Following Gods Lead to Holiness

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One of God's Most Important Attributes

One can have knowledge of sin but not be repentant. Second, holiness does not mean that we never sin. Those who seek holiness realize just how sinful they actually are. The closer we draw to God the clearer the picture of sin becomes.

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Third, holiness does not lead to the forgiveness of sin. Christ plus something equals salvation is not biblical. We are declared right before God when we put our trust in Christ, not in our "good" works.

What is holiness?

In passages where Jesus referred to helping those in need, following Him unconditionally, and dying to self, He was not saying that we are saved because we do these things, but rather, we do these things because we are saved. Now with that said, holiness may appear as if one is following rules: avoiding people, places, and things that hinder growth, but this avoidance is fueled a relationship with God rather than rules.

This is why sin is serious: it separates us from God; it stands in direct opposition to Him. It corrupts our character and our testimony; it prevents holiness and quenches and grieves the Spirit within.


Ryle in his book on holiness said that we must stand guard as a soldier on enemy ground. The problem is that many love the world and have a hard time separating. They indulge temptation rather than fight it. They enjoy sin rather than confront it.

The Doctrine of Holiness

And they compromise rather than conquer. The lukewarm church disdains the heat of conviction.

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Likewise, it is a mistake to conceive of love for God in a way that divorces passion for him from obedience to him. In a hostile world, surrounded with temptations to idolatry and given to hardness of heart, we can sustain a holy life only through passionate love for God and appreciation of his love for us.

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To combat danger, we must cultivate passion—but how? Jesus teaches that where many sins are forgiven, much love results Luke —47 ; to state the principle more broadly, divine love is best appreciated by those who need it most.

When Holiness Leads to Love

Passionate love for God will therefore flourish best when we joyfully embrace our utter dependence on his love—whether as sinners in need of forgiveness or as creatures in need of daily bread. Featuring contributions from a number of well-known evangelical scholars, this comprehensive study sets forth a biblical understanding of the love of God from the perspectives of systematic theology, biblical theology, ethics, apologetics, and more.

Thankfully, the love of God not only defines the demands of holiness but provides us with strength to pursue it. Notes: 1. MI: Baker, , 44— In view is love for Christ and the gospel; G. Louis, Missouri.