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The text these kids recite is from the authorised version of the Bible, King James Version KJV , written in , so the language is archaic sometimes and it will help us see some old English things.

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This poem Psalm 23 is originally a praise song written by King David year B. You can also watch a child reciting the whole part in one go: Cute Kid Recites Psalm Old English can still be seen in some religious texts and songs, in old literature and in many poems, old and new, so it is good to know at least the basics of it.

If you have no want, you don't need anything because you have everything you need.

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In old English, the third person singular ended in -TH not in -S. The modern -S ending comes from the northern dialects, which used the -S under the influence of their Viking conquerors.

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To restore something is to repair it and bring it back to its original perfect state, but it also means "to relax, to bring rest". Psalm 23 may be one of the most famous passages in Scripture.

  1. How to Apply Psalm 23 to Your Life!
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  4. You might even hear it used in your favorite TV show or movie. Her eyes have dulled by macular degeneration, and her hearing has degenerated by the passing years. She knows her days are few. Tears coming as she reflects that life will soon be over. She was worried that no future awaits her.

    Psalm 23 ("The Lord is My Shepherd")

    But Psalm 23 was what I shared with her last week to bring back hope that the Good Shepherd loves her as she prepares to enter His glory. His wife had just died. It was one of those winter days when the farm fields of Montgomery County were covered with fresh snow. The sun was out and they were following a large truck that cast an even larger shadow on the newly fallen snow. And so he led his children in reciting the 23rd Psalm. Tears were easy to come by as he thought of his late wife, their mother. Even the smallest child had learned it:.

    He leads me beside still waters.

    Most of Psalm 23 Deals With Life

    Barnhouse paused in the quiet of their long, dark sedan. Would you rather be run over by that truck in front of us or the shadow of the truck you see in the winter field by the road?

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    7. That day, those children received the comfort of this psalm with an illustration they would never forget. The first half is about the Lord, and we learn in the New Testament that it can be applied to Jesus. And in the second half, Jesus becomes our host and promises that we will live with Him forever. David is the author of this psalm and was the youngest son in his family, so he was assigned the task of looking after the sheep.

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      Why Psalm 23 is a Psalm About Life – Not Death

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