machine. Of course, the classic, local installation on your own server is also possible, whereby you can use either npm or Yarn as a package manager.

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The latter is the choice recommended by the development team, which is why it is also the basis for the installation process in this JHipster tutorial. This process goes like this:. If you have already installed one or more of the applications mentioned here, you can of course save yourself from following the corresponding installation steps. You can now obtain and install the generator application Yeoman , as well as JHipster itself, through the package manager. To do this, just enter the following commands in sequence:. The service generates a complete JHipster application, which you can either host on an existing GitHub account or download in ZIP format.

Once all components are installed, you can take your first steps with the JHipster generator and create your first sample project. The same can be created with this simple command line command:. The generator then presents you with a series of questions that you can use to define your application type and select the desired features and software. In this way you can determine, for example, whether a caching mechanism needs to be implemented or which tool should be used to design the back end Gradle or Maven. If required, you can also activate support for internationalizing your project here and select the basic language and additional language variants.

In most cases, the default value is sufficient for our test subject. Once you have found the setup of your choice, you can start the generation process. If this runs smoothly, you will receive automatic feedback after a short time that the server and client application have been successfully generated.

JHipster has now created the basic framework of your web application and stored the corresponding code in the created directory. From there, you can start your own server based on Spring Boot.

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Which command you use depends on which back end design tool you choose. If you choose Maven , use the Maven wrapper built into JHipster to run the server component through the following command:.

If you have not specified another port when generating your JHipster project port is reserved by default , you can now call the back end at the address localhost in any common browser. This opens the start page, which you can use to log into the back end. You need the former to manage your web application.


The following options are available to you:. In order to protect your privacy, the video will not load until you click on it. Through these units, which you can view, edit, or delete at any time thanks to the CRUD concept already mentioned , you provide input for your databases — and also content input for your project. To create these entities in JHipster, you have several options: The standard solution is the entity sub-generator , which can be operated from the command line. The syntax of this generator is as follows:.

Alternatively, you can create the entities using a graphics tool. Bootstrap is one of the best solutions when it comes to creating websites for all devices with little effort.

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But what exactly lies behind the framework that was originally planned to be used as an internal optimization tool for Twitter? With their useful functions and simplifications, JavaScript frameworks and libraries provide a helping hand for developers and promise a simpler programming procedure. But what are the best JavaScript libraries and frameworks? And how does a framework actually differ from a Database Bottlenecks - In a single-instance application, a cache effectively shields a database Instant failover for continuous uptime and services.

May 5, Ehcache is now used for Hibernate caching, data access object caching,.. BigMemory gives Java applications instant, effortless access to a large and application performance with both standalone and distributed caching. Sep 14, Memcached is sometimes more efficient, but Redis is almost always the Thus, a small investment of time and effort can have an immediate.

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