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Directors and Board of Directors

During his company's Series B financing round , Apu Gupta, co-founder and CEO of social commerce platform Curalate, got a "respectful, but firm nudge" from his investors: "Hey, can you get back to us? So, after completing the round, he hired an executive assistant.

Ex-Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes says 'I don't know' 600+ times in depo tapes: Nightline Part 2/2

Now, having somebody who can "keep things moving along in my absence is enormous," Gupta says. Delegating more responsibilities has allowed Gupta to address an increasingly common problem for founders and CEOs: How do you stay on top of everything at your company when you can't always be there in person? CEOs work, on average, about When business travel starts to dominate your calendar, you need managers you can trust on the ground. Croft relies on TransitScreen co-founder Matt Caywood, "more of a day-to-day kind of guy," to oversee headquarters.

And be sure to show confidence in the people running things for you, warns Jerry Colonna, co-founder and CEO of executive coaching firm Reboot.

2. Talk remote tech.

In , Tao Group released the second generation, VP2. In , Tao acquired SSEYO, [2] a British audio company that specialised in generative music technologies and created the Koan generative music engine.

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More than 50 companies were members, mostly Japanese. Red Herring included Tao in its top European privately held companies in and Antix built a software games player. Koan was superseded by Intermorphic's Noatikl music engine now a component of Wotja , [7] and miniMIXA has been rebranded and further developed into first Mixtikl, and now Wotja. The company's main product was "Intent", an award-winning hardware-independent software platform. Tao Group's licensed product, "Intent", was a software platform provided to third party hardware and service providers.

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It enabled games and multimedia entertainment to run on mobiles and other digital devices. It was also used to simplify content management by delivering code in an efficient hardware-independent format. The Intent platform could be run either as the native operating system or as an application.

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Service code was delivered in a format called Virtual Processor VP , which was translated on the device to native machine code. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article includes a list of references , but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

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