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Now, sir, having taken a little breath, have at ye once more, and I have done. Enter Mopas and Lodovico. Clubs, clubs! Is my lord past recovery? Hold, prithee fellow, hold: I have no sword,. Or if I had, I dare not strike again. Let me be strucken blind! The shame of fate;. Velasco, baffled, and not dare to strike?

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Nay, good, forbear. Keep standing, ho! Alphonso [ stepping forward; addressing Velasco, Lodovico and Mopas ]. Yes, I command. Uncivil ill-bred beasts,. How dare [52] ye turn our palace to a booth? How dare the proudest of ye all lift up. A hand against the meanest of those creatures. Whom we do own for ours? Now, now you spit. The ancient rancour of your [53] bitter galls. Wherewith you strove to wound us heretofore. We are abused, my lord. Fellow, thou liest. Our royal eyes beheld the pride and malice.

Of thee, Velasco, who in hate to us. But in a pledged health.

Therein I was wronged. No, therein all thy cunning could not hide. The rage of thy malicious heart to us. Yet know, for trial of thy love we caused. This onset; we will justify the height. Of thy disgraces—what they did was ours. Hence, coward, baffled, kicked, despised and spurned.

Hang thyself; a pox on thee. I cannot tell. Not fight! Happy was I that living lived alone;. Velasco was a man then, now is none. Exeunt [ Velasco and Ludovico ]. Be sure you speak the same, the very words—. Just so;.

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And was withal in carriage so most kind,. So princely, that I must do wrong to gratitude. In wanting [55] action to express his love. I am the happiest she that lives. Was I mistook or no? Why, good my lords,. Observe it well—there is a holy league. This sacred matrimonial tie of hearts. Prithee, Almado, tell me, smiled the King.

When he commended to me? Madam, yes;. And affably concluded all in this—. It shall be treason whosoever says. Methinks [57] I am all air;. My soul has wings. In this sweet reconciliation. The world yields not variety enough. Why, Herophil? Here, madam. Now beshrew me. But I could weep for anger. To get a chariot cut out of a rock,. Made all of one whole diamond, drawn all on pavements.

Of pearls and amber by four ivory steeds. Of perfect crystal—this were worth presenting. Or some bright cloud of sapphires… Fie, you are all. So dull, you do not love me. To strange impossibilities. Our service. Shall wait upon your happiness. Nay, nay,. I know you laugh at me, and well you may;. I talk I know not what. To ask one question of ye. Madam, anything. Look upon me well:. Am I as fair as Herophil? Yes, madam,.

Or any other creature else alive. You make me blush in troth. O would the King. Could see me with your eyes. Or would I were. Much coarser than I am to all the world,. So I might only seem more fair to him. Enter Velasco and Lodovico. See here come more. Velasco, thou art welcome. Welcome, kind Lodovico. You I know. Bring fresh supplies of comfort.

Do not cloud.

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Your news with circumstance—say, doth the King. Expect me? Yes, good man, I know he does.

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Speak briefly, good my lord, and truly. Madam, take all at once—he is the King,. And Kings may do their pleasures. True, Velasco. But I have from my heart forgot remembrance. Of former passages—the world is changed. Is he not justly royal? Would he were, I wish it for your sake, madam, but my wishes and his inclinations are quite opposite. What said you, Lodovico? In a word—Alphonso is, and will be, the scourge of Aragon. Rank, treacherous, searching poison. Of my prosperities. O that at once. I could have leave to die and shun the times. His excellent majesty by me commends to your royal hands this letter, madam.

Why thus I kiss,. And kiss again. You strike me into wonder. And further pardon me that I mince not the sum of his injunction , he says your cowardice is now so vulgarly palpable that it cannot stand with his honour to countenance so degenerating a spirit. I thank him; yet, if you remember well,. Both he and you proved me another man. The sweetest letter that ever was writ. Come, we must to the King. The first ring that I ever gave the King. Petruchi, I must have it. I mean to yield it back again. No, I will. And in exchange take that of equal value; [ they exchange rings ].

Exit all but Velasco and Lodovico. You see, my lord, how the world goes. Would I could leave myself; I am unfit. For company of men. Art thou my friend? I cannot tell what I am, your patient humour indeed persuades me I am nothing.

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You are unkind as much as in a thought. To wrong her virtue. Lodovico, know: [68]. I have resolved never to fight again. That goodly sound of gallant, valiant man. Is but a breath, and dies as soon as uttered. Of sufferance and patience; for rash manhood. Adds only life to cruelty, yet by cruelty. Takes life away and leaves upon our souls. Nothing but guilt; while patience, if it be. Settled, doth even in bondage keep us free. Excellent morality; but, good my lord, without more circumstance, [69] the cause?

My will, or, if you please, my cowardice. More ask not; more, I vow, you shall not know. Enter Mopas. O fie, fie! All the streets as I pass hoot [70] at me and ask me if I be so valiant as my master the coward. Care not? Yes, to have our brains rubbed out with the heel of a brown manchet. Exit Velasco. Gone so quickly? Shall I? Are all things ready as we gave charge? Yes all, and the face of the heavens are [74] passing favourable. Bufo, be it thy care, the watchword given,. To seize Petruchi suddenly.

This Queen with all the seeming forms of state. Loud music. Enter Queen supported by Petruchi, Herophil, Collumello,. Almado [76] and Muretto. You strive to act in words, my lords, but we ourself. Endeavour, rather, how to speak in act. Now is a time of peace of amity. The Queen is present—lady, seat you here,.

As near as if we placed you in our heart,. Where you are deep enthroned. As you in mine,. So may I ever live in yours, my lord. How so? You are too charitable now. That covet but equality in love—. A cold, a frozen love—for I must think. The streams of your affections are dried up. Or, running from their wonted channels, range. If you can't get someone else to drive for you and you can't stay at home, remember that it is your own nervousness that is the most dangerous thing on the road.

Overly cautious driving can be as dangerous as aggressive driving. You may be approaching a transition stage in your life or a loved one may be making some challenging changes. This is not a good time to get into new financial deals with friends or family, if you do so, make sure all expectations are clearly understood.

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You will get some unusual phone calls, letters or paperwork to deal with right now. If you travel soon, consider a trip to a spa or to some kind of wellness retreat. You have decided that you strongly need renewal of both body and spirit right now. You are spending a lot of time thinking about romance right now and you could be told that you are smothering someone or pushing them too hard right now. If you are single there could be a sudden attraction that brings in a sensitive, attractive and carefree soul into your life. Your energies are a bit erratic, especially where it comes to dealing with friends and family.

Things can go from awful to amusing at the drop of a hat, so don't despair if they are all acting just a little wacko. Go with the flow of the mood swings, you might even enjoy most of it. You and your significant other "have to talk" but the conversation will go a lot better than you expect. Just go with the flow, and be honest and realistic about your dreams and expectations. If you are single, don't be afraid to call up an old flame, you may find an opening of the heart you did not expect. You and your loved ones could disagree about finances, career goals and your family budget.

You may find that your significant other is anxious about your financial future, even though it looks like you are heading in a decidedly positive direction. Definitely leave your cash and credit cards at home again right now. It's high-priced home electronics, computers and electrical appliances that are the bane of your bank balance right now. They could be faulty or have hidden "features" you don't like.

The challenging and contradictory aspects you have recently faced have left you feeling confused and frustrated at times. But you may now more clearly see that the opportunities are real and valuable and that the hurdles you have leapt have forced you to a higher place in life.

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You might want to pull out a pen, paper and a calculator and go over you spending budget. Indications are a little bit of planning could dramatically improve your financial picture. You may discover a way to boost your income with a part-time home business. Friends and companions could bring you opportunities to travel, or it may just be you'll have to make a short trip to visit someone.

There is a tendency to drive a little fast reflected in your chart, be careful you are on the lookout for those sneaky radar traps! This is not the best day to try to push new ideas forward, or to make sudden changes in your career direction. You may be frustrated and anxious, but don't let yourself get too worked up. Get a ringside seat with Alphonso's friends or perch outside on a Cadillac with Mojo's Army for the play-by-play. You are down here on the ground with Alphonso Gentle now. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly.

Overview Alphonso Gentle thought he was holding the winning hand, when Master Mojo moved in for a piece of the action. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Eligah Boykin has been, among other things, a painter, sculptor, illustrator, cartoonist, playwright, director, actor, poet, short story writer, and novelist. He freely admits he could know a heaven of a lot more about all these things and is currently making plans to do so. He claims as his ultimate goal to revolutionize and rehabilitate the Art Culture of the World.

Born in Mobile, Alabama and raised in Detroit, Michigan the author feels blessed to have survived enough of his own ignorance and stupidity to graduate from the College of Creative Studies with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. One Act Festival under the direction of Pierre Rener. The present work is a freewheeling story of the imagination largely drawn from many of his experiences among his friends in Detroit. The author hopes to be fortunate enough to tell many more. Show More. Average Review.