The Infernos of Dante and Dan Brown: A Visitors Guide to Hell: A Special from Tarcher/Penguin

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This Loeb Classical Library edition afforded me the opportunity to read the Latin whenever a particular passage tickled my fancy. I included passages that did in my commonplace blog, where you can read them, along with commonplaces from other translations. Lucretius is one of three philosophical poets, along with Dante and Goethe, as Spanish-American philosopher George Santayana pointed out in his book, Three Philosophical Poets: Lucretius, Dante, and Goethe, Lucretius being the poet of the natural, Dante the supernatural, and Goethe the romantic. She begins with a brief biographical sketch of Muhammad familiar to anyone who has read her earlier book The First Muslim: The Story of Muhammad.

Hazleton recounts the passing over of Ali as Caliph or successor khalifa to Muhammad as political leader of the Islamic community Umma , first in favor of Abu Bakr, then Umar, then Uthman, before becoming the fourth of the Rightly Guided Caliphs Rashidun only to be assasinated like Umar and Uthman before him. Along the way, Hazleton describes in detail the Battle of the Camel, the first Fitna or Muslim civil war. After the assasination of Ali, Hazleton covers the martyrdom of his son, Hussein and the subsequent significance of both and of the entire ordeal of the passing-over of Ali in terms of the tension that tore and continues to tear apart an erstwhile united community and the politicization of succeeding the Prophet to this day.

The Shia-Sunni split was the beginning of civil strife among Muslims that continues to this day and is exacerbated by the same political jockeying that brought it about 1, years ago, political jockeying that now involves Wahabbis and Washington, in addition to Shias and Sunnis.

Jonathan A. It is erudite and accesssible. It has breadth and depth. It is for the most part a treatment of the Hadith, or reports of the Prophets sayings and doings, and his Sunna, or practice. It covers the controversial nature of both, given the difficulty of the epistemology involved, as well as the penchant under political pressure for the forgery of Hadith. While, on the one hand, Brown is a believing Muslim, on the other hand, he is an objective scholar.

He covers all of the most controversial topics in Hadith scholarship from flagrant forgery to pious pretension and everything in between.

Brown gives us a sweeping sense of the turbulent tradition of Hadith scholarship while at the same time defending its soundness, without failing to admit its pitfalls and follies. Among the most controversial issues in the Islamic tradition dealt with are child brides and wife beating. The Iliad covers the siege of Troy to win back Helen, who was taken there by Paris, a prince of Troy.

As for whether Helen was taken by Paris to Troy by force or whether she went willingly, the story is variously told in other works of ancient literature. While The Iliad is all about war, and includes serial scenes of slaughter, each warrior cut down in battle is given a human face and so the poem is more mournful than merely magnifying of martial virtue. In other words, The Iliad, contrary to popular belief, is best read an anti-war poem. I will never read scripture the same way again after reading this book.

God allows this injustice just as he allows His Son to be unjustly crucified, showing his true nonviolent nature in both cases. One of my mentors, Dr. Glen Cooper, who was in the process of writing me a letter of recommendation and helping me write my CV and Statement of Purpose had also recommended it to me. I read it over the course of a weekend. The subject of this book, the Islamic Jesus, is little-known by Muslims and less-known by non-Muslims.

It has been the source of Christian-Muslim polemics for centuries. Mustafa Akyol has and it is well-written, well-researched, and well-documented. The book deals not only with the Islamic Jesus but, as hinted by its subtitle, with the Jewish and Christian Jesus as well. Crush It! Malcolm X is one of my greatest heroes. What I admire most about him is his tenacious spirit of kaizen i.

One way in which it simultaneously adds and corrects is by critically analyzing the construction of the narrative Malcolm X presents in The Autobiography. While I do not in any way object to this analysis, I do not take it as certain either. Marable was only a historian. It is difficult to put into words how moving the poetry of Parmenides and Empedocles as rendered in verse by Stanley Lombardo is.

Parmenides presents an unchanging, wholistic view of the cosmos that explicitly mentions the opposite view as a false perception. Empedocles presents a synthesis of Heraclitus and Parmenides in which he relates the one to the many and the many to the one. Still, I found insights into the nature of the relationship in which I stand to the things I own such that I was able to gain a better appreciation for the few things I have in addition to my books, of course and a path to minimize and simplify more while appreciating what little I have or am left with.

All three were intellectually stimulating in pointing out the corruption of Christian culture in America and in presenting solutions to the decay. That I expected from the title of his book. The rest was a pleasant surprise. I read it aloud as I always do poetry and thoroughly enjoyed it! Alas, he did not and since he passed in , he cannot. The Jowett translation has been the standard translation for a century and is still readable despite its age.

These four dialogues recount the last days of Socrates. In the Euthyphro, we meet Socrates on his way to his trial. In the Phaedo, Socrates discusses the immortality of the soul with his friends and, in the end, calmly drinks the poison appointed him and dies. The questions Socrates raises and his martyrdom immortalized him.

I knew I wanted to read them as soon as they were published. It describes in detail the problem and the solution. In Out of the Ashes, Esolen issues a scathing critique of American culture or, rather, lack thereof since, Esolen argues, America has no culture, only mass habits and calls for a return to apple pie, baseball, and church.

Esolen is not as detailed as Dreher in his diagnosis or treatment of the malady that ails America today, but is worth reading along with Dreher. In Part II, Rommen argues that the idea of natural law is nevertheless perennial and is the only way positivism is legitimated. I love Byron Katie! And I love her husband, Stephen Mitchell! Her work is Buddhist.

Full text of "Inner Christianity By Richard Smoley"

His is Taoist. They make a great couple! Like Loving What Is , I listened to the abridged edition of this book because it is narrated by Katie herself. Write it down. Ask four questions. Turn it around. He argues persuasively that Genesis 1 is a temple text in the context of ancient cosmology. Walton provides Biblical and ancient Near Eastern evidence to back up his thesis. Thanks in large part to Coleman Barks , Rumi is the bestselling poet in America today. But the Persian poet has been perennial worldwide for centuries. From there he went to Konya in modern-day Turkey where he wrote his Masnavi , one of the most important pieces of Persian literature.

This book is an excellent example of Islamic scholarship by an erudite scholar who is one of The Muslim While its intended audience is Muslim American, it is of interest to anyone who would like to get inside the mind of a Muslim scholar and learn how the 1,year-old tradition of Islamic scholarship works.

One of the things that really struck me about AJ was his relationship with his wife. I decided to read his book. But the copy was so well-written, I sent a link to my friend Shiloh Logan. Shiloh bought the book and shared it with me. My key takeaway from it was not to expect my wife to be my muse but to make her my masterpiece instead and to cultivate my art to cultivate my marriage and family.

For comparisons of passages with key technical terms of Stoicism see my commonplaces from The Inner Citadel by Pierre Hadot. Dante fell hard for Beatrice Portinari when he and she were both only nine years old and never got over her. She married someone else and so did he. She died young, and he was exiled from Florence. He then wrote the Divine Comedy to be led by her up through the nine circles of Heaven after being led down through the nine circles of Hell and up the seven terraces of Purgatory to the Earthly Paradise, or Garden of Eden, atop Mount Purgatory by the poet Virgil the author of the Aeneid at her bidding to be defied with her in Heaven.

Includied in this treatment is a picture of the places and politics influencing Dante. This book contains a useful concise history of higher education in America from colonial times to the present. Additionally, this book raises challenging questions about the nature of education in a democratic society and offers answers. The author knows his history and has a good handle on the current situation, if not the exact causes of it. His insights into human nature in both books are invaluable. This book was better than I thought it would be. It is a tour de force. In addition to its keen observations on human nature, it contains insights into the kinds of experiences that make long-term travel worthwhile.

Tynan, like Dale Carnegie before him, has keen insights into human nature and knows how to apply them to building relationships. In fact, it costs less than staying put. In it, he details his own experience of living the dream and walks his reader through how to do it step by step. Would I live in an RV? Tynan recounts his years-long experience of living a minimalist lifestyle in an RV that can fit in any parking spot anywhere and the modifications in his lifestyle and the RV itself it took to make it possible.

This book contains the secrets to successful habit building. I know of no better book on the subject than Tynans. This is the best public domain prose translation of the Commedia. He was avant-garde in so many ways and very much a product of his time in others. Epicureanism is less read and even lesser understood than Stoicism. Less popular than Stoicism, Epicureanism had proponents as luminary as Thomas Jefferson. I highly recommend it as an introduction to Stoicism. Keyes Translator. Walbank Introduction This is required reading for my Models of Excellence program with my kids. As an executive at WB, he mentored J.

Actress Alberta Watson b. Fan Peggy Rae Sapienza b.

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Peggy Rae McKnight, died on March 22, about a month after undergoing heart surgery. Peggy Rae, who was married to Bob Pavlat from and to John Sapienza from until her death, chaired Bucconeer, the Worldcon my first. She was long active in con-running and fanzine publishing. She was a driving force behind much of Washington and Baltimore fandom, and has chaired or co-chaired several recent Nebula Award Weekends. She helped create the modern exhibition concourse at Worldcons and in , she was the fan guest of honor at Chicon 7. Danish artist Otto Frello b.

In , he received the Eurocon Award for Best Artist. Director Richard L. Bare b. He received Oscar nominations for Amadeus and Awakenings. Hugo nominee Karl Alexander b. Alexander was nominated for the Hugo for the film Time After Time, which was based on his novel of the same name. He also wrote a sequel, Jaclyn the Ripper. Most of Alexander's work in Hollywood was as a gaffer and electrician. April Actor Robert Rietty b. Actor Richard Dysart b. Dysart was best known for his role as Leland MacKenzie on L.. Actor James Best b. Best is best known for his portrayal of Sheriff Roscoe P.

Animator Cliff Voorhees b. Voorhees worked on several animated television shows, including My Favorite Martians, Mission: Magic! Author Patrick H. Adkins b. His first novel, Lord of the Crooked Paths, the first in a trilogy, appeared in Actor Geoffrey Lewis b. Artist Herb Trimpe b. Trimpe worked on The Incredible Hulk in the s and 70s and became the first person to draw Wolverine for publication. Fan Art Widner b. Widner, who often signed his correspondence as R. He published more than fanzines, including YHOS from and Widner was also an inductee into the First Fandom Hall of Fame.

Fan Steve M. Cohen b. Cohen was a long-time comics fan. Cohen was exceptionally knowledgable about both comics books and comic arts. He had been suffering from respiratory issues for several years. Fan Stan Burns b. Marsdon Stanford Burns, Jr. Burns began reading science fiction in , when his mother got him a copy of Heinlein's Have Space Suit, Will Travel from the library. He became active in LASFS while working on a cultural anthropology paper in and began attending conventions.

Artist Francis Tsai b. First working for Wizards of the Coast on Magic: The Gathering, his illustrations appeared in many of their Dungeons and Dragons manuals and he created the artwork for the 4th Edition Dungeon Master's Screen. Actor Rex Robinson b. Owens lived in Alabama was was active in developing and running the literary programming track at DragonCon for the past several years. Screenwriter Don Mankiewicz b. Actress Suzanne Crough b. Crough is best known for her appearance as Tracey Partridge on The Partridge Family and reprised the role in the animated series Goober and the Ghost Chasers.

Cinematographer Andrew Lesnie b. Artist Marcia Brown b. Brown was a three-time Caldecott Medal winner for her children's books, which included Stone Soup, Anansi, the Spider Man, Snow Queen, and many other books based on fairy tales. Actor Nigel Terry b. Prior to her roles on television, she toured with Spike Jones' Orchestra. Screenwriter Norman Thaddeus Vane b. Producer and writer Robert Foshko b.

In addition to his television work, Foshko wrote for the comic Flash Gordon and for Argosy. Screenwriter William Bast b. Reviewer Chris Gilmore b. Gilmore worked as a reviewer for Interzone in the 90s and published four short stories in the early 90s. British fan Fred Hemmings b. At Eastercon 22, Hemmings costume based on H. Beam Piper's Space Viking won Best Costume in what may have been the first fully successful masquerade in British fandom. He attended the first Eurocon and edited the fanzine Viewpoints.

Danish author Jannick Storm b. Storm worked as a critic, translator, and editor as well as an author. He helped reintroduce science fiction to Denmark in the 50s and edited a line of translations beginning in Actress Elizabeth Wilson b. Artist Glen Orbik b. Artist James R. Powell b. He created the badge art for the World Horror Con, which was held the weekend before his death. Voice actor John Stephenson b. Stephenson began his career on screen in the s, including an appearance on Science Fiction Theatre in which he played "Phil Coulson" in the episode "Robot Doctor.

He also did voices for the two animated films based on Tolkien's work. Actress Mary Ellen Trainor b. She also appeared in the remake of Freaky Friday. Fan Yvonne "Vonnie" Carts-Powell b. Carts-Powell was a frequent attendee and panelist at Boston area conventions and has written reviews for Green Man Reviews. A science writer, in , she wrote The Science of Heroes, a look at the television series.

She was diagnosed with cancer in Author Morya Caldecott b. Olivia Brown Caldecott, died on May Author Tanith Lee b. Lee began publishing with the short story "Eustace" in Bookseller and publisher Chuck Miller b. Miller ran a used bookstore in Pennsylvania before teaming up with Tim Underwood to found the publishing company Underwood-Miller in The two published several books, beginning with a reprint of Jack Vance's The Dying Earth before disbanding the company in Their final project was another reissue of The Dying Earth.

They also published works by L. Miller self-published the novel Blood of the Centipede in Author Robert E. Margroff b. Margroff published 7 novels between and , all in collaboration with Piers Anthony, including the Kelvin of Rud series and two stand-alone novels.

He also published six short stories, three of which were collaborations with andrew j. Doris Elaine Sauter died around May Sauter met Philip K. Dick in and struck up a friendship with him that lasted until his death. The Final Conversations of Philip K. Dick, which was ranked fourth in the Locus Poll in Spanish director Vicente Aranda b. Imai wrote the time slip play Winds of God as well as the film based upon it, in which he also starred. Actress Betsy Palmer b. Patricia Hrunek, died on May Palmer appeared in the Friday the 13th films as Jason Voorhees' mother.

Her role in the original Friday the 13th earned her a Razzie Award. Champetier's first story, "Le chemin des fleurs" appeared in Solaris in and his first novel, La mer au fond du monde appeared in Beginning in , he held various positions at Solaris and was managing editor at the time of his death. Japanese actor Hiroshi Koizumi b. Koizumi appeared in Mothra, Ghidorah, Mothra vs. Godzilla, and Godzilla Raids Again among nearly film and television credits. June Visual effects artist Kate Chappell b.

At the time of the lion attack, she was taking pictures of lions to raise money for organizations that protect animals from poachers. Fan Michael Wernig b. Actor Richard Johnson b. Screenwriter Callisto Cosulich b.

Cosulich wrote Planet of the Vampires. Actor Christopher Lee b.

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Paul Bacon b. Bacon was a book jacket designer perhaps best known for the cover of Joeph Heller's Catch and Peter Benchley's Jaws. Author Charles W. Runyon b. Best known for thrillers, he published "The First man in a Satellite" in Super-Science Stories in and continued with sixteen more stories over the next few years. He also wrote a few science fiction novels, including Pig World and Soulmate. Some of his mystery novels were published under the house name Ellery Queen.

Producer Robert Chartoff b. German author Wolfgang Jeschke b. Jeschke discovered German science fiction fandom in the s and in became one of the first members of Science Fiction Club Deutschland. Jack King b. During that time, he was the voice of Mission Control, announcing the launch of Apollo 11, among others. Actor Ron Moody b. Ronald Moodnick, died on June Perhaps best known for playing Fagin in Oliver!

Moody has said his biggest regret was turning down an opportunity to become the third incarnation of The Doctor in Doctor Who. Actor Rick Ducommun b. Author Graham Lord b. He served as the literary editor for the Sunday Express for 23 years. Philadelphia and Charleston fan Sandy Swank b. Gregory A. Swank, died on June Swank was active in living history education as well. Actor George Winslow b. Winslow acted in films from the age of 6 until he was During that time he starred in the science fiction film The Rocket Man.

Seattle area fan Bruce E. Durocher II b. A film fan and reviewer, he was married to artist Margaret Organ-Kean. Phil Austin b. Austin provided the voice for the character Nick Danger, one of the troupes most famous creations. Producer Jack Rollins b. Japanese actor Kazuya Tatekabe b. Artist and musician Colin Cameron died on June Cameron was an active fan artist in the 60s and eventually became a musician in Hollywood, performing on the soundtracks to such films as Moonraker, Phantom of the Paradise, and The Muppet Movie.

Artist Earl Norem b. He created a line of Mars Attacks trading cards. DC Executive Jay Emmett b. Emmett was one of the founders of DC Comics and the last founder living. He co-founded the company's marketing and licensing arm and eventually negotiated the settlement wth Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster to ensure they had credit for creating Superman. Composer James Horner b. He received his first of seven Oscar nominations of Aliens and eventually won an Oscar for Titanic.

Actor Dick van Patten b. Actor Patrick Macnee b. Actor Edward Burnham b. Girvan was a fan who also wrote a handful of stories, with three appearing in and his final story, co-written with Steve Jones, in He died following a three year battle with cancer. Artist Leonard Starr b. In addition to his work as a comic book artist, Starr also worked in animation and wrote scripts for Thundercats and an episode of Silverhawks. From until , he wrote the syndicated comic strip Annie. Author Markus Wolfson b. Mark McCann, died on June Wolfson published the short story "Alien Invaders" in and the novel The Magonia Stone in two weeks before his death.

July Screenwriter Jeff Rice b. Rice created Night Stalker and Kolchak: The Night Stalker for a novel, but found the most success with the character in television movies and two TV series. Actress Amanda Peterson b. Author John A. Williams b. Much of his literary output focused on his experience as an African-American. Art dealer Steve Kennedy b. Kennedy specialized in pulp artists and represented the estates of Hannes Bok, J. Allen St. John, and other artists and illustrators from their period. Animator Blaine Gibson b.

He began working for Disney on Song of the South. He went on to sculpt animatronic figures for the Disney parks including all of the Presidents in the Hall of Presidents at Disney World and also sculpted the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse located at the center of Disneyland. Producer Jerry Weintraub b. Actor Roger Rees b. Rees had a recurring role on Warehouse 13 as the villain in the first season and also appeared as the Sheriff of Rottingham in Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

He also appeared in the television series M. Outside the genre, he was best known for his portrayals of Robin Colcord on Cheers and Nicholas Nickleby. Actor Omar Sharif b. Best known for his role in Doctor Zhivago and his career as a bridge player Sharif wrote several books and columns on bridge , Sharif also had genre credits to his name, including 10, BC, The Last Templar, and Oh Heavenly Dog.

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Scientist Claudia Alexander b. In addition to her work as a scientist, Alexander published steampunk stories and was active in steampunk costuming. Author Tom Piccirilli b. Actor Olaf Pooley b. Animator Steven Archer b. Archer got his start working on stop-motion animation as an assistant to Ray Harryhausen on Clash of the Titans. Actor Aubrey Morris b. Artist Alan Kupperberg b. Fan Anne Morrel died on July She attended many Los Angeles area conventions.

The Infernos of Dante and Dan Brown

Actor George Coe b. Actor Alex Rocco b. Rocco may be most identifiable from his role as Moe Green in The Godfather, but he also appeared in episodes of Batman, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, and other science fiction and fantasy based television shows. Actor Theodore Bikel b.

Author and costumer Adrienne Martine-Barnes b. Barnes published her first short story in and followed up with her first novel the same year. In , Martine-Barnes attempted, but failed, to create Costume-Mania, a costuming weekend, but her vision eventually launched Costume-Con 1 in Author E. Doctorow b. Not particularly known as a genre author, in , Doctorow was nominated for the Nebula Award for his novel Ragtime, which would eventually be turned into a Broadway musical. Filker Renee Alper b. In , Alper founded The American Hobbit Association, almost single-handedly running the organization for 12 years.

She also was the dramaturge for Ovation Theatre Company's adaptations of The Lord of the Rings over a three year period. She has twice been nominated for the Pegasus Award and has produced several filk albums, including Wheelchair in High Gear and Thoracic Park.

Production Designer Clifford Hatts b. Fan Margaret Ford Keifer b. Wrestler Roddy Piper b. Best known as a wrestler, Piper had a successful career as an actor, appearing in They Live and episodes of Highlander, The Outer Limits, Superboy, and the television series Robocop. August Author Robert Conquest b. Conquest published three short stories in the 60s and 70s as well as a handful of poems. Actress Coleen Gray b. Artist Jef Murray b. Many of Murray's illustrations appeared in Inklings-related publications and he was known for his illustrations based on the writings of both J.

Tolkien and C. British actor George Cole b. Actor Mark Sheeler b. Actor Terrence Evans b. He has a small role in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Actress Susan Sheridan b. Sheridan created the role of Trillian in the original The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio series and reprised the role for the subsequent radio series. She also provided the voice of Princess Eilonwy in The Black Cauldron as well as voicework in the television series Moomin. Animator Richard Manginsay b. Manginsay worked as a character layout artist on Futurama and The Simpsons and as a character clean-up artist on the films Anastasia and Bartok the Magnificent.

He also worked as a second unit director on several episodes of The Simpsons. Comic publisher Rick Obadiah b. Obadiah founded First Comics in and published Warp, a comic adaptation of the stage play he produced at Chicago's Organic Theatre. Actress Yvonne Craig b. Craig is best known for creating the roles of Barbara Gordon and Batgirl in the s television series Batman. Prior to working as an actor, Craig was the youngest dancer to perform in the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo.

Two suspects have been arrested in his murder, Kyle Comrie and a year-old boy. Also a Deputy Chatelaine for the Crown Province of Ostgardr in the SCA, Lay's interests included science fiction and fantasy on television and reading, as well as mysteries and alternate history. Director Wes Craven b. Fan Ned Brooks b.

Cuyler W. Brooks, Jr. Brooks was long active in N3F, and in won the Kaymar Award. He was the recipient of the Rebel Award in and the Rubble Award in September Actor Dean Jones b. Author Jean Darling b. She appeared in the Babes in Toyland. Author Warren Murphy b. Actor Dickie Moore b. Minneapolis fan William Crowley b. Actor John Connell b. Artist Jay Scott Pike b. Most of his work tended to be on the non-Superhero lines. Chicago area fan Jason Jensen b. Jensen, known as "Jazz" by his friends, was active in running Anime Central and building it into the convention it is today.

He was also active in other Chicago cons, both as an attendee and volunteer, working in the Windycon Con Suite for multiple years. Actor Jack Larson b. Publisher Jeremy P. Tarcher b. Tarcher was a book packager for celebrities in the early s, producing books like Phyllis Diller's Housekeeping Hints and Happiness is a Dry Martini, by Johnny Carson.

He expanded his line to include New Age novels. Fan Ann McKnight b. Prior to moving to Arkansas, Ann was active in Philadelphia fandom. Japanese actor Eiji Maruyama b. Fan artist D. West b. West's work appeared in numerous fanzines and he won the Nova Award for Best Fan Artist eleven times between and as well as the Nova for Best Fan Writer in In , he declined the Rotsler Award.

In the s, he created the Astral Leauge sic in Leeds. His work appeared in Chunga, Izzard, Banana Wings, and other 'zines. Director John Guillermin b. Special effects artist Howard Anderson b.

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He received an Academy Award nomination for his work on the non-genre Tobruk. Actress Catherine E. Coulson b. Actress Pat Woodell b. October Actor Alex Giannini b. Author Roger Bollen b. Bollen wrote the book Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century, which formed the basis for three television films and also worked as the cretor and producer of the animated series Handy Manny. Texas fan Fred Duarte, Jr. Duarte charied several Armadillocons and was the convention's fan guest of honor in Tennessee fan Stuart Bergman b.

Bergman, known as Shorty, was active in running MidSouthCon. Corocan got his start as a child actor, appearing in the Spin and Marty series and Old Yeller, before going on to become a director. Santa Claus. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. Author Gordon Honeycombe b. Screenwriter Julia Jones b. Danish fan Hans Rancke b. Rancke co-created the comic Valhalla as well as the animated film based on it.