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That was due to the aftermath of the French and American revolutions, which tried to excise the more superstitious elements of religion. In the exhibit, this trickster side of Satan is seen in a bronze statue depicting him as Mephistopholes, by the artist Ude.

How the Serpent Became Satan

The image as far more ambiguous than earlier, more primitive depictions of an obviously evil beast. In the 20th century, as traditional religious structures broke down, artists started pointing out that evil might even lie within the church that so vehemently claims to oppose it.

1 Corinthians 7:5

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For example, King Solomon faced multiple invading enemies near the end of his reign, Hadad the Edomite and Rezon, son of Eliada 1 Kings , So, even the angelic messenger who represents the will and authority of God himself can take on the function of a satan. One conclusion from this short Hebrew word study is that a variety of people or heavenly beings can be described by the word satan.

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This means that the satan who appears in Job is not necessarily identical with the full-orbed evil being called by that same title in the New Testament see, for example, Mark In Zechariah , the satan is a figure in the divine throne room accusing the high priest of Israel for being guilty of sin symbolized by dirty clothes. In this context, the satan is not evil or sinister.

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Rather, he represents the just and right accusation that Israel is guilty before God, and God counters this member of his staff by saying that Israel stands forgiven. This line is crucial for understanding the main ideas being explored in the book of Job. Hebrew Bible scholar John Walton puts it this way:.

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This accusation gives the book an interesting twist, for while we might be inclined along with Job and his friends to spend time asking why righteous people suffer, the satan turns the question upside down and asks why they should prosper. In this way, the book gives us the answers we need to a question we rarely think to ask, rather than the answers we thought we wanted. The big question most people walk away with after reading Job is, why did God allow Job to undergo such suffering? What if it corrupts their motives?

Is it possible that people could experience horrible pain and not deserve it?

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If so, what does that tell me about the character and purposes of God? Again, John Walton:. The scene in heaven is not trying to explain why Job or any of us suffer.

Job is never told about that scene, nor would he have derived any comfort from it. The message of the book is offered at the end, in the speeches of God, not in the opening scenario, which only sets up the thought experiment. The book is focusing on how God works in the world, not teaching us about how things work in heaven.